ALL OF THE ABOVE | The Outsiders or The Political Parties and Tribes from ‘Outside’

Many are already placing their hopes in new and less established Political Parties, activist groups and movements as being the way of change.

These political vehicles may appear to be different, speak with different words and with different voices.

But the thinking that drives them and the way that the Establishment or mainstream Political Parties think about Public Representation is regrettably one and the same.

The Outsider Political Parties and Tribes include:

  • The SDP
  • Reclaim
  • Reform UK
  • UKIP
  • ADF
  • Not Lib/Lab/Con
  • Vote Freedom

AND many others.

All of them are regrettably missing the point that the Outsiders’ strength lies in focusing on what we all have in common. Not by championing their own ideas, or anything else that just creates more of a divide.

Remember: Nobody serves everyone’s purposes when they are only serving ideas that are their own, and if they wanted to put you and your Community first, they would be doing so already.



The Grassroots Revolution; AKA The Great Reset or Great Awakening | The Grassroots Manifesto

Deep down, the majority of people do at least realise that there is very little that is actually ‘normal’ about any of the things that we are outwardly experiencing now. Whether it be the behaviour of politicians, the group think, the rejection of common sense, the ridiculous speed and growth of inflation, the way that The Covid Pandemic was handled, and pretty much everything that the Establishment now does.

The reason that we are not openly embracing and taking control of the change that is underway already, is too many of us remain invested in the way that the current system still works.

Collectively, we are sleepwalking under the forlorn hope that the unsustainable, self-enriching and selfish ways that we have been living will get us back to how it always was. That once the blips like the war in Ukraine and the end of physical cash are over, the way of living that thrives on each of us putting ourselves and what we want rather than only what we need, will continue unopposed.

We have to be realistic enough to understand that many of us are so heavily invested in the whimsical and take-everything-for-granted lifestyles that we have, that nothing will change the collective mind about the true cost of its so-called benefits, until our participation either causes us direct pain, or the whole lifestyle itself ends or is taken away from us by external and uncontrollable events.

Whether we are dragged, kicking and screaming by events – as in this case it would be, whether we are awakening to all of this now, or whether we have had our eyes wide open to it all for a very long time, the process we are going through is so massively significant that once it has been completed, it will have resulted in a reset of everything that we know.

The Establishment has claimed the process already and called it The Great Reset.

Yet the Establishment are not in control of it.

Although they are using the cloak created by seemingly endless crisis to implement and impose new public policies, closing farms, feeding cows methane blockers, net zero, 15 Minutes Cities, eating ground crickets, Central Bank Digital Currencies, endless ‘human rights’ and using everything else that defies logic to cement the claim that everything is theirs to own for the long term, it is right now and during this period of transition that the choice is ours to reject and walk away from this malevolent and unnecessary plan at any time.