This Three-Way ‘Mainstream Political Party’ monopolistic circus won’t end until we choose to look and interact with Politics in a VERY different way.

Right now, the counts for the 2023 Local Elections are still underway within some of the Councils that opted against counting votes overnight.

I, like many who have an interest in politics, would have previously sat up most of the night, watching the results. Yet the truth of the matter is that there is very little point in doing so these days, because either an exit poll at the end of the day of a General Election, or perhaps the first hour of results coming in during the Local Election counts, will very quickly point to the next stage of the mess that we are all in.

If politics in the UK wasn’t as broken and self-serving as it now is, it wouldn’t even be worth doing that, because there would be no clear indication of what might lie ahead, until all of the results are actually in.

That we have learned to accept and believe it to be normal that we are subject to a three-way political monopoly where the only change will be the position of the blue, yellow and red deckchairs on the deck of this particular Titanic is a major travesty in itself.

However, none of us – including the ‘outsider’ parties and upcoming political groups or movements, see, understand or accept that it the UK Political System is a closed shop.

By simply waiting for elections to come around and then joining the queue – under the assumption that different messages are all that it will take to create a meaningful power shift – and therefore be the key – countless ‘new’ parties have joined a growing graveyard of those who found themselves momentarily in the public spotlight as they walked up to the door, but then found themselves asking the question ‘why don’t people get it’, as the door is slammed in their face and their arse hits the floor.

Familiarity breeds contempt. But it also fools the unknowing into believing that the untrustworthy are people who we can trust.  

Put it like this, if you were to ask anyone in the street to choose between a well-known car brand and one that they’ve never heard of before, which one do you think they will point at and like?

It’s the same basic equation for people who still believe that they can trust our politicians and the Establishment they represent – only with a choice of three well known brand names that hide very old models involved.

Whilst I’ve just offered an explanation of the mechanics of why people a) vote the way they do and b) why some of them chop and change their minds in the same way as they would out car shopping, the real elephant in the room with all of this is that anyone who has real reason to ask WHY this is continuing to happen isn’t doing so – whether they are the voters themselves OR the would-be politicians and activists who are lining up in the belief that the next election will be THEIR day.

It is not only frustrating, but also frightening that normal people and all those who want to get themselves or an organisation they represent into power don’t already and actively refuse to see that there is not only a different way to play the Establishment at its own game. It will not even need a key, because if done right, it will simply remove all the walls.


No change to the electoral system, no voter ID measure, no focus on words that show just how our of touch the mainstream political parties really are is going to have the impact on voters that treating us all like adults and giving everyone the genuine opportunity to be involved and to have our opinion valued, will.


Stopping the replacement of jobs and life itself with Chatbots & AI | The Grassroots Manifesto

It is no accident that so much change is appearing around us at the same time everything we previously considered to be normal is falling apart.

Contrary to what many of those who have awakened or are awakening to what is really happening and the process that is underway may feel, there is no benefit to being angry or even frustrated with those who are still invested in The System as it is.

The world today is massively complex and complicated, and deliberately so. There isn’t just one ‘rabbit hole’; there is a rabbit hole for everyone, depending upon where their own priorities lie and what they believe to be true or to exist.

This means that the task of confusing and misleading the majority with acts and events that are no more than smokescreens or sleight of hand, has been made very easy to succeed. Especially when the vein of commonality that reaches between everyone who remains bought into The System is that everything in life is easy and can only get easier, and that above everything else, its money, wealth, influence and power that are absolute king.

So, unless you are one of those directly and knowingly affected by a change, you are unlikely to see or even be interested in any down-side or the negative outcomes for others.

Yet deep down, you know that the greed that drives such changes is the same greed that gave you what you have and maybe even put you where you are.

Only days ago, I wrote about the reality that Artificial Intelligence in the form of Chat Bots has been unleashed upon the public and upon the world, in what is nothing better than a real-time or live experiment.

This dangerously premature release of AI Chatbots is, at the very least, borne of the arrogance of very clever and intelligent people who believe they can programme their way out of anything.

In reality however, it is more likely an act driven by an Establishment whose ideals are now exploding everything they have built around them, making the same small-minded and inhumanly selfish people who caused these problems, desperate to maintain control over everyone, without revealing any more than is necessary about what drives them, and who they really are.

I only touched on the ethical conundrum that is the predictable push to prioritise the use of AI over people and the impact on jobs and livelihoods that it would replace.

I did so, assuming that profit-driven commercial monoliths would at least wait to do so, until such time as the integrity, honesty and reliability of AI Chatbots and all technologically aligned systems could at the very least be guaranteed.

With the news that companies such as IBM are already factoring in job losses due to their use and integration of AI, there is a very dark reality emerging within the midst of all this chaos and distraction we are experiencing.

This is where the real war between those who believe that wealth and power makes them different or better, and all others who have nothing or just much less, not only breaks out of its long manufactured cover, but where the canyon between us emerges and humanities experience of a very different kind of battlefield could well be about to begin.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto work through the steps that will be necessary as we walk the pathway of taking back control as the majority awaken through the process of The Great Reset.

The core value of a People centric culture or society will be that we always put People first in all that we do.

