This Three-Way ‘Mainstream Political Party’ monopolistic circus won’t end until we choose to look and interact with Politics in a VERY different way.

Right now, the counts for the 2023 Local Elections are still underway within some of the Councils that opted against counting votes overnight.

I, like many who have an interest in politics, would have previously sat up most of the night, watching the results. Yet the truth of the matter is that there is very little point in doing so these days, because either an exit poll at the end of the day of a General Election, or perhaps the first hour of results coming in during the Local Election counts, will very quickly point to the next stage of the mess that we are all in.

If politics in the UK wasn’t as broken and self-serving as it now is, it wouldn’t even be worth doing that, because there would be no clear indication of what might lie ahead, until all of the results are actually in.

That we have learned to accept and believe it to be normal that we are subject to a three-way political monopoly where the only change will be the position of the blue, yellow and red deckchairs on the deck of this particular Titanic is a major travesty in itself.

However, none of us – including the ‘outsider’ parties and upcoming political groups or movements, see, understand or accept that it the UK Political System is a closed shop.

By simply waiting for elections to come around and then joining the queue – under the assumption that different messages are all that it will take to create a meaningful power shift – and therefore be the key – countless ‘new’ parties have joined a growing graveyard of those who found themselves momentarily in the public spotlight as they walked up to the door, but then found themselves asking the question ‘why don’t people get it’, as the door is slammed in their face and their arse hits the floor.

Familiarity breeds contempt. But it also fools the unknowing into believing that the untrustworthy are people who we can trust.  

Put it like this, if you were to ask anyone in the street to choose between a well-known car brand and one that they’ve never heard of before, which one do you think they will point at and like?

It’s the same basic equation for people who still believe that they can trust our politicians and the Establishment they represent – only with a choice of three well known brand names that hide very old models involved.

Whilst I’ve just offered an explanation of the mechanics of why people a) vote the way they do and b) why some of them chop and change their minds in the same way as they would out car shopping, the real elephant in the room with all of this is that anyone who has real reason to ask WHY this is continuing to happen isn’t doing so – whether they are the voters themselves OR the would-be politicians and activists who are lining up in the belief that the next election will be THEIR day.

It is not only frustrating, but also frightening that normal people and all those who want to get themselves or an organisation they represent into power don’t already and actively refuse to see that there is not only a different way to play the Establishment at its own game. It will not even need a key, because if done right, it will simply remove all the walls.


No change to the electoral system, no voter ID measure, no focus on words that show just how our of touch the mainstream political parties really are is going to have the impact on voters that treating us all like adults and giving everyone the genuine opportunity to be involved and to have our opinion valued, will.


Stopping the replacement of jobs and life itself with Chatbots & AI | The Grassroots Manifesto

It is no accident that so much change is appearing around us at the same time everything we previously considered to be normal is falling apart.

Contrary to what many of those who have awakened or are awakening to what is really happening and the process that is underway may feel, there is no benefit to being angry or even frustrated with those who are still invested in The System as it is.

The world today is massively complex and complicated, and deliberately so. There isn’t just one ‘rabbit hole’; there is a rabbit hole for everyone, depending upon where their own priorities lie and what they believe to be true or to exist.

This means that the task of confusing and misleading the majority with acts and events that are no more than smokescreens or sleight of hand, has been made very easy to succeed. Especially when the vein of commonality that reaches between everyone who remains bought into The System is that everything in life is easy and can only get easier, and that above everything else, its money, wealth, influence and power that are absolute king.

So, unless you are one of those directly and knowingly affected by a change, you are unlikely to see or even be interested in any down-side or the negative outcomes for others.

Yet deep down, you know that the greed that drives such changes is the same greed that gave you what you have and maybe even put you where you are.

Only days ago, I wrote about the reality that Artificial Intelligence in the form of Chat Bots has been unleashed upon the public and upon the world, in what is nothing better than a real-time or live experiment.

This dangerously premature release of AI Chatbots is, at the very least, borne of the arrogance of very clever and intelligent people who believe they can programme their way out of anything.

