How do we get from here to Good Government?

Good Government will come as a direct result of fully Awakened Politics.

Awakened Politics is only possible when the Politicians that we have can, will and do think, behave and act fully Consciously in everything that they think and do when they are representing others.

The most challenging obstacle to Awakened Politics today, isn’t changing the mind of individual politicians. Indeed, some ‘Awakened Politicians’ will already exist. But their number is very few.

The most challenging obstacle to Awakened Politics today is ‘The System’ itself.

‘The System’ is overwhelmingly focused and driven on the ‘money, wealth and self-interest’ motives.

When a system is so overwhelmingly skewed to work in such a twisted and selfish way, it literally means that everything within that system – whether it be procedures, rules, laws, cultural thinking or working practices – is built, created or has been adapted to promote that same way of thinking for everyone.

A skewed system makes it very difficult for anyone to operate or act differently, even if the thoughts of the individual are not aligned with the practice itself.

Whilst it is always possible that everyone within ‘The System’ could change their mind and approach at the very same moment in time and embrace Conscious Thinking, behaviour and actions in every meaningful sense from there onwards, the reality is that not everyone will change their mind about everything they share or experience with others communally, unless something has happened which changes everything for everyone and makes them of the same mind.

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Wouldn’t politicians have to be ‘Spiritual’ for Awakened Politics to work?

Politicians do not need to be ‘Spiritual’ to be ‘Awake’, ‘Conscious’ and to just be the Good Public Representatives that we should be able to expect them all to be.

The term ‘Spiritual’ is massively overused. It is used inappropriately in many cases and within the circumstances to which and to the behaviour of those to whom it is applied.

Awakened Politicians cannot be qualified by the group they belong to, by their affiliations, by the qualifications or type of experience that they have.

Awakened Politics is not about what Politicians say. Awakened Politics is all about what Politicians actually do and how they do it too.

Being a good person in the most meaningful way is not something that is within the gift of any other person, group or organisation to qualify in another, in any way.

Being ‘Conscious’ or ‘Awakened’ is not about being better than anyone else. It’s about being the best we can be. About seeing everything as it really is and responding and then acting in the best ways that it is possible for us all to do so.

Nobody has to be part of anything or be qualified in some way by anybody or anything else to be the best that they can be in every possible sense.

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How is Awakened or Conscious Politics different when we are all awake or conscious anyway?

Medically or physiologically speaking, yes, if you are reading this page, you are ‘conscious’. Also, in these same ‘literal’ terms, you are likely to be physically ‘awake’ too.

What some people may not realise, or indeed, what many of the people around them may not realise is that what they currently understand to be conscious or to be awake is only partially so.

In terms of absolutes, people may not be ‘Conscious’ or ‘Awake’ at all, if there are things going on in the world around them or that are contributing to the experience that they are having that they are neither conscious of or aware of in any way.

That absence or lack of awareness most often exists in terms of peoples understanding of themselves. Why they feel the way they do about things. Why they react the way that they do. Why they are motivated in the way that they are. And how experiences they have themselves affect and influence them in their future – usually without them giving the matter any thought.

If a person is not fully aware of or can make consideration of, or allowance for everything that is going on in a situation over which they are making some kind of judgement or a decision, they are not ‘Awake’ to or ‘Conscious’ of everything that is going on. They will therefore be making that decision or judgement unconsciously.

Politicians are not and have not been making decisions consciously. If they were and had been, the world today and the experience that we are all having of it would be very different in just about every conceivable way.

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Problems always begin with the way that we think

You may only aware that there is something wrong with the world beyond our doors.

If the problems outside haven’t walked directly into your life and touched you yet, the chances are that your experience will tell you that whatever might be wrong, those kinds of problems will always get sorted out. That everything will ultimately be fine, and things as you know them, or what you have consider to be normal, will just carry on as they always have before.

It is certainly true that the UK and the World has been in a mess many times before. However, what we face now is likely to be different to anything that anyone has experienced in living memory. It has the potential to be far worse than anything that the history books that we have seen can tell us. We are now in the first stages of what will be inevitable change.

Contrary to the accepted or common view, the reasons for this change and the combination of problems that will lead to and be part of it, it is not the events that happen that cause the real problems.

It is the way that we think, act and behave – and more importantly the way that our decision makers think, act and behave towards all events that have an impact upon all or a number of us, that really count.

Poor thinking, actions and behaviour in decision making leads to poor experiences of life.

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The purpose of The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government

It is reasonably safe to assume that if you have found your way to reading this page, you are aware that we are facing massive societal and economic problems, locally, nationally and internationally too.

The chances are however, that you will already have an idea or ideas of your own that anchor to what you have concluded yourself or that you agree with others to be the cause.

Common causes for problems like the Cost-of-Living Crisis, Inflation, National and Personal Debt, Energy Prices, Strikes and others too are identified as events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic, The War in Ukraine. Otherwise they are placed directly at the feet of The Government, a previous government, any one of The Political Parties or one or more of the Politicians involved.

However, it is not the events that this Country and the World has faced that are the cause of our problems themselves.

It is not the Political Party, the Group or Individual Politician that can be identified as the cause.

Indeed, the way that our Governments, Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility for the response and measures taken to mitigate against or implement solutions to such events, and respond to them, or even see them through to conclusion is a more informed way to think about the cause of the impacts from these events, rather than it being all about the events themselves.

Yet even the response or way that those with power have responded to them isn’t the real cause of our problems.

Our problems are caused by the way that we, and more importantly the way that our Politicians and anyone with influence or responsibility that can affect our lives in some way thinks, acts and behave.

It is thoughts, actions and behaviour that cause everything.

This is what really matters when it comes to the effects of every decision taken that affects Public Policy of any kind, and then finds its way to us.

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Levelling Level | Keeping it real

Levelling Level is not about trying to create a system that is perfect.

It is part of the human condition that some of us will step outside the framework of any boundaries that are placed there to help us.

In a society that is fair to everyone, it is essential that it is only when an individual steps outside the framework of that society, that the community then seeks to intervene.

When society does intervene, it must be with the lightest touch possible. Rather than try to regulate against every eventuality – which is how our world around us has now become.

The Spiritual or Religious side of this new age

Whilst not everyone chooses to broadcast the fact, increasing numbers of us see ourselves as being Spiritual rather than religious, and within that bandwidth, follow a wide range of ways of thinking that have basically replaced the place that faith in a religion previously held for us all in some way.

Like religion before it, new age thinking has created a ringfenced system of piousness where talk of great awakenings, raising consciousness and personal journeys, encouraged by astrology, tarot and ‘enlightened thinking’ still encourages people to completely miss the point.

The point of getting life right for us as individuals is that our own progress is about playing our part in getting life right for us all.

We cannot run away from the role that we have to play in creating a new, balanced and fair world for all. by only focusing on what is good for us. This is just another way of prioritising our own self-interest in what only looks like being a different way to what everyone else has been doing or already does.

The events and the changes that are happening around us will inevitably be interpreted in many different ways.

But in practical terms or objective ways of thinking, the new way of living or the new world that we will experience once we come out of the other side of all this will overtly look and feel very much the same.

The key is finding peace and acceptance with who we are in all this, rather than who we believe we should be.