Hello and Welcome to my Blog

I began writing blogs when I was a local Councillor in Gloucestershire and have continued on and off since 2012, pausing at times to write e-books and to focus on my other interests too.

I write about politics, community, business and general current affairs and there is now a large library here which can be accessed through my archives or by using the search function you will find up to the right (on PC).

All of the material published here is based on my own experience, opinion or views. They have been formed as a Councillor for 12 years, working with politicians and activists of all kinds and from all sides, from roles with charities, in local government and running and developing commercial businesses. I use my own personal life experience too, and there is nothing here that I haven’t had reason to think about deeply in some way.

In the difficult and challenging times that we are in today, its easy to attack people who look at life differently or think about things that are important to us in an alternative way.

You may not agree with everything that I have written and therefore the ways that I think. But I will always be very happy to discuss the ideas that I have, and to listen to anyone, whoever they are, who is ready to share and interact over issues, so that we can learn and grow from the constructive ways that each of us observe life and think.

Some of the best working relationships that I ever had in politics were with politicians, officers and activists who in the first instance could not recognise any familiarity with what I had to say, with the thinking or background of their own.

The truth is that we all have so much more in common than could ever divide us. All it takes to realise this and break down barriers is to listen, discuss, respect and give it a chance.

Please do comment and get in touch.

Best wishes & thanks,