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Money is the lifeblood of this upside-down world and that lifeblood floods our heads when we are hanging from our feet

What we fail to realise and understand, is that in an upside down world where all things money and material have become the benchmarks upon  which we qualify each and every aspect of life, it simply doesn’t matter what your tribe, your group or your politics are, because we are all operating upside down.

In this upside-down world, where we unconsciously perceive benefits from the differences that we believe to exist materially between us, every value we have is completely upside down or belly up. So the failure of one is the failure of all and failure for any one of us is exactly the same thing.

Selfishness and self-interest are borne of exactly the same value set, whether they are politically left, politically right or sat in the so-called political centre ground that sits in between.

It is only the forms in which that selfishness and self-interest is manifested, interpreted and perceived that is different, whilst the outcome for individuals, communities and the country alike, are exactly the same things.

This is a world where nobody wins – not even the elites who think they control everything. Because when any part of a world that operates on a values system that is upside down continues to exist, it is inevitable that it will always pull everything and everyone back to earth in a journey that will always end with a crash or a bang.


Our public representatives don’t understand the lives of the Public they are supposed to represent

None of the politicians that we have today either understand or want to understand how the real problems that create an unjust and imbalanced society can or will be fixed.

The greatest travesty is that those we have elected to deal with such problems on our behalf are failing to do so.

Our politicians cannot deal with the problems that we face, because they are incapable of fulfilling the roles and responsibilities that they have been given, or self-interest leaves them wilfully blind to actually doing so.

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