Politicians are unaware of the impact of the decisions they make, because they have no understanding of the lives that the majority of the population live

The reality of how the UK Political System and how British Politics is broken, can be more than adequately explained in the difference between having Politicians who are effectively unconscious or ‘asleep at the wheel’ as they are today, and the very distinct alternative of having Politicians who are fully conscious of the reasons for and the implications of everything they do.

It cannot be emphasised strongly enough, just how real the different consequences are and will be between what we already have and what we could have and should have in terms of decision making in the best interests of everyone and everything.

These differences will continue to exist for as long as we fail to embrace the necessary process of change, rather than continue to seek what look like easy alternatives.

All of the Public Policy decisions being made today and the decisions that have been made for decades have been made with highly subjective aims.

The aims or desired outcomes that led to these decisions may have been to appeal to the Voters who typically support the Political Party in or seeking power. They may have been to keep the Banks, The Markets and Big Business happy. They may have been to maintain or gain favour with the EU or the Government of a Country such as the USA. They may have been based upon what the government of the day decided that ‘they’ could afford (£).

Whatever the motives or drivers behind the decisions may have been, those motives have become preferential influences or biases.

This means that the decisions have been made without consideration of all the facts, impacts and consequences in mind – as they always should be.

Poor decisions made by Politicians, influenced by biases or fears that favour one thing or the aims or wants of certain people always disadvantage something else or other people in some way.

There is no in-between – irrespective of whether the result is publicly seen or unseen.

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Today’s Politicians are unconscious, unaware and asleep at the wheel. This means everything is out of control

The problems that we are facing today have been created little by little and step by step over a very long period of time.

Yes, you will read and hear many well-known public figures and people such as journalists attributing blame for everything to an existing Political Party like The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats or Labour; to events such as Brexit, The Covid Pandemic or even The War in Ukraine.

But the reality underpinning all of the problems that we have, the way that these Political Parties behave and the way that events such as Brexit, Covid and Ukraine have been dealt with too, is it has been the thinking, mindset, values, motives, integrity and understanding of the decision makers – The Politicians – when each and every decision has been made, that has led the UK and the World to be where we all are today.

Believe it or not, the pivot point between Politicians making good decisions on Public Policy or making poor decisions on our behalf comes down to their understanding of the difference between what’s right for them subjectively and what’s right for everyone objectively.

The problem with Politicians today is they either don’t understand the difference between what’s right for them vs what’s right for everyone, or they deliberately fail to discern between the two.

Either way, the result is very much the same. In the most basic of terms: Politicians are not making decisions based upon being fully aware and in full consideration of everything that is relevant to each decision.

Politicians make poor decisions and continue to make poor decisions because they believe that the methods of thinking, acting and behaving they have adopted culturally are acceptable, proper and therefore ok.

Politics will not change or even deviate away from this until Politicians change the way that they think, or we change the way that we think and elect Politicians who think differently.

Because decisions are not being made in the best interests of everyone, Politicians have and are still creating life experiences for increasing numbers of people – and potentially for us all – that are out of control.

Real people, living real lives and having real life experiences just like you and I are on the sharp end of this right now.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book FREE online once it is available at www.awakenedpolitics.com

The crisis that we face and the problems ahead were not deliberate. But they weren’t created by accident either

The UK and the world are sleepwalking towards disaster. Chaos that could have been avoided if the people who lead us – Our Politicians, had taken a very different approach to the way that they think, act and behave when it comes to the decisions they make.

Contrary to accepted thought or to any common or accepted narrative, the people who we currently elect to be Politicians are rarely the best fit to fulfil the role of being a public representative.

Poor Public Representatives make decisions subjectively, in an isolated or myopic way, and do so without due care and attention to the broad range of factors and considerations that the Public should be able to expect and already assume will inform the process of how objectively based Public Policy – which should be all of it – is made.

It is because we have been electing people who are not suitable to be Politicians for so long, that the negative impact from having poor decisions made repeatedly to solve that problems that previous poor decisions made by other unsuitable Politicians have created, that the effect on everything has been cumulative, getting steadily but unconsciously worse.

Bit by bit, ‘The System’ that we have has become increasingly skewed away from and in many ways proactively geared against balance, fairness and what we might call being just in about every conceivable sense possible, when it comes to the different life experiences that we all have.

This Blog is part of the e-book ‘The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government’. Please do download a copy for your Kindle from Amazon, or alternatively, read the whole book online once it is available at www.awakenedpolitics.com