It’s not about ‘You’

Many of the key failures of politics today can be attributed to the egos of politicians.
If you’ve already talked to other people about the perception of those in political office, it’s almost certain that you will have heard someone say that having a big ego is part of what being a politician is about.
Put simply, it isn’t. It just looks that way because that’s how politics has got where its gone.
Yes, you need to be confident. Yes you need to have guts. Yes you have to be prepared to say things that other people may not be very happy to hear. But if you are going to represent people openly, honestly and with a motivation which is all about what’s best for them, all of these abilities will find you out and help you on your way.
There is a distinct difference between someone drawing attention to themselves as they make an argument on behalf of others, and someone who is grandstanding purely for the benefit they perceive they will receive for themselves.
Oddly enough, when you do things for the right reasons, the detail rarely gets overlooked. This is an integral part of becoming a good constituency councillor and is a skill that will quickly define you amongst your peers as someone who is looking to get the right results. If you are true to your electors, you will make allies in places you would not normally expect, and when it comes to really making a difference, they could provide the support that you really need.
Yes, big egos do get people elected and regrettably to very high office too. But their personal gain is very much the electorate’s loss. Shallow politicians will only ever deliver shallow policies, no matter how good they try to sound or how good they might look.
If you are and can be true to the best interests of the people who elect you, no matter what adversity or distracting opportunity should come your way, you will always be successful as a politician, even if the results of your battles don’t always appear to go your way.
Remember, its not about you. Getting elected is all about whats best for the people who elected you.