Our system of Government is no longer fit for purpose and we are unlikely to get the change required if it is left in the hands of any of these MPs

Squatter Parliament

Politics is broken. It can no longer remain the same.

Elected representatives have demonstrated repeatedly that they cannot be trusted to respect the principles that underpin our democracy. For what happens next, they have only themselves and their parties to blame.

Until the 2010 creation of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, the safety valve that prevented trouble of the kind we are now experiencing was the ability of any and all prime ministers to call for a General Election, at any time and without two thirds of Parliament in support.

It was respectfully used at times when a government had no way to continue and simply didn’t have the number of votes necessary in Parliament to provide it with majority support.

Whilst opposition after opposition would have grabbed the chance of a General Election being gifted to them at any time, this Remain-majority of a quasi-Government has refused to have one deliberately by choice.

By doing so, they have demonstrated a total disregard, for our centuries-old constitution. A system of government that has never before seen such open and contemptuous forms of abuse.

Their priority and aim has been to manipulate the system to deliver what they want without any form of legitimacy or mandate.

What is worse, their plans run completely contrary to the will of the People – given to them legitimately as a direct and clear instruction in a democratic vote.

None of the political class that currently sits within our Parliament can walk away from this complete mess and claim they had nothing to do with it, the years of abuse that prepared the ground for it, or that it was always out of their control.

There is a rot at the base of British politics now and the real problem for us all is the question of how it can be replaced.

We cannot wait for a new party to be established that will have the policies and reach that will make it a credible alternative to what we have as the current line up or choice.

The current system is a monopoly of three at best and is totally rigged at worst.

But without a new political party that is a real left-right/Leave-Remain all-view-considered movement too, we are faced with the prospect of having to elect MPs at the coming General Election who have come to Parliament through the very same Party Political system that gave us the people that have broken our democracy.

This system of political parties only works to further itself and is as such fundamentally flawed.

The truly concerning thing for us all right now is that the stupidity that we are witnessing in Parliament may not have as yet come to its end.

The MPs we have Today are either so sure of their own position or confident that they can do what they like and that Public concern will simply then fade away, that it has become clear that they are now capable of doing absolutely anything when it comes to getting their own way.

This travesty must be stopped. What they have already done has set a dangerous precedent. Those politicians who follow them in future without there being the meaningful change required will simply approach future policies just the same.

We must find a way to create and establish a fixed and robust constitution that covers all aspects of the way this Country is governed.

We must set proper, considered rules covering how we allow our MPs to be appointed as candidates and then become elected.

Otherwise we must now accept that Parliamentary democracy in this country is no longer fit for purpose and has come to its end and that the time has come to find another way.

One way or another, change is coming and it’s probably going to come very soon indeed.

The answer may not be anything anything we have already seen. And it won’t be a question of if or when.

It will simply be a question of who.


The future of this Country will not be dictated by a Squatter Parliament filled with cuckoos rather than genuine MPs. Our future will be decided by the British People and implemented by representation that we can actually trust.


Boris’ audacity might just win a majority. But with many of the same MPs returning, it will not be enough to get Brexit done

We are no longer a Country run by democracy. Today we are a land where anything goes.

Any politician left in Parliament today who intends to do whatever they genuinely can to uphold any principle of democracy and to deliver Brexit, must now realise that the rules have changed significantly. That to survive in the long term, they themselves will have to change – that is, if they can.

The shibboleths of the old politics are no longer acceptable to the British People. They have gone for good.

And so our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is faced with some stark realities. Realities that he cannot expect to dodge.

That is if he intends to see a proper Brexit delivered. Then open the doors to the opportunities that lie beyond that have the power to bring this Country such good.

Whilst few of us are openly prepared to talk about it, there is a stark reality now at work.

A storm cloud is brewing around everything to do with government in this Country. How politicians are elected. How they should be qualified and their motives tested. How we can ensure that the people elected to represent us will do the job that was intended. How we make sure that self interest holding the levers of power is history and no longer continues to be the norm.

The leap from where we now stand to a reasoned political future can sound very simple. But when we still have a Parliament that is overpopulated by MPs who want to frustrate Brexit and maintain what to them has been a highly beneficial status quo, the realisation will have to soon dawn for us all and not least of all Boris Johnson, that focusing on delivering upon the task in hand is the first and only step that must immediately be taken.

Plans and grand strategies for politicians to take the steps now to secure their power after this, that and just about anything else has happened in the future, simply now have to be put on hold.

Brexit offers the significant opportunity that we have been waiting for, to put so many of the things that have been going wrong in this Country right.

But to do so, the Government that leads us as we Leave the EU must not only ensure that the UK Leaves without any restrictive deal, strings or ties; they must also be able to keep everything moving in the right direction. Until turbulence and the challenges that we will face as we take control of our own destiny have come to a clear end.

Regrettably, the political party model that we currently have, the dynamic in parliament and the impact of what the Remain-collective-opposition has done has ensured – not even with polls moving significantly towards Boris and ‘No Deal’ – that no one can be sure of the result when the General Election comes.

The problem isn’t just about winning seats. It’s both the number of seats and the propriety of the politicians involved.

And because many of the same politicians that are responsible for many of the problems this Country is facing right now – that only include Brexit – are seeking to return, we cannot be sure that the change for the better will come or even be possible after the General Eection, unless an unwavering commitment to a genuine no deal Brexit and all steps necessary to achieving it are now made and the decks cleared to ensure that it is delivered for everyone.

Boris and the team around him – despite the audacity of the approach they have employed – cannot guarantee that the General Election can be won with the Brexit Party still in play.

SPOILER ALERT: The Brexit Party is not going away.

The dynamic of the demographics that support both the revitalised ‘leave’ Conservative Party under Boris and the Brexit Party are different enough that if they exist on a Ballot paper as alternative options for Leave Voters in enough Parliamentary Seats, there is no way that either Party can actually win.

Boris is doing an excellent job of trying to be more Brexit than the Brexit Party. But the Brexit Party currently possesses a demographic that will remain loyal to Nigel Farage and the purist option, simply because without the Brexit Party support or endorsement, supporting the Conservatives in any form simply has too many risks for them involved.

Brexiteers are either heads, hearts or floating voters.

The heads follow the Tories.

The Brexit Party and Nigel Farage are supported by the hearts.

The significant number of Leave supporters that float between will on Election Day put a cross in the box against the name of the Party they think most likely to get the result. To get Brexit delivered. To get Brexit done.

Because of the nature of the situation we are now in, the choice that Boris has is to either cling to the wreckage of what he hoped would be the Johnson era of Conservative Glory and go down in flames with the rest of the Country. Or take the practical step of joining up with the Brexit Party in an electoral pact that can win the General Election whilst demonstrating a very different kind of leadership. So that the will is thereafter present in Parliament to whether the storm through our departure and then clear the decks for the new politics that must now begin.

This is a far from perfect situation. There are arguably very good reasons not to want the Brexit Party involved.

Boris and his Conservative Brexiteers can refuse to understand and accept that it is the utilisation of what all Leavers have in common that will equip him with everything that today he doesn’t have.

But if they do so, they must also then accept that the alternative is to be stitched up by this Remain-collective-opposition and that they will watch from the opposition benches as it emerges from the General Election with nothing less than what was an avoidable endorsement that they will sell to the public as being legitimacy. Ready and willing to weld us into the EU forever as they sweep away any ideas of real democracy every being returned to the UK aside.

Many are impressed by your leadership so far Boris. You are beginning to make the Remain-collective-opposition convulse and shake. But if you really want to get Brexit done and deliver for the People, you need to work with Farage to give us that break. 

It’s time to take that leap of faith.




Disregarding the will of the People is bad enough. But colluding with a foreign power to continue doing so is treachery at best

The false outrage that the Remain-collective opposition have been demonstrating against Boris Johnson and Brexiteers this week is a Trojan horse campaign for them. Simply because it has become useful for them to brand words that accurately describe their actions truthfully as being offensive – just so the MPs actively engaged in wrecking this Country can continue their malevolence unhindered and without any hint of shame.

