Profiteering is alive and well and thriving today, fueled by a culture where Politicians have proven that writing cheques is the only thing they know how to do

There is a cost-of-living crisis underway, right now, that is going to get exponentially worse. So much worse, its going to contribute to a complete systemic collapse.

However, the people least aware of what is happening and what this means for everything that lies ahead of them, aren’t necessarily the same people who you might immediately think.

So good have big business and corporate interests had it over the past two and a half years, whilst politicians have tried to solve every single problem by writing cheques, that they have now fallen into a trap of their own making. They have decided to keep on inflating prices of the goods and services they sell – being as certain as they are, that government will have to step in and sure-up the price and the ability of everyone to keep on paying the bills.

Wholesale energy prices have come down, as have the prices of wholesale petrol and diesel in recent days. All this comes amongst other goods and services that each and every one of us are using every day, shooting up in retail price. Or being reduced in size or value – which in real terms amounts to exactly the same thing – as people have to buy even more of everything, just to stand still.

Yes, the people we have running the Country are responsible for creating the myth that no matter what happens, everyone will still continue to get paid. But that isn’t a green light for businesses to keep charging more and keep charging whatever they like.

Just because you can, doesn’t make it right.

Greed-driven, unethical business have been at the creative centre of the cost-of-living crisis, right from the very start.

Yes, our poor excuses for public representation have allowed industries to plunder resources and exploit us all and everything with it for profit. But that doesn’t make these private interests right.

The question of legality does not put any of these actions above that of morality and the duty of care that we all have to everyone else.

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The Transition from Global to Local Food Production – What it really means

The complexity and size of the Global Economy has provided access to foods and goods that we do not need, along with access to some foods and goods that we do need, that could be home produced, but are being produced and shipped to us more cheaply from what might be continents away.

The collapse of the Global Supply Chain is already proving to be a massive shock and it can only get worse.

The transition that will be required so that we can ALL eat and access the basic essentials that we ALL need will require that as a Country we become as self-sufficient as it is possible for us to be.

Self-sufficiency of this Country will mean that our focus of growing and production will have to focus on the basic foods and goods that we need. Not the production of anything that some of us want.

This process of inevitable change will mean that many of the ‘fancy’, highly processed foods that we are used to eating and being readily available for us to buy, won’t even be available on a shelf or online. They simply will not be available to buy – no matter how much money someone might still have to spend.

Being ‘fine mouthed’ or enjoying the ‘finer’ things, will no longer be there as a real choice.

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The terminal weakness of a greed-based supply chain has always been present, hiding in plain sight

An entire generation of business and industry managers have been trained and qualified on systems that are all about reducing costs.

Their ‘qualifications’ play up to the belief that very elaborate supply chains that take or harvest raw materials to be refined, and then to be made in to small parts, and then to be made into bigger parts, and then those parts to be made into perhaps cars or machines, and then those cars or machines appear at a dealership where we buy them – with all of the transportation, sorting and storage in between – going back and forth around the world – can be maintained ‘just in time’ and with the minimum of anything being stockpiled ‘on a shelf’ at any location along that supply line.

The system that has developed around this idea has not only affected the apparently low price of the products we buy at the end of the chain. It has also relied on pushing every part of every possible chain involved to the limit where minimising the cost of raw materials and production of any kind to the absolute minimum is concerned.

Profit has been the only driver. But even the drive for profit against the steps that are necessary in any supply chain have been further complicated and exploited by the reality that people and interests that are completely unnecessary to each supply chain have become involved.

So-called ‘agents’ step in to the middle of supply chains and buy goods and then sell them on at a profit – sometimes even years before they have even been grown or produced, making a profit and adding to the end costs – without adding any value to the end product. This often happens many times.

People or self-serving interests could not keep taking from and exploiting others in the way that this Globalised System has allowed them to do so without the cost to others becoming to high. In financial terms, that point has now been reached.

But the real price hasn’t just been the fact that the poorest and most vulnerable are no longer able to afford to live.

Neither is it the reality that poverty and hunger is an issue that more and more of us are about to face.

The real cost is that all of the ways of living and the localised systems that meant we always had access to the things that we genuinely need to survive each day have been removed or have been replaced, and this monstrosity of a system that works for no god other than profit, has been choking us all without us even realising, as it has aggressively been put in its place.

