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The Vaccine Passport madness shows the Government doesn’t know nor care what prejudice and discrimination really are

Outside of anything directly Covid related – which let’s face it, is quite a lot, the one issue that keeps rearing its rather ugly head amongst everything else is racism.

As I’ve discussed here in other blogs, there’s no doubt that racism exists. But it is the way that it is being talked up to the point where people are quite literally seeing racism where it doesn’t exist, that is making it the problem that it is perceived to have become.

Racism is part of a much wider problem. We all face different forms of prejudice and discrimination a lot of the time – often without anyone recognising or even being aware that the most basic forms of bias that we all have a habit of allowing to run rampant in our thinking may sound harmless – but when we entertain them and perhaps unconsciously act upon them, an act of prejudice or active discrimination has been born.

Contrary to the narrative that some amongst the supporters of BLM and the woke movement aim to promote, racism is not the only form of discrimination or prejudice that exists. There are many, many more and we will not solve the problem until people have been led to think differently and in ways that tackle the problem at the level of thought – which is always the deep down cause.

Set against a backdrop of issues like social mobility issues that are caused by discrimination and prejudice, we should be able to rely on our elected Members of Parliament and the Government to do what’s right.

MPs of all backgrounds should not only understand and be able to elucidate the complexity of theses issues. They should be doing everything that they can to set a positive and proactive example of how not to create division at any level.

We certainly shouldn’t expect to see a Government that all of our MPs have enabled using behavioural science in a way that has already created a very dangerous and open public divide. But instigating the use of Vaccine Passports – as a way to coerce poeple into getting jabbed – takes their irresponsibility to a new level. They are literally attempting to solve problems by creating many more and not caring about it takes their mismanagement to a completely new level.

None of the measures the Government is using or implementing are about anything other than control. We have long since passed the point where enough members of the public who were in more vulnerable groups have had both Covid jabs – as the Government itself insisted was always the aim. Yet the goalposts have moved – as they always do with the Johnson Government, and we are witnessing a textbook example of why those unfit to govern should never be allowed to take absolute power. The members of this Government are terrified of what happens to them and their so-called careers if they give that power back to those who entrusted them with it.

Using Vaccine Passports to arbitrarily exclude people from activities we still associate with the pre-Covid version of ‘normal life’ – just because they have made a personal choice not to receive a physical medical intervention – will create an immediate two-tier society that operates under a very dystopian version of ‘Your name is not on the list; you are not coming in’.

Everyone can see that none of the Government measures now join up either in the logic used to justify them or in the way that they are supposed to be implemented in the most practical sense.

The damage the Government is about to cause us all by pushing the Vaccines Passports narrative and the way that it will be rolled out by forcing whole sectors like the Premier League to police the tyranny will not stop at the turnstiles. This step will broadcast a very loud message to the very people a good government would be encouraging to step up and look beyond the differences that appear to exist between us, telling them that excluding others they do not see as the same is actually alright.

No form of exclusion is fair or right. Especially within a society that tells itself and everyone else that it is civilised and ahead with its thinking in every way.

Using Vaccine Passports to protect the Government narrative and maintain control threatens to push the fight to remove the barriers to individual progress and opportunity back decades.

It is a malevolent act, deliberately telling everyone who feels uncomfortable in the presence of someone who looks or speaks differently; is from a different background or is different in any one of many different ways, that it is ok not only to think these things but to act on them too. All this, simply because the Government acted to create a system of public discrimination and legitimise it in every way.

Yes, you may argue that there is no direct link. But at the base of all these problems lies an uncomfortable truth: People run to and use any kind or discernible difference as an excuse for bad behaviour when they are upset or feeling uncomfortable. The reality is that we are all human and do not exercise all of our decision making in a conscious or logical way.

The Government plan to use Vaccine Passports is potentially one of the most incendiary strategies that we will ever see, beyond the universal misuse of behavioural science programming and nudges to terrify people with threats to life and their way of living during the Covid Pandemic.

The real legacy that Boris and all the Members of this Parliament who have enabled and facilitated this growing tyranny will leave, is the widescale damage that their polices have caused.

Whether economic or social, the very worst of the damage caused is the pain that this unnecessary misuse of power has and will cause to individuals. of those the most sinister will have been to tell everyone that its ok to judge and mistreat others on the basis of who they are, what they do or what they believe. All this whilst preaching that ‘levelling up’ and being the Party of Opportunity is what the Conservatives are in power for.

What Makes Anyone Racist?

June 12, 2020 1 comment

Of the words and actions most noticeable during the riots, protests and unrest that has followed the death of George Floyd in the USA, it has been the trend to use some process of transference to make just about anything relevant to the anger that protestors have by branding it as being racist too.

