Multiple Seat Wards & Divisions

Surprising as it may sound, it is sometimes the case that more than one, and perhaps as many as 6 or even more councillors will represent the same electoral area for the same authority in a multiple seat Ward or Division.

Having a multiple number of seats for the very same election can make life interesting for the people who count the votes after Election Day. But it is also one of the ways that serious attempts are made to ensure that there is a balanced number of residents being represented by councillors within different authorities.

You will normally find multiple seat areas is where there are a lot more people living in a geographically small area, which itself cannot be divided into smaller areas for the purpose of an election.

If you are considering running within a multiple seat Ward or Division, don’t be put off by the idea that there is more than one seat and that you are going to run alone.

There are no rules saying that any political party or group has to have a candidate for every seat.

It might actually be of benefit to you, as voters may feel they get the opportunity to support the party or candidate to whom they feel their political allegiances lie, but can also support a local independent at the same time.

Think of it like this, if you have enough people do that with one political party as others do with another, you might get twice the number of votes or either candidate!

Just remember that of you are running alone in an election like this and are out canvassing, it is always a good idea to make people aware that they have the opportunity to vote more than once at the same time, and that they can vote for you and a party candidate too.