The personal benefits of Awakened, Conscious & Enlightened Thinking

Few of us understand that seeking a never-ending production line of temporary hits from the pleasures that the world will give us in the form of ‘things’ and as experiences, comes at significant personal cost.

In exchange for fleeting, temporary and transitory pleasures, we are surrendering our thinking, our humanity and ourselves.

Moments of pleasure will never replace a constant state of happiness and the peace that we can and will attain, if and when we put humanity and life first.

When we have attained a relationship with everything and everyone outside of ourselves, based on what’s Fair, what’s Just, what’s Balanced and what’s basically good for everyone in the situation, because it’s how we would all like to be treated in that situation – whichever of the roles we might play, we will all have very good lives and live life in a very good way.

It may appear to be materially poor in some ways in comparison to what we take for granted and consider to come without cost right now. But it will be a life and way of being that is both mentally and spiritually enriched. It can and will provide a level of wellbeing that no form of material wealth will ever afford.

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Introduction to The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

The purpose of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

It is reasonably safe to assume that if you have found your way to reading even this page, you are both aware that we are facing massive societal and economic problems, locally, nationally and internationally too.

The chances are however, that you will already have an idea or ideas of your own that anchor to what you have concluded yourself or that you agree with others to be the cause.

Common causes for problems like the Cost-of-Living Crisis, Inflation, National and Personal Debt, Energy Prices, Strikes and others too are identified as events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic, The War in Ukraine, or placed directly at the feet of The Government, a previous government, any one of The Political Parties or one or more of the Politicians involved.

However, it is not the events that the Country and the World has faced which are the cause of our problems themselves.

It is not the Political Party, the Group or Individual itself that can be identified as the cause.

Yes, the way that our Governments, Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility for the response and measures taken to mitigate against or implement solutions to, or even see them through to conclusion are certainly a more informed way to think about these events, rather than it being all about the events themselves.

But even the response or way that those with power have responded isn’t the real cause of our problems.

Our problems are caused by the way that we, and more importantly the way that our Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility that can affect our lives in some way thinks, acts and behave.

It is thoughts, actions and behaviour that cause everything. This is what really matters when it comes to the effects of every decision taken that affects Public Policy of any kind, and then finds its way to us.

The crisis that we face and the problems ahead were not deliberate. But they weren’t created by accident either

The UK and the world are sleepwalking towards disaster. Chaos that could have been avoided if the people who lead us – Our Politicians, had taken a very different approach to the way that they think, act and behave when it comes to the decisions they make.

Contrary to accepted thought or to any common or accepted narrative, the people who we currently elect to be Politicians are rarely the best fit to fulfil the role of being a public representative.

Poor Public Representatives make decisions subjectively, in an isolated or myopic way, and do so without due care and attention to the broad range of factors and considerations that the Public should be able to expect and already assume will inform the process of how objectively based Public Policy – which should be all of it – is made.

It is because we have been electing people who are not suitable to be Politicians for so long, that the negative impact from having poor decisions made repeatedly to solve that problems that previous poor decisions made by other unsuitable Politicians have created, that the effect on everything has been cumulative, getting steadily but unconsciously worse.

Bit by bit, ‘The System’ that we have has become increasingly skewed away from and in many ways proactively geared against balance, fairness and what we might call being just in about every conceivable sense possible, when it comes to the different life experiences that we all have.

What is ‘The System’?

For the purposes of making sense of Awakened Politics, ‘The System’ is the structure or framework that makes everything work (or not work) in the way that you and I experience life from the moment we look outside, leave or interact with businesses, organisations, and basically everything beyond personal relationships that lie outside of ourselves and outside of our homes.

For many, indeed for most, ‘The System’ only touches life or the experience of life in a number of very specific ways.

The ways that ‘The System’ touches our lives specifically can be defined by location, lifestyle, career, demographic, education and just about everything that can be used to define or identify a difference of some kind between each of us and anyone else.

‘The System’, for us, is most usually a lot of very different things that we have going on continually within our awareness – whether we are physically asleep or awake, added to an even greater list of things going on outside of our awareness that we may not even become or need to become aware of if we were to live a full life and exceed an age beyond 100 years old.

Whether we are aware of ‘The System’ or even parts of it or not, any system or what might be called an ecosystem has its own set of rules that make it work and keep it working.