A significant group of mainly young people rightly feel disenfranchised from a system that cares little about who they are, where they are from and what they do.

What they do not realise is that beyond Westminster and the Establishment system, we all feel this way. We just have a different way of looking at the World because we have had more time looking and thinking about it.

Groupthink has taken over to such an extent that racism, like many other isms that represent prejudice against certain groups is now being identified and attacked like it is a conscious, considered and deliberate dark political philosophy.

Yet racism and all these innate prejudices that so many of us unwittingly carry are a basic animalistic or intrinsic level reaction to difference.

Too many of us possess prejudices against others for the world to be as fair as it should be. But few are self-aware enough to understand and value the differences in the way that they feel about others and everything that appears to be outside of them.

We do not like anything that is different to the image and perceptions that we have of ourselves. As we look outwards. the easiest way to define or differentiate ourselves against others is by the colour of our skin.

But that same process works at different levels and in different ways with wealth, sexual orientation, race and nationality, level of education, social standing, demographics and even our view and approach to any gender different than ourselves.

Difference is important because it is the easiest way for us to define ourselves and our state of being against others who will then either elevate within our perceptions so that they stand above us and we look up to them – perhaps as celebrities and people we look up to, or we use as leverage to elevate and place ourselves above them and look down upon them – perhaps as if they have no value or do not qualify to have the same things or same experiences that we do in some way.

The recognition of differences between us and the process that goes with it runs like a background computer programme. No matter what anyone might say if they are challenged about the innate prejudices that they may or may not have, few will really be able to identify the real cause of what makes them prejudiced and the assumption will remain that it is either a cultural thing or they have been conditioned in some way.

Prejudice works in all directions too. A viral spread comes into play where the racism or prejudice about one will be mirrored towards everyone who looks or behaves similarly in some way.

The flow of prejudice is not one way and cannot be defined so simply as the oppressor is racist to the oppressed as the intrinsic reaction of the oppressed is to be equally racist about their oppressor(s) too. The harsh reality of what protestors are doing is that they are practicing an inverted form of racism and prejudice too which is invariably just as bad because they are accusing whole sets of people or professionals of being exactly the same, often in very sinister ways.

Confirmation bias is a big part of the problem too and steps in at every opportunity that it can. Any behaviour or action that can be interpreted negatively to reinforce that initial feeling of discomfort and doubt which was genuine, grows automatically and evolves itself at an emotional and therefore highly charged and dangerous level too.

As we look outside ourselves, it is rare that we realise or understand the way that we are constantly being conditioned by the media and by the world around us to think and behave. But it is the behaviour of the media that opens the floodgates that allow prejudices to come marching in.

The process is very nuanced and begins at a level where there is either extreme positive prejudice or on the negative scale, there is simply none.

Think in terms of how you view the actions, behaviours, misdemeanors and even crimes of the people who are most like you. Your family.

No matter what your family members do, can they really do any wrong? Would you stick up for family members and fight their corner because you know and trust that they are intrinsically good, no matter what they do?

If family are level 1, then your friends and the people you most closely align yourself are level 2 and within these groups you will overlook differences because whilst you have a good relationship, you see them as being the same as you. ‘You make allowances’ in the same or a similar way, and there is a bizarre reality that whatever you are used to in life becomes normality and it is everything else beyond that normality where your prejudices will be found.

As you look at what could be a series of many levels the differences increase too. We look for the easiest way to stereotype, identify and anchor those differences and skin colour is probably one of the easiest that we will ever identify.


When you have watched a video like that of the ‘arrest’ of George Floyd, it is easy to understand how so many can conclude that racism is a very conscious and highly malevolent act and that anyone who can be deemed to be racist must either be punished or have their behviour changed or doctored in some way.

As Hanlon’s Razor says, we should “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

Whether it is the people who project or behave in ways which we consider to be racist, or it is those who look on and accuse them of being racist, it is a hard truth to accept that it is mostly stupidity or downright ignorance that makes all of us prejudiced about others in some way.

Solving the problem of prejudice should never have been easier than it could be today.

But what we collectively fail to understand is that the championing of difference and the messages that are crafted to promote the interests of any group with the aim of promoting equality makes the differences between groups even more profound.

The message being heard is that we are all different and need to be the same. But it is the people who are not in these groups that are the ones who are wrong to be different and that it is they who must now change.

If we really want to have and experience the kind of equality between all peoples, all races and all groups in each and every way that we can, we will have to be led and inspired to understand, believe and live the reality that differences between us are nothing more than perceptions and that whatever they might be, we are all, collectively equal and we are fundamentally just the same.

It is all about creating a condition of familiarity and conscious acceptance of difference that can only be facilitated if we learn from every angle that the differences between all of us are no big deal from the start.






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