In reality however, it is more likely an act driven by an Establishment whose ideals are now exploding everything they have built around them, making the same small-minded and inhumanly selfish people who caused these problems, desperate to maintain control over everyone, without revealing any more than is necessary about what drives them, and who they really are.

I only touched on the ethical conundrum that is the predictable push to prioritise the use of AI over people and the impact on jobs and livelihoods that it would replace.

I did so, assuming that profit-driven commercial monoliths would at least wait to do so, until such time as the integrity, honesty and reliability of AI Chatbots and all technologically aligned systems could at the very least be guaranteed.

With the news that companies such as IBM are already factoring in job losses due to their use and integration of AI, there is a very dark reality emerging within the midst of all this chaos and distraction we are experiencing.

This is where the real war between those who believe that wealth and power makes them different or better, and all others who have nothing or just much less, not only breaks out of its long manufactured cover, but where the canyon between us emerges and humanities experience of a very different kind of battlefield could well be about to begin.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto work through the steps that will be necessary as we walk the pathway of taking back control as the majority awaken through the process of The Great Reset.

The core value of a People centric culture or society will be that we always put People first in all that we do.

Having rejected the money and greed driven direction of everything that has led up to and includes the Great Reset – as the Establishment sees it – itself, we must embrace the reality that whilst businesses exist to provide a product or a service to its customers and not to create jobs in itself, within the new world or new earth, all businesses will exist to benefit humanity in some way.

If business and organisations only exist to benefit humanity, there is no good reason to replace jobs with technology, unless the cost of production or of the product itself is directly lowered or brought down in exactly the same proportion or way.

Technology should only be used to improve working conditions. Not to replace the condition of working and making a contribution to society itself. (See The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 5 | Science & Technology | lxxxii)

In Part 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto, a series of Public Policies have been suggested for a new people-centric age. This is one of a number that relate specifically to this issue:

The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 5 | Science & Technology | lxxxiii

Technology will not be used to replace employment itself.

Nobody has the right to make a profit | Tackling Greed & Profiteering | The Grassroots Manifesto

One of the greatest injustices of this old world order, where money and wealth is prioritised over people and humanity, is that so much thinking and the action that follows is enacted in isolation. Without care for the impact and consequences upon others. Within a process which is the antithesis of being joined-up.

There are many reasons for this, and these predominantly include the realities of greed and selfishness.

But they also include the way that relationships are now being progressively dehumanised by our increasing and unnecessary reliance upon technology in so many things, and a culture that champions diversity in ways which create and grow divides between us.

Parts 1 and 2 of The Grassroots Manifesto address the generalities that have allowed this wealth or money-based order to establish itself and then thrive.

The Establishment has done so by creating wealth inequality of a kind that it no longer has the devices available to correct or hide.

Once people have successfully taken back control and the switch back to people-centric values and an economic system that focuses on putting people first is fully in place, there will still be people present in positions within business or with public responsibility who will be tempted, by human nature, to put themselves and their own interests first – if they should believe that such actions will be possible to hide.

Integrity must be left to belief and trust wherever possible.

However, the impact of financial and business deregulation and the abuse of trust has proven to be very high. The actions of the few who have pursued excessive enrichment has created unnecessary suffering and pain at massive cost and with incalculable impact to the quality of life for the many

It is therefore essential, for a fair, balanced and just future, that frameworks, rules and laws that ensure ethics and morality in any area of business, commerce or government that can impact the many, are not only created and implemented, but are then continually maintained.

This will ensure that the generation of any excess margins from within any sale or transaction of any kind, will never exceed a level generated on the basis that the company or organisation is making that charge not because they need to, but because they can.

No company or individual has a right to make a profit.

The reality is that no business needs to exist that doesn’t in some way provide an essential product or service to people, or which in some way results in a clear and unarguable benefit to mankind.

As long as any business or organisation is covering its costs and those who are working within and making a tangible contribution to the operation of that business, no need for excess beyond that should ever have to exist.

