Today’s Politicians are unconscious, unaware and asleep at the wheel. This means everything is out of control

The problems that we are facing today have been created little by little and step by step over a very long period of time.

Yes, you will read and hear many well-known public figures and people such as journalists attributing blame for everything to an existing Political Party like The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or Labour; to events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic or even The War in Ukraine.

But the reality underpinning all of the problems that we have, the way that these Political Parties behave and the way that events such as Brexit, Covid and Ukraine have been dealt with too, is it has been the thinking, mindset, values, motives, integrity and understanding of the decision makers – The Politicians – when each and every decision has been made, that has led the UK and the World to be where we all are today.

Believe it or not, the pivot point between Politicians making good decisions on Public Policy or making poor decisions on our behalf comes down to their understanding of the difference between what’s right for them subjectively and what’s right for everyone objectively.

The problem with Politicians today is they either don’t understand the difference between what’s right for them vs what’s right for everyone, or they deliberately fail to discern between the two.

Either way, the result is very much the same. In the most basic of terms: Politicians are not making decisions based upon being fully aware and in full consideration of everything that is relevant to each decision.

Politicians make poor decisions and continue to make poor decisions because they believe that the methods of thinking, acting and behaving they have adopted culturally are acceptable, proper and therefore ok.

Politics will not change or even deviate away from this until Politicians change the way that they think, or we change the way that we think and elect Politicians who think differently.

Because decisions are not being made in the best interests of everyone, Politicians have and are still creating life experiences for increasing numbers of people – and potentially for us all – that are out of control.

Real people, living real lives and having real life experiences just like you and I are on the sharp end of this right now.

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Power, position, wealth & influence are no insulation against complete stupidity

Anyone can be as clever or as intelligent as they like or as the world considers them to be. But if they don’t care about anyone but themselves at the end of the day, the outcome of their actions will always end with consequences that we might expect if we were to knowingly place the worlds greatest fools in the very same roles and handed them the same power, influence and ability to control.

These people at the top, across governments, business and the financial worlds today, cannot and will not be able to continue to ‘reign’ over the world or any country, IF we all stop believing that running the world and our country is only something that these people – who we don’t even know – can do.

Levelling Level | Keeping it unreal in ‘The Metaverse’

Whilst an alarming lack of care is still being shown by todays politicians in regard to the way that people behave on the internet, they are effectively comatose when it comes to what the so-called Metaverse has in store.

Levelling Level will address many of the reasons why so many people find themselves living alternative realities online today, in so many dangerous forms. However, that isn’t to say that the Metaverse and the creation or exitance of an alternative online world that can provide healthy social interaction that reduced travelling, working from home and positive localism does not.

However, like the internet, no matter how ‘real’ it feels or becomes, the Metaverse must always be used as a tool to support the needs and functions of life, and not become an alternative to life in itself.

Levelling Level | The Internet and Parallel Worlds

Despite a Bill already working its way through the UK Parliament that is overtly designed to deal with issues surrounding how big tech platforms operate and work, the reality is that as is the case with most things, our politicians have only been making lots of noise about the specific issues they believe help them to play to the current crowd. Meanwhile they have deliberately avoided creating, developing or changing any legislation that would be truly fair and beneficial to everyone whilst providing a level of functionality that actually works as it should in real life.

With corporate interests and the role of money as the motivator being dealt with as part of Levelling Level in many different ways, there are three key areas in relation to the role of the Internet, where legislators will need to legislate thoughtfully and effectively.

These three areas are key to Levelling Level, so that the new internet – an internet that is unlikely to resemble what it does today, in a just few years’ time, is a safe place for everyone. One that supports and benefits real life, rather than providing the alternative that is open to abuse and is currently a danger to just about everyone.