Today, we have literally reached a point where our farmers are not being paid what it costs them to produce foods at the fist stage of a supply chain. They are now choosing to stop producing, because it costs them too much to do so. Right at the very moment when worldwide food shortages are coming into view.

Today, we are perhaps weeks or months away from the point when trouble for us all will really begin.

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The reasons for the Global Supply Chain breakdown are as complicated as the Global Supply Chain itself

May 16, 2022 1 comment

On the face of it, the problems with the Global Supply Chain could appear to be the way the goods are transported. It could be just a temporary shortage of the goods we want supplied.

But Worldwide logistics systems are in freefall. Not only because of the impact of covid or other recent events on the world stage that have left ships queued up to be unloaded outside of ports for weeks. Not just because thousands of shipping containers stacked up and unmoved. It’s because of a very complicated web of issues.

Problems that we are aware of like the spiralling costs of fuel and energy, and shipping companies inflating prices exponentially, just because they can, are only the tip of the iceberg of the massive problems associated with the way we have been living, that we now face.

Amongst many other reasons that exists, you can be certain that less and less people are prepared to work very hard and unsociable jobs, for money that buys them less and less and is leaving them living lives that they can no longer afford. When other people to do less, but appear to get more than everything they could ever possibly want.

In terms of the practical, technical or operational aspects of the collapsing global supply chain, there’s very little that can be questioned about the efficiency, planning or the sheer brilliance of how each and every part of a supply chain that can get a plug made in China to your door for a couple of £Pounds, all fit together like millions of pieces of a very large jigsaw.

The Global Supply Chain appeared to be truly brilliant whilst it was working. But the greedy and ambitious people behind all of it have been blind to its biggest flaw.

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Levelling Level

The Tory Right named their latest response to it Levelling Up. For decades, Labour and the Left have responded to it with public policy that adds up to levelling down.

But what is ‘it’? Do our politicians actually know what ‘it’ is? What is ‘it’ they don’t understand?

Today, we find ourselves in the early stages of a cost-of-living crisis and a fall in living standards that is the worst since records began. But these are only some of the issues we now face.

Social mobility, debt, housing, energy, inflation or stagflation, healthcare, climate change, education, wealth inequality, fake news, crime, wokeism and many other problems join the list that’s fast growing into this out-of-control crisis that is touching everything we know, too.

Change is happening around us in ways that make very little sense. Yet the messages we hear in the media and from our politicians suggest that everything is as fine as it can be. It is leading many of us to assume that we are alone with our views and feelings; thinking that we must be going mad.

The UK is the person with major health problems. It’s in a beauty salon, where every wannabe politician must be seen as top dog by everyone. But this political class are just the Saturday morning trainees, only able to sweep up and comb hair*. They smile sweetly and tell the Country that having a great look is all it takes to fix the problems experienced by all. Meanwhile, what the UK really needs is every form of medical surgery known, with the mental health care and physical rehabilitation necessary to make every part of our system work together, returning the UK to full fitness and providing fair and balanced lives for everyone in the shortest time possible.

With an establishment obsessed with sound bites and messages, rather than public policy that has real depth, Adam Tugwell unpicks the realities of Levelling Up, levelling down and decades of mismanagement and self-interest from a political class that simply isn’t up to the job.

Adam demonstrates that the broken tools of a flawed political age will always leave someone, somewhere behind, and shows that our politicians are repeatedly failing to create the social backstop that the UK needs to stop anyone being avoidably disadvantaged.

Levelling Level focusses on the inevitable process of change affecting everything around us that underway today. It discusses how we can harness the experiences that will accompany the challenges that we face to make life better by establishing a Basic Living Standard for all.

Levelling Level proposes that it is not money and financial wealth, but people and the way that our society treats its poorest and most vulnerable that underscores our real value, success and health as communities and as a Nation.

Levelling Level is a solution to the UKs problems that works for all.

*The qualified hairdressers are the government officers and civil servants, or people who like to ‘nudge’

London Bridge is falling down: The behavior of younger Royals shows the days of unquestioned power and patriarchy are over and this kind of monarchy will die with the Queen

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We are experiencing great times of change, even if we don’t realise or accept it.

