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80 Days until Brexit: 80 random things we know that many of our MPs clearly don’t

January 8, 2019 Leave a comment


As we hear the rumblings of yet another one of Theresa May’s Brexit Backslides coming to us in the form of a threat to delay the implementation of Article 50, it is perhaps time to reflect on some of the things us Voters should be able to reasonably expect to exist within the field of our MP’s understanding.

With 80 Days until when Brexit is supposed to be, here are 80 random things to help you focus on what is, what has been and yes, what could be!

  1. Brexit was never supposed to happen (in so far as the Establishment is concerned)
  2. The EU doesn’t negotiate
  3. MPs do not know why we Voted for Brexit
  4. There are no big beasts in Parliament
  5. The Conservative Party has two parts
  6. MPs do not understand why we Voted for Brexit
  7. Theresa May is no leader
  8. MPs do not value the opinion of the People who appointed them
  9. Self interest is the underlying basis of any argument for Remain
  10. The underlying malaise in British Politics was uncovered by Brexit
  11. The Conservative Cabinet all put their own ambition before doing what is right
  12. Fear is the preferred method of manipulation from an Establishment that has lost control
  13. The Labour Party prize power over responsibility
  14. MPs don’t know the history of the EU
  15. Theresa May would be happy to commit us to a permanent and inescapable ‘relationship’ with the EU
  16. By leaving the EU, we will not be at risk of having to adopt the Euro
  17. As a non Member, the UK will not be tied to the EU’s Human Rights Regulation
  18. MP’s do not understand that change is inevitable
  19. By discontinuing our Membership of the EU, we will not be required to commit to the EU’s Military Programme
  20. As a stand alone Country we will be able to manage and protect our Fish stocks
  21. MP’s do not have confidence in the Country they were Elected to Represent
  22. Brexit is about the return of balance, fairness and community
  23. Remain obsessed MP’s project their own behaviour on to those they disagree with
  24. MP’s do not agree with the principle of democracy
  25. Away from the bureaucracy of the EU, we will be free to reduce or remove the red tape that means only large abattoirs are viable
  26. After a full and proper Brexit, we will not be subject to the jurisdiction of the EU Courts
  27. MPs see the Referendum Result as being open to interpretation
  28. After Brexit Day, the UK can have its own rules which serve our own marketplace best
  29. MPs are obsessed with the idea that you have to have a plan for everything
  30. After we depart, our Fishermen will not be restricted by quotas whilst watching other EU Fishermen fishing off our Shores
  31. MPs are out of touch with their constituents
  32. The SNP’s idea of Independence from the UK would be to then surrender and become absorbed within a the Foreign Power which is the EU
  33. Nobody actually thinks a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic is necessary
  34. Theresa May has and always will be a Remainer
  35. Jeremy Corbyn is no leader
  36. MPs and the Media give disproportionate value to noise
  37. The Brexit process was flawed from the beginning as it was launched from the position of being a member, rather than standing alone
  38. Back to being an independent Country in its own right, we can have our own Passports once we have left the EU
  39. We have a severe lack of morality and ethics in Parliament
  40. MPs covet the job but not the responsibility
  41. Government begins fighting the next election campaign the day after the last one was held
  42. You cant make plans for the unplannable
  43. MPs focus on addressing the effects of problems and not the cause
  44. The City & Financial Sector will have greater opportunities away from EU Control, once we are no longer obligated to follow their rules
  45. MPs don’t understand the history of the EU
  46. Theresa May values the opinion of Foreign Leaders more than she does her own Cabinet
  47. The EU needs a relationship with the UK, more than the UK needs a relationship with the EU
  48. MPs believe they can win any argument by asking the same question again and again until the get the answer that they want
  49. The Establishment holds the Electorate in contempt
  50. MPs do not communicate with constituents without a reason to do so
  51. The EU is committed to further integration and ultimately a United States of Europe
  52. The EU is a bureaucracy
  53. There is nothing democratic about the EU
  54. MEPs have no power within the EU
  55. We have adopted the Rules of a Foreign Power within just about every part of British Life without the Public being genuinely aware of what our Politicians had signed us up to
  56. The World outside the EU is much bigger and functions much better
  57. The Politicians of the day sold out our natural allies as the price of joining the Common Market – the forerunner of the EU
  58. The Conservative Party exists within a shrinking bubble
  59. Membership organisations like the CBI have their own agendas which are self interest wrapped up in another form
  60. Most British People are proud of who they are and the Country that they come from and want the noisy minority to stop aggressively victimising them for doing so.
  61. MPs no longer understand the meaning of loyalty
  62. Once we leave the EU, Freedom of Movement will no longer exist
  63. UK Taxpayers will no longer have to subsidise low-paid EU Nationals once we have left
  64. Once we have left the EU UK will have full control over ALL legislation
  65. Once we leave the EU, we will have control over our Fishing Rights
  66. Outside of the EU, our Farmers will no longer be disadvantaged by CAP
  67. As a non EU member, our Farmers will be unrestricted
  68. Once we have left the EU and the Common Agricultural Policy Farmers will not be dependent on Subsidies
  69. We can stop live animal exports once we have left the EU
  70. Ouside of EU derived legislation, our businesses no longer need to be tied to the EU’s working time directive
  71. MP’s find it easier to call people names or disqualify them in some way than countering legitimate arguments
  72. After Brexit, we can set out own Pollution Standards
  73. Following Brexit, the UK will have its own Borders again
  74. After 29th March 2019, the UK will be able to negotiate our own International Trade Deals
  75. After Brexit, we will be able to change and adopt our own Taxation systems
  76. Outside the scope of the EU, we will be able to prioritise British Companies and Production
  77. Outside of the reach of the EU’s bureaucratic machine, we can evolve Driving Standards & License Requirements to meet the needs of the UK Supply Chain
  78. After a real Brexit, we will not be paying money into the EU
  79. MPs are generally scared of the EU
  80. Once we have left the EU all decisions can be made democratically

And there’s certainly a whole lot more…


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