Because of the way that businesses operate and work, legislation must be sympathetic to ongoing need and how sensible contingencies must be planned for and made. However, these would never be reflected in the margins that privately owned companies are continuing to make right now, during a cost-of-living crisis, when public representatives are failing people at each and every turn.

In Part 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto, a series of Public Policies have been suggested for a new people-centric age. This is one of a number that relate specifically to this issue:

The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 3 | Business & Finance | Profiteering | xxiv

Companies or Business Owners convicted of Profiteering and/or undertaking any activity that will result in the same will be fined at the rate of 3x the value of the excess or profit made and will be punished with a custodial term where an impact upon the supply of any basic or essential foods, goods or services has been made.

The Reestablishment

If we will fail to change our way of living, our way of being and the focus of our value set voluntarily – as part of the opportunity that this period is offering us, change will be forced upon us and the change we experience will go beyond systemic collapse.

We will be forced into a situation where everything that we recognise fails to be as it was anymore.

Our failure to believe that there is an alternative way of being and of living – no matter what role or at what level we have been involved in the old world or old system – will not stop or prevent events that are outside human control from taking over, IF we do not embrace positive, people-focused change, by choice.

It is this part of the process – the changing of the way that we think or the way that we perceive the world and the other people we have relationships – that will be the real spiritual awakening or change of mind that so many have already talked about.

This change of direction; change of thinking; change in the way that we relate to everyone and everything; the process we undertake to bring Governance, civility and values to the new golden age in which we all rule – will be nothing less than The Reestablishment.

Everything must go. Everything must change. We must begin again, building from the Grassroots Up, re-establishing rules, processes and structures with the approach that nothing has existed before, whilst being open to the reality that some infrastructure, technology and methods of working can and will have a positive role to play in New Earth, as they can be repurposed or reformed.

The Reestablishment will begin at the most local level, within our Communities. Its reach will then work its way outwards, always aligning with decisions being made at the most local level possible, with old power structures answering to localities until they have either been reassimilated or removed.

An Uncomfortable Truth for those who are Awake and Awakening | The Grassroots Manifesto

One of the hardest realities that we must all face, is the role that we have all been playing in creating and feeding the same system that is hurting us, and that if you are here reading this book, there is a very good chance that you already hate.

Whilst we have been led to believe that we can have what we want, how we want it, where we want it and when we want it, even thinking like this is unsustainable. We cannot continue without more and more of the things around us going wrong.

Whilst you may already accept that the world and the way that we live must now change, the chances are that you have not really thought hard about what that could really mean.

You may well fall into the trap of thinking that as long as everyone else does the right thing, it won’t matter if you just continue doing what you are doing and having the things that you’re having – so that for you, things just stay the same way that they already are.

Voices that currently sit on the cusp and champion the coming change do so too, challenging parts of the programme that the Establishment is attempting to force upon us, such as the phasing out of fossil-fuelled cars – rightly speaking up and fighting against any policy which is dictatorially imposed.

But they do so without realising that some of these policies present a picture that different thinking on the part of all of us will deliver anyway and at the very least in part, through necessity, but also voluntarily, and most certainly in very different circumstances, by choice.

To believe that we can have a people-centric world that puts everyone first, on our own personal terms, is oxymoronic to say the very least.

It is therefore vital that we all understand that for as long as any of us remain fixed on wanting this thing or experience or wanting that thing or experience, rather than having faith that we can share a world where we will always have what we need, we are still and remain ‘bought in’ or invested into the system that we are now leaving and which at some point very soon will come to its end.

Keep it real. Keep looking ahead | The pathway to a successful Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

The analysis within The Grassroots Manifesto does sound negative indeed. But it is a genuine assessment of where things are now, written without the wanky hopeism that too many of the people and groups who genuinely already believe that they understand everything that’s happening and that they have ‘got this’, actually employ.

The overwhelming risk to a future with real freedom, that is genuinely happy, healthy, safe and secure for us all, actually comes from all of ourselves.