Many may not yet be joining up the dots, but there are links between the behaviour of the politicians and establishment figures, who have between them created the mess and mass of problems that lie for us ahead, and the issues that the once revered Royal Family now faces.

These issues have all been created by self-interest and the abuse of privilege, responsibility and power, that has gone to their heads.

Indeed, it is no coincidence that the second sons within the next two generations of the Royal Family, Princes Andrew and Harry have between them managed to create such a stink. And now, even Prince Charles has another finger pointing at himself, given the way that he appears to have allowed the privilege of his position to be manipulated to raise funds for his Foundation by taking Cash for honours.

As a society, we’ve forgotten who we really are. Whilst there have always been people in the world who fall into the trap of abusing the power that they have, a time when values have meant so little, and material wealth, personal gain and enhanced enjoyment have meant so much to so many has probably not existed like it does right now, at any time before.

There is a massive and prolonged cost that those riding this wave are incurring for everyone.

Nobody can create value from nothing and award it only to themselves or those like them, without there being consequences for others, and therefore for us all.

Money, behaviour; it doesn’t matter. There are always consequences to every action as a result of the choices that we make. Effects are never the cause.

Privilege has always brought with it a requirement for a very clear understanding of the responsibility that accompanies it.

Whilst the roles and responsibility of the Royal Family of today and those of the past may appear very different in the modern age, the roles that our current Royals have been born to have also remained very much the same.

The Queens greatest success is due in no small part to the fact that even at points when her Reign has been in trouble, she has always respected and remained true to the distance between people living normal lives and the Crown. It is the myth that has until now pretty much defined her role.

The Queen has accepted that the role of a monarch carries with it a peculiar form of magic. One that relies on everyone from outside of that mysterious bubble and those that understand it not ever being able to see or be able to make comparisons with the comparatively ‘normal’ life they have of their own.

Indeed, even those who suspect or understand the normality and parallels that sit behind the reality that a King or a Queen are still human, shouldn’t ever have to question the existence of the monarch. Because apart from public appearances, the entire world of the monarchy is or rather should be kept behind closed doors.

In the past, Royal Princes led and fought wars, and when it came to any form of exuberance, the world of lords, ladies and the landed gentry contained all of their shenanigans within their clique. Thereby keeping anything that would expose the reality that Royals are just the same, very much within a pair of very safe hands.

But the world has changed rapidly in the past Century. Particularly since Elizabeth II was Crowned as our Queen.

Whilst Her Majesty has kept this form of Monarchy alive for 70 years, this is due to her having not having her values set completely skewed by change and the modern age. It is because she has shone through and remained overwhelmingly true to principles that remind us all quietly of what once was.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of Prince Harry her grandson, or Prince Andrew or Prince Charles, her sons.

Unfortunately, what all three have in common with everyone else, as demonstrated through the recent events and stories that will help to define them, is they have so much already, but want more and more.

The problem for the three of them is that wealth and privilege has also evolved as a concept over the past 70 years. It has become very different to what it previously was and what Royal conditioning has clearly led them to believe it to be.

The era of invented money and manufactured wealth has corrupted the thinking of many. Whether directly or indirectly, our population is being manipulated and used by those who have power to create money at will. The greedy and influential few have built a great castle in the clouds with foundations built upon a myth that will stop working the moment the majority of us finds out.

With it has come the epoch of distraction, that cynically suits the purposes of those ‘in charge’. Under philosophies that have been employed by the elites since the time of the Romans, we are being enslaved under a premise of ‘give them bread and circuses’.

Low-cost money (credit) and every entertainment conceivable are thrown at us continuously, whilst we are literally being farmed for the interest that debt provides. All the while, this obsessive distraction quite literally contains the revolt that would occur tomorrow morning if everyone were to wake up to what has been going on.

You would have hoped that those in positions of assumed or automatic deference would know better than to get high on their own supply. But when it comes to the younger Royals, they most certainly do not.

Whilst Andrew’s defining crime will be having sex with a young girl who was trafficked to put her at his whim, it was in all likelihood his own greed and desire to attain more that put him at the mercy of people who had a much darker understanding of how the higher powers in the current world work.

