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Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE has been written as a ‘How to’ guide for engaging every member of your local Community properly to then ensure that they are all legitimately represented by their Public Representatives in every possible way.

Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE was never intended to focus on the Why, What, How and When approach to Politics.

Therefore, Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE is not about the formulation of Public Policy and how we go about getting that right.

If you have read Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE and want to think more deeply about Politics, why it works as it does today, what we need to think about doing Politics differently, how we can go about doing Public Policy differently and when we will need to do all those things differently, I have written a series of seven other e-books and guides that cover all of these areas and more, too.

All Titles are all available as books for Kindle on Amazon:

Levelling Level

My first book focusing on what’s really going wrong with public policy and why, Levelling Level goes into detail about the realities of everything in the Public sphere today, what is really happening, why People are behaving the way that they do, what is likely to happen without us taking the opportunity to drive our own change, and what we are likely to have to think about if we do.

You can find Levelling Level on Amazon HERE.

The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard

Building on key parts of Levelling Level, The People First Economy and the Basic Living Standard looks at the foundations of real change in the way that our economic system works now, so that it can actually work for us all.

You can find The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard on Amazon HERE.

From Here to There Through Now

Continuing on the realities of The Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and being part of a Community effort to ‘Take back control’, From Here to There Through Now focuses on some of the more difficult topics that we will have to face, along with some of the practical ideas and solutions that we will have to embrace if The System as we know it should collapse before we are able to change it from within.

You can find From Here to There Through Now on Amazon HERE.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

Looking at how we all make decisions, The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government focuses on the process of understanding and awareness that will be essential within all parts of the political, governance and public services systems, IF we are to run them in the best interests of everyone, rather than how they are run now.

You can find The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government on Amazon HERE.

A Community Route

A Community Route uncovers the obstacles and blocks that stand in the way of so many of us working together universally when we are already in groups or echo chambers and fail to appreciate that the key to the door of what all outsider groups have in common is the recognition of the need for change.

You can find A Community Route on Amazon HERE.

The Grassroots Manifesto

Whereas Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE addresses the need for change by working with the existing dysfunctional British Political System, The Grassroots Manifesto takes a very different approach and focuses on how we can build a much more effective system of democracy by completely rejecting the exiting Top-Down model of Elections and Governance, bringing as much power back to our Communities as practically possible, so that all decisions are made from the Grassroots-Up.

You can find The Grassroots Manifesto on Amazon HERE.

How to Get Elected

My Book ‘How to Get Elected’ is the ‘How to’ Guide that I mentioned at the end of STEP 10.

How to Get Elected will be an invaluable guide to anyone who wants to understand how Elections work and what steps you will need to take as a Candidate, and of course how we can all support Candidates who have already been Endorsed by Community Meetings.

You can find How to Get Elected on Amazon HERE.



When the Local Election results aren’t as you expect, please bear in mind that change will not come if the new just treats voters the same way as the old  

This Thursday – 4th May, will once again see Local Elections for Councils up and down the Country.

Bearing in mind that these Parish, Town, Borough, District, County and Unitary Authorities provide decision making that ranges from the site of your next neighbourhood dog bin, to how people in local social care end up being helped, we should all be clear that every one of these seats that some of us will be voting for have real value in our world through the application of what those politicians do for the next four years, once elected.

The trouble is, that many people don’t.

In fact, a significant number of normal people really don’t understand that there are 4 or 5 different tiers of government, depending upon where we live. Furthermore, that each of these local authorities have responsibility for different things. And that we are all represented by different politicians at each of these levels, who then vote on our behalf when the relevant council meets and makes decisions about the public policies that they have specific responsibility for taking care of.

Culturally, whilst we have local news channels and local newspapers that have now pretty much all migrated from hard or paper copies to being online, the way that news works and is encouraged to work by the Establishment means that unless people are genuinely interested in which politician does what and where, it’s all to easy to fall into the trap of believing that pretty much every election is based around voting Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative.

By default, people really do believe that local and national politics are one and the very same thing.

