Support that will be on offer from Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has been written in the knowledge that once momentum starts building for Community Meetings, support will come from many directions and will come in many ways.

There is no guide to how long the creation and holding of a Community Meeting will take.

Not just because everyone who picks up this book and begins work will approach the TEN STEPS depending upon the way they have read them. But because each and every Community area is very different, is made up of different People and for many different reasons will respond faster or slower to Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE, in very different ways.

With this in mind, there is a very good chance that all you will need to get started and make good progress before support comes knocking on your door will be included within this book.

However, if you should find that you have any questions, or have the need to understand any of the ideas, suggestions and thoughts that I have shared with you here, PLEASE get in touch.

My e-mail box can be reached at

It will be great to hear from you and I will happily respond to all polite and constructive requests and help in any way that I can, in the most appropriate way that I feel possible.



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