Boris was being much more honest with his words than the would-be-government-in-waiting has been with everything they are doing when he used the term surrender to described what would be the overall outcome from the fruition of their plans.

So with the suggestion now circulating that their ‘leaders’ have been colluding with French Officials and the EU to draw up a new strategy to secure a further delay to Brexit, to appoint a stooge EU Commissioner and empower the Speaker to bypass No10, it is time to accept that such action is the behaviour of traitors. And treachery has long been the unspoken undercurrent of this whole sell-out to the EU game.

The EU has intentionally and very effectively drip fed us the concept that they are the true nation state that we should all be looking to. That the UK is just a collective of insignificant Regions and nothing more.

For the ambitious and self-serving amongst us – of which our political system and Parliament is now full – there has been no question of loyalty when it has come to identifying the ‘nation state’ to which they should align their own selfish cause.

Our system of Government has trustingly allowed them to do not only this, but to also facilitate the backwash of legislation and change that has helped to condition people unconsciously into believing that full alignment with the EU is not only inevitable, but is doing the right thing – all via what we didn’t realise was a legislative open door.

There is no question that we should be able to expect far more from the people we have elected. Loyalty to the UK itself above all.

What has happened instead is they have become intoxicated by the idea of the power and the glory that the EU offers, whilst overlooking the practical consequences and impacts that an autocratic government cause. A system of governance that takes power further away from the people whilst using little more than bribes and emotional manipulation to suggest that all of us are getting much more.

The inescapable truth is that the United Kingdom is still a Nation State.

We are a Country with our own way and ways of doing things.

Above all, we the People believe in our democracy. Our right for it to be honoured and maintained. And we have trusted that we would not be robbed of our democratic control.

But the people elected to lead us only recognise what has become their own alternative view of what democracy means. That is why our system of government is in such a mess today,

The EU has always been successful because it is driven by idealism in strategy and in the bureaucratic lawmaking that originates at its Brussels core.

Idealism appeals to the metropolitan elites and those shielded from the harder realities of normal life. People who want nothing more than a warm and snuggly feeling of self-righteousness as they go to bed at night that can only come from the arrogance of believing that only the academically educated and financially rich know what’s right for a whole Country which their behaviour suggests they see as a commodity that they own.

Such levels of idealism wheeled out as public policy have serious long term consequences for us all.

And it’s the real people out here living lives that these MPs have neither an appreciation of nor the will to obtain it – when they were given the opportunity to tell the Government how they feel – voted democratically as a majority to Leave the EU.

We voted to Leave the EU, not with talk or endorsement of any deal or of any ongoing obligations.

The British People said we want out. That’s what’s we expect. Nothing more.

The impact of our long-term membership of the EU has in no small part led to and created Brexit. Yet this Remain-collective-opposition is so fixated on its own superiority of thought, they believe they have the right to commit a whole Country – without any mandate – to not only the same, but a lot more.

Treachery at any level is driven by self interest. That’s why in this case, the reality of what MPs are doing has now become so easy to define.

These MPs are so sure of the justification and legitimacy of their actions, they have broken cover an are now completely in the open. Showing the people who gave them power, nothing more than complete and utter contempt.

The process of becoming indoctrinated by the world and the information around us is excusable for those who have busy lives and no time to think.

But we elect MPs and politicians to know better. To read, research and understand the implications of everything that happens at government level. To put all of our interests first – because outside of Parliament we don’t.

They have not only failed us. They are actively selling us out.

This means they are either too ignorant and unlearned to understand what the EU represents or what it is doing. Or they are knowingly betraying the people they represent to further what is nothing less than a Foreign Power’s cause.

Either way, these MPs are unfit to govern or to represent the British Public in any way.

We may have moved on from the time when traitors were hung, drawn and quartered. But letting them continue to destroy our Country by continuing to have any further influence on the destiny of our Country is simply not something we should allow them to do.

We must rid ourselves of this unconstitutional, sell-out and insidious Parliament as quickly as possible.

We must replace them with leadership that actually loves, respects and believes in this Country and accepts that the pathway and destiny that the People of the UK have democratically chosen for us all in the UK will not be as a member of the EU.


Yes, the ‘news’ is bullshit. Presenters and journalists are just upset because they don’t realise they are projecting their own opinion instead of fact

The truth is the truth, no matter what your argument might be. And whilst the media love to hate Dominic Cummings to the point of distraction right now, he certainly spoke truth to power when he stated this week that he doesn’t watch the news because it’s bullshit.

With no small hint of irony, the Naga Munchetty debate that has inflamed over her BBC reprimand this week actually proves the point very well that presenters, journalists and pundits – the ‘opinionati’ – have completely lost sight of what news actually is and where their opinion begins or more importantly – should end.

At a time when fake news and the influence that it has via social media has come so clearly into question – particularly where influence on politics is concerned – it is perhaps a very timely reminder that the mainstream news channels and mediums do not receive anything like the scrutiny over the quality of their content that they should.

The reality is that fake news, bullshit and opinion have become pretty much inextricably linked.

It is now only the source and the profile that it has which misleadingly suggests legitimacy where well-known broadcasters are concerned. And made to make the dubious suggestion that they are not the same as other bullshitters or that they come even remotely close.

Just like the politicians who are currently torching our democracy, the opinionati have lost the ability to understand the difference between fact and what they themselves think.

The intoxicating effect of being elevated in the public eye has affected them all just the same.

If MPs are successful installing Corbyn as ‘caretaker’ PM, they’d better hope there are public servants willing to oppose and stand in the way of a Prime Minister for the right reasons, rather than for self-serving ones too

There are brilliant memes that are doing the rounds at the moment making light of the UK’s democratic demise. The MPs seeking to inflict their own ideas upon us should take note that the best jokes relate to how people really feel about the subject. They should note that the will of the majority of the People is an unalterable truth.

It would appear that we are currently being governed not by the Prime Minister, but by a quasi-government. One constructed of a Remain-collective-opposition, aided and abetted by the Courts. Effectively barricaded in Parliament, completely at peace with themselves and their reasoning, everything that they do and that they have done. Rejecting the opportunity of gaining a democratic mandate in a General Election, so confident are they that what they do is right – no matter what it is that they actually do.

Living in fear that the Prime Minister of the Government they are holding hostage could actually have found a legal loophole that could prevent them from achieving their manipulative aims, these non-representative MPs are today considering the option of putting the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn as a temporary ‘caretaker’ PM into No10.

There’s little point in protesting about the morality of what these power grabbers are doing. Or in attempting to reason with them in the hope that they would then understand that they only think they have control over events that will follow every decision they make and what the consequences might then be.

These Remain-obsessed MPs have already demonstrated very well that they are only prepared to do what they believe to be right for them. Not what’s right for us all.

The problem with such unbridled levels of stupidy and the ignorance that underpins the decisions that they have already and now intend to make, is that they have absolutely no respect for the realities of consequence – that are out of anyone’s control – from the moment that the decision has been made.

Placing a power-crazed Marxist in No10, might seem like an expedient and inconsequential idea to those who believe that this is how they can thwart Brexit yet again.

To them its just a case of how the political stitch-up of all stitch ups will come to fruition and finally be made.

Yet the example they have given Corbyn over recent months and weeks – that is when it comes to riding roughshod over every kind of constitutional rule possible to achieve their aims – will only have served to demonstrate to Labour’s Marxist Leader that he will not have any problem rubbishing the framework of rules that is now in freefall around him.

Corbyn will have seen that the ground has been well prepared for what under his premiership would be set to come. He will know that circumstances will now allow him to simply brush away any foolish notion that his time in No10 will be anything like a temporary stay.

The fools now planning to do this have no idea what drives this man or the people who surround him, and how ruthless they will be in keeping power once they have it.

These MPs think Corbyn would be responsible when it comes to respecting the principles of democracy. The very same ones that they themselves have so publicly ignored.

However, they and their officially autocratic chums at the EU would soon have a rude awakening when they wake up one morning to discover that the prospect of the capitalist gem of Singapore-on-Thames that Brussels so fears as fallout from the UK Leaving, will have been replaced by the reality of a Socialist wasteland that is Europe’s New Venezuela, twinned with the DPRK. All as a direct result of them destroying democracy and meddling with everything.

