Systemic Collapse is already underway

There is little doubt that to many reading this book around the time that it is published, the content will reflect what looks like an entirely different world to the one that we see around us.

Yet our lives continuously revolve around acts and events that create change. It’s just very difficult to see and appreciate – with the way that the world works today – that the kind of change that is now required – can only come about through a series of events or experiences that are equal to a complete systemic collapse. A collapse that causes enough pain that we all accept that we have to act.

That collapse, is already underway. It is reaching us through the experiences that we have had through the Covid Years. It is reaching us through what we see happening in Ukraine. It is reaching us through the cost-of-living crisis that is unfolding around us.

It is now time to accept that things will never be the same again.

As the impact of these events that are happening on our TV Screens and on our social media feeds begin to physically touch our real lives, more and more of us will realise that what has been happening is wrong.

We won’t only accept we need it, but we will also actively encourage and then embrace change.

The biggest change that we will have to encounter and travel through will be in relation to the way that we think.

Once we have again learned to value what is important and value each other as we really always should, then we can begin the process of rebuilding the world around us, correcting everything that touches our lives and the lives of others, so that the system we live in works as it really should.


Our Politicians caused the mess we are in. But they have no control over what happens next

Many of us scoff at or simply do not like the idea that there are forces at work that are out of our control.

The reality is that the reason that terms such as ‘The Hand of God’ or The Invisible Hand’ make a lot of sense to those who observe how events come together and then create particular results, is because there will often be no logical reason or excuse that can be seen to explain how things ended up the way that they did, or the chain or events or decisions that made them so.

Our default setting is to look for the first excuse or reason that makes sense of anything.

That is why in an age when our leaders, the establishment and the media don’t normally speak with sincerity or truth, many of us are both open and vulnerable to the idea or suggestion of conspiracies that come from what we consider to be any credible voice.

Yet, the reality is that the unsustainable way of living that greed and the obsession with money has imposed across the world, has, under the guidance of the wrong politicians, come at a considerable cost to us all. Not just because of the end results like you and I experience. But because their actions have pushed everything about life and the world we live in out of balance.

It is natural that the balance has to be restored.

Ironically for our leaders, it is their own way of looking at the world and the decisions that they make in each and every moment, that has created the circumstances where all of the problems that they have created and maintained are coming to a head.

The Great Correction

As I write, two years of the Covid Pandemic, the impact of Government Covid Measures and even the Partygate scandal that was looking more and more as if it was about to unseat Prime Minister Boris Johnson, all seem to have disappeared or somehow morphed straight into the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Media are already beginning to create or rather craft a new narrative around what the politicians are doing that will frame the Ukraine Crisis as the real reason for what will soon become a systemic and financial collapse that touches just about everything that we know.

The problems that we will have to face will be so big and so profound, that there will be no narrative that even the cleverest of the people working on ‘nudges’ and manipulation of the kind used on us all during the Covid Pandemic will be able to use to cover their political masters’ tracks.

The Government will not be able to make people look at the problems they face differently. Because we will have moved from being manipulated by the fear of what could be, to dealing with the pain and impact of what already is in our lives.

The Great Correction will not be a single event that we recognise as being what it is that has arrived in one moment or we woke up to following its arrival overnight.

The Great Correction is already underway. Kicked off by the handling of events that will prove to have been catalyst because of the way they have been handled, they are the culmination of many other events and hinge on decades of bad decisions being made before.

We are experiencing the first stages of the Great Correction in the price rises, cost of living crisis and everything that is beginning to happen around us. Each and every part will add up to change which when we look back many years from now will be seen in a way that we will not believe that we have lived through and experienced ourselves.