When life was not falling apart for us in quite the same way as it is doing so for so many different people as it is today, there were very few people who really had any interest in what would happen if people stopped focusing on London politics and instead began to view the importance of local elections in at least the same, or perhaps a more important way.

That so many more are now, should be good reason for hope. But is not. Because in very simple terms, the people who are now viewing the political paradigm in the UK and the role it plays in what is going wrong and realising that things need to be done differently, are still falling into the trap of believing that a different name, a different face, different words and a different party will be the only difference that change will take.

What too many of us don’t see is that the ‘alternatives’ we have today from ‘outside’ of the Establishment, might sound different. But their approach, their motivation and the entitled expectation that a majority of people will vote for them just because they are the ones that sound different, is regrettably just the same as the Establishment stooges they want to replace.

Nobody in politics is doing anything different right now. The reason that people from within and from outside the Establishment are in politics are based on the very same outlook. Its principally the idea that ‘my way is the right way’, coupled with the foolish expectation that voters will automatically come to their banner, because everyone can now see that all the others are wrong.

They don’t and they won’t.

No matter how creative with changing the electoral system the smaller and less openly represented ‘outsider’ parties might want to be, so that election results correspond to and supply them with seats based upon current voting trends, there is a clear reason that it is only ever the blue, red and yellow deck chairs that get moved around the deck of this Titanic.

All politicians – whether elected or outside of power – are continuing to treat people and the diversity of different views and life experiences that exist with contempt, rather than with the respect and humility that each and every member of our society truly deserves from those who would be trusted to represent them.

When the results are in from the 2023 Local Elections, probably during the 24 hours we will identify as Friday, there could well have been a few independents elected here and there, or candidates representing parties such as Reform UK, The SDP or The ADF.

But where ‘outsiders’ have experienced success it will be limited and, will inevitably be a lot more to do with how the candidates have presented themselves at a local level, to local people.

After all, Local Elections are where getting elected is genuinely possible for any candidate, IF they apply themselves in a way that connects with enough people. Successful ‘outsiders’ must demonstrate that they have a cut-through in terms of credibility that steps well beyond the ‘safe bet’ tribalism of going Lib Dem, Tory or Labour, just leaving the ‘same-old, same-olds’ to spout the same old stories and come back in another four years, telling us that they are the right ones to put right then, what they should have already long-since achieved.

That focusing on our own ideas instead of working together in unity and coalescing around what we have in common is in effect going in different directions and pulls that commonality we share apart, shouldn’t be a point being missed by anyone who believes that we now must have massive change.

But that’s exactly what is happening.

People who already have platforms, or in turn have even bigger platforms outside of the Establishment, are ignoring those who don’t have the same, simply because they mistakenly believe that those they see as being down the pecking order should know their place and fall in behind.

It’s more of the same Top-Down thinking that is already at the root of all the thinking and behaviour that caused all of the problems we have and are experiencing right now.

Nothing will change and nothing will end up being in anyway different until everyone ‘outside’ of the Establishment and the Establishment political parties stop aspiring to be even higher up a tree from which they are already looking down on others, when the power for the change that’s coming must be harnessed and therefore born from the grassroots instead.

Please remember that all of the Elections that we have and experience right now are part of the Establishment timetable. So for as long as any thinking is aligned with the premise that democracy can only exist or work on terms that will always work better for them, the end results are almost certain to end up with us experiencing worse or at best more of the same.

The change that we all want and that we all need will not come from regurgitating or reforming any of the ideas and thinking that we accept as being normal now, or that we have considered to be normal in the past.

It’s time to have faith in and to trust other people – and especially the ones we don’t believe we agree with or have previously looked down upon – and begin the conversation where everyone’s experience has value and matters.

That’s where a real and successful democratic revolution will be born.

The Reestablishment

If we will fail to change our way of living, our way of being and the focus of our value set voluntarily – as part of the opportunity that this period is offering us, change will be forced upon us and the change we experience will go beyond systemic collapse.

We will be forced into a situation where everything that we recognise fails to be as it was anymore.