Many of the self-serving MPs who have put keeping the UK in the EU not only above the will of the people, but also above everything else they misuse their responsibility to do, do not have any idea what a man with this ideology is capable of.

If they should succeed at giving Corbyn power at any level, it is safe to assume that he and his supporters will do anything and everything to take much more.

Jeremy Corbyn is a fan of revolt and of revolution. Not as a way to change anything for the better for everyone else as his propaganda tells us. But as a method of grabbing absolute power so that he can further and completely embed his own malevolent cause.

The MPs that now consider facilitating this have neither respect for the power they possess, nor the people who entrusted it to them. They would simply gift the power that they therefore do not understand or value to him by installing him in No10.

And at some future moment after they did so, when the gravity of the mistake they have made manifests and the penny begins to drop, they may well consider themselves at that point lucky only to have been put up against a wall and shot.

Yes, it might all sound very far-fetched as we sit here reading the troubling stories from within what many do not see are the dying embers of our once democratic reality. We all still cling to the belief that nothing could ever really change.

But if these abusers of the Public trust should successfully remove Boris and make Corbyn their temporary PM, they had better hope that there are others in positions of responsibility who are in possession of the principles that they are not.

They should hope that there are public servants at the top of government, the emergency and security services and of the military too, who would be willing to oppose and stand in the way of a Prime Minister for the right reasons.

They must hope that these executives will be prepared to put themselves at significant personal risk. And that they will do so, rather than following the example that this Remain-collective of a quasi government has set them, which is nothing less than ‘this is all about me, me, ME’ and based on the example of ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’.

The very people whom we the People have trusted to run our Country; to do what’s right for all of us and to keep us safe, are – through their own ineptitude and the abuse of the offices that they have been entrusted with – inviting in a very dark and significant change – simply through their actions and their ignorance – that they are unable to see.

Let us hope that just a few of those who have facilitated this mess by carrying the number of votes in Parliament across the opposition line, now have sense enough not to allow the ridiculous concept of Corbyn being reasoned enough to take over as a ‘caretaker’ PM go through.

Because we can be sure that a man like this will not have the responsibility, morality and self-control to leave that once respected post when his time is supposed to be through.


image thanks to the person who created it and put it out on the web




This Parliament is a joke that would be funny if the actions of our MPs were not so serious. They are doing nothing less than opening the safety doors that enclosed our democracy and inviting a revolution in

images (16)Observing the chaos that has been caused in Parliament by the exquisite mixture of self interest, ignorance and lack of moral standing on the part of so many of our existing MPs has become frightening. Frightening for the real people outside of politics, who until these past three years have relied upon our system of government to be reliably always there when it comes to doing what it is that MPs, Ministers and PMs should do.

But our MPs are drunk on what they perceive as their own power. They lost all sense of reality when they sold their souls to this establishment’s system.

They have left real people outside of Westminster with literally no idea where this is all heading nor where it will actually end.

Yet they genuinely believe that they are in control of everything that they do.

For years that number centuries, British people have been able to rely upon a system of checks and balances, that without need for anything more than the gentlemanly handshake that was representative of the trustworthy Britain of old, has kept our system of government moving – albeit through transfer of power to complete opposites as well as long-waiting successors, at any time that momentum has been lost, mistakes have been made or the incumbent in No10 has simply become too old.

But the days when MPs and this Country’s leaders were self aware enough and had the moral fortitude to simply ‘do the right thing’ when their time was done have now long since gone.

The stupidity of MPs who are either being deliberately obtuse or simply too stupid to know and understand why they were elected, has driven our system of governance to the point of destruction.

Not content with barricading themselves within our Parliament and seeing themselves as the squatters that they are, or accepting that they have overstayed their welcome and that they should leave; these pretenders to the principles of democracy have now gone even further, not only seeking but securing the dubious intervention of the Courts to endorse their unscrupulousness.

Together, they have underlined the reality that power in this Country is no longer in the hands of the people that Parliament and our Courts are supposed to serve.

The British People have the right to be frightened. Because in the General Election that is soon to come we are not being offered anything different or anything that is good.

In this General Election we will only have the choice of electing MPs who will be motivated by their own set of self-serving values. Whether new candidates or those who will plan on returning, everything will continue to be just the same.

The reason we have got to where we are is because the whole system has become about keeping itself going. It has reached the stage where it just perpetuates pain.

Without fundamental change to the way that political parties operate and the pool of candidates that it offers us is selected, all forms of government in this country are now destined to remain institutionally corrupt.

The British People are awakening to this. Deep down and viscerally we know and understand that the more these people in power today tell us that things are changing and have changed, the more they actually stay the same.

We have now reached a time when so many of these very same MPs blow off steam by projecting the guilt they carry for their own actions onto others that question them by branding them with names they themselves don’t understand such as ‘fascists’ and many other derogatory things.

But they do not realise that it is they themselves who through their dismissal and disrespect of the very system that gave them their opening and opportunity, are now opening the very door to a new form of governance that could very well end up encapsulating all that they suggest they are afraid of and more.

Many will scoff at such sentiment. But what the use of power without thought on this level invites is nothing less than a revolution.

Because it is now becoming clear to the silent majority of the People in this Country that the apparatus has been removed or rendered meaningless that would in other hands have provided us, the Electorate with the choice of a real political alternative that can be trusted to democratically win.


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Boris has no reason to apologise when in miscreated circumstances all he has done is attempt to lead

Whilst the gravity of events culminating this week has not yet allowed time for the dust to settle, there can be no doubt of the trouble that what was once our democracy is now in.

It doesn’t matter if you think Boris Johnson and his Government, the opposition ‘Remain collective’ or even the Supreme Court was or is right.

If you are looking to identify legitimacy, we can be pretty sure that history will demonstrate that none of them were actually right.

In such troubled times when absurdity rules and MPs and even judges have thrown everything that has underpinned the mechanics of our system of government out of the window, it stands to reason that the people who are still in the positions of true power should and would do everything they believe they can to lead – even if the steps they take subsequently don’t go the way that they should.

Boris Johnson has faced a set of unique circumstances and events as Prime Minister that he has been prevented from addressing appropriately and as he should.

The reality is that his hands were tied in any event the moment that the Fixed Term Parliaments Act was signed off and we already know that he has tried not once, but twice to call a General Election – which any Prime Minister that finds himself without a majority, would taking responsibility then do.

Yes, prorogation was always going to be questionable. But in these strange times when everything is set up against you apart from the majority of the voting public, breaking new ground and stepping outside the realm of precedent is exactly what we should expect our mandated leaders to do.

The current illegitimately sitting and refusing to budge majority of Remain opposition MPs have actually broken the system, and we should have been able to expect that our most senior Judges would look upon the bigger picture at work here, and see the trap that had been set for them, before they gave such a damaging judgement of which all 11 of them are clearly sure.

The circumstances that we are facing don’t or will not allow the immediate changes that we now need to prevent all of this from hitting the floor. That would be the dismissal of this whole Parliament, and its replacement with a form of government that will deliver on the result of the Brexit Vote, have vision, consideration for all and be equitable. Its not a lot to ask when we deserve a lot more.

What is left of the once legitimate framework under which the public elects representatives will not allow us to do that – that is if we are really to try to adhere to the rules that our MPs and even our Judges have now broken. We regrettably now have the right to ask the question – what or rather who are these rules actually for.

History will show that in terms of the Prorogation, Boris was doing the best that he believed he could. Any apology against that, no matter what the Supreme Court may have ruled, will only speed up the fall of this democracy when things are so desperate that we need a completely new way of thinking at the top of Government if anything any politician can now do is going to result in anything remotely good.




A General Election is the only thing that any responsible Parliament would now do. But Opposition MPs know they are going backwards on their road to No10

One of the defining faults within our political culture today is the misapprehension that power is all about being in control.

