ALL OF THE ABOVE | The Outsiders or The Political Parties and Tribes from ‘Outside’

Many are already placing their hopes in new and less established Political Parties, activist groups and movements as being the way of change.

These political vehicles may appear to be different, speak with different words and with different voices.

But the thinking that drives them and the way that the Establishment or mainstream Political Parties think about Public Representation is regrettably one and the same.

The Outsider Political Parties and Tribes include:

  • The SDP
  • Reclaim
  • Reform UK
  • UKIP
  • ADF
  • Not Lib/Lab/Con
  • Vote Freedom

AND many others.

All of them are regrettably missing the point that the Outsiders’ strength lies in focusing on what we all have in common. Not by championing their own ideas, or anything else that just creates more of a divide.

Remember: Nobody serves everyone’s purposes when they are only serving ideas that are their own, and if they wanted to put you and your Community first, they would be doing so already.