Meanwhile, Harry has been led by the nose by an American climber who does little more than exude me me me wherever she goes. Together, they show zero respect for how anything they see beneath them and the way that age old traditions work. It now appears they believe that almost anything can be bought, and anything that cannot (such as the support of the British Public) isn’t worth bothering about.

Then there is Charles, whose resentment at having to wait so long to become the next King seems to have bubbled for decades. He has managed to keep his desire to usurp the peaceful way that our current relationship with the monarchy works for the past few years. But his desire for monarchy to be done his way cannot be far from the surface. It may well be proven to have been demonstrated very well with him having fallen fowl of the system of deference where honours should have real meaning as a benchmark that so-called lesser mortals can look up to and believe in. They should never be some kind of hierarchical qualification that can be bought corruptly then bestowed at whim.

Through their actions, these three ‘royal princes’ have destroyed the myth that has already given them such gilded lives.

Whilst there are few of us – even within republican ranks – who could find traction in our thoughts and words to speak out against the tenure of our Great Queen Elizabeth II, it is becoming ever clearer that the end of her Reign will inevitably precipitate the UK Monarchy’s fall.

Even without what we have recently seen from younger Royals, the way the world is changing and will now change as hierarchical structures come to fall, dictates that the existence of a family that ‘rules over us’ for no reason other than some archaic birthright, is now at an end.

Nothing should be taken for granted. The future of the new monarchy that follows Queen Elizabeth II Reign can only continue to exist on very clear and unbreakable terms. These must include the acceptance that deference is no longer any member of the Royal Family’s by right.

No. We may not jump straight to a republic structure once the Queen has gone. But the reality is that the time has come for our monarchy to become nothing more than the civic symbol that it really is. Any form of power and special privilege that it attracts from our system of government, or the public purse should now be returned.

Our very wise and knowing Queen is already taking the steps necessary to pave the way for what comes next.

But while the Queen may be doing all that she can to smooth the passage of her Platinum Year – and perhaps her passing very soon too, her legacy will be her Reign and all that it gave us.

The Queen cannot determine or secure the future of her children or grandchildren, and she has no right to do so.

Once the falling London Bridge is finally down, the British Monarchy – or what’s left of it will have to take its place within a more egalitarian world – just like everyone else.

The woke have an impractical and idealistic view of the world based on idealism and inexperience. Treat them as enemies now and they won’t learn empathy or understanding, but they will believe it is right to hate

February 15, 2022 Leave a comment

Trying desperately hard to make headlines that will distract from the self-inflicted Partygate chaos that the Prime Minister has created, each day, the Conservative Party Chairman announced yesterday that the Tories now have the woke and woke culture, well and truly within their sights.

Instead of defining themselves as the thinkers, the leaders, the pioneers of our times; those who understand how the changing world and its ability to influence thinking works, our Politicians have also become victims of the way we are all being influenced.

Their solution is not to start thinking. They just want to tackle the problem they perceive head-on. And do so without any thought for the very subtle processes and nuances of reality that are actually involved.

Our perception is everything, until we decide that it is not

By focusing upon and defining our problems and fears, we make them worse. Some might say that this is how we actually make them real and that the devil really lies in the detail of it all.

The focus may not be voluntary. In fact, as we have allowed all forms of media and information technology to enter just about every part of life, we have unwittingly made ourselves highly vulnerable to every form of external influence from which problems with the way we think – and yes, issues with our mental health, are made.

We have so much information coming at us from these different streams, that the messages we are receiving take on their own reality, just as if we are being exposed to them in real life.

Issues that are very small – if indeed they are real at all – seem very BIG. And the life story, experience or events surrounding just one person easily translate to being something that is either happening or could happen to us all.

To many of us, this is reality. Its how reality works, and when we find ourselves experiencing fears or ways of thinking that have come to us this way, we don’t begin to question its relevance or relativity to us. We just accept that this is the way it is.

We are what we think. Our thoughts become things.

So, when you have enough people accepting what arrives in their heads as read, we find ourselves in a rather strange place where the thinking or the views of just a few are not only accepted as real, it also becomes the collective truth – no matter how wrong, flawed or misplaced that initial thinking might actually be.

The problem for society – and by that, I mean everyone – is when decision makers, people with real-life influence and power, and those whose roles have implications for the general public, don’t possess the understanding of how the world has changed around them. They fall into the trap of seeing what is in front of them on a screen not only as their own truth, but the truth of us all.