The rules of ‘The System’ are defined, created, reviewed and maintained by a process that we understand as ‘Democracy’.

We elect Public Representatives or ‘Politicians’ to think about, research, consider and make all the decisions about ‘The System’ – which will ultimately affect us all, even when we are unaware that any or all of these decisions are affecting or touching our lives in some way.

The role of Politics in ‘The System’

To reach agreement, compromise and then conclusion on the rules of ‘The System’, a process of review, discussion, debate and regrettably even argument has historically taken place, based on alternative ideas, or sadly ‘whose idea is best’.

It is rarely, if not ever conducted on the basis of discussion to find agreement on what outcome will be best for everyone concerned.

This process of debate and everything that surrounds it is what we know as politics.

The people we elect as Politicians have responsibility for the rules that govern the thinking, the actions and the behaviour in everything beyond ourselves and our personal lives.

However, if the power entrusted to Politicians is misused or abused, rules can easily become law that mean the thinking, actions and behaviour of others can become unnecessarily, avoidably and unjustly detrimental towards us all. Whether it be us as individuals, as communities or even as a seemingly silent majority.

When we have entrusted Public Representatives to make decisions that are in the best interests of everyone, we are less likely to question the validity of those decisions because it immediately brings into question whether the decisions made by the majority in selecting them are actually sound. We will not therefore easily accept that ‘The System’ and that The Electorate could be the victim of abuse.

Why do we need Politics?

Let’s start with a question: How do you know what you need at any moment or for any reason or any purpose?

When you’ve thought about it, your answer is likely to be ‘from experience’ or rather, what you have learned from experience so far.

So, what do we do when we don’t have the experience to provide that answer?

The chances are your answer will be to look for and to find the solution – probably by tapping a question into a search engine like Bing or Google, or rather to learn it in some other way.

But what happens when decisions need to be made concerning the services like schools and the NHS, or the infrastructure like parks and roads that are common to us all, that we share, but are not under our direct influence or control?

Whether they are ‘services’ in the strictest sense, or infrastructure that is managed by a service of some kind, all these things that exist for the common good – because we will all typically need them of need access to them at some point or for some reason in life – must be managed with decisions made for us all, on our behalf, for that same common good.

Politics, in its strictest sense, is the debate or discussion that surrounds the management of these ‘public services’ and the system or procedure of decision making that creates, reviews and oversees the implementation of the management strategy for all of these things.

It’s what happens beyond this basic need for the exchange of ideas and discourse – where decisions should always be made in a fair balanced and just way – where the problems really start to begin.

Why do we need Government?

For the purposes of understanding Awakened Politics, it is important to recognise that the terms ‘Government’, ‘Public Sector’ and ‘Public Services’ are both interchangeable terms.

They stand alone as terms to different people, depending on the perspective or experience of the individual. In some ways they are arguably the same thing and in others they are very different. They are not in any way mutually exclusive.

In relation to Awakened Politics, Government itself is the decision-making body or if you like, the board of directors. It is the top of the management structure that makes the strategic decisions that the executive managers, administrative and technical staff (that make up the Public Sector and provide Public Services) then carry out.

We need and should be able to rely on government to ensure that decisions on our behalf are taken when they should be, and that their implementation into delivery and material form are then completed or continued in the way that they should be.

Who is The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government for?

Awakened Politics has been written with the UK Political, Government and Electoral Systems primarily in mind.

Whilst The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is the fourth book in a series following ‘Levelling Level’, ‘The Basic Living Standard’ and ‘From Here to There Through Now’ that were also written and published in 2022, it could just as easily be the unexpected or unanticipated prequal, building on the way of thinking or methodology that was presented in the 2018 book ‘How to Get Elected’ too.

The fundamental basis of the idea or proposal made here is built upon an alternative ‘grassroots up’ system to the outwardly 4-Tier system of Government that we currently have in the UK.

However, the model of constructing Government or rather the way of selecting and appointing Politicians or Public Representatives suggested later could be applied to and implemented within different existing political spaces, if it were collectively decided to pursue The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government within the constituency or constituencies involved.

If you are reading this book, the chances are that you will either a) wish to see a system embracing Awakened Politics fully embraced where you are located, or b) Will be resistant to any process that will deliver it and a system of government or governance that will reflect it.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government has been written for people who are awakened to the need for all decisions on Public Policy to be made by others who are fully conscious or awakened to the realities of how life works.

