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Restoring Democracy Pt 7: Public Services should only have one master

September 6, 2019 Leave a comment

RD1Meddling with public services has become normal part of a politician’s life.

No matter whether its exerting direct deliberate influence or an indirect consequence of anything else that they have done, Public Services have become unsustainable – not just financially, but also in the way that they are run.
The key to solving the problems that the Public Sector faces is relatively simple. It’s already in the name.
Public Services are literally the provision of services to the Public. That should be the priority, the aim, the reason for doing and how any decisions affecting them should ultimately be informed.
The meddling and imposition of rules over employment, pensions and a variety of other targets which have redirected priorities in order to avoid what would otherwise be legally recognisable employee upset has switched the focus of what the NHS, Councils, Schools, Government Departments and what Quangos are there to do, and placed it instead upon avoiding any kind of problems with staff, who have also become too expensive with all the rights they now have for all of them to remain employed.
This itself is one of the key contributing reasons for the employment of commercial service providers and consultants to do jobs that public servants were previously employed to do. And what you rarely hear mentioned is that these private enterprises are often doing exactly the same job, paying their staff all that they are legally entitled to, whilst making a profit on top for the business owner, yet still cheaper than the not-for-profit public sector provider used to.
The problem with all of these different priorities and providing services using contractors is the master is never the Public itself. Yet they are the reason that all of these organisations exist and why the people doing the jobs are actually employed.
A Good Government MUST return the emphasis of public service to serving the public and take whatever steps necessary to ensure that We the Public are always the priority. Not staff. Not profit. In absolutely everything that they do.

Restoring Democracy Pt 6: Ambition & Direction – not broken promises and being strung along

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RD1For decades, generations of Politicians have increasingly become aligned with motivations and priorities that should never be in the make up of the people who are privileged to hold power in Public Office.

Encouraged by a Party Political system that has focused more and more on taking only those steps necessary to secure and retain power, it was inevitable that the Candidates for Political Office that they have brought forward would look at their roles in the same way.
For too long, Politics has subsequently only been about doing what has been deemed necessary or politically expedient to get the result that suits the interests of the Politicians involved.
Politicians are always on message, do whatever is necessary to secure position and elevation and do not often take the risk of speaking out or against the system for fear that they will lose their roles after being singled out and ostracized for being wrong.
The most successful of this current Political Class are in most cases little more than ‘yes men’. And the problem with saying yes to all the right people to get ahead and get elevated is that sooner or later, you have to be able to say no – and especially when you get to the top job.
A career and circumstances like these do not encourage and develop skills of leadership.
There are no skills of decisiveness or understanding of the world outside of politics that politics impacts upon.
All that is wrong with the system has been illustrated by the disastrous Premiership of Theresa May.
When Politicians appointed to Lead us actually have no idea how or what it means to lead and only focus on keeping their power, it is inevitable that it will lead not only to disappointment. It is how significant problems for a Country are made.
We never needed this old politics. It doesn’t work for the many. It only works for the few. It is time for something new.
We now need a generation of forward looking Politicians who are themselves led by Leaders who have ambition for all of us and our Country, not just themselves and what it takes for them alone to get on.

Restoring Democracy Pt 5: The new politician – qualified by experience, not experienced enough by qualification alone

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We have a system in place where it is technically possible for anyone registered as a Voter and living in the UK can stand as a Candidate for Election to Parliament.

This would be restriction enough, if it were not for the way that the system works.
In reality, it is very near impossible for any person to get elected to Parliament without being a Member of a Political Party, being selected as a Candidate and then being nominated by that Party to represent them in an Election for a specific Seat.
Regrettably, with the way that Politics has been working in this Country, this reality has meant that the real choice of who will or will not represent us in Parliament as our MPs is the choice of the Party that wins the Seat. Because whilst the system works on the basis that we elect the individual representative or MP, it is a habit of ours to Vote for the Party instead.
If the existing Political Parties are serious about system reform, they must adopt a different approach to the way that they select their Candidates for Parliament, putting what’s best for us as the end aim and result.
This will involve prioritisng Candidates who have the life experience and wherewithal that will benefit others, not just help the Party to secure Seats.
A Good system for the Political Parties to qualify Candidates might be:
  • A minimum age requirement that Candidates are 30 years of age or older .
  • That Candidates have at least 8 years professional experience that has included demonstrable supervisory and/or management experience as well as experience as an employee at junior/team level.
  •  That Candidates have served a minimum of one full term as a Town or Parish Councillor.
  • That Candidates have served a minimum of one full term as a Borough/District and/or County level Councillor.
  • That Candidates have fought and won at least one election at local level .
  • That Candidates have held officer level responsibility within a community, social or student organisation
  • That Candidates can demonstrate a vocational calling to represent others selflessly and provide a voice for those who cannot or choose not to speak publicly on issues of pubic policy themselves.

Restoring Democracy Pt 4: Joined-up thinking, rather than focusing on issues on their own

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Politics isn’t just broken. The whole Political System has lost its way, and most of the problem is because of the way that Politicians think about what they do.

Everything in Politics has become about the ‘quick win’.
That’s pulling the white rabbits out of the hat that have the desired effect of grabbing Voters attention drawing their focus away from what’s really going on whilst catalyzing support.
The whole approach is very shallow. It is all about dealing with the effects of problems rather than dealing with the causes. Worse still, there is very little consideration for the impact of Public Policy beyond the scope of whatever the plan has been put in place to address.
The result is that problems affecting often many more parts of society than just the one that ha been targeted by a policy change are created or made worse, whilst the solutions put in place don’t ever last in any meaningful or useful way.
Like putting a plaster on a leg break, Public Policy requires Politicians to do considerably more than they do.
Compromise is not something that should ever be necessary when Public Policy is being created for the right reasons and nobody is focusing on the wrong priorities such as if something doesn’t work out as it should, who then gets the blame.
Joined up thinking is now essential as a part of how every policy is reviewed or how every one is made. There must be consideration and action taken to address the root causes, the effects whilst they continue and then the consequences no matter how far reaching they might be, once any new policy has been implemented and the changes have been made.

