Supporting your Community Meeting by sharing your experiences and any relevant information you might find

Following on social media and spreading the word will be a fantastic help to your Community Meeting.

But you can help even more, IF you use your social media and the remote channels that are available to you, to actually contribute and take part online.

Community Meetings will always be the place for decisions to be made on what the Community wants to do about anything.

But the flow of information between Meetings will help everyone who is actively involved or just following progress from a distance.

If you see subjects or events relating to Community Meetings raised on social media that interest you, please do not be afraid to make comments or add information that might create or promote greater understanding – IF you are happy to share that information in an open forum, online.

People can only learn when they are open to learning. But the most powerful tool for learning is the sharing of others’ experiences. Not because anyone’s experience has more value than anyone else. But because sharing experiences of parts of life that others haven’t had, certainly cuts down on the requirement of time to do so, for yourself.

Interaction and sharing the benefit of your experience to help your Community Meeting and the Candidates that you come together to endorse, is the greatest currency for change that we all have as we focus on real, meaningful change.

By taking part, asking questions, flagging things that you’ve seen or heard, or just making the time to speak to other People about Community Meetings and then turning up at them, you can help the process of change in countless ways.


You are never under any obligation to interact with any social media account, just because you follow or have liked it.

You should never post anything online that you would not want to share with People who you see regularly or face-to-face in your real life.

If you disagree with what someone else has said or believe that the information they have shared is incorrect or wrong, the best thing to do is to challenge the information they have shared itself and do so, not by simply saying its wrong. But by taking the time to politely and constructively explain why.

Better still, offer the details of the alternative you have based your challenge upon, to what they have suggested too.

But NEVER make your reply angry, or personal about them – and certainly not about you.



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