Awakened Politics can only genuinely exist if we have Public Representatives who not only can but will translate and legislate in a way which makes sense of that understanding – and most importantly the realities of human nature – to ensure that we have governance that works responsively and proactively in a balanced, fair and just way for all.

Awakened Politics is for everyone and everything.

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How do we get from here to Good Government?

Good Government will come as a direct result of fully Awakened Politics.

Awakened Politics is only possible when the Politicians that we have can, will and do think, behave and act fully Consciously in everything that they think and do when they are representing others.

The most challenging obstacle to Awakened Politics today, isn’t changing the mind of individual politicians. Indeed, some ‘Awakened Politicians’ will already exist. But their number is very few.

The most challenging obstacle to Awakened Politics today is ‘The System’ itself.

‘The System’ is overwhelmingly focused and driven on the ‘money, wealth and self-interest’ motives.

When a system is so overwhelmingly skewed to work in such a twisted and selfish way, it literally means that everything within that system – whether it be procedures, rules, laws, cultural thinking or working practices – is built, created or has been adapted to promote that same way of thinking for everyone.

A skewed system makes it very difficult for anyone to operate or act differently, even if the thoughts of the individual are not aligned with the practice itself.

Whilst it is always possible that everyone within ‘The System’ could change their mind and approach at the very same moment in time and embrace Conscious Thinking, behaviour and actions in every meaningful sense from there onwards, the reality is that not everyone will change their mind about everything they share or experience with others communally, unless something has happened which changes everything for everyone and makes them of the same mind.

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Having Political Awareness, a Political Conscience, being Politically Conscious or Politically Aware is not Awakened Politics, Conscious Politics or Enlightened Politics

Because of the way that we regularly attribute different meanings to the same words, it is important to be clear about the differences between Awakened Politics, Conscious Politics, Enlightened Politics and what are arguably similar everyday terms such as to be ‘Politically Aware’ and have ‘Political Awareness’ or to be Politically Conscious or anything like that.

If you are ‘Politically Aware’ or ‘Politically Conscious’, you are thinking about, considering, observing and may even be involved in politics and are very likely to have your own ideas about what politics itself should achieve.

However, being ‘Politically Aware’ or Politically Conscious’ doesn’t mean that your involvement in Politics – in whatever way that might be or mean – is being conducted in an Awakened, fully Conscious or Enlightened way.

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Wouldn’t politicians have to be ‘Spiritual’ for Awakened Politics to work?

Politicians do not need to be ‘Spiritual’ to be ‘Awake’, ‘Conscious’ and to just be the Good Public Representatives that we should be able to expect them all to be.

The term ‘Spiritual’ is massively overused. It is used inappropriately in many cases and within the circumstances to which and to the behaviour of those to whom it is applied.

Awakened Politicians cannot be qualified by the group they belong to, by their affiliations, by the qualifications or type of experience that they have.

Awakened Politics is not about what Politicians say. Awakened Politics is all about what Politicians actually do and how they do it too.

Being a good person in the most meaningful way is not something that is within the gift of any other person, group or organisation to qualify in another, in any way.

Being ‘Conscious’ or ‘Awakened’ is not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being the best we can be. About seeing everything as it really is and responding and then acting in the best ways that it is possible for us all to do so.

Nobody has to be part of anything or be qualified in some way by anybody or anything else to be the best that they can be in every possible sense.

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Compromise isn’t necessary when everyone does the right thing for everyone

Perhaps the acid test or most accurate way to confirm if Public Policy is being created or revised through Awakened Politics by Awakened Politicians.

Anyone who has been active within Politics at any level or employed in any role or profession allied to Politics or Government of any kind, who believe the way that it all functions is ‘normal’, will certainly scoff at or ridicule the idea that compromise isn’t necessary in order for everything to work.

The point is being missed by them, and by anyone who believes that anything about ‘The System’ works as it should, that compromise is nothing more than ‘the middle ground’ and an agreement to disagree.

Any matter of Public Policy that is determined by Awakened Politicians would not require a middle way.

By its very nature, bias against the shared aims of Balance, Fairness and Justice for All, founded on the principle of humanity and life first, doesn’t exist. If and when it does, it indicates the presence of thinking and a way of being that functions in a different way.

