The Joe Rogan Experience demonstrates everything that is a force for good on the internet. Cancelling it because it questions the traditional media narrative is a very troubled and tunneled point of view

Critical thinking is not taught. There are certainly no guarantees that anyone will ever learn to think critically when we face a situation where the establishment and even celebrities are now clambering to shut down anything that encourages genuine learning through the comparison of example. And readers, viewers and listeners will never gain beliefs about anything with which they are fully comfortable and can fully identify with – simply because they are their own.

Groupthink is now an endemic problem across society. Oddly, it wouldn’t be so if it didn’t also rule the lives and thinking of the politicians at the top who have no idea what leadership is about. But instead obsess about messages and soundbites that will demonstrate to the woke and politically correct masses that they are always the ones who are ahead of the curve.

But this is where we are. A world where the doors that information technology smashed down have been reconstructed and are being used to fence us all in like sheep from every angle.

We walk around the world physically free. But in terms of our minds we are being placed in a prison and punished harshly if we deviate from this idealistic and totally impractical vision of life and how everything works that is telling everyone that we can make the world and our experience of it perfect – just so long as we shut down and erase every alternative voice.

With over two decades of having the World Wide Web in our lives, the situation that we face should never have been like this.

In fact, the wealth, breadth and depth of information and views that are available to us right across our smart and social platforms via the Internet were always supposed to give us many alternative sources of information and a range of alternative views to choose from.

The Internet and the technology we now have and enjoy was never created just to make it easy for the establishment to approach us from each and every available angle so that they could ensure we all think and talk with one and the same voice.

The Joe Rogan Spotify and YouTube programme that has caused this latest controversy, is an episode where guest Dr Malone, who was himself a pioneer of the MRNA drug technology that governments have been so enthusiastically rolling out, talked about the phenomenon of Mass Formation Psychosis – and why so many of us are so accepting of a range of measures that are removing are freedoms and make absolutely no logical sense.

Whilst discussion of Mass Formation Psychosis makes very uncomfortable viewing, reading and listening for some, the only people who really have a problem with the presentation of a view that makes clear sense of what the establishments has been doing, is the establishment, the politicians and the celebrities who are completely invested in it and represent it themselves.

This isn’t about being antivax or anything quite so silly. Its about asking the questions that not only need to be but must be asked and having an open dialogue about why governments have done what they have done, what motivated them to do so, and why even now they are continuing to behave in the way that they are.

It is a regrettable truth that when you put the use of behavioral science, nudges and outright manipulation of people over the past two years within the frame of what Mass Formation Psychosis suggests, the uncomfortable reality is that collectively, we were a completely primed, if not virtual seed-bed and receptive audience to what was coming when nudge units first set about their questionable work.

In this sense alone, you can see that the reason the establishment might be so heavily invested in removing Joe Rogan from his Worldwide platform is not to protect, but to hide and cover up a very dark truth that implicates politicians, academics, celebrities and the mainstream media – one and all.

Oddly enough, this wasn’t actually the first time Mass Formation Psychosis had been discussed recently. In fact, the Professor from the University of Ghent, Mattias Desmet – who has been discussing the realities of what governments have been doing and why they have been able to do it – has spoken at length about it on the internet before.

It was only the sheer scope and reach of the Joe Rogan platform that has proven to endanger the establishment narrative to such an extent that it has led to this brazen and ongoing attempt at cancelling a very popular and balanced social media interview show.

If you take the time just to watch some of the Joe Rogan clips that are easily available on YouTube, you will experience a very different, relaxed, balanced, friendly, non-aggressive and very accepting form of interview that gives time and provides material enough for the people it engages to look the topic at hand in the eye and then reach their own view.

We actually need a lot more Joe Rogan shows. Particularly here in the UK. Because journalists who represent the mainstream and traditional media always now have their own agendas and inevitably ask questions and lead interviewees so that they can present the views and motives they share with their paymasters in a very contrived but nonetheless convincing way.