The democracy-breaking steps that have been taken by Remainer MPs ranging from former PM Theresa May to Hilary Benn and the politicians that have supported them since the 2016 European Referendum have been breathtaking in their arrogance, heavy-handedness and self-aggrandisement.

The behaviour of these Opposition MPs standing against democracy and against Brexit demonstrates that they are fundamentally the same.

What they have done and what they are doing is founded on the mistaken belief that they can and will thwart Brexit simply by continuing to keep taking and then maintain what they understand to be control.

But all actions have consequences.

The blindness with which these MPs have all worked towards the aim of defying the principles that underpin our once envied Democracy, have led them to believe that they can now do anything unhindered. Even using the Courts to cover their actions will a veil of faux legitimacy. Confidant that the tried-and-tested political act of blurring the view of the public will lead us all to overlook and then forget what they do.

The reality is that these Remain-obsessed MPs have been too clever, too many times over too long a period of time.

After more than three years of this since we voted to Leave the EU, even the most disinterested and disenfranchised members of the public are aware of what is actually going on.

Yes, there are certainly some people who voted Remain in 2016 who still support them.

Brexit has led to such a level of emotional entrenchment that for some, any action or any cost that will disadvantage the choice of the many to Leave the EU is not only acceptable but right, if it ultimately benefits the position of very few.

Very few of us now fail to see, feel or understand that the morality required of all legitimate public representatives has left the Palace of Westminster en masse.

We know, we accept and we demand that politics can and never will now be the same.

When our MPs returned after the Summer recess, there is no doubt that significant choices were made.

Faced with a Remain-led Parliament, Boris chose Prorogation as the his only way when he should have committed himself and the Conservative Party to doing everything right and necessary to fight and win a General Election this Autumn, if not when he was confirmed as Leader, then certainly when he became Prime Minister the next day.

Yet Remainer MPs, aided by a highly controversial Speaker, to stop the Prime Minister achieving his promise of a no deal Brexit on 31st October at any cost, have hardly covered themselves in any glory too.

What this dubious collective form of opposition do no realise is that their actions have already removed the tenuous ground upon which they were planning that the Prime Minister would slip.

And for all the attempts they have made to demonstrate that Boris is a Prime Minister who cannot be trusted ever to keep his word, they have instead created a bed of rock underpinning the foundations of his position – by now using the Law itself against democracy – as opposed to Boris, who at this point appears like the only one amongst a rotten barrel of political pathways prepared to actually do what it takes to lead.

If this opposition were so sure of the legitimacy of the position that they hold in the wider public eye, there is no doubt that they would go for a General Election. History has shown that any Party can win a majority when they are truly connected to and have the public on their side.

But the truth is this opposition does not have the public on its side. And what is more, they damn well know it too.

The best they can still do even now, is to return to manipulating and abusing the very system that gave them their roles by attempting yet another fudge.

In fact this Remain-addicted opposition is willing to do anything to try and prevent the public from getting the result that we actually voted for.

These non-mandated MPs truly believe that if they can get whatever conclusion it is they want – even if that is the complete cancellation of Brexit – that the problem that exists between them and the electorate today will simply vanish into thin air and go away.

It will not.

Again, and it must be repeated. The public can all see everything that these abusers of truth now do.

We can only conclude that the politicians responsible for this complete and utter mess really believe that nothing has already or will change in the future.

That with the Party-political system apparently stitched up in their favour, thwarting Brexit and consolidating their position once they have power by changing the electoral system from First Past The Post to Proportional Representation is all that they really now need do, to make the thickos they think we all are shut up and go away.

A General Election will sadly not remove the majority of politicians who should never have been given the privilege and responsibility of elected office. For that is what these broken self-serving Political Parties do.

But a General Election is precisely the step that a majority of responsible MPs in our Parliament would take in these circumstances – no matter how extreme they may seem.

Simply because in these circumstances the outcome might be well out of their control. But in a democracy where politicians take their responsibility to the electorate as seriously as it can and should be, a General Election is now without any doubt, the right and proper thing to do.

As we see the decision of MPs to override the will of the People over Brexit made manifest, now with the support of the Courts, one can only wonder if any of them are self aware enough to ask themselves was it worth it?

Many of us have suspected if not already known that the Country has been in trouble for a long time. Since before Brexit in fact. And that it’s been the political class and their very own brand of self interest that has been the root cause of it all.

Since the Brexit Vote in June 2016, we have seen a great many questionable things taking place in Parliament. Made all the worse because the Public’s attention has been increasingly drawn to what our so-called representatives of the people have been doing as time has moved along with nothing meaningful actually going on.

Over three years in and with a series of delays to the departure date for the UK Leaving the EU and the non-responsibility of a political class that genuinely believes it knows better than the people that put it in power, one thing has been made crystal clear to us all.

To this Parliament of MPs that as a majority have no regard for democracy, all options are open when it comes to achieving just one thing: The overturn of Brexit and our permanent subjugation to the EU – which make no mistake is a foreign power, albeit one dressed up as being all manner of seemingly attractive yet very misleading things.

Of course, breaking the system of Government in the UK always part of the EU’s bigger agenda, as it is still the case within the structures of other Countries that have chosen to remain part of it.

The aim is the control of everything. All under the cloak of trade and lip service paid to a more enlightened form of democracy that under this regime of autocratic empire builder has and never will exist.

We have need to look no further that the damage that their plans has caused the UK through the devolved ‘solutions’ in Scotland and Wales that were put into being by New Labour and Tony Blair.

Make no mistake, it was the EU that loaded the gun that brought questions of ‘independence’ to the united parts of our great Land. It was just the very ambitious Blair who fired it and in all likelihood still doesn’t understand what the whole exercise was really for.

In recent months and years, the reality that almost our whole political class is ready and waiting to sell us out to the EU has become increasingly clear.

Whether it’s fear, ineptitude or their simple inability to actually lead with the power they have been entrusted with, it is perhaps only time that will enable us all to understand what the purpose of this great betrayal and sell-out was actually for.

Today, the joke that was never funny has gone a step too far.

The question of who actually rules our democracy has openly come into question. Yet the answer has been focused on the Courts and not the EU.

Our democracy – or rather the lie that has been for many years coercively forced upon us has formally been undermined.

Whilst the result of this action might not become immediately apparent, we can be sure that it certainly will.

The only way that the problem can now ever be resolved is if we remove ourselves completely from this rotten form of government and the politicians that have created it too.

The defining step has to be a full, clean and uncompromised exit from the EU.

Change is coming – that much has never been so sure.

We can only hope that the road we take to get there doesnt soon start to affect us all in very non-political and potentially hard hitting ways.

If Brexit had been accepted and managed properly by Government and all of the MPs we have elected from the moment that the decision was made, the inevitable challenges and difficulties that we would have faced by choosing that the UK’s destiny goes a different way would have been kept to the minimum and could have been mitigated in many well-thought out ways.

Instead, the selfishness of this political class has inflicted unnecessarily all of the bad decisions, challenges and difficulties that may befall us – simply because there have forced upon us undemocratically the decision to go a completely different way.

With Brexit now having been used as the excuse to bring into question our existing system of Law, and we see the decision of MPs to override the will of the People made manifest, one can only wonder if any of them are self aware enough to ask themselves was it worth it?

The Supreme Court has lit the fuse on a time bomb sitting under our democracy and whole system of government too


The legal profession in the UK has been its own worst enemy for a long time.

Whilst reform has been long overdue in probably every area of Law, like most devices linked to the rule of Government in this Country, the breaks have been plastered over again and again and the system has repeatedly failed all of us.

Like politics itself, the people with responsibility have either forgotten or overlooked what’s right for everyone and replaced it with whats right for them in some or other mitigated form.

Perfect judgement of anything is rarely possible, because it is impossible to be aware of or understand all of the facts. And by facts we must not exclude non-material evidence, because thinking itself would also be taken into consideration if the perfect judgement were genuinely the aimed-for thing.

For practical reasons that include the functioning of what we consider to be a ‘normal‘ or civilised society, it is necessary for the Law to work set against a framework of Laws, precedents and past Judgements as a guide to identify the milestones and benchmarks of legal circumstances and know that a decision is being made against the ‘right’ things.