The fact is that en-masse, we are absolutely open to plotting a future, as long as all the reference points and standards come from looking back.

When you value the past more than you do the future, you can easily be bought off, because the familiarity that comes within the lies, always appears to contain certainty and therefore the deception of a reliable truth.

Real value awaits us in our future if we take it. But to take it, we have to place our faith in it without any hollow promise, and we have to make that decision right now.

Uncomfortable as it is to even write, I believe it to be inevitable that the power of humanity will eventually shine through. But for enough of us to awaken to the level we genuinely need to, we face a reality that will literally mean that the ground underneath us will have to shake, and all that we hold dear to ourselves today will have to be broken or taken away from us first.

Whichever route it will be, we are already on an inevitable path that doesn’t include the designs of the Establishment, the worlds billionaires, today’s politicians, organisations such as the WEF or WHO – no matter how universally appealing or utopian these very silly people believe their vision and control-is-in-humanities-best-interests messaging might be.

One way or another, we are already on a journey and a process of change that will result in nothing less than a complete revolution, which will have meaning for us all, because it will deliver balance, fairness and justice for all, which today seems all but impossible and will continue to appear so for as long as we culturally worship money, and have vacuous and massively selfish people ruling over us from the top.

When this process ends, locality will once again be the most important of all Community tools and our system and system of Governance or Democracy will no longer function from the Top-Down.

Life will be all about the empowerment of the individual and their place and role within the Community.

The system will be Grassroots-Up.

Hope for change is bubbling, but it doesn’t yet have the process necessary to come to the boil | The Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

On the flipside, there is indeed a movement or rather a loose affiliation of different groups that accept the need for change.

It is made up of individuals, personalities, some smaller (but nonetheless mainstream) political parties, spiritual groups, conspiracy theorists, new ageists, spiritual and religious groups and potentially many more, all of whom are in one way or another seeing the process as being a Great Awakening.

The problem that is common amongst this loose affiliation is one that they share with the Establishment itself.

Culturally and subconsciously, all of them see Money and the Top-Down value set that surrounds it as being mechanically central to how everything works. Rather than life being all about people – as it will always be.

Until enough of us can look at life in a very different way and accept that life can and will be able to operate very differently with a non-money focus, even the most spiritually free of us are still disposed to accepting solutions that the Establishment will continue to offer – even when the critical moment comes when it will be obvious to everyone that it is broke.

A New Democracy for the People that is no longer Top-Down, but Grassroots-Up | The Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

The key step in the process of meaningful change that will benefit everyone in a balanced, fair and just way will be the rejection and end of the existing Democratic System, Electoral System and System of Government that exists.

With the system of Governance that we have working only for itself, for those within it and those who inappropriately benefit from it, the system has passed any point of good it could reach.

The existing system has proven to be too easily corrupted by too many different influences for it to be able to provide the assurance of impartiality that will ensure a truly balanced, fair and just system of Governance can be fully accessible to all, and for it to then maintained.

It is with ownership and the control of all decision making and legislative processes within government that our power and the right to determine our future lies.

However, the point that so many people, from ‘outside’, who want change continue to miss, is that by continuing to focus on the political system that we have, rather than the one that we want, we are continuing to play by all the rules set by an Establishment that can only exist within a hierarchical and deferential structure that is Top-Down.

Whoever frames the argument and the debate will usually win it.

They may not be playing fairly, and they may have the mainstream media to pump out propaganda for them, but that’s the reality that underpins why the Establishment and however they continue to move the deckchairs on the deck of their very own Titanic is still and will continue to win.

So, step back, take a good look at yourself and the people you have around you. Then remember that it’s what we all as ‘outsiders’ have in common, rather than what at first impression we see, that provides the pathway to where finding unity, working together and then claiming back our power will be.

This Blog relates to Part 1 of The Grassroots Manifesto, which proposes the creation of a new Democratic system for elections and government, where the balance of power is taken back and restored to local communities, and kept away from people you will never have the chance to meet or even see.

