Developing New Local Currencies (Cryptocurrency, DeFi)

The Basic Living Standard and Basic Living Standard Wage creates the basic principle or governance requirement for how a complete Local Market Exchange, True Economy and System of Governance will work.

Everything quite literally anchors to or hinges upon The Basic Living Standard, which is a universal benchmark, which in terms of the Basic Living Standard Wage, provides the basic exchange rate between all local or decentralized currencies, or any umbrella, centralised or connective currency that then can link them all.

A currency that works on a fair and balanced basis must correspond to its own system of governance.

The fairest, most balanced and most democratic form of governance is where power it attributed and responds in its most local form.

As such – despite the commonalities between different currencies, the power to govern local currencies must remain local – not for the purchase of essentials – but so that non-essential goods, can always be exchanged at rates which correspond to the idiosyncrasies of production in their very localised form.

Beyond the practicalities of the requirements of the Local Market Exchange system, it is also ethically correct to keep the balance of power that accompanies use of digital currencies and finance in their most dispersed, local and transparent form, so that they cannot be used as a leverage tool within an oversized governance system that relies upon coercive control.

Local Decentralised Finance (DeFi) in the form of Local Cryptocurrencies that are linked only by the Basic Living Standard, assure our personal freedom from tyranny in any kind of form, in the most basic sense.

That process or supply chain must always be as simple as its possible for it to be. It is through the accumulation of additional stops or steps in a supply chain that don’t add value, but add additional and unnecessary costs, where so many problems begin.

The roles that we have will be redefined and reconsidered as the evolution of our new system takes hold. In fact, some of the jobs that have been highly regarded for all the wrong reasons during this dark age that is now ending, will simply no longer be ‘needed’ and will no longer have any reason to exist.


Making the most of the differences in the way that we learn

So here comes one of those highly controversial moments. Yes, I am going to say that we really need to embrace and make the very best of the differences in the way that we learn – just as we did without really thinking about it in the past.

People really are either heads or hands. I.e., people are either more academic or they are more practical in the way that they learn.

Whereas the current Education System is skewed to academic attainment and learning – even in what we are told are its vocational qualifications – we must return and redevelop a genuine twin or parallel educational pathway with an academic route and a genuinely vocational route for learning and attainment that begins at the age of 14.

Social Mobility cannot be fixed without understanding the problem

What many do not understand is that the Social Mobility issue is one that sits along the same road travelled by all of the different prejudices that have become such great celebrity causes.

The only difference is that the prejudices that create barriers to social mobility have been ringfenced by the reality that it is not fashionable for those who are rich and popular with public voices to challenge public thinking by championing the fight against poverty and the boundaries that surround it as a cause in any meaningful way.

Sadly, like many of the ills that society faces, tackling Social Mobility issues requires decision makers to actually understand the problem and then use the tools at their disposal to affect change surrounding a range of interconnected problems that are not and never can be directly in their hands.

It doesn’t matter how many initiatives that Government or the Social Mobility Commission come up with on their behalf.

It doesn’t matter how many rules or laws are created or changed to force what politicians believe to be the doors of opportunity wide open.

There is not one initiative that will work for everyone who needs help, until we have all accepted and learned to change the way that we think about anyone of anything about them that is different to what we consider to be normal – in the sense of how we see ourselves and how we were brought up or conditioned to be.

Replacing negative prejudices with positive prejudices is just swapping one set of prejudices for another. So, the result will always be unfairness.