When it comes to matters that sit outside precedent or the Law making of our Government, it stands to reason that the highest Court in the Land which is now the Supreme Court, should be consulted and be asked to consider what precedent to set upon  those things.

Yet the dynamics of the relationship between primary Law makers (Government, ultimately representing the People) and the administrators of the Law (The Judiciary, ultimately representing the Government) is one that should never be impinged.

To do so brings into question where the power of our democracy ultimately falls.

The ruling by the Supreme Court today against the Government that the current Prorogation of Parliament was unlawful has stepped over a fundamental fault line in the way that our system of Democracy has previously been successful and worked.

Laws have been created under the power of the electorate via the ballot box, through the election of representatives of the people.

Until today, we have not been a Country that has been under the rule of the Courts.

As I outlined in a recent blog, there can be no suggestion that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was absolutely right. But the circumstances which led him to the place where he made that decision were simply unprecedented too.

There should have been acknowledgement from the Supreme Court that the nature of the circumstances that have led to the Prorogation have themselves led to the experience for both the Government and the Courts.

Regrettably, the Judges of the Supreme Court have not done this. And our concern should now be what impression this will leave in people’s minds when we know that the way that politics works is broken and that change is an inevitable thing.

We have a Parliament that has refused to obey the will of the people by enacting the instruction of a democratic vote; refused to go back to the people when a confirmatory vote in the form of a General Election was offered – not just once, but twice, and has now encouraged the highest Court in the land to intervene in support of what at best can only be called their very questionable actions. All without the people being allowed to become involved in the process and being allowed democratically give their view on whats been happening, without Parliament first taking every step it believes that it can, to stack the deck in its favour of being returned en masse in order to frustrate once again the meaning of that original 2016 European Referendum Vote.

As those who have taken the time to study the steps and pathways that dictators take to power will already know, one of the first things they look to destroy or take control of is the system of Law and the Judiciary.

With the state of our so-called democracy being in the condition that it is and the self-serving behaviour of our MPs wrecking the whole concept of a working democracy in the way that it is, it is arguably the case that the combined efforts of all the people who should know better at the top of our establishment may have just combined to give any would-be dictator just cause.


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Qualified academically or not, we are all capable of greatness or of being complete and utter fools

images (15)As humans we love difference. We love difference so much, we use it as a way to qualify other people by colour, gender, sexual orientation, financial and material wealth, social background, taste, appearance and in many other ways too.

Many of the benchmarks that we carry within our own personal make up as we attribute a value to others are unconscious or to the world outside us, secret from everyone’s view.

And the fact that we effectively make the judgements connected with our way of thinking behind closed doors, means that no matter how hard do-gooders attempt to legislate or rather control our behaviour, controlling other people’s thinking at a personal or very private level is a battle that even the most politically correct amongst us will never actually win.

So obsessed have we become with being able to legitimise our qualification of others when it suits us to do so, we have found it easy to use the markers that society legitimately provides to create yet another set of differences between ourselves and other people. One that stands far outside the purpose for which that system was intended, and the help that it was originally intended to provide.

For a long time, academic qualification has increasingly been used as the preferred way to distinguish the ability, attitude, application, intelligence and any number of other things about an individual that to the audience can be used to distinguish the capability of a person and whether for the purpose they are being considered, they are ‘qualified’ or not.

By-passing the cold, hard reality that academic qualifications, whether it be a GCSE, A’Level, Graduate Degree, Masters or Phd is simply another benchmark created in some particular persons (usually an academic’s) thoughts, the elephants of our society have fallen head over heels in to the trap of believing that academic standards portray the genuine quality or value of each and every individual or person. 

They do not.

Yesterday, we witnessed the power of these maleficent social anchors at their horrifying worst, when Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner was ridiculed for having what are considered to be 4 very poor GCSEs and academically speaking, no more.

Whilst Labour and their principle spokesperson for Education demonstrate little credibility in terms of the policies they have been putting forward with an eye on the upcoming General Election at their Party Conference this week, there are few of us outside of Westminster who could list with fingers on one hand, the number of politicians from any one Political Party who we could hand-on-heart consider credibly, when it comes to fulfilling their roles properly, and being good representatives of the people too.

Perception is everything. Particularly so when it comes to the influences on our thinking and lives that is played out on social media and TV.

Just because an MP or politician looks good on camera, comes across as confident, sounds competent or can boast an academic cv that included Eton, Oxford or wherever it may be from, it is simply a fact that the reality and truth may be – and in the case of many of our sitting MPs – is that they are not ‘qualified’ by or by being any such thing.

Because we have learned and increasingly been conditioned against the value of the substance of life experience and the practical understanding of people, business, community, their experiences and views that time in the real world gaining knowledge of different situations brings, we have reached a stage where we look for things that make high-profile people stand out for all the wrong reasons, mistakenly thinking that they are right.

There is some rich irony in the fact that it was the Labour Government of 1997-2010 that pushed the envelope of qualification bias to its currently accepted extreme by suggesting that it was not only possible, but should be the case that everyone has a degree.

This malignant and ill-conceived step has itself contributed the biggest change in perception about what qualifies any person.

It has pushed us all much further away from regarding each and every other individual as being equal and the same.

Furthermore, the meddling of Angela Rayner’s political predecessors when in Government bears much of the responsibility for the commercialisation of Higher Education. The rancid truth being that many young people have been condemned to financial servitude by a past Labour Government by being encouraged to take degrees that nobody in industry values.

Others are being left behind simply because they are excluded by the perversion of a system that frowns upon anyone who is not academically inclined, or because they know that a lifetime of debt is not something that they can realistically afford.

Education in its real sense, is only partially academic in its make up. No matter how any person is educated, they are equally capable of greatness or of behaving like fools. And the suggestion that people are only capable of anything great if they have good academic qualifications is a premise that is fundamentally flawed.

When we finally have a Government led by politicians who are responsible and not so easily led, the hard decisions over the way that we educate and support our young people will be addressed properly.

The focus will be brought back to the basic reality that as teenagers, we are pretty much all either ‘heads’ or ‘hands’. 

Once we value the fact that not everyone in their early teens is either ready or able to spend at least another 7 years in books, we can then get back to providing a real option of parallel educational – not academic pathways – that developed properly with business and the opportunities that Leaving the EU will give us, will mean that rewarding lives for people whatever their background and birth, will for a great many more of them be fully assured.


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Labour’s economic illiteracy and lack of understanding of how businesses actually work should make frightening reading for us all

Actions always have consequences. It’s just the way that the world works. That is of course unless you are an irresponsible politician out to acquire power at any price and don’t have one moment to think about reality as glory is your only cause.

John McDonnel’s announcement that Labour is now committed to a four day or 32hour working week sounds wonderful for workers who only hear that they will get a days paid holiday each and every week. Whilst for businesses, it’s the reality that many would go out of business as they would become instantly unsustainable, whilst many of the people such a hair-brained Policy is supposed to win over would simply lose their jobs.

The simple reality that underpins this policy masterstroke is to condemn businesses of all shapes and sizes of having to find the full cost of funding the cost of an additional employee, per existing employee, every week for at least one whole day.

Even with a ten year introductory period, the ridiculousness of the assumptions that underpin this policy cannot be reduced into what Labour clearly thinks is a very simple thing.

No sustainable business can absorb financial implications of this kind without becoming unviable, having to reduce its number of staff, or by increasing costs to such a degree that any benefit to the employees that still had a job at the end of it – through the inevitable accompanying rise in the cost of living – would simply be lost.

The stupidly that underpins such brazen attempts to secure an electoral victory by securing the support of idealists would be laughable, if the outcome of putting these people into power would not be so serious for us all.

Short-termism doesn’t cover this level of ineptitude. It really would just make everything that’s wrong with the economic model we currently have is this country much worse, rather than making it possible for normal people to have a decent life without going into debt – which is what any decent politician would now recognise as being what people really need.

It’s not the money we earn or the days off that we have that will make the difference that we all now need. It’s the political recognition and politicians taking the action required to ensure that the financially poorest in our society face lives that they can actually afford that will bring everything else into check.

