DIY Politics UK | The British Electoral System isn’t broken. But the people and parties who fill and block the British Political System certainly are

If we had a General Election tomorrow, you would be able to make a choice between different candidates and even different political parties. But you would not have the option of choosing an alternative or ‘polternative’ to the way of doing politics to what we have already got.

Yes, the people, the names, the brands, the political parties may all be different. But they are all motivated by beliefs, perceptions and by a very insular way of looking at the world and the people they are supposed to be elected to represent, that mean the words will usually be very different, but the end result for you and I will inevitably work out being the same.

The people who want your support for their parties and their ideas, but are at the same time not prepared to listen to you or involve you in the process that informs decision making are only interested in their own view of the world and what’s in it for them. They are all the same.

Weak leaders surround themselves with people who are even weaker than they are. Otherwise the darkness from their weaknesses will be exposed by other effective leaders light. This is why the quality of our politicians on all sides has increasingly deteriorated and why the door to allowing anyone into the system who has the ability to do anything other than what they are told to, has been very firmly closed and then bolted shut.


DIY Politics UK | The future of this Country depends upon you

Hard as this pill might be to swallow, we all bear at least a little of the responsibility for the mess that the Country is now in – even if your immediate thought is that you didn’t vote for any of the people who are in power today.

By going along with the way things work and operate, we are all giving it our consent. That means we are – without thinking about it – approving all the things that our politicians are doing and all the things that are politicians have done.

After all, it is public policy that has been made not just this year, last year, during the Covid Pandemic, in response to Brexit or even in response to the invasion of Ukraine that has created the problems we now have right across the UK.

No, the problems are not just about inflation, the covid underspend, or the clogged up borders many people are trying to blame on Brexit. It’s just lazy to think that way!

The problems that we have today, whether it’s the cost of living crisis, inflation, supply chain delays, housing shortages, the failing court system, the collapsing NHS, student debt and just about everything that is hurting people like you and I, is about public policy decisions that have been made over decades and yes, whole lifetimes and generations, spanned by politicians who have become further and further out of touch.

The politicians are now so far out of touch, that they really do believe that if they say the same things over and over again to enough people, their lies will actually become true.

We cannot reason with people who are only in it for themselves in this way, and we are being prevented from changing them for people who could lead properly and do the right things for all of us with the system as it is, because the system now exists just to keep itself propped up and closed to anyone who could destroy it by forcing it to change.

This means the change – that’s a better future for us all – must now come from the decision to act and then the willingness to do whatever is necessary from people like me and you – to see it all through!

We must reject the system we have, and start all over again.

Change cannot come before we all think differently. Change begins with the way that we think. Change begins with you!

DIY Politics UK | Can you really make a difference in UK politics?

Right now, you are probably feeling that you have zero influence on what happens in British Politics and that the rare opportunity you have to go and vote is worth little more than a joke.

You have good reason to feel this way and you are certainly not alone.

Most of us avoid talking about politics with people we don’t know, especially since events like the Brexit Vote that seemed to polarize everyone one way or another, and since political correctness, wokeness and cancel culture appeared to mean that not agreeing with the narrative has become some kind of capital crime.

However, if you were to discuss politics openly and with respect for the differences in the opinions of others, you would probably be alarmed at just how much the people who feel forced to be silent agree on, and how many things we have in common that cross current political divides and basically make us all the same.

Sadly, the British Political System – that’s the political parties and the people in politics – are so broken, and so out of touch with the realities of the people they are supposed to represent (rather than the people who they actually do), the chance that any form of public policy that might change something for you happening is really down to coincidence or pot luck.

Those in the system itself without power today, think change is all about changing the voting system itself. But what they don’t realise is that the reason nobody different is getting elected is because at a deeper level, they are all behaving and thinking exactly the same, and that by using systems like Proportional Representation, the lack of connection with our realities from politicians and decision makers would become even worse!!!

Democracy is only truly democratic when every part of it works in a completely democratic way. And the only way that we can refresh, renew and restore democracy in this Country is to reject the current top-down hierarchical system, turn the whole thing on its head and then rebuild democracy from the grassroots up – and that means people like you taking part within and as part of the communities you live in – IF we really want politics, government, all forms of legislation and the world that surrounds us, to work in a fair, balanced and fully in-touch kind of way!