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‘One Nation Conservatives’: Borrowing a blanket from history to wrap the same ideas and me me me principles that led to Brexit in the first place

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I’m not sure if it’s Theresa May being off on one of her now infamous walking holidays. Perhaps just the many pretenders clinging to the Conservative Party wreckage desperately trying to regain credibility. Or maybe the idea that the Easter Story can conjure up success where all original thinking is at best absent, but realistically has been lost.

Whatever it is, talk has began lapping on the shores of ‘One Nation Conservatism’ again, as a significant part of the Conservative Parliamentary Party attempts desperately to paint itself out of a corner of its own creation. One where it chose to ignore democracy and focus all efforts over the past three years to stifle progress on Leaving the EU. To nullify Brexit and instead to ensure that the UK would in words say otherwise, but in deed would only ever Remain.

Borrowing from history is nothing new to a political class which in its majority has become so inept as the one that we currently have inhabiting the corridors of Westminster.

But living a lie in words is also what these politicians do with their deeds.

And whilst many of us would applaud a genuine attempt on the part of today’s Conservative Party to emulate thinking like Disraeli in just the smallest of ways, the MPs driving this resurrected take on ‘One Nation Conservatism’ are simply hijacking the brand of something which they not only do not understand, whilst they embrace that which is the very antithesis of what much of this particular form of 19th Century Politics was actually about.

Many of the Westminster Conservatives clearly still have no concept, idea or appreciation for all the things that they have and continue to get so wrong.

They think that Brexit, like their own reality, is contained within a kind of bubble. That things will simply return to ‘normal’ once they have removed talk of Leaving the EU from Parliamentary Business and the many forms of media which are prominent and the only reason it remains in the public eye.

But Brexit wasn’t, isn’t and will never be a matter which can be contained in isolation.

Brexit was never a single issue, but a collection of many others distilled into a common area where all the experiences of wrong that are peculiar to us as individuals came together to make sense in what appears to be a single issue, only to those obsessed with dealing with the effects of problems but never having the fortitude to address the causes.

The situation we are now in has been many years, in fact decades in the making.

It is the responsibility of politicians from Parties on all sides.

But the biggest responsibility falls squarely at the doors of many conservative politicians who have identified themselves with the EU as an aide to their own career pathway. Politicians who have invested themselves heavily in the world of ‘big business’. Have neoliberalism as a base philosophy and are so obsessed with the righteousness of their own ideas that they have experienced Brexit as nothing more than a personal affront that must be stopped at whatever the cost.

As the Conservative Party now fights for its survival, it is likely to split into two parts. At this moment we would easily identify as being Leave based or Remain.

The ‘One Nation Conservatives’ as they call themselves do and will represent what we today recognise as the old order. The Establishment Tories. The way that anyone in ‘the tent’ will tell you that this is how things in the Party are done.

They are lip-service conservatism painted up to look good and caring. But they behave and act fundamentally the same. Slaves to every story that the EU sells them. But individualists at heart and through-and-through, simply masquerading the politics of fear and envy just under a different name.

If they or any candidate that they are promoting in the first instance should replace the Prime Minister when she is either forced or will finally accept that it is time to step down, the Conservative Party will cease to have a meaningful future and soon become permanently sidelined and overlooked as a political force.

This in itself may prove to be catastrophic. As a future which is good for everyone in this Country will not be borne from the structures of the political parties which have risen to prominence to address the affront to democracy which those obsessed with remaining in the European Union have caused.

No. Our future has to come from a place of reason, consideration for all and a respect for cause, effect and consequence. Certainly not anger, which when the driving force of any movement – even when apparently justified, will lead to policies and thinking that will also hurt and overlook people. All at a time when we so desperately need a political philosophy which is practical in outlook as well as delivery and fundamentally inclusive for all.

Nobody in politics right now is speaking with this real honesty and driven fully by the principle of something better for all.

They are just telling the truth of their own ideas which in some respects echo a step in the direction of democracy and justice. Whilst for too many others like these ‘One Nation Conservatives’ the root of everything they do is still all about them. And they continue to chase a re-wrapped form of politics where they are the only true beneficiaries and cause of whatever they have done, are doing and will continue to do.

Whilst it would be difficult and indeed foolish to identify with their every idea, the only part of the Conservative Party which exists today and has the ability to take it forward as a force beneficial to us all is that coalescing around the ERG Group and Brexiteers.

