The Emergency Alert System Test is the next step pushing us all into Digital Dependency, and it’s so underhand, the Establishment has added a second switch to gaslight those who’ve already turned it off

I switched the two sliding buttons to off within the Emergency Alerts notifications function on my iPhone about a week ago.

I’ve seen plenty of questions being asked about the motives for this so-called ‘Emergency Alert System Test’ in the time since. But as I had been busy finishing off another book about what we do next, rather than dwelling too long on what’s going wrong, I thought I’d let writing a blog about it pass me by.

That was until this morning, when I discovered that after the weak pleas put out with the media by their Prime Minister, it would appear that the establishment have managed to slip yet another switch into our personal phones that we will need to switch off, if we do not want to hear their emergency alert at 3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.

With government and the public sector as clearly as dysfunctional as it is – a point only too well reiterated by the content of Dominic Raab’s resignation letter yesterday – it would have been all too easy just to write off the emergency alert as the actions of a political system that is not only out of touch, but so full of personal agendas that it is also completely out of control.

However, the arrival of a second, alternative button or ‘off’ switch that we all need to find and then disable if we want to opt out from this public test – which is supposedly in our best interests – really does make clear that there is a much bigger agenda here. A plan that is nothing less than the next step of attempting to make the majority of the People believe that they must become digitally dependent – a step which is nothing less than opening up the reality that will be digital tyranny through ‘voluntary’, but what is in effect coerced, digital control.

It doesn’t matter when the second button was added, whether it was literally this week, or whether it was added as part of the ‘Home’ function that you will find sat innocently amongst all your app notification settings, as if it’s been present all the way along.

An Establishment that trusts and respects the people that it is there to serve, doesn’t take steps to try and outmanoeuvre those people by taking control of their property, so that those people can clearly be caused an unnecessary fright when they had already made a reasoned decision to opt out and were therefore not expecting an alert.

So clever are the people behind all these ‘nudges’, playing with the intelligence of even the most educated people who would not normally blink at what those pillars of authority that we were all taught to trust will do, that they have also scheduled this debacle for St. Georges Day. Nothing less than a subtle way of working into the National unconscious that it is actually the Establishment and its digital tools that will save us from any dragons and all the bad things, because they are our real saviours or patron saint.

Nobody needed emergency alerts before we had mobile phones and there was plenty of opportunity such as air raids during the blitz in the Second World War, when much more basic ways of getting in touch with everyone were not only more appropriate, but also guaranteed to make sure that everyone was either quickly aware or would just as quickly find out.

If you are not convinced, please consider the other news being pumped out at us too, telling us that the Bank of England must create a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), because nobody will be able to use cash within 5 years.

Do stop and ask yourself the question ‘What the hell am I using each time I get my credit card out or use apple pay on my phone’. The trail of digital payments will surely be the most obvious way for anyone to work this one out.

Whilst you are at it, you might also think about when you were asked if you no longer wanted the option to hold or use cash instead of your existing money in its digital form too…

Yes, all this technology is amazing. It makes life so simple and so easy. In fact, its so very good, technology really is becoming too good to believe.

The point that we all wake up to the true and meaningful cost to us all is now bearing down upon us.

Your future is yours, not theirs to decide. Please be wise.


Money or currencies MUST have a fixed value and ONLY be used as a medium of exchange | Principles | A Community Route

Money isn’t real. Yet we have been conditioned to believe that it is.

Money is a unit of exchange. Yet we have been conditioned to believe that money is a thing, that it holds value of its own, and that the value that money holds is variable in its own right – well beyond the basic principles necessary for currency exchange.

Money has become the benchmark which dictates the value of life and the value of every individuals existence.

For as long as this money-based order, reality or culture continues to exist, the values that underpin humanity and human existence will matter less and less.

Money and currencies of any kind are useful to us, as long as they are only used as the medium of exchange that they are, rather than being believed to be or considered to be an accumulation of material wealth in itself – as it is today.

