The Tipping Point of the coming Economic & Systemic Crash

Whilst a systemic and financial collapse may not appear to be or have the stop-start feel that the ending of one system that will have to be replaced by another suggests, the reality we face is that for what may only be a short period of time, none of the currencies we use either in physical or digital form, will have any value when it comes to being able to secure anything that we need to buy or survive.

Despite what your immediate thoughts might be after reading that we might find ourselves having to function without any form of money for a period of time, it is within or as part of the collapse of the financial part of the current system where the seedbed of the greatest opportunity for getting everything right for our future exists.

When boiled down to the purest elements or the nuts and bolts of what the current Top-Down hierarchical system really is, it is all about the belief that everything we do or that we can achieve in life is based on money and the accumulation of material wealth, and the power and influence that supposedly goes with it.

At the point when circumstances and practicality tell us through our experience, that this belief, idea, principle, motivation – or whatever you want to call it, no longer works, we will have reached a seminal moment when the light can shine through on the darkness of our current reality, and our true values and understanding of what life is and how it should really be will have an open door to changing life for the better for us all.

I’m not trying to make light of what happens when the world we know that runs on money in every way, simply stops functioning because money doesn’t work anymore.

It will be hard. In fact, it will be very hard. But adversity really is the mother of invention, and it is at this point that we have the opportunity at local, community level to establish a new True Economy, based on Local Market Exchanges, that will feed into and provide the basis of how our entire new system of governance works.


The cultural shift from having values to nothing but the worship of money was built on our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, exploited by those at the top

The dreams of big money and corporate interests had all come true, the very moment that this age of Neoliberalism was born.

Not only because the elites had untapped the rivers of gold that only ‘those in the know’ had access too because they or their friends could literally print money out of thin air to invest in whatever they wanted with ‘real’ money from customers coming back at them in return.

Not only because the elites could use the useful idiots they had found in the form of stupid, ambitious and above all corruptible politicians who would change rules and regulations to favour their interests at every turn.

Not only because they could move just about every form of production and manufacturing that existed to Countries far away, where the rules that more westernised nations had fought for and took for granted could be ignored and ridiculous increases in bottom line margins would result.

But because above all, this group of politicians, business leaders and people with a lot of money now knew that they had the power to tell people who were losing their jobs, losing their incomes, losing their communities, losing their value and losing their integrity, that the whole thing was in their best interests, and that they would be much better off financially and materially as a result.

The whole thing has been the worlds biggest confidence trick. But it worked and it has continued to work for as long as it has done, simply because so many of us have been blinded by the ‘easy money’, the great cars, the fashionable clothes, the foreign holidays, and the blinding light of money becoming the ruler of everything.

This is where self-interest and the lack of questioning from us all has now led. And its all about to collapse.

Something is happening. Something is underway

As I am sat with a coffee and my laptop in a Starbucks, early on a Monday morning in May 2022, I look out of the windows ahead of me.

I see a world that looks the same as it did three months ago – before the Invasion of Ukraine began. The same as it did two-and-a-half years ago – before the Covid Pandemic Began. The same as it did six years ago – before the Brexit Vote and all the subsequent drama began.

But things are not the same.

The one thing that I am sure of is that even the most optimistic of us, or those of us who feel most insulated and secure from problems that we can see and hear about on the news and TV have one thing in common with the rest of us that we are likely to agree on: That something doesn’t feel right.

Yes, your response might be to overlook that niggle you have and immediately look at people like the politicians running our Country, or those with zillions in the bank who are ‘at the top’. You think to yourself, ‘That guy doesn’t see or feel like there’s anything wrong – so how could that possibly be so?’

No matter who we are or what role we are playing in a game which is to all intents and purposes, a very complicated life for us all, there has never been anything more certain than the reality that each and every one of us knows that something isn’t right about our personal experience of the world we all share and live in right now. Right here, today.

We all know deep down that something is wrong. We just have very different stakes in the game.