Looking back will not help anyone now | Surviving The Great Reset | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

What we may not realise, as we look forward and think about what might happen next, is the lens that we are viewing the future with was created and formed with our experiences of the past.

We are quite literally thinking about the changing world and what could happen using the reference points and the understanding of everything that we have experienced as the point where we would jump off into whatever comes next.

Some would argue that is what experience is: the benchmark or guide you use for navigating the future. But the experience of the old world and the system that we are leaving and experience of a healthy life, being self-aware and being human in all things are two completely different things.

If we continue to navigate what lies ahead of us with the same value set that got us into this mess, we will condemn ourselves and the generations that follow to the state of dehumanised subservience that is now the ultimate aim of those who created the road that we now follow.

The alternative isn’t some kind of spiritual awakening – that by its very nature suggests that we all have to qualify in some way to ‘get in’.

The alternative to this hinges or is anchored upon the way that we think, and to think differently.

We must all take the leap of faith and open our minds to the reality that it is what we haven’t yet experienced that offers us real freedom and an altogether much better way.

The System Collapse may not be obvious and without us being aware, it could take years rather than happening in just one day | Awareness | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

The emphasis on beginning work to create and build our New Earth now is necessary, simply because the building blocks of change are already in play.

It is human to think and believe that change of any magnitude will take place as part of an event or process that is not only definable, but obvious to anyone experiencing that change as it happens or in real time.

However, change is and always has been happening around us all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The difference between the decisions that lawmakers, politicians and their influencers are controlling now and what they have been over many decades previously, is that the fallout from all of that bad decision making is now really beginning to hit everything.

We are in the end game and death throes of the old world and old system and our failure not to engage and resist the so-called solutions to the problems that they created and which they are also guiding, means that we are accepting their interpretation of what is best for the world, once all the mess they are responsible for has been cleared up – with the full cost apportioned not to them, but comprehensively towards all of us.

The chances are that the mismanagement of everything has been so bad, that the system we have today will reach a point where the seamless change that the Establishment and the elites believe is possible without consequence won’t happen at all.

Things will come to a complete halt, and when events take over from the clever propaganda and manipulation that is so forcefully at work, there will be a flashpoint where we literally have a moment in time to take back control for ourselves, or someone else will do so.

Without us changing the way we think and the way we are viewing and interacting with all this, it remains likely that those who can buy off enough people with promises of a return to what we know as normality – will step in and win – without anyone really understanding the true cost – That is IF the alternative message and a different direction that is credible is not already there and ready to fill the void.

The change we have the power to own can begin right now | Creating New Earth | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

We have the opportunity to begin working on establishing the guiding rules, principles and structures for our New Earth now.

It is a choice that we all have.

One that requires that we begin a proper conversation and dialogue with everyone who is already open to it. That we don’t attack or obstruct those who currently are not awakened to it. And that instead of looking up through the layers of hierarchy with the expectation that the answers and solutions will come from those who are already, or want to be the next ones at the top, we instead focus all our energies on working with everyone at our own level, whilst embracing all those who we would previously have looked down upon and seeing them as the equals they really are.

By switching from talking to doing, many would be surprised just how much could be done. Actions always speak much louder than words after all, and the strongest and most powerful words and commands for the change that we need ahead will always come from people just like you.

We do not need the surety of numbers to know that preparation is the right course of action, or that it is vital for anyone who is already awake to get on and do.

The risk is that by continuing to talk and shout loudly but do nothing constructive or make no proactive contribution when we have the perfect opportunity to do so right now, that we will collectively miss the chance to precipitate and take control of change voluntarily.

If we miss this open goal of a chance, our only further opportunity is likely to come only in the middle of a crisis, when the fear that the powers in charge today have worked so hard to cultivate and evolve, will push and push for the majority to take what appears to be the quick, easy and safest option, that will in fact condemn humanity to a very different and terrible way.