Wokery, close relative of the social justice movement and political correctness that still exist and came before, are the problem that they are and are as dangerous as they are today, not because they have any real value. But because of the way that their voices are heard and then perceived and accepted by the unthinking as the majority view.

Oddly enough, the people who we should be able expect to understand the myth and mechanics of how wokery works and influences us, then take appropriate and considered steps to show us all how unreal and unrealistic it actually all is, are our politicians.

Yet they don’t.

Wokery is at best is just a phase in life based on youthful inexperience and idealism.

At its worst, wokery is the voice of the angry. Of life’s victims who don’t deal with the issues they face and instead look to project the blame for everything that happens away from where it should actually lie. Pushing it outwards to anyone and anything they can find fault with and make guilty, therefore highlighting the innocence they see within themselves.

The reason we don’t ignore or dismiss this kind of thinking and the way the people experiencing it behave – as we would do if we were to be touched by it ‘in normal life’, is because its voice has become multiplied many times over by our media culture. It has as such taken on the false appearance of being ridiculously strong.

Until we see wokery as the foolishness that it really is and stop giving oxygen to the dangers it both poses and has already posed to real people going about their real lives, it will continue to grow. It will have very perverse influences on life for us all.

Politicians should literally be putting up a hand to say stop to anyone who wants to make emotion without experience real. They should be telling them to get a grip. They should be working to create an environment that values the experience of all others above academia, think tanks and media messaging – prioritising the real world and real life above all miscreated thoughts that nothing more than perception is allowing to become things

As examples of people who were once very woke or social justice warriors show, most of the young people who are led by this idealism begin to wake up as the depth and understanding that only comes from life experience deals its inevitable blows.

They deal with them and move on, and in time learn to respect the reality that we all see and experience life differently, and that there is nothing right about having alternative ways of thinking about life imposed.

The danger is that in their desire to knee jerk their way out of trouble today, our feckless politicians are about to make the reality that the woke believe in even stronger. All at a time when the last thing we need from the voices that have a stranglehold on influence is for them to believe the establishment has now legitimised their hate.

Buy Now, Pay Later is no solution to cost-of-living crisis. It is another device that will be disastrous for the poor and the depths of greed the rich have now reached have become a menace for us all

February 14, 2022 Leave a comment

People who lack the essentials of life – because they cannot financially afford them – are vulnerable to anyone who has a clever way to exploit that need.

It is a lesson from centuries of history that we should all be able to rely on that those who lead us will have learned. But regrettably, we cannot.

Indeed, government was created as a way for us to all collectively help others in a time of need. But the time when mechanisms such as the Welfare State and even the NHS were able to operate and fulfil their function without being exploited in some way, have sadly long since gone.

Like me, you may have noticed that so-called ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ ‘opportunities’ have started to appear and are available to cover the cost of some of the least expensive items that we have gone online and even to the high street or local shops to buy.

To those who have been fed the unscrupulous line that taking out credit and paying it off before you are charged interest is a good thing AND can do so, it is likely that just adding another way to delay paying bills with free money will be seen as no more than an added bonus. But what happens when these offers and the growing number of Buy Now, Pay Later apps are used to pay for food, travel or even energy that the people buying these goods and services don’t have the money to afford?

The willful blindness to a situation that politicians themselves have directly and indirectly created is not just a problem. It is fast becoming a damning indictment of how as a society we have become obsessed with quick money and the status that its fluidity affords us, when we believe we can afford it, whilst this obsession has picked up speed and just about enslaved us all.

The debate over whether the £200 relief on energy bills should be a Tory driven Loan or a Labour derived subsidy fails to even scratch the surface of the dreadful realities that increasing numbers of British people now face.

Food and the essentials that each of us need to survive and remain healthy each day are going up in price aggressively, whilst the value of the money we earn or are given is rapidly going down.

To add to the torment and human misery that little more than political stupidity and the greed of big business and bankers have created, the latter are now exploiting what is left for those who already have nothing left with this Buy Now, Pay Later trap.

They are doing little more than exploiting the vulnerability that accompanies need. All so they can continue to raise already bloated profit margins for themselves.