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The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is a method, way or direction. It is not a manifesto, strategy or fixed agenda in itself

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is not and cannot be a political philosophy or a set of specific objectives or aims in itself.

Like being awake or being conscious in itself, The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is a way or state of being, or method that can and will be applied to Politics and Government in a comprehensive or universal sense.

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The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government will solve our problems

When all Public Policy decisions are made impartiality, with integrity, with respect to the laws of cause and effect, and with what is in the best interests of everyone in mind, in the moment and without trying to second guess or prevent certain outcomes of any kind, those decisions will always be right.

Doing the right thing is not always easy, especially when there may appear to be simpler, more cost effective or even more reliable or proven ways. The cost of doing the right thing in everything never creates problems or comes at a price that isn’t just or is unfair, whilst failing to do so will always cost someone, somewhere and more often than not, that cost to others will become cumulative in many different (unforeseen) ways.

Just as one lie requires many more to cover its path, poor decisions in politics require many more to cover them up.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government would mean that everything will be done the right way at the right moment in time. Doing so shines light on what also needs to be changed for the better, rather than requiring more and unnecessary action to cover bad policy up.

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Awakened Politics will tackle today’s problems today. It is mindful of the future. But it leaves the past behind

It may surprise many that most of the decisions made in Public Policy are based on what Politicians want the world to look like in the future using what’s already happened in the past as their guide.

Because the past triggers what we know as guilt, whilst the future triggers what we know as anxiety too, Politics and Politicians today are fueled by emotions.

When emotions are in charge of decision making, no form of Awakened, Conscious or Enlightened thinking and the genuine care that comes with it has any hope of shining through.

Yes, lip service can and will always be paid to ‘good thinking’ in a world where what everything looks like is firmly in control. But the end results will never turn out as anyone intended, simply by design.

Emotions don’t dwell in the moment itself. They are the sirens of another time and place, which is irrelevant to the moment in which we make the decision to act.

For Good Government to do its work beneficially for everyone, the decision making of Awakened Politics will always be conducted in the here and now.

Yes, there are those of us who will always respond to this by proclaiming ‘There has to be a plan!’. But it is because we have become so obsessed with ‘plans’ and trying to control the future, that we have completely lost control of what is happening around us and around the world right now.

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It’s what a politician thinks of and does for the person they least identify with that really matters for Fairness, Balance and Justice in Government to exist

Diversity, alternative Political Philosophies and differences in Politics don’t promote or guarantee fairness and balance.

Anyone appointed to a position of influence and authority because of the physical, material or ideological difference they have with others is more likely to prioritise those who they most closely identify with – or for want of a better term, prioritise the interests of ‘those of their own kind’.

The benchmark of any system of government and the political system that facilitates or leads it being truly representative, Fair, Balanced and Just, is what the politician or political decision maker does on behalf of the person they know least about, have least in common with or are least likely to understand.

A system of government cannot and will not work in the best interests of all, if it doesn’t consider and treat fairly, justly and without bias of any kind, even the very people we might consider that we have every reason want excluded in some way or to despise.

If you have read this and immediately think of someone or some group of people that you feel to be undeserving of the same care and consideration that you for yourself would like, you can now use that feeling and emotion to understand how any system of governance and politics will quickly be undone.

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The Golden Rule: Good Government is a method of facilitation and delivery. No Government body, Public Sector Organisation or Department is an entity in itself

One thing that will always be important to remember and bear in mind is that no matter how powerful any Council, Parliament, Assembly, Non-Government Organisation (NGO) or related Public Service Provider might be, that body, organisation or department is and only ever will be a tool, device or service for action and delivery on behalf of the Public for the genuine greater good.

These Public-serving organisations will never be an entity in their own right.

Public-serving bodies and organisations must never be allowed to be able to make their own policies or set strategies of any kind that prioritise their own existence or that of their staff or members above or before the interests of the Public and therefore the People they have been created to serve.

Whilst todays Politicians are either ignorant of, deliberately avoid or are therefore Unconscious of the truth, much of the problems with Public Services of all kinds today are reflective of this golden rule about the existence of Government and the services it provides to the Public in some way.

Can Awakened Politics exist within the current political system?

Yes, Awakened Politics can exist within the current Political System.

In fact, to a very small degree you can be sure that it does. Even now there are a few Politicians who really do think, act and behave as a fully Awakened Political system would require that each and every one of them would do so.

