The Great Reset | The End of Throw-Away Culture

The throw away culture has been sold to us as making life our lives easier. Easier on our time and easier on what we can afford.

We have been paying little more than lip service to recycling for far too long.

The emphasis has been on what has been politically expedient for the political classes. That has been for us only to concentrate only on rubbish and changes that are perceived as being easy for everyone to do, of having no real effect, and of having no cost in terms of money or on what we perceive to be our quality of life.  

Before they were emboldened by our willing response to their unnecessary Covid Measures, this was the only way that spinless politicians could be sure that anu kind of open green policy would not cost them votes.

But the throw away culture has come at a very high price. It has been built on the unnecessary use of resources that cannot be replaced. It has damaged the environment through the unnecessary processes of production, transport and the level of waste disposal necessary to cover the amount of discarded goods that were deliberately designed so that they would quickly have to be replaced.

We have unlearned the value of making the very best of everything that we already have or could even share or borrow. Meanwhile, we have been drip fed from every direction that the idea that we can have absolutely everything that we want – just as long as we can afford the £price.

Sucked in – as we have been – by the reality that we now qualify everyone and everything by what it looks like to us and to others, and what it tells everyone else about who we are or what we can afford, we have willingly taken every step possible to walk away from who we really are and leave the values that really help us all far behind.

The world around us reflects who we are inside. We have all played a part in what is happening. So, for us to accept that change and a different way of doing things in the world outside of us is now necessary, we must all embrace what that change really means for us within our minds.

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Surviving The Great Reset | Survive & Thrive | Reuse, Recycle, Repair

Whilst I have already touched on the revival of Make do and Mend, it cannot be understated just how much we can all help ourselves as this period of crisis deepens, by stepping away from the reliance we have, that everything we need, will come to us ‘new’.

It won’t. Easy everything is at its end.

Yes, the supply of new goods will appear to continue for a time, with that supply coughing and spluttering in terms of those things that remain available. But many other items – particularly those which are items we want, rather than what we need, or that come to us from great distances across the world – will simply disappear from our lives for good.

One way or another – affecting those most who find affordability the main issue first, followed by all those who believe they have plenty of money now and find that it quickly becomes less and less until what they ‘have’ has no value at all – ‘new’ simply isn’t going to be the ‘go to’ option anymore.

It’s all going to be about what we can reuse, how we can reuse it. What we can repair and how we can repair it. What we can recycle and how we can reuse goods that cannot be used again for their original purpose, and then repurpose them in the best way possible – to benefit ourselves and to benefit us ALL.

Think smart. Think about the skills that you really have already or those that you could easily learn. Think about a very practical world where everything revolves around life, living and the community, where people and not money are the centre of everything, rather than what we only appear to have going on around us right now.

If you have an interest or talent in arts and crafts, or even feel quite proficient at DIY, the chances are that you can put that interest or ability to good work. First to help yourself, but also to help others around your neighbourhood and community too.

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Life for all exists so that ALL of us can live. Not so that a profit can be made by the few.

No, we are not heading back to the stone age – even though it has become certain that some of us are going to feel that way during the months and possibly years that lie ahead.

But the technology we have has been used for purposes that only serve the interests of greed, profit and those who are ‘at the top’.

Technology doesn’t need to be used on a massive scale to make it work. Technology doesn’t have to replace people or human input – just because it can.

In fact, the technology that we have isn’t being used in the best way possible, at all.

Up until now, technology has all been purposed on the basis of maximising profit and then repeating the process of obtaining that profit, over and over again.

The technology we have has been pursued, funded and purposed without regard for the practical reality of life, that:

Life for all exists so that ALL of us can live. Not so that a profit can be made by the few.

Local systems and micro economies that use advances in technology in the most practical, localised and intelligent way, keeping people at the centre of everything, are the only way that a genuinely healthy society can advance.

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Profiteering is alive and well and thriving today, fueled by a culture where Politicians have proven that writing cheques is the only thing they know how to do

There is a cost-of-living crisis underway, right now, that is going to get exponentially worse. So much worse, its going to contribute to a complete systemic collapse.

However, the people least aware of what is happening and what this means for everything that lies ahead of them, aren’t necessarily the same people who you might immediately think.

So good have big business and corporate interests had it over the past two and a half years, whilst our stupid and inept politicians have tried to solve every single problem by writing cheques, that they have now fallen into a trap of their own making. They have decided to keep on inflating prices of the goods and services they sell – being as certain as they are, that government will have to step in and sure-up the price and the ability of everyone to keep on paying the bills.