The travesty of this all, is that the money being ‘loaned’ to the people who will become debt ridden and then ostracised, by the very same commercial credit scorers who qualified them, doesn’t actually exist.

Our politicians have literally given these sadists a license to print money that they then loan out, charge interest against and simply destroy lives without any further thought, when it’s not paid back.

It’s all done as if the money was real, and they had been put at a genuinely loss and have reason to be aggrieved in some way.

This travesty is made worse, only by the reality that our Politicians either don’t understand how the perversity of this system now works, or that they do, but overlook it all on the basis that it either helps them to do so, or that it is too difficult to deal with.

To say that we are on our way to hell in a hand cart would be bad enough, if it weren’t for the fact that to say all this was avoidable for a very long time is the absolute truth.

Instead, we have politicians who are scraping around trying to fix life-changing problems for everyone by printing even more money whilst making them even worse.

Making life fair and affordable for all was always within our Politicians power.

They have either deliberately ignored the problems or are just too stupid to be aware of and face up to the true cause.

Where Confirmation Bias rules: Wrongs are invented, investigated and then used to destroy newly created sinners, whilst society becomes ever further divided and broken too

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Many find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to asking the question ‘who benefits from wokery?’ Because anyone with eyes to see and ears to listen already knows and understands that it certainly isn’t society or the common good at large.

Of course, in the troubled times that we have been damned by self-serving politicians to experience and navigate, we can always rely on our self-serving and inept ‘leaders’ to pick up any banner that produces enough clicks and adopt it as their next headline cause.

Whilst the Johnsonian Tories have repeatedly proven themselves the conservative sell-outs that they really are, it’s the rudderless Labour Party – still looking for that holy grail of election winning formulas – that retains the capacity to outdo even the most self-serving of its competition, by adopting more and more wokesim, and taking the divisive realities of the rights and diversity culture step after damaging step too far.

The realities that cutting £200 off energy bills without making anyone overtly pay for it being no better than political tit for tat,  when politicians actually have the power to do significantly more to help those in poverty and need besides, it was the announcement from Anneliese Dodds that Labour will end the systemic racism that doesn’t actually exist, that should perhaps fill any one who really fears for the future of our society with an even greater concern.

Labour was, after all, once considered to be the party of the people. Of the working classes. Of fairness and of equality. Of equal rights for all.

Yet in their anger and their resentment of the reality that the ideas their party is founded upon will never genuinely work, and that all the good the labour movement could do a hundred years ago has already been achieved and done, they cannot see that the rights and equalities culture that they helped create is in fact making the problems far worse. A point of balance was reached and a system had already been put in a place years ago, which in terms relative to the way we are governed today, was as good as it ever really could be.

The irresponsibility of statements like that which suggest the existence of problems such as ‘systemic racism’ by politicians who desire to be in government is as bad as it could possibly be.

The words these wannabies use are doing little more than fueling a woke-derived witch hunt that will serve only to make the innocent the worst of sinners. Not because they are bad people or because they genuinely set out to hurt or treat anyone prejudicially. But because they are human and they either aren’t self-aware or really didn’t think.

The rather sorry state and mess that the UK now finds itself in with rights and political correctness isn’t based on anything with meaning in the real world. It’s based on the emotions of people who see themselves as victims in some way. To avoid dealing with their own experience and putting it in a healthy place, they then make themselves the champions of causes they create, that they believe will help and deliver justice for others, whilst liberating their own pain in some way.

Whether positive or negative. Someone or indeed many will always end up being unfairly treated when we use discrimination of any kind.

In the fight that this Labour frontbencher now suggests they are going to enact on a problem that doesn’t exist, you can bet that if they were elected and able to do so, all they will achieve is creating injustice on a much wider scale. All through the displacement of people who have done nothing wrong, whilst introducing systems and tokensim that will create even greater divides in its place.

You cannot and will not remove the divisions that are created by difference, by elevating those who are different with divisive systems that tell those who are not different but are just as different, that their presence is divisive, and they are the ones who are wrong.

If Labour wanted to do something that would help people now, they could do nothing better than to break up their party and start all over again.

None of our Politicians are helping anybody but themselves whilst they block seats in Parliament that could be put to much better use by people who actually want to lead, rather than taking on board every form of tail-wagging-the-dog clickbait, and then proclaim and implement foolish ideas as their own.