Restoring Democracy Pt 2: We ALL have a part to play in change

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One of the most challenging aspects of changing politics for good, is for each and every one of us to accept that change on this scale is about everyone being prepared and accepting of changing their own views inwardly and not just expecting everything outside of them to be the people or things that have to adjust.

The world we live in is a place where everything is relative and whilst we look at everything in terms of wealth and the power that people have, the values underpinning all of this are fundamentally the same for us all.
In this sense there is little difference between bankers exploiting the housing market, to a union rep calling a strike to push for unsustainable levels of pay.
It’s simply the toys that look and feel different, whilst innocent third parties are always going to get hurt along the way.
Put into context, there are few of us who cannot appreciate that there is value in thinking differently, whether it be over a few pounds a week, or over multi-million Pound empires that might be under our control.
But saying and doing things differently are themselves very different things.
And if we want to change the world around us for the better and gain benefits from a much fairer and balanced system in the longer term, we must accept that there will be sacrifices to make, but sacrifices that are really just ideas and feelings about what could be, because the benefits for the future will quickly outweigh what feels like the immediate cost.
To be different and have different lives, we must all think differently about the things that we do.
Yes, we deserve to have Leaders who will show us the way not through words but by action, giving us an inspirational example that will illuminate our learning and light the path along the way.
But the change that we want will begin when we see that change as being the difference between now and where we want to be.

Brexit was the lifting of the stone that covered everything wrong with Politics and now we are witnessing all of the darkness exposing itself to light

September 5, 2019 Leave a comment

Politicians would still like us all to believe that Brexit is the reason that everything is going wrong with politics.

SPOILER ALERT: it’s not.

There has been a downward spiral at work in politics and within the political parties for a very long time. Brexit was a symptom of it rather than being the cause that many politicians would like to suggest. And what we are experiencing now – on every side of the House – is the manifestation of what happens after many years of the wrong people being in politics and people being in politics for the wrong reasons.

We have a leader of the opposition who will not accept a general election unless he can fix the result. MPs who after having the whip withdrawn for not supporting the democratic instruction of the people threatening to take their former party to court in order to let them stand as candidates again. A prime minister who thinks Brexit itself is the only thing he needs to do to achieve a result. A regional government with a disastrous economic record being underwritten by the rest of the country obsessed with independence at any cost. private citizens suing the government to overturn decisions and legal processes they don’t like, simply because they can afford to do so. And even the new parties on the scene are full of wannabe politicians who look good and can reel off their media-trained sound bites to an audience of media magpies whilst they too possess no depth, understanding or real connection with the people that they are telling us that they are fit to lead.

This is not the way that things should ever be done.

This old politics is now coming to its end. It may still dictate the outcome of the upcoming general election – if the self serving interests of incumbent MPs get their way. But it is in it’s death throws one way or another.

Things may get worse before they get better. But in the long term they certainly will.

It won’t be identity politics or any rehash of the politics of old that will achieve this. For none of them are capable of being so bold.

It will be a new form of politics which brings real balance, fairness and consideration to everyone, no matter whether you are old or young, rich or poor, educated or not educated, black or white, whatever your religion or politics, whether you voted Leave or remain. This is a new way of doing things that will really break the mould.

Brexit is the doorway to change


Brexit is the only way that the UK can access all the opportunities that are now open to it. Not only for our economy, but for us to ensure that each and every one of us has real equality of opportunity in life, in education and in the workplace, so that together, we, our communities and the whole Country is then enabled to realise everything that it has the capability to become.

As people, as individuals, as who we alone really are, we like to have the freedom to make choices when it comes to the decisions that will affect what we can do, what we have, where we go, who we are friends with, who we have relationships with, what we believe – to choose who we actually are.
The UK as a Country and Nation is no different.
Those choices and decisions are just scaled up and instead being about each and every one of us as People, are instead about us and our identity as a whole Country.
Its about who as a Nation, its community and businesses together, that we really are.
Just as we cannot make choices as children, when we are subjected to a controlling relationship of any kind, or placed in any situation where we do not have the freedom to respond to the world around us freely as the people that we actually are, the UK has been and is currently in this very kind of relationship with the EU. Its holding us back and we don’t know who we really are.
By Leaving the EU properly – which is what a democratic majority of as has already chosen to do, we can take back the choices which make us free, and will allow us together as a Nation, to regain our confidence and make the right decisions that will reflect our communities, our people, our geography, our culture, our economics, our relationship with the whole world and besides all of that, a whole lot more.
Whilst we will always have things in common with every Country in the World, the reality is we are in the majority of ways simply not the same.
To get the best out of everything and be an influence for the better we must respect the limitations of a corrosive relationship where values are being set for us under the premise that we can only get the best available if everything is the same.
Our strength lies in our diversity. That the UK is different to every other Nation on the Earth. Just as the internal strength within will get stronger as we respect and make the best of the differences that we have between all of us as people, thriving together, but independently within our different lives and roles.
We can only be the Country and Nation that we are supposed to be if we have the freedom to choose what we do.
Released from the shackles of rules that are undemocratically imposed, our lives will begin to improve immediately as a balance comes back in decision making that makes sense to us and the localities involved.
This isn’t idealistic thinking. Idealism is the premise that everybody can be conditioned to be the same when we clearly are not.
We have something much better lying ahead for all of us and Brexit is the Doorway to Change.
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