Because it is they, whom for whatever reason are still driven by ideas which are respectful of democracy. Basic principles that will form the basis of our new democracy going forward, perhaps as soon as Theresa May leaves No.10. Or at sometime in the future if ‘One Nation Conservatism’ has temporary success in frustrating the will of the People further by stopping the only Party currently capable of establishing a new independent and self-governing future for the UK which will never come from leadership aligned with Remain.

There is an open secret to calling out those who would have us believe they represent others when they only represent themselves.

It is the same one that those who know where they need to lead us to but have no tangible ideas or policies to offer will soon find momentum and an unwritten direction for their cause.

It is about recognising that basing what you do or what you say on the words and actions of anyone and anything from history is and only ever will be a lost cause.

After all, leaders like Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher didn’t have themselves to model themselves on when they started and as they moved along.

They just did whatever they thought was right at that exact moment in time and left it to history, the opinions and words of others to identify them with meaning and cause.

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Are you wondering how GOOD politicians would behave differently to the shower of shite we have now?

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Get Elected 13Nobody is talking about what really needs to change at the baseline of British Politics.

Amazing as it may seem with all the chat about new political parties such as Change UK and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party being tipped to clean up at the never-should-have-been-held European Elections on 23rd May, there is simply no discussion underway about what it will actually take to put things right and to correct everything that is going wrong.

Worse still. By falling into the trap of thinking that change is as simple as electing one party that says its all about change or another party only dedicated to delivering on the Leave Vote over Europe, we may together blunder into electing yet a load more politicians who might look different, speak different and maybe even behave different, but will actually do everything just the same.

Things will not change in politics until we think differently about politics and make sure that the people we elect to represent are thinking about politics just the same.

That’s going to take work.

Whilst we needed the change that’s coming to have taken place 3 years or more ago, it hasn’t, because the very reason that the change is needed has continued to get in the way.

Yes we need a quick result.

But when there aren’t quick options available that actually work in the way that we need them too, the battle is won in each and every step that we take to make, become and live the change and not just about what we perceive to be a fleeting result.

If you’d really like to see, know and understand what it will take to get British Politics in the right place, with the right politicians doing the right things for ALL of the People that they represent, I would like to invite you to read my e-book ‘How to Get Elected’.

How to Get Elected is not just a guide for those considering running in elections wherever they might be across the UK. It is a basic code of practice. A guideline and framework for anyone who wants to be a good public representative for other people, with pointers to what to do, consider, how to behave and how to go about getting things done.

It’s available to read in the form of a click-through Website which you can access without charge at anytime HERE.

How to Get Elected is also available as a Kindle Book on Amazon and will be FREE to download over Easter Weekend by following the link HERE.

Please enjoy my book, leave a review on Amazon and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think.

Best wishes to you, whatever your natural affiliation or view,



Taking Climate Change Protests in London to the extreme wont tackle the real problem, but it will push sympathizers even further away

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img_2996Anyone watching the news programmes in the West Country last night could have easily mistaken the coverage of the Climate Change Protests, flagging its origins in Stroud as being flown as some kind of Regional badge of honour.

Questions over media bias aside and quickly swept away into the overflowing pile where it now belongs, the strange-but-true reality of the Climate Question is that there are much greater levels of sympathy for the points that are generally being made than is generally realised. It is simply the case that for most people, the practicalities of life get in the way.

There is an unwritten rule beating away like a heart in the background of all this that says its ok to be as idealistic as much as you like, just don’t get in the way of other peoples lives in a way that suggests that you (the idealist) are right, and that everyone else (the pragmatic) are wrong.

The upshot and punishment of doing so, as the Extinction Rebellion are unwittingly pursuing so rigorously in London right now, is to lose friends and alienate people. The same people that they should not only be looking to win support from, but to work with collectively if not only the Climate Change Question but a great many others are ever, within a sensible timeline, to be properly resolved.

As an end result, aim or destination target, the creation of a fully carbon neutral economy is in itself a worthy aim. But attempting to push Government and yes, the People of this Country into the changes and knock-on effects that would be both necessary and unavoidable to achieve this unilateral target across the UK by 2025 would have impacts that even the most pessimistic of us would not dare to imagine.

There are pages, chapters and probably an entire book covering the family tree of consequences that would follow the implementation of such de facto demands.