For as long as we continue to allow the value of anything and everything to be determined by the value of money, which itself can then vary from day to day, the power of any individual, business or community to regulate, manage and sustain healthy lives will be compromised.

Until 1971 when neoliberalism fully took over, the value of the money that existed was always pinned or anchored to the value of gold. ‘The Gold Standard’ was far from being a perfect system or system that was balanced, fair and just in itself – as any good study of economic history will demonstrate. But what its existence did demonstrate was the benefit of having the value of money restricted which meant that there was considerably less opportunity for the system to be ‘played’ – as it has been, to our considerable cost, ever since.

A fair, balanced and just economic system that puts People First, must rest its economic base upon the people that exist within that system, along with the fundamental value we can associate with what those people then put in or take out of it.

That value may indeed be translated into money or a form of currency or digital currency of some kind. But there is no requirement or need for that value to ever be variable in a system that puts People First and doesn’t believe that non-essential or basic goods that it cannot itself produce must be secured no matter the price.

The value of existence and the value of the work or effort that any individual puts into the system must be the benchmark which everything to do with monetary exchange and value must be pinned.

For life to be valued and for that value of life to be maintained as it should always be, money or currencies of any kind must always be a unit of exchange that hold no value of their own that can be bought, sold or exchanged.

Levelling Level | Digital Currency, Crypto, DeFi

Digital or crypto currencies will not survive in their current form.

Like the system that cryptocurrencies were created with the best intentions to try and override, it is simply the belief that people have, or the way that people think about cryptocurrencies today that appear to make them work.

The cryptocurrencies that you can buy or trade today may be worth a lot of money. But like the money they might replace, they have absolutely no value at all.

In reality, digital currencies that exist today are as flawed as the FIAT money system itself. They are based on no real value or tangible holding.

It is literally the belief of those who invest in or use the existing blockchain currencies that make them work.

The moment anything happens to shatter the belief in today’s versions of digital currency – as you can be certain that it will – these cryptocurrencies will return to their intrinsic value. That value is zero or nil.

The new ‘local’ way of living will allow the creation of new digital currencies based on real value that is defined by the community that runs it.

That value will be pinned or anchored to the value of input and output (labour, skills, experience) and the true value of the locally produced goods that people genuinely need to live.

We cannot and must not even try to return to a pyramid or hierarchical system that is skewed to allow prices at the foundation of our society to be dictated by actions at the top.

We could very easily and very quickly come to experience a fully functioning system of digital currencies that are locally linked. Currencies that become interchangeable and exchangeable with others, because of how the basic value of input and essential goods are defined.

Levelling Level | Local Currencies & Bartering or Exchange Platforms

When no amount of cash or currency we have available can secure the goods or services that we need, practical need will step in and demand that we exchange whatever we have or can offer to secure whatever we need.

Ultimately, as real creativity, innovation and entrepreneurism begin to thrive at the community level, one thing will again become apparent to us all:

The real base currency is the element that is common to every exchange: The time it has taken somebody to grow, produce, manufacture and transport whatever it is that the end user wants.

In other words, the real base currency is (or will be corrected to become) the value of input that an individual can make themselves, as the basis of an exchange to provide everything that they need to meet the requirement of being self-sufficient.

Levelling Level

The Tory Right named their latest response to it Levelling Up. For decades, Labour and the Left have responded to it with public policy that adds up to levelling down.

But what is ‘it’? Do our politicians actually know what ‘it’ is? What is ‘it’ they don’t understand?

Today, we find ourselves in the early stages of a cost-of-living crisis and a fall in living standards that is the worst since records began. But these are only some of the issues we now face.

Social mobility, debt, housing, energy, inflation or stagflation, healthcare, climate change, education, wealth inequality, fake news, crime, wokeism and many other problems join the list that’s fast growing into this out-of-control crisis that is touching everything we know, too.

Change is happening around us in ways that make very little sense. Yet the messages we hear in the media and from our politicians suggest that everything is as fine as it can be. It is leading many of us to assume that we are alone with our views and feelings; thinking that we must be going mad.