Our failure to believe that there is an alternative way of being and of living – no matter what role or at what level we have been involved in the old world or old system – will not stop or prevent events that are outside human control from taking over, IF we do not embrace positive, people-focused change, by choice.

It is this part of the process – the changing of the way that we think or the way that we perceive the world and the other people we have relationships – that will be the real spiritual awakening or change of mind that so many have already talked about.

This change of direction; change of thinking; change in the way that we relate to everyone and everything; the process we undertake to bring Governance, civility and values to the new golden age in which we all rule – will be nothing less than The Reestablishment.

Everything must go. Everything must change. We must begin again, building from the Grassroots Up, re-establishing rules, processes and structures with the approach that nothing has existed before, whilst being open to the reality that some infrastructure, technology and methods of working can and will have a positive role to play in New Earth, as they can be repurposed or reformed.

The Reestablishment will begin at the most local level, within our Communities. Its reach will then work its way outwards, always aligning with decisions being made at the most local level possible, with old power structures answering to localities until they have either been reassimilated or removed.

If you want to be the change, begin by picturing what you would do if today’s politicians, the establishment and everyone who aspires to be part of it all didn’t exist

Deep down, even today’s politicians want someone else to solve all of the problems they supposedly got elected to their roles to sort out. Then they can simply shut off to the world and then continue to do whatever it is they actually do.

Your immediate thought could well be ‘What on earth have they got to do with me and the things that I care about?’

Whilst all of us outside of The Establishment bubble may well agree that whatever today’s politicians have on their mind, it’s certainly not anything that will be of any benefit to any of us, the rather cold and uncomfortable truth is their rejection of their own responsibility and ingrained belief that someone else will come up with solutions to life’s problems and simply step in, is the same cultural misbelief that almost everyone has been conditioned to believe – AND has accepted.

The problem that today’s politicians have is therefore one for us all and one that we all face.

We are all ridiculously vulnerable to both the ideas and the actions of anyone who understands the mechanics of this cultural and societal weakness we share.

If those who understand this are ruthless and inconsiderately inhuman enough, and have the power and influence to do so, there’s very little stopping them from inserting all sorts of trojan horse policies into the laps of the idiot savants that ‘run’ the Country today.

Led by the nose by the establishment media, the majority will warmly open their gates to these ‘amazing’, no-cost ‘gifts’, soon finding they have been fooled and yet another part of free life has been taken over or restricted ‘for our own good’ in some way. All, whilst everyone continued with a very deep and apparently happy sleep.

There’s nothing wrong with stupidity or with any person being stupid. Just as long as they don’t have responsibility for others that place their trust in them, and then the content of that trojan horse spills out into everyone’s lives and we all wake up with a hand around our necks as a very nasty and painful reality stares us in the face.

Sadly, that’s where we appear to be right now, with both a Parliament and system of political bodies and councils, filled from top-to-bottom with out-of-touch wannabies, who neither lead, nor have the vital ingredient to do so – which is the ability to think and influence for yourself.

The Politicians aren’t going to change, until we have changed the Politicians. And we can’t do that for as long as we continue to rely on a system where it’s the politicians themselves who get to choose who will be next to ‘get in’.

It’s important here to draw a focus to the reality that this is the same process being employed by the many very-well-meaning political parties, groups and movements that either believe or hope that they will soon be the holy grail of political solutions that head off all of todays problems and sets everything up to be great once we’ve all got through whatever the hell it is that happens next.

How are these ‘outsiders’ and The Establishment politicians the same? They just expect you to vote for them, because without exception, they believe that they are the real voice of the people or the ‘true’ alternative, and that when it comes around to the next election, you and I will simply see sense and cross their candidate’s box voluntarily and through deliberate choice.

A few people who have connected with specific messages from the outsiders will. The majority will not.

There is no way to name any of these groups without it sounding like calling them out or having a down on them deliberately. So, I will not.

Pretty much all of the outsiders who haven’t got a chip on their shoulder about something or in some way, most definitely could have an important role to play, IF they can step outside of their own view of everything.