Proactive or Reactive Change: Change voluntarily & take back control or wait and have no choice as the Old World Order uses The Great Reset to become the New | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

This is a particularly dangerous time for the world and for everyone living today. Not because we are experiencing the process leading to the end of an epoch. But because so few of us accept that anything is in the process of change.

Worse still, of those who accept it, the majority do not see just how far that change will reach and what impact it really will or could potentially have for us all.

It has been said that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Couple that up with the deceptive levels of complexity that everything in the world offers us today, and you will soon realise that we have a very simple view of a problem that requires great thought and intelligence to understand, and that we all – or those that represent us – must reach the level of intelligent understanding that is necessary, before the simple solutions that will be good for us all can be created and then put into place to be of benefit for us all.

The people who think they understand the problems today, don’t. So, they keep telling everyone who will listen that they do, whilst doing absolutely nothing to prepare for what comes next.

Ultimately, without us changing, the New World or New Earth that will emerge at the other side of The Great Reset, will be defined by the same people who are controlling everything that we have and that happens to us now.

The alternative is that we all come together, take back the power that is ours – that those leading us today have assumed to be theirs by right, and then define, redefine, re-establish or create our own new system and rules, that must by their very nature be established from the Grassroots within our very own Communities and then without definable hierarchies spread its influence from the Grassroots-Up.

Understanding the change that our own role in the Community requires of us as we face the collapsing Old World Order’s ‘Great Reset’ | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

We didn’t knowingly choose to surrender more and more of our own power to people who are abusing the power and influence they have to pursue their own agendas and how they see the world will work.

But we have acquiesced and played an important part in all that is happening, because we have not questioned the perceived benefits of everything we have collectively been given.

We have collectively failed everyone who has already suffered as a result, as the thinking we have become accustomed to has increasingly affirmed that such problems always belong to others and are therefore not our own.

A spiritual outlook upon life is not required to understand that everything is connected and that disadvantage and suffering for anyone will always have an effect on everyone else in some way – even if the events or outcomes are so far apart, that it would appear there is simply no way that we could ever logically join all the dots up.

But by accepting ideas like processed foods are better because someone somewhere else has made them seem cheap, or that we can afford everything in life as long as we are able to keep borrowing, we are actually helping to make what is for some a life that is already un-liveable, progressively even worse.

If things don’t change, if WE don’t change, the problems you see as someone else’s today, will be knocking on your front door too, very soon.

If collectively, or rather as the majority, we continue to accept that a wealth, money and material values base and everything that comes with it is normal, the reality is that what some of us still believe to be freedom, and what is left of the concept we understand as humanity is and will be completely damned.

Yet we do have a choice or an alternative. And that alternative can come to us in either one of two different ways.

The role we are playing and the role that we have played in the collapse of The Old World Order | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

Whilst the majority of us are either not aware or pour scorn on such suggestions, our collective ignorance of this collapse and process of deliberately intended change is not without considerable risk to our own futures and the generations that will follow us beyond.

That ignorance leads those of us who are unaware of what is happening to believe that the way that our lives are now constructed and all the cultural norms that we employ have been a natural progression and a beneficial choice.

We do not or will not see nor accept that hidden within the mechanics, the toys and the feelings of personal greatness that this whole age employs, lies our own voluntary acceptance of the real agendas that have and still drive all of this. Agendas and plans that are all about self-interest and the removal of anything that identifies the self and what we believe to be our remaining freedom – which is our ability to choose, or our freedom of choice.

Few will be ready to accept the direction of travel that we inevitably face, until the hurt and restriction that this grand plan or strategy reaches and then hits each and every one of us directly in the face.

It’s happening now. 15 Minute Cities & LTNs, The Trans Debate, Net Zero, Cows being fed anti-methane tablets, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Cashless Society, Cancelling People, Wokeism, Political Correctness, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and much, much more. These ARE ALL part of a deliberate attack on personal identity, on personal freedom and upon what we used to recognise as Humanity itself – and it’s all driven by selfishness, stupidity and an overwhelming desire for complete control.