However, acting either alone or in isolation means that when any Public Policy is delivered and implemented in a way that genuinely ends up being for the genuine greater good, the outcome is down to pure luck, a lack of interest on the part of other Politicians, or because those other Politicians believe that to support such a Policy will help or enrich them or some subjective interest in some way.

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Isn’t The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government just being idealistic?

No, Awakened Politics isn’t just being idealistic.

Although many people would argue that it is idealistic to think that everyone could think, act and behave ‘Consciously’ or in an ‘Awakened’ or enlightened manner all the time.

The thing to always bear in mind about The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government, is that it is the thoughts, actions and behaviour of decision makers, legislators, executives, administrators and technical staff of all kinds that will deliver a Fair, Balanced and Just system for all.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is not dependent upon each and every one of us thinking, acting and behaving in an Awakened, Conscious or enlightened manner all of the time.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government requires that those who have taken up a role that is publicly responsible on our behalf are not only able, but will think, act and behave Consciously and in an Awakened way in everything that they do when they are fulfilling the responsibilities of that publicly related role.

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At your wits end over everything that’s going wrong? Tired of this Government? Weary of the Opposition sounding different but promising more of the same? Critical of all other options?

It doesn’t matter what your politics is or has been. What you may not even realise you have in common with the majority of other people in this Country, is that understanding, gut feeling or sense of knowing that the rules aren’t working for everyone in the way that they should.

Yes, many of us have a clear idea of what the ‘should’ would look like. But are we already only seeing the problems in the way that makes the most sense to us from our own point of view? Are we then looking at the solutions or what we are being offered as the solutions in the same kind of way?

The truth that few of us want to face is that like most of the things we have been conditioned to take for granted in life, we approach our role as members of the community, as voters and our relationship with politicians and public representatives in the same way.

We have a poor approach to selecting and electing the people who make the decisions that affect us. So there should really be no surprise that our decision makers are poor politicians who then make poor decisions which lead to poor results and experiences for all of us too.

There are no real alternatives to more of what is happening and what is going wrong already, when it comes to the choices we already know we will have at the next General Election – no matter what any of them will do or say.

But there is another way. And we have a lot more power to change things and be involved in how we are governed than we might think.

Why not download your copy of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government today, and begin a journey towards a much happier tomorrow?

How would Good Government work?

Good Government requires that all policy makers, legislators, executives and officers at every level and of every kind fulfill the requirements and expectations of their role and/or responsibility with awareness and understanding of the impact and consequences of their decisions and actions both directly and indirectly, no matter how many times removed.

The consideration given will always be reflective of the level of responsibility involved. For instance, an MP or government minister should always have fluency in understanding the impact of public policy on all end users, whether their role be personal, professionally representative or pecuniary in a practical and/or material sense.

Beliefs or emotional well being – which could also be considered to be taste or appearance is always specific and therefore subjective to the individual concerned, can only be addressed effectively at the individual level itself and Good Government will always therefore allow for catering for specific requirements at the one-to-one level, where decisions made by officers can and will only impact upon the individual concerned. 

It is the framework or overriding commonality of structural policy which is the most essential element of Good Government.

The whole principle of Good Government and its overlap with Awakened Politics is that it should never be argued for, created or delivered on the basis that someone is this or because someone is that.

Awakened Politics and Good Government succeeds by delivering on the basis that it treats everyone equally and exactly the same, or supports this same principle by excluding the circumstances where this principle can be compromised.

Any policy which does or could play to alternative thinking is self-serving in some way – even if it appears to positively discriminate in favour of a particular group.

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How is Awakened or Conscious Politics different when we are all awake or conscious anyway?

Medically or physiologically speaking, yes, if you are reading this page, you are ‘conscious’. Also, in these same ‘literal’ terms, you are likely to be physically ‘awake’ too.

What some people may not realise, or indeed, what many of the people around them may not realise is that what they currently understand to be conscious or to be awake is only partially so.

In terms of absolutes, people may not be ‘Conscious’ or ‘Awake’ at all, if there are things going on in the world around them or that are contributing to the experience that they are having that they are neither conscious of or aware of in any way.

That absence or lack of awareness most often exists in terms of peoples understanding of themselves. Why they feel the way they do about things. Why they react the way that they do. Why they are motivated in the way that they are. And how experiences they have themselves affect and influence them in their future – usually without them giving the matter any thought.