Everyone who wants change must accept that everyone going in their own direction means that none of us who should be working in union, together, are actually facing the same way. And that’s the quickest way to rip any movement for change apart.

Without circumstances coming to be that would make the next system or form of government we have anything else but democratic, the only way that the majority of people in any kind of election – whether its local elections, mayoral elections or a General Election – will come together and vote for candidates that not only represent, but will then actually deliver on meaningful change, is for the people themselves to  have the opportunity to qualify and select the candidates first.

No, this is not as crazy as you might think.  It is as simple as looking at the situation we are in with a different lens and then seeing and believing that it can and will work a very different way.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you are a public figure. A business owner. A volunteer in the community. Or just someone who believes the only role they will ever have is to go out and vote.

If you are reading this, you already know that our democracy isn’t working. And if you want the best for everyone from any form of future public policy, you’ll also understand that we must appoint politicians and leaders who will always put the People First.

The chances are that you are far more creative than you might think. So, imagine the government system, the politicians and their political parties and the establishment doesn’t even exist.

What would the steps be that you and the people you know would now take to ensure that the people take control and everything that happens that could affect us in some way, is always delivered with the very best outcome for everyone in mind?

The Emergency Alert System Test is the next step pushing us all into Digital Dependency, and it’s so underhand, the Establishment has added a second switch to gaslight those who’ve already turned it off

I switched the two sliding buttons to off within the Emergency Alerts notifications function on my iPhone about a week ago.

I’ve seen plenty of questions being asked about the motives for this so-called ‘Emergency Alert System Test’ in the time since. But as I had been busy finishing off another book about what we do next, rather than dwelling too long on what’s going wrong, I thought I’d let writing a blog about it pass me by.

That was until this morning, when I discovered that after the weak pleas put out with the media by their Prime Minister, it would appear that the establishment have managed to slip yet another switch into our personal phones that we will need to switch off, if we do not want to hear their emergency alert at 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.

With government and the public sector as clearly as dysfunctional as it is – a point only too well reiterated by the content of Dominic Raab’s resignation letter yesterday – it would have been all too easy just to write off the emergency alert as the actions of a political system that is not only out of touch, but so full of personal agendas that it is also completely out of control.

However, the arrival of a second, alternative button or ‘off’ switch that we all need to find and then disable if we want to opt out from this public test – which is supposedly in our best interests – really does make clear that there is a much bigger agenda here. A plan that is nothing less than the next step of attempting to make the majority of the People believe that they must become digitally dependent – a step which is nothing less than opening up the reality that will be digital tyranny through ‘voluntary’, but what is in effect coerced, digital control.

It doesn’t matter when the second button was added, whether it was literally this week, or whether it was added as part of the ‘Home’ function that you will find sat innocently amongst all your app notification settings, as if it’s been present all the way along.

An Establishment that trusts and respects the people that it is there to serve, doesn’t take steps to try and outmanoeuvre those people by taking control of their property, so that those people can clearly be caused an unnecessary fright when they had already made a reasoned decision to opt out and were therefore not expecting an alert.

So clever are the people behind all these ‘nudges’, playing with the intelligence of even the most educated people who would not normally blink at what those pillars of authority that we were all taught to trust will do, that they have also scheduled this debacle for St. Georges Day. Nothing less than a subtle way of working into the National unconscious that it is actually the Establishment and its digital tools that will save us from any dragons and all the bad things, because they are our real saviours or patron saint.

Nobody needed emergency alerts before we had mobile phones and there was plenty of opportunity such as air raids during the blitz in the Second World War, when much more basic ways of getting in touch with everyone were not only more appropriate, but also guaranteed to make sure that everyone was either quickly aware or would just as quickly find out.

If you are not convinced, please consider the other news being pumped out at us too, telling us that the Bank of England must create a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), because nobody will be able to use cash within 5 years.

Do stop and ask yourself the question ‘What the hell am I using each time I get my credit card out or use apple pay on my phone’. The trail of digital payments will surely be the most obvious way for anyone to work this one out.