It may be hard to understand and agree with. But these things are only happening and are only coming into being because we are accepting them.

We are doing nothing to stop the direction of travel itself, and where we are beginning to stand up and fight, we are doing so only when the issue itself is one that seems to be most important to us.

If you want to be the change, begin by picturing what you would do if today’s politicians, the establishment and everyone who aspires to be part of it all didn’t exist

Deep down, even today’s politicians want someone else to solve all of the problems they supposedly got elected to their roles to sort out. Then they can simply shut off to the world and then continue to do whatever it is they actually do.

Your immediate thought could well be ‘What on earth have they got to do with me and the things that I care about?’

Whilst all of us outside of The Establishment bubble may well agree that whatever today’s politicians have on their mind, it’s certainly not anything that will be of any benefit to any of us, the rather cold and uncomfortable truth is their rejection of their own responsibility and ingrained belief that someone else will come up with solutions to life’s problems and simply step in, is the same cultural misbelief that almost everyone has been conditioned to believe – AND has accepted.

The problem that today’s politicians have is therefore one for us all and one that we all face.

We are all ridiculously vulnerable to both the ideas and the actions of anyone who understands the mechanics of this cultural and societal weakness we share.

If those who understand this are ruthless and inconsiderately inhuman enough, and have the power and influence to do so, there’s very little stopping them from inserting all sorts of trojan horse policies into the laps of the idiot savants that ‘run’ the Country today.

Led by the nose by the establishment media, the majority will warmly open their gates to these ‘amazing’, no-cost ‘gifts’, soon finding they have been fooled and yet another part of free life has been taken over or restricted ‘for our own good’ in some way. All, whilst everyone continued with a very deep and apparently happy sleep.

There’s nothing wrong with stupidity or with any person being stupid. Just as long as they don’t have responsibility for others that place their trust in them, and then the content of that trojan horse spills out into everyone’s lives and we all wake up with a hand around our necks as a very nasty and painful reality stares us in the face.

Sadly, that’s where we appear to be right now, with both a Parliament and system of political bodies and councils, filled from top-to-bottom with out-of-touch wannabies, who neither lead, nor have the vital ingredient to do so – which is the ability to think and influence for yourself.

The Politicians aren’t going to change, until we have changed the Politicians. And we can’t do that for as long as we continue to rely on a system where it’s the politicians themselves who get to choose who will be next to ‘get in’.

It’s important here to draw a focus to the reality that this is the same process being employed by the many very-well-meaning political parties, groups and movements that either believe or hope that they will soon be the holy grail of political solutions that head off all of todays problems and sets everything up to be great once we’ve all got through whatever the hell it is that happens next.

How are these ‘outsiders’ and The Establishment politicians the same? They just expect you to vote for them, because without exception, they believe that they are the real voice of the people or the ‘true’ alternative, and that when it comes around to the next election, you and I will simply see sense and cross their candidate’s box voluntarily and through deliberate choice.

A few people who have connected with specific messages from the outsiders will. The majority will not.

There is no way to name any of these groups without it sounding like calling them out or having a down on them deliberately. So, I will not.

Pretty much all of the outsiders who haven’t got a chip on their shoulder about something or in some way, most definitely could have an important role to play, IF they can step outside of their own view of everything.

Everyone who wants change must accept that everyone going in their own direction means that none of us who should be working in union, together, are actually facing the same way. And that’s the quickest way to rip any movement for change apart.

Without circumstances coming to be that would make the next system or form of government we have anything else but democratic, the only way that the majority of people in any kind of election – whether its local elections, mayoral elections or a General Election – will come together and vote for candidates that not only represent, but will then actually deliver on meaningful change, is for the people themselves to  have the opportunity to qualify and select the candidates first.

No, this is not as crazy as you might think.  It is as simple as looking at the situation we are in with a different lens and then seeing and believing that it can and will work a very different way.

It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you are a public figure. A business owner. A volunteer in the community. Or just someone who believes the only role they will ever have is to go out and vote.