If a person is not fully aware of or can make consideration of, or allowance for everything that is going on in a situation over which they are making some kind of judgement or a decision, they are not ‘Awake’ to or ‘Conscious’ of everything that is going on. They will therefore be making that decision or judgement unconsciously.

Politicians are not and have not been making decisions consciously. If they were and had been, the world today and the experience that we are all having of it would be very different in just about every conceivable way.

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What is Awakened Politics, Conscious Politics or Enlightened Politics?

Awakened Politics is the assessment, creation, proposal and pursuit of new and improved Public Policy and Community or Social solutions that are based upon, built and evolved from the point of decision-making taking place under a condition of full awareness and consideration for all factors involved, driven by the unequivocal pursuit of fairness, balance and justice, and what is in the best interests of all members of the relevant constituency involved.

As a minimum, the attributes, experience and qualities of any Awakened Politician will include their ability, commitment and will (and in no order of prioritisation):

  • To be fully self-aware.
  • To be human and to prioritise humanity, conscious thinking, actions, behaviour and life above all ‘things’.
  • To treat all other human beings as equals, in thought, in word and in deed.
  • To be able to see, understand and value all sides of an argument or dispute and undertake to always access all the information necessary and from enough sources to make a fully reasoned judgement, even when circumstances are fraught or pressurised.
  • To take all decisions on Public Policy based upon what is known to be at that moment, not on the basis of what could be, what might be or what if?
  • To make decisions that run contrary to public and media opinion or subjective narratives, even when they might appear to reflect the zeitgeist or common view.
  • To recognise and discern the needs, impacts upon of the person or upon persons they are least likely to identify with and treat them the same as if they were themselves that same person and have nothing in life to support them beyond the person that they are.
  • To not be intimidated by the perceived power and the different circumstances of any other.
  • To be able and willing to ask questions which lead to understanding of impact, motives, circumstances and likely outcome from all perspectives.
  • To understand and respect the realities of human nature in all things and in all circumstances.
  • To see, volunteer for, promote and live the role of being a Public Representative as a calling or as a vocation. Not as a job or a career.
  • To recognise the role of money, currency and all systems of payment as a method only and not as being a ‘thing’ in any sense.
  • To be the voice and reasoning of the third parties who are not present or represented, or are not ‘in the room’.
  • To be able to empathise without being emotionally compromised or without becoming emotionally entrenched, or to recognise and act accordingly when they are.
  • To have a rudimentary understanding of how business, organisations, economics and the regulations and regulatory system that governs the activities of them all work.
  • To have practical experience of working with and leading a range of different people in different working environments and circumstances.
  • Understand, question and asses the motives for something being proposed.
  • To uphold the correct decision, even when it may not be popular to do so.
  • Understand and make allowances for their own biases, aims and desires.
  • Understand the practical implications in terms of desired outcome (advantages) and the undesired outcomes (disadvantages).
  • Be able and prepared to reject proposals and solutions that create imbalances that are not essential for the greater good.
  • To see their role through impartially at all times, particularly when under pressure from subjective influences that seek to compromise the objective nature of any decision-making process.
  • To respect the outcome(s) of the accepted democratic or electoral system and method used to determine the outcome of any proper and legitimate election or plebiscite.
  • To practice the Principle of Charity in every conceivable and valid way.
  • To be able to be a leader, even when being led.
  • To understand or make allowances for the positive and negative behavioural effects of a decision.
  • To understand the impact of circumstance and relativity to conditions for people in all circumstances and situations.
  • To be able to consider and visualise the impact and consequences of Public Policy decisions up to for as many times removed as necessary, upon people, upon businesses, upon organisations, upon existing Public Policies and upon the relationship between us all and with all others.
  • To be able to make arguments based upon being constructive, improving proposals or suggestions already made, or making clear the flaws in such proposals or suggestions that may not be apparent to whoever initially made them.
  • To be able to determine exhaustively the difference between wrong and right based on the freedom of the individual to be, in relation to the freedom of all others to be, set against the needs of the community to provide public services and support that is accessible to everyone in the same way, when required, on a universal basis and no more.
  • To be able to assess and understand the process of conditioning that creates innate or unconscious prejudices as well as those which the person is aware of, and how these influence behaviour and impact society when that person has an influential role. They will be particularly aware and conscious of any such prejudices within themselves.
  • To be able to look beyond the detrimental behaviour of any individual group and consider their needs impartially, as they would do any other individual or group.
  • To be committed to localisation, deglobalisation and the priority of the community, our communities and our Country, from the grassroots up.
  • To be committed to working collaboratively with all other nation states for reason of mutual benefit without relinquishing or surrendering political control to any person, organisation or government of any type that would have the ability to create, impose or police governance of any kind upon people, businesses, organisations or public bodies of any kind that they themselves are responsible to and have been elected to represent.
  • To see and treat Government, Governance and The Public Sector as tools of facilitation to be used on behalf of The Public for the Public and Greater Good, and that they are not and should not ever be treated or considered to be an entity that can prioritise itself or its existence in any way or at any time.
  • To never surrender the power to decide on behalf of the relevant constituency that has been entrusted to them to any Political Party, Ideology, Social or Demographic Group, subjective interest or bias of any kind, for the full period of their elected or appointed term, or until the moment they have chosen to relinquish that responsibility and formally stepped down.