When it boils down to it, even the lives of these apparently most idealistic and green-motivated of people would be turned completely on their head by public policy borne within an echo chamber where real world considerations and the question of such things as how the human experience is different for us all are excluded and don’t operate in any meaningful form.

Many Climate Change activists passionately believe that theirs is the only real game in town. But the game they really should be playing isn’t the one they think it is. It is actually the same one underpinning pretty much all of the problems that we as a society, a Country, a Continent and a World have at the base of all political problems.

Yes, it all boils down to pretty much the same cause.

Money, material wealth, self-interest and just about every shade of the same that you can roll out into what appears to be an infinite number of infinitesimally small to gargantuan forms.

Whether its think of ourselves or the accumulation of corporate and fat-cat wealth, it’s all relative and the root cause of it all is fundamentally the same.

Climate Change, like so many other things, will not become the cause célèbre that it needs to be, for as long as the alternative to money being the real power in the world is neither recognised, embraced and therefore not found.

To even begin the journey to that place – which will not be brought into existence by throwing the toys out of the pram, will take a change in thinking that will simply not happen that fast, no matter how desperate the change required may actually be.

Man is by nature a selfish beast. And the argument for addressing Climate Change will not be a priority for everyone until every excuse – whether financial or otherwise – has been dealt with meaningfully and removed, or the whole problem has simply been tested to to destruction and yes – gone far too far.

The genuine, meaningful opportunity that exists today for activists and people up and down this land, is to observe and be open to the reality that removing the sickness we now have in our Politics, our Parliament and all of our public bodies is the first major step to making our own society more mindful of the wider issues at work.

When we achieve the goal of having people in high office and positions of responsibility that consider the consequences of all that they do in terms of everyone and not only themselves, we will be one giant leap nearer the point where the Climate Change Question, whether perceived in isolation or as part of the malaise which faces us all collectively can finally be resolved.









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Young people are consciously idealistic and care about the world beyond themselves, whilst May’s Conservatives are driven by deep-seated selfishness and rampant personal ambition. That’s why they no longer connect

img_2933For those of us still out here who recognise that we are more conservative than the Conservative Party under May, but find ourselves unable to consider being any part of it, there is little pleasure provided by the process of watching the incumbent Prime Minister progressively destroying the seedbed of post-Brexit Britain and the opportunities set to follow beyond. Nor is their solace to be found by observing Tory MPs flailing about under the misapprehension that the Conservative Party’s ills are all something that they can simply reach outside of themselves and the Party to fix.

On the face of it, each of the Policy areas that give life to May’s bastard child idea of governance look wholly separate and as if they can be picked up independently and solved quickly, without any further need to look within.

The reality is however that they cant. And what the handling of Brexit has in common with just about everything that this walking-dead version of a once-great Political Party has touched and is bringing the kiss of political death to, is the intrinsic inability of all those who have become enslaved to the Party machine, to see any fault within themselves, their actions, their outlook or anything they do, in terms of the responsibility they hold for the position that the Conservative Party and this borrowed-time Government is now in.

The sad and most regrettable reality is that the Parliamentary Conservative Party is only waking up to issues that they perceive as putting their electability at risk.

One of those that has hit home hard with a significant jolt this week, is the statistical disconnect that the Party now has with younger people. One that has exploded with the force of a nuclear bomb under the malaise of Theresa May.

There have already been a number of articles written by high profile Conservative Politicians making big statements about how they will reengage the disenfranchised young or rather members of the general public up to the age of 45.

But nobody within the Party is wrestling with the reality behind why many younger people find it easy to connect with a Marxist like Jeremy Corbyn, yet cannot bring themselves to identify with the policies of some of the best Conservative Governments, let alone those under the stewardship of the EU’s stooge and failing Prime Minister Theresa May.

The cold hard reality that too many Conservatives continue to overlook is that young people, in the main part untouched by the realities of the world outside of school life and university, have an understandably upbeat view of socialist ideas and especially the language that pits the many who possess little against what they perceive to be the fat and getting fatter few.

As the young become older and take on responsibilities of their own, the gloss of the communal one-for-all and all-for-one idealism is soon replaced by a different reality.

The reality that as soon as money and material wealth become not only important in personal life, but are increasingly found to set the rules, that there is an increasingly more adult interpretation of how everything actually works. One where self-interest even in its most subtle and innocuous forms become the order of the day and that the machinations of government do and will have an impact on what we as individuals earn, take home, can enjoy, use to make us feel secure and safe – irrespective of what to the outside world we then might say.

