Surviving The Great Reset: An uncomfortable truth about what we believe today

It is no accident that there are children in our cities and towns who have absolutely no idea that the milk they drink each day comes from a cow.

Somebody somewhere is benefitting from the accepted narrative continually going this specific way. And what you need to understand is that it is ALL about profit for the few.

None of how or why this system runs as it does is about anything that is good for you financially – as the messaging and culture we have tells us, or indeed your mind, your body and certainly not your spirit.

The age of consumerism is making us forget who we really are. It has dehumanised relationships, and this process has only been made worse by the arrival of the internet and smart technology – which pushes the focus of everything to the self or to our self-interest – which for all the good that the Net has the power to still do for us, this is above all the most hideous and socially destructive part of its darker side.

The truth of the matter is, that it is good to think ahead – even when we are not facing a national and worldwide crisis.

We need to learn – or rather relearn – to Prepare, Produce & make Provision.