Whilst you are at it, you might also think about when you were asked if you no longer wanted the option to hold or use cash instead of your existing money in its digital form too…

Yes, all this technology is amazing. It makes life so simple and so easy. In fact, its so very good, technology really is becoming too good to believe.

The point that we all wake up to the true and meaningful cost to us all is now bearing down upon us.

Your future is yours, not theirs to decide. Please be wise.

More information, suggestions and advice on A Community Route

The only fixed suggestion made within the pages of A Community Route is that of the First Framework For Freedom.

However, over the 12 months preceding the publication of A Community Route, I have published a series of books that may also offer you guidance or help.

These books work through the process of how we got to where we are, what we are now facing and make some suggestions and provide ideas for how we begin to put the New World or New Earth together. They focus on starting now, surviving and thriving through the Great Reset, and then look at how we unite and come together to establish our new hierarchy-free and Grassroots-Up way of being that lies beyond.

They are:

Levelling Level

The People First Economy and The Basic Living Standard

From Here to There Through Now

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

In early 2018, I also published How to Get Elected – a guide for Independent Candidates in Elections, which will help you if you are considering running to become a local councillor – at any level.

Two books, each containing 101 blogs that I wrote and published before the first Lockdown and throughout the Government response to the Covid Pandemic are also available to download, if you would like to catch up with what I was writing about then. (They are called ‘101’ and ‘202’)

All of these books are available to buy and download for Kindle from Amazon.

Most of the material I have written over the past decade, including the period surrounding Brexit and the Covid Pandemic itself, is available and published in the forms of my Blog which you will find at the following link: www.adamtugwell.blog

Thank you for reading. I am always very happy to discuss and learn with others and will be very happy to hear from you with questions, comments or any other kind of feedback. I will always do my best to respond to genuine contact – as quickly as I can.

If you would like to get in touch for any legitimate reason, please do so by email at acommunityroute@gmail.com

You will find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – all @adamtugwell

Having a platform is no qualification for leadership. Leading other people is nobody’s right | Things to Consider | A Community Route

As we awaken or peel more and more layers away from the deception, it is natural to reach out or go in search of any credible and alternative voice.

The problem is that in a world that today values information and sources that are not local to us, rather than the ones which are and that we should trust, it has become easy to believe that voices with messages we relate to can be trusted in proportion to how many people follow them, share their posts or how many like they have.

Partial truths that overlook or hide the uncomfortable ones are always going to be popular, will be valued and will be liked.

But partial truths are not the full story, and if you want change to be real and to succeed, it naturally follows that there is a need to become aware of, to accept, understand and become comfortable with the truths that you are currently not.

Beware of false prophets. Meaningful change will not come as part of an easy ride.

“You don’t speak for us”, is a warning for all of us too | Things to Consider | A Community Route

It is very easy to get caught up in the praise and acknowledgement we have or that we receive from those who agree with or who appreciate our message.

However, there are a lot of people in the world, and a lot of minds to be changed, no matter how many of them may or may not be needed for ideas of change to reach any kind of critical mass.

The phenomenon of those in the public eye who insist that they speak for everyone, when it is clear that they don’t, is very real.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that positive praise from very few is representative of how the majority already does or will ultimately feel.

Work hard and do the right thing at every opportunity, until the job is over and done.

If you are focusing on punishment and blame for those who have wronged us, you are missing the point | Things to Consider | A Community Route

There are many people talking about tribunals for things like ‘Covid Crimes’ and punishments being dished out for taking self-serving decisions that are hurting everyone else such as business leaders, politicians, members of the WEF and members of the so-called elites.

Yes, they may have done plenty of things that we can now see and understand as being very wrong.

But by focusing on what has already happened, rather than what happens next, you will be focusing on things that you cannot change, whilst wasting the opportunity to change the things that you can.

One of the secrets to getting everything right is not to let anger, emotion and frustration spoil a productive day.

Removing the people who are responsible for all of our problems and ensuring that our future can no longer be written by anyone who behaves in any way like them, should be the immediate priority for us all.