The Great Correction

As I write, two years of the Covid Pandemic, the impact of Government Covid Measures and even the Partygate scandal that was looking more and more as if it was about to unseat Prime Minister Boris Johnson, all seem to have disappeared or somehow morphed straight into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Media are already beginning to create or rather craft a new narrative around what the politicians are doing that will frame the Ukraine Crisis as the real reason for what will soon become a systemic and financial collapse that touches just about everything that we know.

The problems that we will have to face will be so big and so profound, that there will be no narrative that even the cleverest of the people working on ‘nudges’ and manipulation of the kind used on us all during the Covid Pandemic will be able to use to cover their political masters’ tracks.

The Government will not be able to make people look at the problems they face differently. Because we will have moved from being manipulated by the fear of what could be, to dealing with the pain and impact of what already is in our lives.

The Great Correction will not be a single event that we recognise as being what it is that has arrived in one moment or we woke up to following its arrival overnight.

The Great Correction is already underway. Kicked off by the handling of events that will prove to have been catalyst because of the way they have been handled, they are the culmination of many other events and hinge on decades of bad decisions being made before.

We are experiencing the first stages of the Great Correction in the price rises, cost of living crisis and everything that is beginning to happen around us. Each and every part will add up to change which when we look back many years from now will be seen in a way that we will not believe that we have lived through and experienced ourselves.

Refusing pay rises for Police Officers whilst printing money to firehose at every problem they cannot control tells us as much about the Government grip on reality as its obsession with power

Probably the greatest unspoken injustice facing society today is the cost-of-living crisis that affects the lives of so many, that government doesn’t even acknowledge to exist.

In an age when MPs and politicians are getting elected to be somebody rather than seeking public office so that they can represent somebody else, it is regrettably a fact that you have to have lived with the pressures that pretty much everyone without a stake in Westminster life has to deal with daily if you really want to even try and understand what is going on.

With so much reliance placed upon statistics, textbooks and the words of philosophers who have long since gone, we really do live in times where decision makers are creating public policy on the basis of ideals rather than any understanding of how real life, the real economy and the real world actually works.

When our MPs run the Country under the misapprehension that an adult can function and support themselves on £74.70 a week claiming Jobseekers Allowance, it is no wonder that they think anyone earning more couldn’t possibly have it worse.

As I argued in a recent blog, even a figure around the 12.5% that the nursing unions had wanted for NHS staff wouldn’t make any great difference to quality of life for many, when you place this in the context of how the prices and real cost of everything is today being manipulated at will, for the purposes of profit and for greed and no more.

Yet the real travesty of the Home Secretary’s refusal to give Police Officers a financial uplift, isn’t some lucid moment where Priti Patel has realised that a pay rise won’t make any difference in time, it is the outrageous fact that Rishi Sunak and the rest of this ridiculous Government have spent the past 17 months printing money and running up a tab so big that it is literally about to break the bank

Ah, I hear you say. With all the money spent on the Covid Pandemic, we are going to have to tighten our belts and pay it back in some other way. But the problem with what might at another time be otherwise very worthy sentiments is the bill is already too big to ever be paid back. What is more, the Government and Priti Patel in particular are still blowing massive amounts of imaginary cash to solve the problems that they themselves created. They are literally creating money to buy themselves more time in the hope that they can put off the impact of the problems they have caused for another day.

Blowing £54 Million on a negotiation with the French that clearly failed to stop illegal immigration, whilst at the same time trusting that our greatest antagonist over Brexit would shut up and let the UK control the narrative is ignorantly naïve. But that really sums up just how inept and incompetent the people running this Country are.

We are now on course for an economic crash when whoever has been left in charge will have to lead a revaluation of our currency, of prices, how businesses operate, how the public sector provides and how society functions and works.

It will be coming before long. And in the meantime, this reticence to pay out money that their actions have told us has no value, would do better rewarding the people who ARE doing what they can to keep this Country together, rather than pretending that valuing the efforts of public servants is something that we can ill afford