Having rejected the money and greed driven direction of everything that has led up to and includes the Great Reset – as the Establishment sees it – itself, we must embrace the reality that whilst businesses exist to provide a product or a service to its customers and not to create jobs in itself, within the new world or new earth, all businesses will exist to benefit humanity in some way.

If business and organisations only exist to benefit humanity, there is no good reason to replace jobs with technology, unless the cost of production or of the product itself is directly lowered or brought down in exactly the same proportion or way.

Technology should only be used to improve working conditions. Not to replace the condition of working and making a contribution to society itself. (See The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 5 | Science & Technology | lxxxii)

In Part 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto, a series of Public Policies have been suggested for a new people-centric age. This is one of a number that relate specifically to this issue:

The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 5 | Science & Technology | lxxxiii

Technology will not be used to replace employment itself.

The Reestablishment

If we will fail to change our way of living, our way of being and the focus of our value set voluntarily – as part of the opportunity that this period is offering us, change will be forced upon us and the change we experience will go beyond systemic collapse.

We will be forced into a situation where everything that we recognise fails to be as it was anymore.

Our failure to believe that there is an alternative way of being and of living – no matter what role or at what level we have been involved in the old world or old system – will not stop or prevent events that are outside human control from taking over, IF we do not embrace positive, people-focused change, by choice.

It is this part of the process – the changing of the way that we think or the way that we perceive the world and the other people we have relationships – that will be the real spiritual awakening or change of mind that so many have already talked about.

This change of direction; change of thinking; change in the way that we relate to everyone and everything; the process we undertake to bring Governance, civility and values to the new golden age in which we all rule – will be nothing less than The Reestablishment.

Everything must go. Everything must change. We must begin again, building from the Grassroots Up, re-establishing rules, processes and structures with the approach that nothing has existed before, whilst being open to the reality that some infrastructure, technology and methods of working can and will have a positive role to play in New Earth, as they can be repurposed or reformed.

The Reestablishment will begin at the most local level, within our Communities. Its reach will then work its way outwards, always aligning with decisions being made at the most local level possible, with old power structures answering to localities until they have either been reassimilated or removed.

An Uncomfortable Truth for those who are Awake and Awakening | The Grassroots Manifesto

One of the hardest realities that we must all face, is the role that we have all been playing in creating and feeding the same system that is hurting us, and that if you are here reading this book, there is a very good chance that you already hate.

Whilst we have been led to believe that we can have what we want, how we want it, where we want it and when we want it, even thinking like this is unsustainable. We cannot continue without more and more of the things around us going wrong.

Whilst you may already accept that the world and the way that we live must now change, the chances are that you have not really thought hard about what that could really mean.

You may well fall into the trap of thinking that as long as everyone else does the right thing, it won’t matter if you just continue doing what you are doing and having the things that you’re having – so that for you, things just stay the same way that they already are.

Voices that currently sit on the cusp and champion the coming change do so too, challenging parts of the programme that the Establishment is attempting to force upon us, such as the phasing out of fossil-fuelled cars – rightly speaking up and fighting against any policy which is dictatorially imposed.

But they do so without realising that some of these policies present a picture that different thinking on the part of all of us will deliver anyway and at the very least in part, through necessity, but also voluntarily, and most certainly in very different circumstances, by choice.

To believe that we can have a people-centric world that puts everyone first, on our own personal terms, is oxymoronic to say the very least.

It is therefore vital that we all understand that for as long as any of us remain fixed on wanting this thing or experience or wanting that thing or experience, rather than having faith that we can share a world where we will always have what we need, we are still and remain ‘bought in’ or invested into the system that we are now leaving and which at some point very soon will come to its end.

A New Democracy for the People that is no longer Top-Down, but Grassroots-Up | The Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

The key step in the process of meaningful change that will benefit everyone in a balanced, fair and just way will be the rejection and end of the existing Democratic System, Electoral System and System of Government that exists.

With the system of Governance that we have working only for itself, for those within it and those who inappropriately benefit from it, the system has passed any point of good it could reach.

The existing system has proven to be too easily corrupted by too many different influences for it to be able to provide the assurance of impartiality that will ensure a truly balanced, fair and just system of Governance can be fully accessible to all, and for it to then maintained.

It is with ownership and the control of all decision making and legislative processes within government that our power and the right to determine our future lies.

However, the point that so many people, from ‘outside’, who want change continue to miss, is that by continuing to focus on the political system that we have, rather than the one that we want, we are continuing to play by all the rules set by an Establishment that can only exist within a hierarchical and deferential structure that is Top-Down.

Whoever frames the argument and the debate will usually win it.

They may not be playing fairly, and they may have the mainstream media to pump out propaganda for them, but that’s the reality that underpins why the Establishment and however they continue to move the deckchairs on the deck of their very own Titanic is still and will continue to win.

So, step back, take a good look at yourself and the people you have around you. Then remember that it’s what we all as ‘outsiders’ have in common, rather than what at first impression we see, that provides the pathway to where finding unity, working together and then claiming back our power will be.

This Blog relates to Part 1 of The Grassroots Manifesto, which proposes the creation of a new Democratic system for elections and government, where the balance of power is taken back and restored to local communities, and kept away from people you will never have the chance to meet or even see.