THE PROCESS: Engaging with your Community in a series of TEN STEPS | Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE

So, you’ve read this far. We are now at the most important part of the journey to Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE.

That is, IF you are ready and committed to taking the steps necessary to play your part in creating change, whilst welcoming everyone who is open to it to share the ride.

There are TEN practical STEPS to creating the momentum and energy that will engage your Community.

We are going to use the METHOD of bringing everyone in your Community together, so that your Community can achieve the AIM of selecting your own candidates for EVERY Election in the future.

CAUTION: It is important, as you proceed from here onwards, that you focus on what we have discussed in this book, and upon continuing with the PROCESS of TEN STEPS We are about to go through.


  • STEP 1: Give your Community Meeting a recognisable identity.
  • STEP 2: Get a free email box set up.
  • STEP 3: Set up your Community Meeting Social media accounts.
  • STEP 4: Get posting and post as often as you can.
  • STEP 5: Get at least 12 People you know from your Community signed up.
  • STEP 6: Knock on doors and talk to real People as often as you can.
  • STEP 7: Collaborate wherever possible, accept help and support from whoever you can, always be prepared to work with others BUT ALWAYS QUALIFY THAT SUPPORT.
  • STEP 8: Arrange your first Community Meeting.
  • STEP 9: At your Community Meeting, let the People use their voice.
  • STEP 10: Hold meetings to identify your Community representatives and agree what happens next.

Some things to bear in mind first:

You may be alone right at the start.

But others in your Community may also start as you are about to do so.

The opportunity to join with them and others who want to actively contribute to the creation of these new structures for our communities will come along very quickly, IF you remain focused from the start.

So, don’t worry or give unnecessary thought to how you collaborate with the wider Community over a larger area – for instance, if it should be a General Election that is next called.

If everyone who begins as you are about to, is committed to the PROCESS and doing it right, the linkups, system of union between communities and working together at a broader level, will soon fall into place too.



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