And more.

We can solve all the problems the Country has, IF and WHEN we have Good Government

A system of Awakened Politics, leading to the implementation and continuance of Good Government will allow for all societal or problems shared across the community, where The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is fully implemented and comprehensively or universally responsible to be solved.

However, it is important to understand that the solutions to today’s problems that The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government offers will not be to everyone’s liking.

Some, perhaps those we currently recognise as just the few, have much to gain from maintaining a system which continues to benefit only some at the expense of all others and mitigates this in very inhuman ways.

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Can the problems we have with Government & Politics be solved?

Yes. All of the problems that we have with Government and with Politics can be solved.

The question really should be whether the majority of people want those problems to be solved or whether they will accept and where possible embrace the changes to everything that we know today that would allow for all of the problems that we collectively share to be solved.

The complexities and interconnectedness of Public Policy & Governance require a way of thinking and an outlook on life that today’s Politicians just don’t have

Regrettably, the way that culture and society work today with the messages, narratives and programming that it provides, has left or is encouraging everyone not only to believe that they know and understand everything, but that armed with this seemingly ubiquitous knowledge they are being told that they have, they can then do or be whatever they want, without fear of consequence and without any kind of cost.

Thinking is not ‘joined up’. There is no recognition of the relationship between work, effort, commitment and integrity, with the journey or process from start to finish or with obtaining the end result.

The ease with which things appear at the click of a link or push of a button compounds this lack of awareness into the failure to appreciate the complexity of the systems and the procedures that make everything work around us and just how many different roles or contributions can and are being made in order that what seem to be the most basic of products or services are accessible to us or reach us on what we have learned to regard as throw away terms.

Public Policy and the system of governance that we have is no different.

In fact, what we fail to realise and appreciate far beyond the complexity of the relationship between input and reward and ease of accessibility of all things, is everything that seems to be so easy has come to be taken for granted in these ways because decision makers are either blind to or are deliberately ignoring the real costs of living life unsustainably.

The self interest and greed that has influenced the decision makers is allowed to permeate the whole public narrative, because our decision makers believe that they will benefit even more if they acquiesce with an approach that apparently comes without any cost to them, but with every benefit too.

Few of us will willingly recognise or accept the costs of unsustainable living, until such time as those costs reach us directly or have an effect on us in some way where we accept that the perceived disadvantages outweigh the perceived benefits in a meaningful way.

There are consequences to every decision made in the Public Realm.

Each Public Policy affects other Public Policies, is or will be affected by other Public Polices in some way.

Public Policies that govern the way that businesses and organisations behave and conduct their business, as well as how each of us as individuals think, have the power to have either positive or very negative implications for us all.

Everything our Politicians do has a cost, implication or consequence in some way. Especially when they surrender the power that the Electorate or that Voters have given them, to people, to ideas or to 3rd party organisations that are or have their own agenda, and therefore subjectively influence them.

Our Politicians are making a mockery of the democratic system. Many of them are willfully blind to the consequences of their actions. But whether their actions are deliberate or borne of ignorance, the fact is that they have taken roles that require awareness of everything that Public Policy does and that it touches, and that when they fail one of us, they fail all of us just the same.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at