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This Money and Greed obsessed world wasn’t the only option. The alternative has always been with us, hiding in plain sight

Perhaps the most deceptive part of the reality we live in is the idea that the money and greed obsessed world and the way that it functions and has taken over everything around us is and has only ever been the only available choice.

To be fair to many, the intoxicating way in which a world that perpetrates self-interest at every turn works, leaves the option to see the mechanics of the deceptive lie and the myths upon which our whole way of being sits, very difficult to see, and even harder to believe for those who genuinely can.

In fact, the level of self-awareness that it takes not only to understand but also accept the role that each and every one of us is guilty of playing in this very unfair and imbalanced form of life is indeed the antithesis of everything this whole system has been constructed to be and how it governs and influences every part of our lives.

However, just because we cannot see the alternative, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to all this isn’t available to us right now.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to this world hasn’t been a genuine option for us, all the way along.

Out of sight, out of mind

So, as the Left have steadily driven us to become obsessive about rights that go way beyond anything that benefits anyone or any industry or sector at all, the real problems facing workers that they had successfully dealt with here in the UK long ago, were simply shipped abroad or even recreated for very poor people abroad, so that the money orientated could just keep on making their money at an increasing cost to us all.

All the time, the growing problems have been out of sight and out of mind.

Levelling Level is about genuine social justice, not pursuing socialism itself

I am acutely aware that those particularly on the right, which will include those who are keen exponents of Neoliberal thinking and policy, will deliberately see the drive and direction of this book as being socialist.

Yet socialism has already failed, despite the ridiculous protestations from the Left that its only failed because it’s never been done right.

Idealism has no solution to the problems it creates

The burden that the Left has created is at first glance the polar opposite of the light-touch approach to government that the Tories would like us to believe works better.

Yet for reasons that are completely self-serving, this whole political class overlooks the consequences of their own policies and actions. Then when problems arise – which they inevitably do – they play around with the effects of the problems they created, without ever accepting or having the sense or indeed taking the risk to deal with the cause.

The snake eats its own tail: The cost of Left-wing rights on their own agenda

Having created a situation where the public sector literally can no longer do its job with the income it has because of its wages and pensions bill, the very rights and employment laws that Labour, the left and the EU it championed have created and have culturally installed, has made it impossible to function efficiently.

The irony is that Public Sector organisations such as the NHS can therefore no longer function without the use of contractors and employment agencies.

In the first instance or at the first level, this is the real so-called ‘privatisation’ that the Left continually shouts about and so loudly blames the Right for.

The true cost of Left-wing rights culture in the Public Sector

It is too easy to overlook and forget just how much impact and influence the Public Sector has on our lives.

To put the impact of having a completely dysfunctional Public Sector in perspective, it is perhaps best to try and provide at least some context by providing a list of how the work the public sector and the structures of government does, touches our lives:

  • Hospitals
  • Ambulances
  • Schools
  • Fixing Roads
  • Building Roads
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Parish & Town Councils
  • Borough & District Councils
  • County Councils & Unitary Authorities
  • Driving Licenses
  • Passports
  • Vehicle Licensing
  • Tax
  • Planning
  • Alcohol Licensing
  • Health & Safety
  • Flood Management
  • Environmental Health
  • The Courts
  • Jobcentres
  • Social Services
  • Emptying the bins
  • Erecting bins and dog bins
  • Bus Stops
  • Public Transport
  • NGOs (Non-Government Organisations)
  • [Army]
  • [Royal Navy]
  • [Royal Air Force]

The list goes on. Not least of all because even the functions that I have touched on here are managed by a wide range of different Public Sector bodies. They are all managed by organisations that have offices, structures, hierarchies and in many cases operational service departments to manage beneath and beyond them.

The bill to the Taxpayer (That’s us) for all of this is massive. In fact, it is currently thought to be the case that you actually work until late May or early June each year, just to pay the bill for all of this through the taxes that you pay.

Yes – that means you aren’t actually earning a penny for yourself for around five to six months of each year that you work.

To work effectively, rights must be the same and result in exactly the same for all

The damage that the Left have inflicted on the UK has developed around their obsession with rights and how they operate.

The left creates, pursues and implements policy based on the idea that those who appear to be ahead or in a position of advantage must be restricted or held back so that others can succeed.

It is a wholly naïve view of the way that the world works.

Instead of succeeding by bringing everyone up to a better level of existence as they suggest, their philosophy has only ever succeeded in levelling down. Culminating in a process which can only be described as putting the lowest common denominator first.

The process doesn’t stop there. In fact, the process has become so very skewed that the policies that the Left pursue actually defy practical reality.

The Labour Party and the left-wing today display and live by a lack of understanding not only of how people think, but how businesses and operations must operate not only to exist, so that they can succeed in achieving just the basic aims or purposes that they exist for.

Levelling Down – Rights, Equalities, Educational same-ism and how the UK is hamstrung by the impractical idealism of the Left

The words that the Tories don’t use to describe what they mean about change tell us that they believe that they can simply drag everyone up to a better life by changing the environment around them.

It’s as if politicians believe they have the power to dictate and then control how we think by changing only some of the things we can see.

They don’t.

Whilst both the Left and the Right share the same ridiculous idea that lack of, or absence of money in life are the only problems people face that any government need to fix, the Left are also blissfully unaware of how many problems the policies they have implemented and pursued over recent decades have actually created, made worse and continue to create for us each and every day.

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