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Lindsay Hoyle was the best choice. But there’s a lot more to fixing this shit than just a change of Speaker involved

November 5, 2019 Leave a comment

Lindsay-Hoyle_2555042cHaving watched some of the Parliamentary Debates that Sir Lindsay Hoyle has already chaired in his previous role as Deputy Speaker, I have little doubt that he will attempt to be a whole lot more impartial in the Speakers Chair than the previous incumbent and apply appropriately all of the ethics and standards that a role with this level of responsibility demands.

In his acceptance speech last night, Sir Lindsay committed himself to cleaning up Parliament and what it does.

From just this alone, we should all have hope for what the power of his influence might no have in store.

However, we should also remind ourselves and remain fully aware that John Bercow in his role as the last Speaker was in reality a caricature of everything that is wrong with politics and how politics is broken.

His words, actions, behaviour and approach to the responsibilities of his post simply echoed all that is wrong with the majority of the MPs we have been electing to our Parliament.

And that until we change the way the MPs on the green benches think, are motivated, are driven – and that means the way that they are selected, nothing in the House of Commons is really going to change – no matter what the new Speaker might intend.


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