The Golden Rule: Good Government is a method of facilitation and delivery. No Government body, Public Sector Organisation or Department is an entity in itself

One thing that will always be important to remember and bear in mind is that no matter how powerful any Council, Parliament, Assembly, Non-Government Organisation (NGO) or related Public Service Provider might be, that body, organisation or department is and only ever will be a tool, device or service for action and delivery on behalf of the Public for the genuine greater good.

These Public-serving organisations will never be an entity in their own right.

Public-serving bodies and organisations must never be allowed to be able to make their own policies or set strategies of any kind that prioritise their own existence or that of their staff or members above or before the interests of the Public and therefore the People they have been created to serve.

Whilst todays Politicians are either ignorant of, deliberately avoid or are therefore Unconscious of the truth, much of the problems with Public Services of all kinds today are reflective of this golden rule about the existence of Government and the services it provides to the Public in some way.


Isn’t The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government just being idealistic?

No, Awakened Politics isn’t just being idealistic.

Although many people would argue that it is idealistic to think that everyone could think, act and behave ‘Consciously’ or in an ‘Awakened’ or enlightened manner all the time.

The thing to always bear in mind about The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government, is that it is the thoughts, actions and behaviour of decision makers, legislators, executives, administrators and technical staff of all kinds that will deliver a Fair, Balanced and Just system for all.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government is not dependent upon each and every one of us thinking, acting and behaving in an Awakened, Conscious or enlightened manner all of the time.

The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government requires that those who have taken up a role that is publicly responsible on our behalf are not only able, but will think, act and behave Consciously and in an Awakened way in everything that they do when they are fulfilling the responsibilities of that publicly related role.

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How would Good Government work?

Good Government requires that all policy makers, legislators, executives and officers at every level and of every kind fulfill the requirements and expectations of their role and/or responsibility with awareness and understanding of the impact and consequences of their decisions and actions both directly and indirectly, no matter how many times removed.

The consideration given will always be reflective of the level of responsibility involved. For instance, an MP or government minister should always have fluency in understanding the impact of public policy on all end users, whether their role be personal, professionally representative or pecuniary in a practical and/or material sense.

Beliefs or emotional well being – which could also be considered to be taste or appearance is always specific and therefore subjective to the individual concerned, can only be addressed effectively at the individual level itself and Good Government will always therefore allow for catering for specific requirements at the one-to-one level, where decisions made by officers can and will only impact upon the individual concerned. 

It is the framework or overriding commonality of structural policy which is the most essential element of Good Government.

The whole principle of Good Government and its overlap with Awakened Politics is that it should never be argued for, created or delivered on the basis that someone is this or because someone is that.

Awakened Politics and Good Government succeeds by delivering on the basis that it treats everyone equally and exactly the same, or supports this same principle by excluding the circumstances where this principle can be compromised.

Any policy which does or could play to alternative thinking is self-serving in some way – even if it appears to positively discriminate in favour of a particular group.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at

The self-idolatry of the Public Sector

Without good leadership and the oversight that goes with it, the public sector – or rather the executive, administrative of operational functions of it, have effectively been allowed to run riot.

Indeed, it is no accident that the public sector has become the sclerotic money pit that it has. The situation now exists where public sector organisations take a view on the public policies that are generated from above, and then interpret this in the way that it works best for them (the managers).

The complete lack of commerciality means that there is no reference point or incentive to find more cost-effective ways of operating. Instead, the public sector has been actively encouraged to become bloated on the staffing side, with the bill to the public purse being again and again massively enlarged.

Without the system of checks and balances that political leadership with real-life and real-world experience offers, the mentality of the public sector has become very much that ‘we are the ones who are in charge’.

Public Sector Reform: The necessity and the need

We previously discussed the Neoliberal purposes and motives to create smaller government that underpin what the Johnsonian Conservatives, the Right and even New Labour Policy does.

In the context of the ongoing damage that the Left has done, the argument certainly exists to support cutting back on many of the dysfunctional aspects of Public Sector delivery that their idealistic ideology has helped to create.

But the true purposes of the Right and the Left when it comes to public service provision and government itself must never be confused.

The reason that public services existed are as good now as when they were created.

Yes, the needs may have changed as different aspects of the way we live have changed too. But addressing the need for there to be a proactive and responsive approach to the needs that we collectively share across our communities is an intrinsic part of what makes a society fair.

However, that provision is not fair when any or all of the functions of the Public Sector are not working as they should.

That extends right down to the way that an entry level employee thinks about the purpose and the responsibilities of their role.

There is no doubt that the structures and the functions of the Public Sector have to be comprehensively reformed.

But Levelling Level is also about changing the way that Public Servants think.