To do that our politicians must look the real decisions and actions that they must take in the eye and stop pretending that making easy choices will have no consequences for the people they are supposedly trying to help.

Welcome to the Labour Party’s land of lost opportunity where nothing more than anger and the lowest common denominator rules

Any of us could fall into the trap of believing that that MPs from different Political Parties cannot be the same.

But they are all driven by the same self-interest, lack of real-world understanding, unbridled lust for power and manifested ineptitude.

All of which leads them to believe that their own narrow view of the world from the confines of the Westminster bubble means they can create whatever policy they like in isolation. That anything they haven’t thought of that connects to it in some way will just go on existing, untouched as before, and very much the same.

The ideas we hear from MPs from different Parties look and sound different. Their implications might appear to be very different too. But the end result or bottom line is that the madness coming from irresponsible people running our lives through government is, has and will continue to affect and hurt all of us – often in ways we cannot imagine – until we actually begin to suffer and experience the pain.

Irrespective of whatever the policy, its aim or the way it is sold to us might be, if it has not been conceived and created on the basis of doing what is right for everyone through its implications and consequences in both the short and longer term, the outcomes from that policy will always end up being wrong

Welcome to the Political world and culture that created Brexit.

That’s decades of poorly made, ill-considered and fundamentally flawed political decision making from politicians and MPs from all sides. The irresponsibility of self-interested glory seekers and careerists that have no respect for the the dynamics of cause and effect, the age of consequences that they have helped to create, nor the way that the relationship between public representative and the public they represent should be.

In these, The death throws of this old politics, the policies of all our Political Parties appear to be becoming more and more bold.

But whilst the Conservatives are trying to out Brexit the Brexiteers and the Lib Dems are planning to erase the whole thing like nobody would respond to it’s loss, it’s The Labour Party that again responds by taking a hammer and sickle to domestic institutions and policy as part of their own polarising attempt to suggest that they are the only Party that exists to benefit everyone.

Whilst education policy in this country is failing many of the young people within our schools, colleges and universities, the impact of that failure is one that has a considerable implications for us all.

Yet any policy that seeks to remove the differences that exist between everyone, just because our lives and circumstances will always be different, will not create a culture where everyone has the opportunity to do as well as they can, no matter how they start out or what they might be given.

Such mindless destruction will just create an experience for everyone that is dumbed-down, without aspiration, motivation or any of the benefits being available to anyone whether rich or poor, that are most often the guiding light that is shared by all.

Socialism’s failure is its inability to recognise there is a capitalist present within us all. The moment it did, Socialism would not exist.

Genuine equality of opportunity will not be created by destroying differences in infrastructure and driving the whole system that nurtures it towards the floor.

Equality of opportunity for all will be delivered by recognising the differences and reasons for reduced access to those opportunities that exist. By working around them with care and consideration for what will really work practically. And without any idealistic thinking that suggests you can simply change rules and then everything will suddenly look and feel the same.

But these Labour politicians and all of those like them don’t worry about what is best for all.

Their paucity of responsible thinking demonstrates a lack of creativity and with it consideration for why they were elected.

They all demonstrate a complete lack of respect for anyone other than themselves and the ideas they think will ultimately give them more of whatever they personally want.

There is no desire, no aim, no motivation amongst any of today’s political class to create a society where policy exists considering quality and experience of life, giving real opportunity for everyone who needs it and with it the opportunity of something better for all.

Labour’s new policy to destroy private schools represents the politics of greed and of envy. Where everyone other than themselves and those they recognise as their own can pay the real price.

These inept MPs are the people who already have more. And more always wants more.

But as usual, it’s all of us outside of their bubble who will bear the burden of the true cost.

Ignore the climate change concerns of young people and children if you dare. But addressing the shared fate of nations will help to solve many more of our UK problems as they have the same cause

getting-startedYoung people and children share an idealistic view of the world and how it should be. Their view may not be practical or show any understanding of the issues involved. But that doesn’t mean that their passion should not be our guiding light and the one that we follow. Not just in terms of tackling the real causes of the climate problem, but also as we move forward to a future where we work together to put all of the wrongs right.

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg appears to have set the world alight with her ideas and passion for the climate cause. But the sensationalism around her carries as much cynicism as it does genuine feeling. In fact, it may well be a whole lot more.

Whether you feel able to argue about the causes of climate change or not, the reality is that change is certainly taking place. It is now in everyone’s interests to do everything possible to mitigate anything and everything that we recognise as being a possible cause.

The biggest problem that we, and the many young protesters that are out and about this world of ours today face, is that the focus on climate change that they and most of us already share is based upon and focussed only on the effects of the problem. Not the actual cause.

We are not talking about the overuse of plastics, chemicals, fossil fuels and more. Those are but the effects of the problem. A problem which is based on a worldwide culture where those with more always want more.

The world uses materials and methods of working which damage the environment because they make everything cheap. Not cheap for us or other end users. But cheap for the people and companies that make, sell and transport our goods and services to us.

Climate change is costly for the future of the entire world.

But for those making money out of it, futures costly misery comes to them today feeling rather cheap indeed.

What we are seeing unfold in front of our eyes really is the fate of nations. Nothing less. Nothing more.

And as our children and young people are rightly telling us, climate change or the effects of it are no longer something that any of us can or should attempt to deny.

The momentum which is now being unleashed by the passion of younger people alone, can now open the doors to dialogue and change that before has been resisted by big business and self interest. It has therefore has been unknown.

But to capitalise on the opportunity, there must come a wider realisation between all of us that we cannot continue to think that the only god available to us is money. A way of thinking that will require our politicians to bring a very different, intuitive, considered and above all selfless way of working to the fore.

The companies, bankers and financiers that sit behind these problems, making money all the time, just need to be handled differently, by leaders able and not afraid to act upon all that they know.

They must be asked the question ‘would you prefer to fold when the wheels fall off all of this in just a few years, or change approach and adapt to a new way of thinking, so that you are making a good profit, albeit ethically in many years time?

To do this, our politicians and the governments made up of them must think very differently and look at every level of shared commonality as what makes us all one.

Politicians can no longer see themselves, their own interests, their own ideas and the people they relate to as the only priority or cause.

This is not a question of creating a world government or trying to use anything as an excuse to build empires.

Its about accepting and being open to working together. Knowing that even across borders, we have things in common as part of a bigger picture, that must now outweigh the comparative trivialities that only define us as nations and as cultures.

We can be different. But also the same.

We only need to make the right steps and to do that we must look all of this for what it is.

We must stop still and pause.


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The Lib Dems could be about to make Labour irrelevant. But polarising the Brexit debate by promising to scrap it would mean victory in the next General Election is a very hollow win

Jo Swinson might be annoying the hell out of Brexiteers and the right alike, but it’s her friends across the opposition benches in Parliament who are now most in fear that her new energy and approach could be about to throw them back into the electoral bin.

Some startling parallels have been made between the new Liberal Democrats Leader and the approach of Nigel Farage.

But beyond the fact that they have now positioned themselves outwardly at the polar opposites of the Brexit debate, there is something very different in the motivation that underpins the reasons why these two politicians are pushing a narrative that sounds confident, as if these two political parties are on the verge of a breakthrough win.

Spoiler alert: It’s only about Brexit for one of them and always has been.

We are experiencing an endgame in politics right now. A watershed moment that is being drawn out into a long and painful period of transition.

Yet the players on the political board don’t even know that the rules of the game around them have adjusted already and continue to be in the process of fundamental change.

Farage and the Brexit Party have become a voice of the heralds of change. What defines them is their riding the truths that are the foundation of Brexit, using them to wrap their collective’s crusade. The vein of truth that gives a feeling of legitimacy to their cause.

Yet as a political force the Brexit Party represents the very same things that are wrong with all the politicians we have in office as MPs right now. Their MEPs in the public eye are media savvy, obsessed with getting a hard-hitting narrative out there that ‘connects’ with the electorate, but nonetheless suffer with a lack of real empathy and understanding of the whole spectrum of issues and experiences that people have both beyond and including Brexit. 

