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We didn’t vote for Brexit subject to a deal in the first place and won’t vote for anything other than a no deal exit from the EU now

September 5, 2019 Leave a comment

One thing we will never be unable to accuse this generation of politicians, pundits and opinionators of being is creative.

Since the European Referendum Vote was won and the Government was clearly instructed by the People that the UK must Leave the EU, Brexit has been reframed by just about everyone, to the point where even the politicians themselves are unsure of what the original vote really meant and what the purpose of the question put was for.

To be clear, there was never any mention of a deal, or of having to have one on the ballot paper when the majority of the British electorate Voted and instructed that the UK would Leave the EU. There was no suggestion that MPs only had to follow it through if they were happy and that Brexit should be moulded in their own way. We didn’t give anyone the authorisation to ignore the result of what had been done – which itself only came about because useless politicians couldn’t control descent over our membership of the EU in any other way – and failed even to do that when the result didn’t follow the establishment script.

The people voted to leave. No ifs. No buts. No subtext. No conditions.

And with a General Election now coming which will be the second referendum that remainers have continually wanted in every sense other than its name, we will not be short changed by any politician who tries to bluff and bullshit their way through this to do not what they were told but whatever they want. We’ve seen far too much of this behaviour before.

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