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Ethical Capitalism: Prioritising good, happy lives for everyone over profit for the few

It doesn’t matter what goods you buy, or what services you need to hire in. There isn’t one industry that exists now that hasn’t had the desire the people within it have to be the best at what they do and deliver the best they can for the customers they serve, replaced by the prioritisation that work is all about what they can make (£).

People used to think about careers in terms of the enjoyment, satisfaction and sense of personal achievement that it would bring them. Now, young people look at qualifications, courses, careers and social media in terms of what money, glory and celebrity it will give them instead.

Money and wealth are the motivation and underlying aim in all that we do. So even the few who do desire to continue working ethically are now restricted from doing so, because the community or industry that they function within no longer operates in the same way that they wish to.

In a world where all systems and ways of working will be brought back into balance – which is what this document here proposes – there will be no reason for anyone to not function and to approach their work ethically, always looking at what they do in terms of the effect, consequences and benefits not just for them, but for everyone.

The reality is that profit should always be the happy consequence of doing any job well.

Profit or personal gain should never be the sole aim of doing anything.


Levelling Level

The Tory Right named their latest response to it Levelling Up. For decades, Labour and the Left have responded to it with public policy that adds up to levelling down.

But what is ‘it’? Do our politicians actually know what ‘it’ is? What is ‘it’ they don’t understand?

Today, we find ourselves in the early stages of a cost-of-living crisis and a fall in living standards that is the worst since records began. But these are only some of the issues we now face.

Social mobility, debt, housing, energy, inflation or stagflation, healthcare, climate change, education, wealth inequality, fake news, crime, wokeism and many other problems join the list that’s fast growing into this out-of-control crisis that is touching everything we know, too.

Change is happening around us in ways that make very little sense. Yet the messages we hear in the media and from our politicians suggest that everything is as fine as it can be. It is leading many of us to assume that we are alone with our views and feelings; thinking that we must be going mad.

The UK is the person with major health problems. It’s in a beauty salon, where every wannabe politician must be seen as top dog by everyone. But this political class are just the Saturday morning trainees, only able to sweep up and comb hair*. They smile sweetly and tell the Country that having a great look is all it takes to fix the problems experienced by all. Meanwhile, what the UK really needs is every form of medical surgery known, with the mental health care and physical rehabilitation necessary to make every part of our system work together, returning the UK to full fitness and providing fair and balanced lives for everyone in the shortest time possible.

With an establishment obsessed with sound bites and messages, rather than public policy that has real depth, Adam Tugwell unpicks the realities of Levelling Up, levelling down and decades of mismanagement and self-interest from a political class that simply isn’t up to the job.

Adam demonstrates that the broken tools of a flawed political age will always leave someone, somewhere behind, and shows that our politicians are repeatedly failing to create the social backstop that the UK needs to stop anyone being avoidably disadvantaged.

Levelling Level focusses on the inevitable process of change affecting everything around us that underway today. It discusses how we can harness the experiences that will accompany the challenges that we face to make life better by establishing a Basic Living Standard for all.

Levelling Level proposes that it is not money and financial wealth, but people and the way that our society treats its poorest and most vulnerable that underscores our real value, success and health as communities and as a Nation.

Levelling Level is a solution to the UKs problems that works for all.

*The qualified hairdressers are the government officers and civil servants, or people who like to ‘nudge’

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