The Electoral Commission

In a democratic system, it is important that the rules governing elections are kept as far away from political influence as possible.

Sometimes, this isn’t possible as decisions are too big to not be made by the sitting Government.

But as far as the management of elections and the money involved in financing political campaigns is concerned, the independent body that oversees and regulates all of this is called the Electoral Commission.

Your local Democratic or Electoral Services Department manages the elections under its control according to the rules that have been set by the Electoral Commission.

I strongly recommend that you visit the Electoral Commission Website and download the relevant candidate guides and read them too, as they will be a great help in providing you with a clear view of the rules which as a candidate you will be expected to adhere to.

Whilst you are campaigning and during an Election itself, your point of contact for the official side of everything will be your local Democratic Services Department. However, it is very useful to understand the rules that they are working to, just in case they don’t always get everything right.