The UK is the person with major health problems. It’s in a beauty salon, where every wannabe politician must be seen as top dog by everyone. But this political class are just the Saturday morning trainees, only able to sweep up and comb hair*. They smile sweetly and tell the Country that having a great look is all it takes to fix the problems experienced by all. Meanwhile, what the UK really needs is every form of medical surgery known, with the mental health care and physical rehabilitation necessary to make every part of our system work together, returning the UK to full fitness and providing fair and balanced lives for everyone in the shortest time possible.

With an establishment obsessed with sound bites and messages, rather than public policy that has real depth, Adam Tugwell unpicks the realities of Levelling Up, levelling down and decades of mismanagement and self-interest from a political class that simply isn’t up to the job.

Adam demonstrates that the broken tools of a flawed political age will always leave someone, somewhere behind, and shows that our politicians are repeatedly failing to create the social backstop that the UK needs to stop anyone being avoidably disadvantaged.

Levelling Level focusses on the inevitable process of change affecting everything around us that underway today. It discusses how we can harness the experiences that will accompany the challenges that we face to make life better by establishing a Basic Living Standard for all.

Levelling Level proposes that it is not money and financial wealth, but people and the way that our society treats its poorest and most vulnerable that underscores our real value, success and health as communities and as a Nation.

Levelling Level is a solution to the UKs problems that works for all.

*The qualified hairdressers are the government officers and civil servants, or people who like to ‘nudge’

The future is bright for digital finance, but today’s Crypto Currencies are as worthless as the FIAT money system they intend to replace. Money must find its place and function without misplaced belief:

Whilst my interests, writing and commentary in the public sphere appear overtly political, I recognised long ago that every part of life feeds into the cauldron of politics. It’s what the more academic amongst us would colloquially call political economy.

Within a highly febrile environment that increasingly makes less and less logical sense, it makes sense to keep an eye on financial and economic commentary online amongst the channels where real news is still available. It is here that the utterly bizarre nature and the cold-hard reality underpinning trends which are affecting the UK and the whole world, seem to have completely escaped public consciousness and any form of collective rational concern.

We are experiencing a period of history where there are so many elephants in the room, it seems incredible that society hasn’t already been completely flattened by the now trampling herd.

That isn’t to say that a travesty of great magnitude isn’t on its way.

Amongst the dangers that 50 years of FIAT Money, its impact upon financial dealing, the markets, normal life and the Bitcoin-driven rise in cryptocurrencies that were supposedly created to counter it is where much of the coming chaos is likely to begin.

Money isn’t real. Money isn’t a thing. But the belief that we have been conditioned to have in it and the obsession we have with material wealth and the way our lives and status can now be measured by it all to facilitate profiteering and greed certainly perpetrates the myth that it really is.

Money is valueless. It began as a unit or practical means of exchange and up until 1971 when money was de-linked with the value of gold, it at least had a form of tangible value attached to it. Even if that tangible value was based on collective mutual trust to the existence of a precious metal in remote form that we all knew as The Gold Standard.

Creating a situation where that assumed trust in there being real value underpinning the transactional notes and coins in circulation was manipulated to allow people believe that every penny that they have in their pocket or bank accounts has a measurable value. However, in practice it has now been over half a century since it was any such thing.

A FIAT or ‘created’ Money system was always going to be open to abuse, once those ‘on the inside’ had figured out how to get any rules and regulations. Over five decades they have consistently influenced legislator change so that they could effectively create more money and malevolently creative systems to generate more of it whenever they liked. The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 was just a taste of what is to come and was only perceived as not being worse than it was because Governments created money for the banks and therefore massive public debts for us that there has been a mysterious mainstream lack of will to talk about.

As this perverse system has increased a cultural belief that money is a real thing, with the perception that it is inherently more important than the product, service, employment or output that generated it, a process of addictive gambling has increasingly taken place. Finance houses, markets and central governments too have effectively created more and more money without that money itself having any practical (or logical) link to gold, products, services, employment or anything else. It has created a growing disparity between what people who have bought into the idea believe to be real and what actually exists. In terms of value, people literally don’t know or understand what is real anymore.