Wholesale energy prices have come down, as have the prices of wholesale petrol and diesel in recent days. All this comes amongst other goods and services that each and every one of us are using every day, shooting up in retail price. Or being reduced in size or value – which in real terms amounts to exactly the same thing – as people have to buy even more of everything, just to stand still.

Yes, the very stupid people we have running the Country are responsible for creating the myth that no matter what happens, everyone will still continue to get paid. But that isn’t a green light for businesses to keep charging more and keep charging whatever they like.

Just because you can, doesn’t make it right.

Greed-driven, unethical business have been at the creative centre of the cost-of-living crisis, right from the very start.

Yes, our poor excuses for public representation have allowed industries to plunder resources and exploit us all and everything with it for profit. But that doesn’t make these private interests right.

The question of legality does not put any of these actions above that of morality and the duty of care that we all have to everyone else.

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The Great Reset | Survive & Thrive | Create your own self-sufficiency toolkit

When we were kids, all had bikes, and were allowed to go off for rides, it wasn’t uncommon for us to have a puncture repair kit handy – even if we didn’t have any idea how to use it if we had a punctured tyre, and would usually rely on a parent or another adult fixing it for us if we did.

Good times. Especially when there was always an answer to the problem and everything could always be fixed.

As we navigate our way through the challenges that lie ahead, it wont just be punctures on a bicycle that we need to think about being prepared for.

In fact, it would be a good idea for us to have the most practical contingency plan in place possible, to take care of anything that we have a genuine need to use regularly – if its something that can be easily fixed, or something that we need to use to feed, heat or support ourselves when we are unable to access our ‘normal’ supplies.

Some of the following items are things that we will need. Some we will use regularly. Some we will never need – but it will be better that we have and don’t use them, than finding ourselves without them if we do!

There will be others – and if you start thinking about what you would need if there is no power, water or heating, you’ll begin to get an idea of the things you might need for you to be able to do all the things that you need to do:

  • Sewing kit (including some needles, different coloured thread)
  • First Aid Kit (including plenty of plasters, some antiseptic cream etc)
  • Paracetamol/Aspirin or other basic pain relief tablets that you and those with you would normally use
  • Large air-tight resealable bags
  • A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of multi-tool gadget that you have tested for robustness
  • Water Purification Kit – the kind you would take for a long camping trip
  • Firelighters
  • Matches
  • A small torch with spare batteries
  • Candles and/or Tea Lights
  • A wind-up / solar radio and phone-charger
  • Cable Ties (assorted sizes)
  • A hatchet or small handled axe
  • A small pan for boiling water that can be heated on a naked flame
  • A small frying pan / griddle pan that can be heated on a naked flame
  • A small sharp cooking knife
  • A few packs of baby wipes / wet wipes
  • Some basic dried and canned foods including pasta, rice, fish and the types of things that you can turn into a meal without need of anything else – clearly depending on what your dietary needs (NOT WANTS!) and those of the people with you normally are
  • A can opener (if there isn’t one on your tool gadget)

There will probably be others too. But again, the emphasis is all about what we will need and not about what we want. The two are very different things and this is all about being happy with what we have already got!

Please remember that this is just a guide. Visualise a situation where nothing is available, and you will soon know what you will really need.

You will find all of these things online, and most of them will be available in supermarkets, DIY and home stores too. Please remember that as distribution systems increasingly fail – as they are going to, even goods that are available online, wont be shipped or even delivered to local stores so that you can buy or collect them there.

The time to prepare for all eventualities is NOW. NOT when there are shortages of everything and being prepared makes real-time sense!

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The Great Reset | Survive & Thrive | Make do and Mend

May 18, 2022 1 comment

Make do and Mend is not a new catchy term that I have dreamed up to make a point. I am unashamedly borrowing this one from the most recent period of human hardship that I can reference around the Second World War, when Rationing and shortages of just about everything meant that people applying principles to their daily lives then, that in today’s world might seem to be lightyears ahead!

Yes, the supply of everything we either buy or have supplied to us could stop for at least a short time. But the shortages of everything will almost certainly fluctuate, with some things being available when others are not. Let’s just say that it is going to be a very interesting time!

What this means in reality, is that when anything we wear or use breaks, its quite likely that it will not be something that can easily be replaced.

The choice that we will have, will be as simple as this: Throw it away and go without, or repair it and continue to have it to use.