Beyond Brexit itself, these are not the people who are equipped to actually get things done.

But Jo Swinson and her Liberal Democrats are playing the very same game as Farage. Only the way that they are playing on this field is very cynical and potentially much worse. As they do not recognise nor attempt to acknowledge in any way what Brexit represents or what the Brexit debate is really about.

For the ambitious Leader of this now apparently revitalised Political Party, the current Parliamentary mess and the chaos that surrounds it is a political opportunity to exploit that could result in real power for them.

That’s their primary aim. But it’s clearly a case of bugger the consequences of what might be involved along the way.

At its best, power for the Liberal Democrats would come at a high price for everyone. Even those who are intricately involved.

The unyielding commitment to the EU that they would deliver, beyond being a massive democratic betrayal and surrender all-in-one, would also create obstacles to us ever Leaving the bloc or attempting to do so. Everything that defines us as a Nation State, our defining characteristics and the ties that bind us would be systematically, progressively and deliberately eroded away by laws, rules and regulations that nobody is aware of until it is far too late.

The process of liberally democratic change would be no doubt accelerated no doubt my the implementation of so called electoral reform and the switch from First Past The Post (FPTP) to a Proportional Representation regime. One that favours small political parties that appear to be unfairly place or unelectable under FPTP, but by its very nature will make what we have been experiencing since the European Referendum in terms of a stalemate in Parliament – pretty much the norm. 

And all that is what happens just as a start, if everyone – including the 17.4 million voters and the others who now support Brexit and Leaving the EU were to just roll over and accept what under a Jo Swinson government was about to come.

The reality is that they wouldn’t.

And as far fetched to our cosseted and complacent society as it may seem, civil unrest and what might follow it would soon blow the lid off the lie that is neither a liberal nor democratic party, and show us what the self interest, selfishness and ignorance that underpins politicians that are obsessed with power tangibly means.

But what Swinson, Farage and all of the incumbent MPs and those that facilitate them today must realise is that the politics of old, which is there to serve only that which they choose is now over.

It began to die the very moment that the decision over EU Membership was tossed back to the people and Jo Swinson represents the death throws of all that is wrong and is rotten with our politics as she demonstrates how this broken politics is about nothing more than doing absolutely everything and anything to win.

We are all waiting for a new politics to begin. These politicians and their ideas will have to go or at the very least change definitively if our democracy is ever again to be capable of experiencing a win.



The Supreme Court is being asked to rule on circumstances that are the exception. If it doesn’t consider that, the implications will be permanent

On the face of it, the hearing taking place in the Supreme Court is all about Brexit.

Boris appears to be doing anything that everything that he sees as necessary to deliver our departure from the EU by 31st October.

The opposition and individuals behind the case protest that their action is necessary to ensure that Brexit is delivered appropriately and that can only happen if it is managed in the way that they believe it should.

In the heat of the moment and at the pinnacle of this debate, few will be aware or see that both Leavers and Remainers have much to lose, depending upon the ruling made in this case.

What we share in common in terms of our democracy and how our very system of government works is now fundamentally at risk – all because of the politicians who have camped their tanks on the lawn of Brexit, and in so doing have driven a massive wedge down the middle of the relationship between the electorate and the elected, and everything in between.

It is easy to try and see the whole matter as nothing more than the question of whether the Prorogation instigated by Boris Johnson is legal. In isolation, the Court might well question whether it actually is.

But the Prorogation isn’t something that has taken place in isolation.

There is a need to consider all of the key events that have taken place since the Brexit Vote that have influenced the unique circumstances in which a Prime Minister is attempting to deliver upon a democratic mandate.

They have all contributed to if not led to this exquisitely serious situation and careful consideration must be given to what may next be to come:

1. In 2010, David Cameron cooks up the Fixed Term Parliaments Act with Nick Clegg

2. Expecting another hung Parliament in 2015, David Cameron promises the European Referendum he never expects to have

3. The Conservatives win a Parliamentary majority in the 2015 General Election

4. David Cameron honours the Election pledge and commits to a Referendum on the UKs Membership of the EU

5. David Cameron embarks on a ‘show’ negotiation to change the relationship with the EU

6. In the 23rd June 2016 European Referendum a Brexit majority electorate instructs a Remain majority Parliament

7.  David Cameron steps down on the morning of 24th June 2016

8. In July 2016 the Conservative Party appoints Theresa May as a Prime Minister who doesn’t believe in Brexit. She commits to delivering what she believes to be ‘Leave’ and calls it Brexit instead

9. In March 2017 Theresa May tables Article 50 to the EU with the pretence of a countdown to ‘Leaving the EU’ by running down the clock to a deadline of 29th March 2019

10. In April 2017, Theresa May calls untimely General Election to increase the Conservative Majority and increase her executive power.

11. General Election on 8th June 2017 sees the Government reduced from a majorityto one of minority

12. Theresa Mays 2018 Withdrawal Agreement emerges and satisfies no one

13. All sides in Parliament continue to see Brexit as a political opportunity rather than the democratic instruction that it is

14. Theresa May will not step aside and seeks to secure their ‘legacy’ at any cost

15. The Conservative Party fails to remove Theresa Mayin December 2018, instead choosing to confirm confidence instead

16. The Government experiences considerable defeat over the Withdrawal Agreement

17. An embattled Theresa May chooses to sit it out, thinking that time will prove them right

18. Article 50 is delayed until 31st October 2019

19. Theresa May finally steps down, but delays departure and The Conservative Party indulges itself in a full Leadership Contest

20. Boris Johnson appointed Conservative Leader and becomes de facto Prime Minister

21. Boris Johnson declares UK Leaving EU on Halloween in all circumstances

22. Boris Johnson rules out General Election as way forward

23. Parliament goes into summer recess

24. Upon return, the Remain majority opposition imposes law against No Deal

25. Parliament refuses twice to support a General Election

26. Boris Johnson prorogues Parliament until 14th October 2019

27. Gina Miller, John Major et all tests the ‘legality’ of the prorogation in the English and Scottish Courts. English Courts say not a judicial matter. Scottish Courts say its wrong

28. Decisions Appealed to the Supreme Court on 17th September 2019

and there was a whole lot more besides…

All of these events, no matter who or what ‘side’ is driving them, are in danger of adding up to a sum much greater than the parts. Something that will be very different. A situation that will be very destructive as a whole.

Boris may not have been right to prorogue Parliament. But the circumstances led to his decision.

Parliament deliberately seeking to control the Executive whilst refusing to support a General Election was certainly not right either.

If the Supreme Court rules that the move to prorogue was wrong, it will establish a precedent that breaks the deference of parliamentary will to the expediency of executive decision making.

Our already so-called democracy will never be the same. And this, the interference of the judiciary in matters political, could prove to be the step too far that breaks the system of government in this Country as we know it.


3R’s for Boris: Recall. Resign. Regroup.

Whilst it’s difficult to imagine that many of our MPs are capable of even a lucid moment with things in Parliament as they are now, we must still hope that change could come from somewhere before it is too late for anyone.

Boris Blows Brexit is increasingly likely to be the headline that we will think about when we reflect on these times. But he could still summon the leadership that he has always sought to be seen to channel and even now, turn all of this chaos with Brexit on its head.

Put simply, Boris has no way of winning anything from this without reframing and regaining control of the narrative first. And he won’t do that if he remains precious about keeping control in No10.


No matter how right or wrong the prerogation of Parliament might be, Boris has given the opposition what is arguably an elevated position from which to more effectively toss their sticks and stones. The best way that Boris can help himself is by helping the opposition to resume fighting amongst themselves – and that can only happen once Parliament has been recalled.


Boris has nowhere to go. He hasn’t created the narrative of a new politics that we are all waiting for. He has fallen into the trap of believing that leadership is about how it looks, rather than what he actually does.

Leadership now is about calling the oppositions bluff. About passing the buck and the poisoned chalice of going against a public majority vote to the people who are genuinely responsible for all of this mess.

If Boris wants to have any chance of winning the next General Election and then being in control, he has to relinquish it now, let the opposition trip over their own mistakes and that means he must resign.


