The UKs broken Political System: Straight to the top must stop

No, of course the Prime Minister of this Country doesn’t just end one day as a normal person and find themselves PM the next day. But the pool of politicians that every British Prime Minister is drawn from – that’s currently the 650 Constituency Members of Parliament (MPs) pretty much can.

MPs literally are at the top of the UKs political tree and its certainly not unknown for MPs to be elected in their 20’s, with very little experience of life and the only experience of working has been in organisations which are closely aligned or feed into the political system in the UK as it is and has for a long time been.

Age itself is certainly no guarantee of what any MP can offer and the very regrettable truth is that many older and supposedly better informed or experienced new MPs offer a very myopic or subjective view of life, are also driven by politics being ‘a career’, and have no real understanding or experience of life that has enabled them to ‘step into someone else’s shoes’, when it comes to making judgments over policy decisions which will inevitably have a profound impact on life for many people in a way they are simply unequipped to visualise, empathise with or even constructively think about.

You cannot provide Conscious Government or even have functioning Conscious Politics if the politicians or representatives involved in any public debate cannot or choose not to relate to the reality that people, communities and organisations already face and what they will face as a result of whatever decision that is about to be made.

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The impact of poor politics, poor Politicians & poor decisions in all areas of Public Policy: We have inequality, imbalance, injustice and unfairness creating winners and losers in life

The impact of Poor Politics or poor decision making, undertaken without due care and consideration of all the facts, consequences and what is balanced, fair and just, is what you see and experience when you look outward into the world in any way today.

If your own life and experience has not been touched in a way that is discernable to you personally so far, please do be grateful.

If your eyes are open to see beyond the narratives, you will witness problems, pain and suffering being visited upon innocent people and entire communities.

If you really want to see how Unconscious Politics and the Unconscious System of Government and Governance that we have is affecting people, you will not need to look very far.

The majority of the problems that people, communities and entire Countries face are unnecessary and could be avoided.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at

Politicians are unaware of the impact of the decisions they make, because they have no understanding of the lives that the majority of the population live

The reality of how the UK Political System and how British Politics is broken, can be more than adequately explained in the difference between having Politicians who are effectively unconscious or ‘asleep at the wheel’ as they are today, and the very distinct alternative of having Politicians who are fully conscious of the reasons for and the implications of everything they do.

It cannot be emphasised strongly enough, just how real the different consequences are and will be between what we already have and what we could have and should have in terms of decision making in the best interests of everyone and everything.

These differences will continue to exist for as long as we fail to embrace the necessary process of change, rather than continue to seek what look like easy alternatives.

All of the Public Policy decisions being made today and the decisions that have been made for decades have been made with highly subjective aims.

The aims or desired outcomes that led to these decisions may have been to appeal to the Voters who typically support the Political Party in or seeking power. They may have been to keep the Banks, The Markets and Big Business happy. They may have been to maintain or gain favour with the EU or the Government of a Country such as the USA. They may have been based upon what the government of the day decided that ‘they’ could afford (£).

Whatever the motives or drivers behind the decisions may have been, those motives have become preferential influences or biases.

This means that the decisions have been made without consideration of all the facts, impacts and consequences in mind – as they always should be.

Poor decisions made by Politicians, influenced by biases or fears that favour one thing or the aims or wants of certain people always disadvantage something else or other people in some way.

There is no in-between – irrespective of whether the result is publicly seen or unseen.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at

Weak Political Management

Management or rather good management is not a skill that can be taught in a school, college or university.

Good management skills are based on experience that can only be gained by managing others in a real-life environment where people can only fully utilise their own skills when outcomes are clearly set, and the frameworks are policed so that delivery is achieved.

The political system that we have today, doesn’t value this reality as it should.

MPs are typically drawn from the ranks of activists, think-tankers, people working in Westminster or on the Parliamentary Estate. They are people who have probably chosen to pursue politics as a career, when in reality, public service and public representation cannot be and should never be treated as any such thing.

The people we have leading us today, in the majority, have no real experience of life. They have no real experience of managing others. They certainly do not have the understanding of looking at the way an organisation or operation functions, and then being able to delegate through instruction to others, what it is that they need to do in order to achieve a result or to just make a service work.

This has regrettably led to a situation where we have MPs and people running the Country who do not have the wherewithal to ‘make things happen’. They certainly do not know what to do other than to say yes, when a civil servant, government officer or an advisor says no.

So long has this process within the wheels of government now been at work, that civil servants, government officers and advisors are now able to dictate the direction that public policy goes.

This is undemocratic. It means that decisions are not being made for all.

What the Tory ‘Levelling Up’ agenda is hiding in plain sight

To say that our political classes do not understand the lives of the people they represent would be a massive understatement.

It is a situation that would perhaps not be quite as bad if the ‘experts’ politicians rely on to advise them and dream up the strategies they then implement, had an understanding of life that would make up for the lack of life experience of their own.

But they don’t.

Parallel Worlds

Never mind the reality that spending other people’s money to solve problems with solutions that only make sense to Tory strategist and politicians is a travesty of public representation in its most tragic sense.

With the Levelling Up Agenda, the Conservatives have quite literally banked on maintaining and consolidating votes that will keep them in power by using our own money to buy our communities gifts.

The Conservatives believe that they will achieve this and win the next General Election by building new roads, creating new tiers of government with new Mayors or by gifting deprived communities’ new sports centres, school buildings and swimming pools.