Regrettably, one of the massive overhangs from the world we are now leaving, will be the comparative poor quality of the things that we use daily, that because of planned obsolescence, were deliberately designed not to last.

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The Great Reset | Survive & Thrive | Self-sufficiency and rejection of the current wealth-based rules structure

The thought or rather the question of how anyone can survive without money is not a pleasant one.

Indeed, please spare a thought for the many who are already in that place, not only in the UK, but right across the world.

People, like you or I, who are only different to us, because they don’t have enough money to even afford the basic essentials of life.

These are human beings, just like us. People who don’t have the option of becoming self-sufficient, simply because they are relatively few in number.

We frown on them or look down on them because the normal way of doing things is based on money being the benchmark of life.

Once enough of us don’t have enough, the shibboleths and miscreated rules of this current societal structure will no longer hold their meaning or purpose. We will no longer shame others, be shamed, feel shame or be restricted from simply doing the things that we need to in order to survive and live.

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Levelling Level is the Aim. But we are on the first steps of very challenging journey and it is essential that we Survive AND Thrive

Levelling Level is not only an aim. It is about the process or journey from where we are today, travelling through the turbulence of transition and change, so that we not only survive and thrive, but then recognise and fully utilise the keystone of the foundations that we will all build a fair and balanced world for everyone upon.

Looking after ourselves, so that we remember that every element of life is not just something that can be given a price tag and bought, will be a very big part of what our experiences in the near future will be about.

There will be shortages that mean there isn’t new to replace old.

There will be shortages that mean finding different ways to do the same things.

There will be shortages that mean we can never do the same things that we have been doing ever again.

When it boils down to it, the world as we know it and as we have experienced it is going to stop.

The good news – that many of our politicians, elites and those at the top don’t want any of us to remember, is that humans are intrinsically resilient and resourceful. As soon as real adversity knocks at the door, it reminds us who we really are.

The very small amount of tolerance we have left for the people who are running this shit show today, will evaporate very quickly, once their continuing stupidity really has taken everything we are being led to experience, too far.

Then we will reimagine who we are, what we can do, how we will do it and who we will do it with.

Please get used to terms like community, local, reuse recycle repair, make do and mend, grow your own, rationing, sharing, cooperatives, swapping, bartering – and anything else that could frame living for at least a time where money isn’t available as a medium of exchange, and life is focused the value of what we need and what we can offer, rather than being all about what we can or cannot afford to buy.

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No amount of power, material wealth or money can buy, beat or outrun the universal laws of balance forever: Top-down hierarchy has reached the end of the line

There is a natural order of things. A system of universal laws that revolve around balance. Laws that defy the influence, will of control of even those who believe themselves to be powerful.

When those universal laws have been pushed too far, it is inevitable that they will return to where they should be. They will do so, without anything or anyone being able to stand in their way.

The problem for every one of us, no matter what part we have played in taking us to where we are, is that the pendulum of balance has been lifted from happy rest and balance to a world led by what we want rather than only by what we need.

That pendulum has now been released. It will pick up frightful momentum and it will will cross back and go beyond that point of happiness and balance to where we go without and cannot meet our needs.

Only then will that pendulum return to rest and where it should always have been – and would have been, had we continually had respectful and caring leadership in control, not possessed by everything they want.

Even the path of that pendulum follows a process of observing that universal law.

It is through the hardship and the experience of what real want really is, that we will learn or rather relearn who we are. We will begin to remember the purpose, meaning and use of real values. And only then, will we collectively be ready to embrace the new future that is built around balance and fairness for all. A world that reflects who we really are.

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We surrendered our power to the money-driven world. Its collapse will allow us to remember who we are

Whilst there is a theme of warning or raising a red flag about the process of change that we are now within, Levelling Level is not here as some kind of apocalypse guide.

Although there are likely to be periods of time in the coming months and possibly years too, that feel like everything is about to end, that will only be because of how momentous the transition or shift we are going to experience will be.

After all, we are now in the early stages of a shift that will take us from a system where we have been continually programmed to believe that everything around us is normal, to one that many of us today believe not only to be an impossible way to live, but completely incompatible or at odds with where everyone believes that we currently are.

The material-focused, money-is-the-benchmark of everything world has been a very intoxicating experience for just about everyone.

One of its most compelling aspects is the way that more and more complication of everything convinces us that we are now beyond living more simplistic lives.

But the cost has been high. That complication has distracted us. We have given away our power to everything outside of us and have forgotten who and what we really are.

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