Most important of all is what Boris really does next. We’ve heard talk about One Nation Conservatism and putting out an olive branch to the 21. But if the only regrouping that Boris is prepared to do is to return – or rather attempt to return to how things in the Conservative Party have been, his Premiership and the Party will very soon be no more.

If Boris really wants to win the upcoming General Election and be remembered as a Prime Minister who really got something done, he will need to lead the very first steps upon a pathway which brings together those who voted Leave with those who voted Remain, left, right, centre and just about every political persuasion that is currently involved. He must capture our imaginations with a new politics and ambition for all that is to come. It will only come after we have passed through the open door that is a completely no-deal Brexit. And even now, he can have his cake and eat it, if he realises and accepts that this is how he must lead and regroup.

Has Boris blown Brexit?

Politics is no longer just broken. Our current Parliament is in the process of crushing democracy into dust as well – and is attempting to break our system of law and the constitution itself as they do.

What is most difficult for the real people outside of Westminster to fathom, is whether this treacherous rump of MPs is really so detached from reality that they believe they can do whatever they want, tell the people that they are doing the right thing, and they will then be believed and that we will ultimately thank them for taking things their own way.

It certainly looks that way. The problem for MPs is that over three years of blatant lies, obfuscation and outright contempt for the electorate, completely in the open and plain for all to see, has made even the most disenfranchised members of the UK electorate aware of how things are now so very wrong and how they actually should be.

Regrettably for Boris, his options and therefore chance to get his legacy as prime minister right have been all-too-predictably slim. And with his exquisite choice of appointing Dominic Cummings as his principal advisor and at the same time tying himself to the flawed concept of One Nation Conservatism as the only way to deliver Brexit, he is now on the cliff edge of being the Prime Minister that consigned Brexit – and our democracy – to the bin.

His decision to rebuff Nigel Farage’s offer of an electoral pact will surely come back to haunt him – and all of us. Not just because he has in all likelihood just removed any chance of a ‘no deal’ Brexit for the foreseeable future, but because he is likely to have just made the decision that could lead to a General Election this Autumn in which a Marxist – by default – will win.

Whilst Boris might well find the prospect of working with the Brexit Party unpalatable, the truth is that it is only by working with them that the Conservative Party can now precipitate a General Election and win.

People can see what the collective Opposition in Parliament are doing. And the deadline of Halloween that Boris has committed to will not be a problem for him if the delay is out of his hands. But a purely Conservative victory – based on his now clear commitment to the old politics which is One Nation Conservatism – is not an outcome that is within his grasp.

The focus now must be delivering Brexit and nothing more. There is nothing else that any MP has the power to control. And it is only the delivery of a proper, guaranteed no-deal, no-ties, no EU-rule-sharing Brexit that will give the UK the positive future – that works for all of us – that the majority of the British Public now want to be assured.

The implications of the poor choices that Boris now appears to be making could quickly prove to be disastrous for us all.

Whilst hard, late and a minefield in every form, the pathway from the 23rd of July still allowed for Boris to get Brexit right. He just needed to be a leader and do what was necessary – and right.

Unfortunately it now appears that the honeymoon has quickly proven itself to be over. And we must ask if Boris has blown Brexit, and with it a peaceful and fruitful future for us all?

The ‘opposition’ has focussed the Brexit argument on Boris and the way to win is to move the focus back – by resigning

Should I read it? Should I switch it off? Will engaging with it make any difference?

To many these are very familiar questions when it comes to the news that is coming out of Westminster each and every day. Familiar, because few of us can any longer believe what it is that we see, hear and understand to be going on.

With a list of car-crash interviews involving high profile opposition MPs last week, the Public is now becoming seriously less inclined to indulge this contemptuous mess of a Parliament for all of the lies and stories they still continue to tell. In fact, it would perhaps be better to go as far as to say that it is no longer possible to discern whether these Politicians have so much contempt for the people they were elected to represent that they believe they can say anything without fear of ever being called out for treating voters as if they are completely stupid, or indeed if it is actually a fact that they are that stupid themselves.

Either way, the jiggery-pokery and line blurring that has led to a law being enacted today that is in place with the intent of preventing a British Prime Minister from honouring the outcome of a democratic plebiscite – just because its what the MPs themselves want – has succeeded in boxing the PM into a corner surrounded by elephant traps and the clarion call of undemocratic triumphalists who believe that by delaying the coming General Election beyond 31st October, when it comes to both that Election and the topic of Leaving the EU, it is they who have already won.

Yes, it does look that way. But by so assiduously attempting to bolt down Boris to the choices that the Opposition makes, they might have only won a hollow, indeed pyrrhic victory – depending on how Boris and those advising him now choose to interpret what steps he must take if he is to lead.

It has been said that he who frames the argument wins it.

Right now, Boris appears to be penned in because those who can control the law are using it to control him and control what he now does.

Being able to control the law, doesn’t make what the Opposition is doing right. But it does leave a PM with a big dilemma – if he cannot see that sometimes doing what appears to be wrong is necessary to deliver what is right.

There is good reason to believe that most of the Country would be behind Boris if he were to do so. But it may not be necessary if he really has the metal when it comes to doing what needs to be done to lead.

The alternative that Boris has is to call the Opposition’s bluff. Resign and make clear that whilst he wouldn’t break the law – however shakey the ground might be in which it was built – he also would not sell out the British People in the way that Theresa May and now all those MPs we collectively identify as being the Opposition have done.

No sensible person wants Corbyn in No10 as allowing his hands to touch the levers of power even momentarily would be a process accompanied itself by monumental risk.

But passing the buck to him to go to the EU and beg for a further extension to A50 – in what would almost certainly have to be a pretext to a General Election in November – maybe the real act of leadership required of Boris to sort out this political chaos, and as far as delivering Brexit via a Parliamentary majority – all it will really take.

Once some light of reason – or what we might better identify as forced progress – has been shone into all the darkness that sits behind this Parliamentary movement against democracy and shows it for all it is, the MPs who are facilitating this madness through their own fear and self interest over the EU will not allow Corbyn to affix himself to a tenure as PM in No10, as surely as they have attempted to prevent Brexit.

The choice will then be one for Boris and Nigel Farage to make over their accepting what steps it will take with a politically-enlightened Public to secure that Brexit majority without letting division between Brexit supporters manifest in splitting votes across constituencies that could ensure it isn’t won.




Jailing a Prime Minister because he refuses to act on laws which conflict with democracy will open up a Pandora’s box – but it won’t make him wrong

The crash of our political system has been a long time coming. And after the erosion of democracy that has taken place over many years – from which Brexit is a symptom and not the cause – it has been inevitable that a system that works only for itself and not the people would come to an end.

The endgame is arriving now.

Whilst the rotten core of British politics has been out in the open for many months, it is in the past week that the public has seen the wretched nature of its fully exposed core.

For even the most disinterested and switched off in society can now see the cynicism of MPs on all sides. It is clear that the majority work and operate for nobody but themselves. And that with the refusal of so many to now go back to the People and allow us all to break the stalemate that they themselves have created, we can now see that in the minds of our political class, the path of the UKs future is exclusively theirs to decide.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. And the laws that they have cooked up and created this week to tie the hands of the first government prepared to attempt to go the distance on our behalf to enact the result of the Brexit result, shows nothing but contempt for the political system they claim to be protecting, but much worse, for the public they were democratically elected to serve too.

To even threaten to jail a Prime Minister who suggests that he is prepared to stand up against such injustice is already madness in the extreme. But to actually do it would be to open the door to nothing this country is truly prepared for. And it will hurst everyone as well as the politicians who are culpable, up to their necks in this shit and completely involved.

The question they should be asking themselves is this: Why should anyone else respect democracy when Parliament has demonstrated that it refuses to do the same?

Through this very act, these parliamentarians are legislating against their own people. Themselves. They are wantonly choosing to relinquish responsibility for the future and there is now a serious danger that power will fall into a vacuum and end up hurting us all very badly, simply because selfishness has made these people will fully blind.