Ensuring that these people never again have the opportunity to enrich or benefit themselves at the expense of others will certainly be punishment enough.

Run away from anyone who says they have all the answers | Things to Consider | A Community Route

The answers, solutions, direction and the frameworks to get us through the Reset and into our New Earth or New World are for everyone to agree upon and to decide.

If you should experience any person, group or political party that tells you they have the answers, the knowledge, the experience or anything else necessary – without accepting the need for input, discussion and reference from anyone else, simply walk away.

They are doing the same things that got us to where we are now and all you will get by trusting them is a lot more of the same.

It could take 20 years for the Grassroots Revolution to happen overnight | Things to Consider | A Community Route

Please be patient.

It doesn’t matter whether you saw this all coming, whether you’ve just woken up, or whether you will be joining us at some later stage.

The process of change or transformation that some are calling The Great Reset, will not happen overnight.

The system and the circumstances that we are now in are so complicated, change will happen in what we may experience as significant events, but what will in practice is likely only to be happening bit by bit.

This may be a spiritual awakening. But the physical or 3D world has to play its part too | Things to Consider | A Community Route

Many helpful spiritual speakers have been framing the changes that are underway and The Great Reset as a Great Awakening.

This may indeed be so. But not everyone will experience this time of transformation in a spiritual or mindful way.

Of those who do so, many will awaken spiritually because of the experiences that they have.

The change we experience will ultimately be all about the way that the majority think.

Most of the people in the World look outside of themselves for all reference points. So, the world outside of them will have to change before they are ready to embrace the change that will be necessary for everyone inside.

The outcome will always be related to the effort made | Things to Consider | A Community Route

It would be wonderful if the whole process of change were to become unnecessary, because in one simple moment, everyone was able, ready and willing to change how they think.

The reality we face is that the change that is required of us all isn’t an easy one, and the greatest effort will be required of all those who have awakened to the true reality of all that we face first.

The result that we expect and are seeking is far from guaranteed, and if we don’t make the effort to embrace the requirements of the role that each and every one of us can play, there is no certainty or guarantee that we will ultimately succeed.

Ask people to change their minds by asking questions and learn to ask the same questions in many different ways | Things to Consider | A Community Route

Those who are resistant to change or have closed off minds find it easy to say no.

Ridiculing them or getting angry with them will not change their minds.

In fact, it is likely to only entrench their resistance and make the situation a whole lot worse.

The process of change that is necessary is reliant upon how everyone thinks.

People will only think differently if they are confronted with information that invites them to do so. Asking questions rather than making statements will always be the safest place to begin.

To change minds, share the message as a conversation. Don’t even attempt the hard sell | Things to Consider | A Community Route

People don’t buy anything if they believe that they cannot afford the cost.

A key part of spreading the word and changing minds before necessity starts to do the work for us is to remember and always bear in mind that the world that we are leaving is one where everything is about money and values are based on what money is involved.

Those who are still ‘invested’ or ‘bought in’ to the dying system, will quite literally see the change in the way of living that we must all embrace as one that will lead to loss. It will therefore be perceived as a change that they simply cannot afford.

People who have a different view that is embedded and aligned with who they are, will always respect a reasoned conversation rather than a sales pitch – especially if the first words you utter, would otherwise become the excuse to make you wrong and shut you down.

Talk to people as fellow humans and as adults sharing the same, but different experience. Use common ground to demonstrate credibility and the experience that gives value to who you are.

A win might not always be evident at the time. But if you have listened as well as spoken, and avoided doing anything that makes that other person wrong, your reason and truth will travel and have good effect.

We get to change the rules when we win. Don’t step onto the field of play until you understand what they are today |Things to Consider | A Community Route

Chaos and civil disorder could well lead to an outcome that is far worse than what we are experiencing already. It could easily deliver a way of living that it is safe to say that none of us could ever want.

The safest and most effective way to bring about and embrace effective change will be to play with and respect the rules of the game we are already playing, and that we will be playing, at that precise moment in time.