Yes, all these things look nice, and they sound great. But they don’t change any of the deep-seated issues that are really at work.

In fact, if anything, for those of us experiencing the problems within our society that should really matter to any politician, these hollow acts of abusing the power we have gifted to these so-called public representatives, in order to help us, just make our problems even worse.

Through the implementation of the Levelling Up plan, people without the lives we all deserve are being conditioned to think that everything is improving in the world around them.

But Levelling Up will leave them with the rather troubling question; Why is nothing really improving for us in life, or how we really feel about everything – despite what everyone is being told?

The Johnson Government is high on its own supply of Lockdown and Coronavirus propaganda and completely out of touch with what people beyond the media-baited false populism think

What is clear if you either take the time to talk to other people, or listen to one of the media shows when it has a lucid moment such as the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 Show at lunchtime today, is the Government is falling very short indeed when it comes to providing support for everyone who has lost income from the Lockdown.

Whether they are catered for partially by the measures that have been introduced and the money simply will not gar far enough, or they do not qualify for anything as it stands and have basically fallen down the holes between the different policies, real people living real lives know there are massive problems with what the Government has and hasn’t done in it’s follow-up to the Lockdown.

Yet if you happened to read the messages spread across the media this morning, with polls backing up the Government propaganda that everything is hunky dory with the public view on staying at home, whilst senior Tories were suggesting that the public will be too afraid to do anything when the Lockdown ends, you might wonder just exactly what planet the Johnson Government is currently on.

What you can be certain of is its not the same world as the owners of countless businesses and the thousands upon thousands of employees who work for them who have been left dangling over a cliff by the Government. These are real people living real lives who know that in some cases days, in others weeks or months, the businesses that provide for them will shut down permanently – simply because a Conservative Government imposed the Lockdown without thinking through what they were doing then or what they have been doing since.

It would be comforting to think and believe that this situation is unique at this time of crisis. But we have been here before and recently too.

Yes, we have all seen the impact and consequences of a situation where the Government and the Establishment behind it has fallen into the massive elephant trap of their own making that opens up as soon as they begin to believe their own hype.

Brexit now feels like a distant memory, even though it is still chugging along gently behind the scenes. But in the entire run up the 2016 European Referendum, the Cameron Government and the May Government that immediately followed it bought into the same stories that they were telling everyone. They fell into that trap of being certain that the public simply thought and looked at the world in the same as they did and through a systemic reliance on confirmation bias to make policy decisions didn’t realise just how out of touch with and going against the flow of real feeling for the majority of the public that their approach and policy making had actually become.

So convinced of how correct their own thinking was, even after the result, the Establishment view that the UK should remain in the EU at all costs continued to drive the wrecking-ball approach into the last Parliament and wasn’t halted until the democratic position and view of the British Public on Leaving the EU was finally re-established with the re-Election of the Johnson Government and a working majority at 80-seats strong.

Regrettably, whilst it might seem obvious to some that Boris ‘got it’ when May and Cameron didn’t, the truth is much more likely to be that the Prime Minister saw the opportunity to ride the wave of genuine public opinion after he had seen it zoom past his Westminster window, rather than it ever being about something he personally understood or intrinsically believed.

Boris is not alone either. With a Government constructed of politicians who have in the majority come into politics out of ambition, self-interest and to further their own interests whilst courting the promises of power and glory along the way, it was always and only ever going to be in the time of a real crisis – when history-defining decisions need to be made hourly and not over many days – that the shallow and featherweight nature that underpins the ability and motivation of those would-be big beasts and political heavyweights who lead us would start to quickly become unstuck.

The problem for those of us currently Locked-down in the real world outside of Westminster is that the Government has really started to believe all of the medical advice, statistics, scientific evidence, personal stories and anecdotal information that it and its advisors are putting out and sucking up in a cyclical movement via a media that is and only will be invested in what it can itself spin into the most sensationalist and fear-provoking things.

There is simply no evidence to suggest that there is either critical thinking or even the touch of reality present in decision making that would come from getting out there and talking to real people about how the Lockdown is affecting them thereby informing Government views.

This is a problem for us all.

There is little doubt that all of the Politicians who are wrestling with a job they coveted but responsibilities they never considered they would have, will at some point realise that the Lockdown and Financial Support measures that they put into place didn’t do anything like what they intended they should do. In fact, the whole package of measures was not even in the same book – let alone chapter of the page where most people were left by the impact of the Coronavirus and the Lockdown result.

Whilst the result of the June 2016 Referendum was too late for Remainers to do anything about the result of the situation they themselves made, when this Government and caste of politicians wake up to the depth of the real crisis that the Lockdown is creating at pace this very second, it will be too late for them to even slow the momentum of the downward spiral they have created, let alone turn it around to minimalist the damage as much as the can.

Whether we think of ourselves as individuals, businesses, communities or as part of the Country as a whole, WE ARE ALL GOING TO GET HURT BADLY if the Government doesn’t instigate change.

‘Protect the NHS’, ‘Clap for the NHS heroes’ and ‘Stay at home’ may well be the messages of the false populism that the media has created about the Coronavirus Pandemic today.

But in the days and weeks ahead and as the full horror and nature of the catastrophe this Government has created comes fully into view, people will know for certain that we need a very different type of person in politics to the ones we have got now, who will thrive on being decisive as they lead at any time and especially in the middle of a crisis, rather than being flaky enough to big themselves up as leaders when it is they who are the ones who are being led.


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