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We surrendered our power to the money-driven world. Its collapse will allow us to remember who we are

Whilst there is a theme of warning or raising a red flag about the process of change that we are now within, Levelling Level is not here as some kind of apocalypse guide.

Although there are likely to be periods of time in the coming months and possibly years too, that feel like everything is about to end, that will only be because of how momentous the transition or shift we are going to experience will be.

After all, we are now in the early stages of a shift that will take us from a system where we have been continually programmed to believe that everything around us is normal, to one that many of us today believe not only to be an impossible way to live, but completely incompatible or at odds with where everyone believes that we currently are.

The material-focused, money-is-the-benchmark of everything world has been a very intoxicating experience for just about everyone.

One of its most compelling aspects is the way that more and more complication of everything convinces us that we are now beyond living more simplistic lives.

But the cost has been high. That complication has distracted us. We have given away our power to everything outside of us and have forgotten who and what we really are.


How did we get here?

To put it as simply as possible. The reason that we are here today, is because we have accepted and enabled the wrong people to be in control, and those people have been in control for too long.

Greed, envy and the desire for wealth has built, propagated and redesigned existing parts of the system so that the values that we once had and should always have had, have been replaced by a view of the world which makes us always ask the same question: ‘What is it worth?’

Real life, a life based on values, care for each other, care for our environment and care or respect for all the things that we don’t understand, has been completely replaced by money and material wealth as a benchmark.

We have literally forgotten what we are all about.

A Broken System. A System Out Of Balance. A System Where More Wants More

It is a strange and regrettable truth that a system of any kind doesn’t have to be principled, ethically run or morally correct to exist, to survive or to experience longevity – no matter what the cost, impact or consequences might be to anyone not directly involved or those who are in reality its victims or those that it exploits.

What any system does need to work well, to work efficiently and to survive in the very long time or in perpetuity, is balance, and for it and everything it produces or projects to be fair.

The system that we have is well established in the sense that nobody alive today could tell you either an accurate or true story about what it was like before it existed.

But the system that we have today is built on the foundation of the belief in money. And money doesn’t exist.

Levelling Level | Cost is the way that everything bad is excused by UK Politicians

Government is a complicated business. But it has become far more complicated than it should be, and that is because it suits the needs and purposes for those involved, and specifically so at the top.

What they don’t tell you is just how much of that complication isn’t really needed, and what the cost of that complication really is.

The only argument that gives any legitimacy to the operational structure of government and the public sector that we have today is the cost and keeping the cost as low as it can be every day.

Obsessed with money as we now are, our collective viewpoint plays straight into the unworthy politicians’ hands. As we allow that obsession to make us focus on the cost of public service provision, rather than the quality of it, or in many regrettable cases whether it doesn’t even need to exist – if we don’t actually use that service ourselves.

Everything is relative

Whilst we were told that the cost of everything would be lowered by Globalisation and the economies of scale that centralisation of the kind that naturally follows then presents, the reality of building a global economy was that it hasn’t been helpful to the UK or to any of us in any way.

Purchase prices have never really fallen. But the prices of production have. And it was this very small truth hidden within what has been a very big lie, that has created difference in the views of the benefits and disadvantages of globalisation, and what has made the perpetual myth work

The move to globalisation was never based on the reasoning that it was supposed to be. It was and still is only about profit and nothing more.

Nobody has the right to make a profit

Nobody has the right to make a profit. They certainly do not have the right to make a profit by exploiting others, or by forcing them into arrangements that they simply cannot afford.

Yet this is the situation that exists in this Country today, simply because our MPs and Politicians – the people we have trusted to look after us – are not doing and are not up to the job.

Prices are at the highs that they are and are now rising all the time, because it is in the interests of others for them to do so.

The prices that we are being asked to pay, simply do not reflect the real – and much lower costs.

Self-interest is a powerful influence, because those who are driven to do everything that benefits themselves are more than happy to bring others into their plans so that one becomes just a few who benefit from the result.

The control of money is where the true power lies – but only because of the way we think

April 6, 2022 1 comment

When we have reached the point where money is the only thing that is important, it naturally follows that whoever controls money, the rules that govern money and the supply of money itself, will be the person or the people who are ultimately in charge of EVERYTHING – right down to what we do, think and say.

Because we revere money and wealth in the ways that we do today, the very democratic system that we believe to be in place to serve our best interests, doesn’t really exist.

Contrary to conspiracists talk and views, there is not some hidden world power that lies at the heart of everything and all public policy decision making, with someone sat in a bunker on a mountainside pulling every world leader’s strings.

Yes, a simple look at the way money rules everything, does make it seem logical that such a power exists. But the real power and influence that now lies in the hands of others who have or control money, and therefore have control over us all comes down to the way that we ALL think about money.

It is the way we think about money that surrenders our own power and control over life and everything else.

The qualitative has become all about the quantitative

We have quite literally moved from valuing effort, experience and the end result or outcomes, to what cost or income the process will generate.

We do so in such a way that we now overlook or simply forget the qualitative aspects of any process, and this is why so many of us so often find ourselves questioning why the customer service or the way that we are treated by anyone we buy a service or goods from, seems to be increasingly poor.

The Money Problem

April 6, 2022 1 comment

I’m guessing that your immediate response to the question ‘what is the money problem’ is likely to be ‘I haven’t got enough!’.

But why do we need more of anything when so many of us have already got so much?

The relationship that people have with money has been changed by the way we have been and are being conditioned to think.

We are programmed by just about every stream of information that comes at us to believe that there is always something better that we can have and that what we really need is the money to get it.

The truth is that right now, we are all part of a society that functions upon and is driven by envy. We live and breathe the mantra that more wants more.

The fundamental problem with money today is that we believe that the value of everything can now be calculated or measured in financial terms.

The value of our time or the time that it takes to carry out work or a job, the goods, food, clothes, phones, computers, bikes, cars, houses, holidays, professional services and even the education that we can buy is now considered by us all in terms of what it will cost us – or in monetary terms alone.

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