Whilst a collapse of civilised society or order would necessitate playing that game in a very different way, we must respect the way that democratic change can be delivered today.

We must and be fully committed to working with the system that we have until the very moment that it has become clear that the aim of change cannot be delivered by continuing to do so.

It may feel like it, but we are a long way from reaching that point, yet.

People will not vote for anyone, just because they decide to craft a message and turn up.

People want representation from bottom to top that they can trust.

People will only trust all of us together as a viable political alternative when they know that they are important, and they feel that they are valued and involved.

Engage the people. Take the Councils. Then take Parliament. Then and only then seek to change the rules to prioritise localism and community – Once you have legitimately taken power away from those who still believe it is their destiny to possess and to always be at the top – and will always do what they can to preserve it.

If you have to rely on fear to win, your victory will never be safe Things to Consider | A Community Route

Fear has been used as a weapon by the ruling classes and an establishment that the arrival of the New World or New Earth will soon allow us to replace.

Think about how the misuse of fear in the form of media messages, propaganda and rules that have been imposed upon you have made you feel.

You will never succeed in delivering any kind of meaningful change if the only way it can be achieved is by taking actions and using messages that achieve the very same.

The New World or New Earth will and must only be built upon trust, no matter how easy the misuse of information, messages, rules or actions might feel.

If the New Earth or New World is achieved with anything less than people feeling they had freedom to choose and that they gave their voluntary consent, the certainly of a happy, healthy, safe and secure future within a fair, balanced and just system that works for everyone will be lost.

The most effective revolution is the one you take part in without even realising you were there  | Things to Consider | A Community Route

Few have the ability to negotiate terms when they are surrounded by chaos.

Those throughout history who may have appeared to do so will have either had more than a generous helping of luck, or destiny played its part on their side.

No matter what you might believe or deem to be fair or just, given all that you have experienced up until now, civil disorder and unrest may feel right. But it is very unlikely to lead to a situation where everyone whose support you need will believe and trust that you have right on your side.

Whilst nothing less than a revolution is everything that we now need, there is no need for any of us to behave like revolutionaries to achieve the right outcome.

The majority will always accept the result of a revolution for the long term, when they don’t realise that they were taking part all along.

A word of caution: Peaceful protest is all well and good in a measured way. But a complete loss of control means that control is lost of everything for everyone for at least a short period of time.

If that happens, there is never any guarantee behind who will be next to take up power.

Whilst history books most often tell us otherwise, the result of the Russian Revolution of 1917 was never certain. It relied on what we might call a lot of luck for the Communists – which was from then onwards for Russia, many other surrounding Countries and millions of people – arguably what turned out to be a VERY unlucky thing.

Know yourself. Accept and be honest about your own limitations | Things to Consider | A Community Route

If we really want to help to shape and create a New World or New Earth that works well for everyone else, it is essential that we know, understand and are comfortable with who we are first.

Self-awareness is never an easy path to follow because those who have been teaching us up to now know the power of understanding others can only be learned in this way.

Mindfulness is only a step in the direction of all there is to know about ourselves.

By teaching yourself not only to become aware of how you feel, but also why you do things, and what led you to behave in that way, you will soon start to understand where your real strengths and weaknesses lie.

When you know your own limitations and have the peace of mind to own them too, you will not get in the way of others who can deliver the things for everyone else that you cannot.

Neither will you stand back and allow others to fail, when you know that you have competence that might smooth the pathway of success.

Use the people you can interact with, without barriers, as your reference points. Always trust what you can see and access in real life before you even put your faith in anything else |Things to Consider | A Community Route

Community and localism in its truest sense are the key to the Grassroots revolution and the New Earth or New World that comes next.

It is the people that we interact with in real life and that we have open access to communicate with who will always provide the answers, sounding boards and feedback that will help us achieve all that we need to succeed at to deliver what comes next.

Other sources will always sound deceptively real or credible because we are not exposed to them in a way that allows us to know the truth of who they really are.

Trust only that or those who are accessible to you, and are either already in, prepared to be, or are open to being involved in your life.