When the Politicians and People who lead us are out for themselves, how can we expect anyone else to behave differently?

We cannot continue to make allowances for and place our trust in People who have asked for our support and taken it. But then misused the power that we have entrusted them with, and behaved as if what they want and what’s good for all of us are one and the same thing.

Equally, we cannot afford to waste years on new, up and coming Politicians, Influencers, Activists and Political Parties who tell us they are different. But by the very act of telling us what we should think, are demonstrating that if we treated them as a real alternative, that when elected and in power, they would then behave in exactly the same ways as the Politicians we already have.

There are good People within all Political Parties and plenty of them are genuinely well meaning. But few of them really understand the responsibilities and the power that they have been given, and what being a good Public Representatives means.

Without the knowledge and leadership skills that public office should always require of those holding such responsibility, it means that the People we have running the Public Sector and the whole country right now and for the foreseeable future – without change, are the last People that any of us should knowingly elect to Public Office and put in charge of whatever happens next.

At best, we live in a mediocracy where everyone we elect is out for themselves.

With the challenges that we now face. mediocre leadership is simply not good enough for our Communities or for ourselves.



Levelling Level | Cost is the way that everything bad is excused by UK Politicians

Government is a complicated business. But it has become far more complicated than it should be, and that is because it suits the needs and purposes for those involved, and specifically so at the top.

What they don’t tell you is just how much of that complication isn’t really needed, and what the cost of that complication really is.

The only argument that gives any legitimacy to the operational structure of government and the public sector that we have today is the cost and keeping the cost as low as it can be every day.

Obsessed with money as we now are, our collective viewpoint plays straight into the unworthy politicians’ hands. As we allow that obsession to make us focus on the cost of public service provision, rather than the quality of it, or in many regrettable cases whether it doesn’t even need to exist – if we don’t actually use that service ourselves.

Weak Political Management

Management or rather good management is not a skill that can be taught in a school, college or university.

Good management skills are based on experience that can only be gained by managing others in a real-life environment where people can only fully utilise their own skills when outcomes are clearly set, and the frameworks are policed so that delivery is achieved.

The political system that we have today, doesn’t value this reality as it should.

MPs are typically drawn from the ranks of activists, think-tankers, people working in Westminster or on the Parliamentary Estate. They are people who have probably chosen to pursue politics as a career, when in reality, public service and public representation cannot be and should never be treated as any such thing.

The people we have leading us today, in the majority, have no real experience of life. They have no real experience of managing others. They certainly do not have the understanding of looking at the way an organisation or operation functions, and then being able to delegate through instruction to others, what it is that they need to do in order to achieve a result or to just make a service work.

This has regrettably led to a situation where we have MPs and people running the Country who do not have the wherewithal to ‘make things happen’. They certainly do not know what to do other than to say yes, when a civil servant, government officer or an advisor says no.

So long has this process within the wheels of government now been at work, that civil servants, government officers and advisors are now able to dictate the direction that public policy goes.

This is undemocratic. It means that decisions are not being made for all.