If you are reading this, you already know that our democracy isn’t working. And if you want the best for everyone from any form of future public policy, you’ll also understand that we must appoint politicians and leaders who will always put the People First.

The chances are that you are far more creative than you might think. So, imagine the government system, the politicians and their political parties and the establishment doesn’t even exist.

What would the steps be that you and the people you know would now take to ensure that the people take control and everything that happens that could affect us in some way, is always delivered with the very best outcome for everyone in mind?

The End of The Old World Order is underway | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

You may not realise it. You may not accept it. But a Revolution of everything that we know and understand is already underway.

Begin to look closely at the news, at politics and how everything that each of us interacts with is now affecting and shaping our daily lives, and you will soon begin to understand and appreciate that there are forces of great turbulence at work.

In isolation, each and every part of ‘normal’ life is being systematically attacked, reformed and reshaped in ways that only seem unobtrusive and without harm, because we fail to see the interconnectivity of everything that is happening.

The reality we are in right now is one where an old world that has thrived loudly by quietly hurting us all is collapsing.

The powers responsible for that old world and its collapse are slowly and manipulatively controlling the creation of a new world, whilst manipulating us all into adopting systems and behaviours that will eventually mould its controlling shape.

What is The Grassroots Manifesto | The Grassroots Manifesto | Overview

Whilst we would probably all agree that it would be wonderful if positive change were to simply arrive, or perhaps more practically, the people we elect to represent us would always work tirelessly to ensure that’s all we will ever get, the truth of the matter is that the world we know doesn’t work that way.

In our personal and private lives, positive change usually begins with us. This troubled world we share is no different.

But in amongst this crisis, the change must begin with us all.

It’s difficult to create change without direction at any time. So when the very nature of this change or reset demands that we create, establish, evolve and develop a system that creates a framework or system of Governance for life which represents something that none of us who are alive has experienced before, we all need some ideas, suggestions and basic materials to work with, so that the meaningful and inclusive debate that we all need to happen can begin.

The Grassroots Manifesto is a game plan.

The Grassroots Manifesto is a document with a plan or strategy that is built on the principle that real change is not an evolution from what we already know but begins with what we will know.

The Grassroots Manifesto then begins the process of creating anew, or adapts that which can be adapted, so that there is a place to start from which includes everyone and builds a system from the Grassroots Up that has no biases or offers no favours, other than being equitable and considerate to the needs and experiences of us all.

The Grassroots Manifesto is a focus upon where local and public policy will be, once control has been returned to the People and their Communities, to where a sense of true Democracy exists, with power coming from the individual, to the Community, to the region, to the nation, to the world, through a process which is undoubtedly Grassroots-Up or even across.

The Grassroots Manifesto

Change is underway. Change must happen and it is no longer a choice. But we do all have a choice over what that change will be.

Many now recognise the reality that we are already within The Great Reset. But what just as many of us still don’t realise, understand or accept, is the direction that the Establishment and the World Elites want us all to go is only their aim. It’s not ours or what is best for us in any way.

The risk that we all face for our future, is that the apathy of the many, and the lack of direction suffered by the few who have already awoken will end the opportunity for all people to take back control of our future, before any real fight to do so has even began.

However, we have the choice to take back control and decide what we, as people and as a Community, wish the outcome of this period of unavoidable change to be.

The Grassroots Manifesto provides the reader with an outline and direction of what real people-centric change will look and feel like, and what for us all personally and as members of the Community, meaningful change that will benefit everyone will mean.

The book focuses on the pathway to a genuine Reestablishment through changes and transformation to our system of Governance and includes:

  • Establishing a New Democratic & Electoral System.
  • The use of Universal Frameworks that provide equity for all forms of Governance
  • A series of suggested Public Policies that provide a guide to what legislation will look like when created by the people, for the people and implemented from the Grassroots-Up.

Whether you are looking for answers or have already committed yourself to being the change, The Grassroots Manifesto will open a door for you and is a must read, whether you are resident in the UK or not.