Going Green overnight to ease the conscience of the illiberal elite is not easy for anyone else. Environmental challenges can be met in ways that work for everyone, but it means legislators actually doing their jobs

February 11, 2022 Leave a comment

Irony of ironies, after decades of maxing out and making the most they possibly can from globalisation whilst pretending that no such thing as a climate crisis exists, our elites have now suddenly grown a conscience – so it would seem.

Regrettably, as we have come to expect, instead of thinking about the consequences and the impact on everyone else from what they do, the Political Class have thrown themselves headlong into an idealistic and wholly impractical race to Net Zero. One that is starting to demand lifestyle and finance changes that are unaffordable and unsustainable for anyone but themselves.

This comedy of errors is playing out daily for all to see. It was illustrated only too well on page 4 of today’s Daily Mail, where one article talks about the poor having to ration their use of electricity at peak times. The article next to it discusses the closure of the fracking wells across the UK which were to be the first of many that could have helped keep energy prices low and sustainable for us all, whilst we find practical ways to go green.

There is no question that a climate crisis exists. But it is the greed and profligate exploitation of resources, travel on demand, shipping, low wage and undeveloped economies, as well as our throw away culture where products are literally designed to only last a limited time, that are already the biggest and most consistent offenders when it comes to the creation of this very troubling climate legacy which in many ways is set to last.

The way we have been living is unsustainable. But we have been led to believe that there are no consequences for low-cost, instantly available goods of all kinds, because our politicians, media and big businesses have told us so.

Unfortunately, the transition we face from the way we live now to the way that we need to be, is not one that it as simple as switching one way of being on or off, or just exchanging it momentarily for another, or passing overnight from A to B.

Yet this is exactly the expectation we are being told that we must accept when ways of producing energy cheaply are aggressively being switched off without methods of energy production being in place to replace them, that can be relied on, consistently at all times.

It is very easy for unthinking, self-interested people with influence and power to impose such changes on others who are living lives that they do not will not ever understand.

These elites are the people who, after all, will not be forced to switch off a power supply or moderate their use of energy at times of the day when it is perfectly normal for any one of us to expect those things to be switched on.

The elites are the ones who do not have to worry about buying expensive battery powered cars, and then charging them with all of the additional costs but that process will involve.

The reality is that the changes that we have to make can only become sustainable by changing the way that we think and the way that we live. We must change the way that we do business and accept that it is no longer going to work if we just expect everything we want to be available and to immediately arrive.

It is hideous that instead of facing up to the realities of the situation that they have contributed to and helped to create, or political leaders and the elites of the establishment believe that they can just continue with all of the dangerous processes and activities around the globe that are damaging our World. Just as long as they are seen to be forcing us to take steps that are completely  impractical, but can be seen publicly to demonstrate that they are doing their bit to alleviate the coming climate pain.

The decisions and the choices that the elites have made are the easy ones. They are not the decisions that require hard work. What our Politicians should be doing is looking those who have created this problem and who are profiting from its continuation in the eye and doing the things that need to be done to make them change so that what they do is ethical, and profit just becomes a consequence of industrial activity – not the primary aim as it is today.

Change is a process that cannot be achieved overnight. And whilst we moved towards a place where we can all live green, sustainably without avoidable and unnecessary levels of pain for those who cannot afford forced overnight change, there must be a commonsense approach to using the resources is an sources of power that we have available. One that may not be palatable to the green lobby itself, but will mean that a basic, practical and consistent standard of living remains accessible at all times of the day to us all.

It is simply unacceptable to fill the gap in energy provision with the lie that energy supplies can always be secured from foreign shores.

With war now likely in the Eastern European Country of Ukraine, the chances are that Russia will use energy supplies as a key bargaining token within a very manipulative strategic game.

The UK must become self sustaining in every way possible as soon as this outcome can be achieved.

Energy must be produced from the sources and resources that we have available to us and that can be generated within and on our own shores.

In an uncertain world we must move away from being reliant upon the delivery of goods services food or any other product that makes us vulnerable because we are out someone else’s beck and call.

Above all, we have an obligation to create and maintain a benchmark basic standard of living for the poor.

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