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You surrender your power every time you take instruction from someone or something else

Life is so busy around us that we rarely – if ever, give any thought to the part that we are playing and the contribution that we are making to everything that is now going wrong.

Harsh words I know. But we have all, at some point, fallen into the trap of thinking everything that happens, good or bad, is because of someone else.

Yes, you can make what seems to be the logically sound argument that this is the way that the world works. That everything outside of us is the reference point that tells us how our lives should be.

But this isn’t the case. We have all either forgotten, or rather been encouraged to forget, that we all have an inner compass that you might call gut feelings, your instincts or something else. And that when it comes down to having happy and rewarding lives, it is the messages coming from these real but nonetheless crowded out messages speak a certain truth about where every decision and therefore where our whole lives should be.

Think of it like this. If you were to think of yourself being blindfolded and being guided through the maze of life by a trusted friend, these messages or feelings represent the only source of guidance that you can really ever trust. The other voices and noise come from others who will benefit from each and every step that takes you the alternative way.

Of course, pictures are as noisy and as convincing as voices and sounds, as are unfounded emotions. And each time we listen to those words or follow the pictures and signs that appear to be outside of us – without even thinking about it and making it a fully conscious choice – we are surrendering our power to the will of others. We are taking a step away from who we should really be.


Trust Your Feelings. Know Your Emotions.

Feelings are a funny thing. In fact, we are constantly told by people and the world around us that our feelings, gut feelings or the instincts or that knowing that cannot always be elucidated with words, should be overridden.

The messages of the world insist that it is the messages and ‘things’ that are outside of us that are the only thing we can trust.

That is of course, unless those feelings are not really feelings at all, but are in fact the emotions that relate to our own perceived vulnerabilities and ideas of isolation. Thoughts that we are then ‘progressively’ encouraged to shout about from the rooftops.

‘Weaknesses’, celebrated openly with others can then be exploited to weaken others and make them believe they are vulnerable too. All at our own expense whilst our willing participation in this charade fuels a system that has evolved to benefit only the few.

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