It is a system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer simply because the rich get more and more of the money as it increases in circulation, whilst the money that the poor have loses value against the goods, services and property that have explosively inflated prices that continually remain easily affordable to the rich.

Whilst it doesn’t fit the narrative of the establishment, big business or the financial sector for everyone to understand that money is created as they see fit and that debt is effectively just a means to enslave the unknowing poor, those responsible have used the publics unwitting trust of historically revered occupations to engage in what beyond the safety of the rules they have created for themselves would be recognisable as criminal acts

No one openly talks about any of this, and the mainstream media leave the subject well and truly alone. The truth of what they have and what they are doing sits conveniently hidden in plain sight and anyone who questions it likely to be cast aside and awarded a tin foil hat as they are unceremoniously thrown back into the masses of the great unknowing.

Yet there are increasing numbers of very intelligent, often highly educated but nonetheless ethical people who are becoming aware of the mechanics of how the travesty of what we call money actually now works.

Indeed, it was one such person who saw the value in creating a finite or limited amount of a currency that sits outside of the influence of arguably corrupt central governments, big business and the financial sector. It was this whole sorry story that brought Crypto or Digital currencies into being primarily as Bitcoin and now in different guises that are growing in number daily.

On the face of it, the blockchain technology that underpins crypto effectively means that even the smallest fraction or percentage of one crypto coin or equivalent unit has or can have a unique identification. It appears to give tangibility or reality to cryptocurrencies that money in the FIAT system doesn’t currently have.

Such coding means that if all money were to be in circulation in that same digital form and no other, every coin or part of it could be traced, located and tracked at any moment in time. It is for this reason that our increasingly technocratic and tyrannical governments and the greedy big businesses that influence them are desperate to digitise central currencies and push all of the privately generated versions as we know them aside.

The flaw in the thinking, whether it be a private, untied crypto or a digital central currency run by the government instead, is that blockchain technology gives genuine value to this ‘money’ right down to the most microscopic level.

The reality is that blockchain, like money is neither real nor a thing. No matter how clever, these blockchain derived digital currencies are no more than a reference tool, a label, a system of measurement and like money intrinsically before it, it is no more than a unit of exchange

Tragically the value of both money and crypto today is still based on the same giant myth or a massively overvalued shared belief.

At some point – perhaps within the 12 months from the time of writing, a financial collapse will take place affecting everything that FIAT money has touched or relates to. Money, nor any other form of currency based on nothing other than thin air will continue to exist and the correction that follows as everything in life returns to its unmanipulated value will be a process most painful for those who have made their life revolve around money and material wealth, when they could and should have exercised more considerate concerns.

It sounds very doomsdayish I know. But many of those who lurk daily within the finance and economic bubbles and play or rather bet on the markets know that those with power and influence have now created far too much money – relative to all the goods and output that genuinely exists. Indeed, the patterns and behaviours associated with everything to do with money, how it is made and how it is managed are following little in terms of any kind of logic. They more savvy amongst them know that the figures and data that is available foretells a cataclysmic change.

In terms of corrections, the pendulum is about to swing wildly the other way from where it has been held for a very long time.

The real value of goods, property and output will be realised as it becomes set against the wild speculation and explosive inflation that printing money has allowed.

We are likely to find that money or new forms of digital currency will go right back to their basic function. One that allows what is in effect multiple-transaction bartering of all the things that are necessary for life such as labour, basic food and the things that we genuinely need to live, so that money becomes purely functionary again, rather than being revered as some perverse value store.

It will serve no legitimate purpose for only one form of currency to exist. All forms of currency will become very localised with perhaps umbrella versions that do link to government to allow the payment of taxes and facilitate travel and the movement of goods between different areas.

The reason this doesn’t make sense today is because it is in the interest of those with influence for it not to do so. Yet tomorrow might be the beginning of a new day for us all when it most certainly will.

It is events now that will decide.