Where the Tories have gone wrong, and perhaps terminally so, is to fall into the trap of believing that the whole of the world outside of Westminster and across the UK, in our Towns, Cities, Villages and Communities does in the bigger part reflect their own seemingly grown-up, but nonetheless sheltered and far-from-being-real-world way of interpreting life.

This dangerous and clouded view on the part of lawmakers doesn’t stop there.

For under successive Conservative-led governments, all sense of the once accepted convention between the Governing and the Governed to provide for all parts and motivations within our wider society have been lost. With it has gone the recognition of responsibility to provide workable, considered and intuitive solutions to those who genuinely need help whatever might be their experience of life.

It has simply been cast aside without any thought for what it is to be young and seeing life from a very different angle.

Swept away in such a way that tells the young very clearly that politicians have not, will not and could never share their point of view.

Until such time as a Political Party of the right can not only communicate shared values with Young People, but is seen to develop AND implement policies which demonstrate that they also share love, compassion and a sense of non-financially dependent care for all, right of centre politics will not be taken seriously nor respected by Young People. People with a valid point of view who look at a malevolent Labour Movement under the Leadership of Corbyn and by default as a comparison find themselves happy to look beyond what those with a different experience of life see as potentially catastrophic flaws.





Whatever May cooks up with Corbyn or continuing as usual with the EU, the arrangement will never be permanent unless we continue to have a PM, Government and Parliament filled with MPs that accept it as being that way

img_2930The misuse of words and terms has been growing exponentially with the upsurge in social media use. But Brexit has taken this confusion to a whole new level and whereas ignorance, inexperience and simple lack of research often lead many to utilise existing words without malice for another form, politicians have taken deliberately sewing confusion and misunderstanding with everyday terms to exploit a situation for their own aims to a completely new level.

The whole issue of Brexit is a fitting illustration of this, with Brexit itself being a polysemic term, with what was to the public a very distilled and focused response to their own interpretation of the question over Leaving Europe. It has been deliberately exploited by using the suggestion that everyone was voting for something different, when it is the politicians themselves who want to present many shades of options when the public always knew that it was simply Leave or Remain.

The power of words in the wrong hands – or perhaps I should actually say mouths, should never be underestimated. The effect of words misused or abused can at worst end with people being killed and lead to many other indeterminate and troubling forms of situations which are only ever made real by the use of those words and the ones that follow.

Problematic for us all, is the trap we can all fall into of using words that mean something to us which may have little or no consequence at all, which heard by others can mean something very different indeed.

Brexit is bringing out the worst of this form of misuse and one of the most misleading, misrepresented and therefore dangerous of the words that our politicians are using is the term ‘permanent’ in respect of whatever deal Mrs May is this week trying to make utility of to keep herself in No.10, in power and with what only she now perceives as a successful legacy left in tact.

Whilst there are many politicians sat in Westminster who are happy to support the view of a Foreign Power that we colloquially know as the EU, that ‘permanent’ means something that can never be rescinded or changed, the cold, hard reality of anything made or created in this world is that it can be destroyed or changed at any point thereafter.

This certainly applies to any obstacle, commitment or obligation that May might succeed in signing the UK up to. It is just the question of what the cost will be to us all as we step forward to finally reclaim what is already and naturally ours, which this Prime Minister is desperately attempting to give away to the EU simply because her cause has always been one committed to Remain.

With the history of recent months demonstrating that there are very few Elected Members of Parliament in Westminster today who possess either the wherewithal or strength of character to deliver on the instructions of the People that elected them to Office, the reality of the pathway to overturning whatever May cooks up might become a significant challenge, as the majority are likely to simply accept that the arrangement is permanent – just as they are now being told.

But no form of Remain or Brexit in name only will be permanent. And the politicians and figures telling us this are buying into a fantasy of their own making. One that can only exist for as long as people acquiesce in making a lie true, because they simply accept whatever they have been told.

There still exists an opportunity for Members of this Parliament to remove May and get a legitimate Brexit back on track. But we are now in a climate that will only favour our democracy if weakness and self-interest is pushed aside and replaced by the genuinely righteous and a type of leadership that is very bold.

With the anger outside Westminster over this Brexit Betrayal being palpable, the desire of the British People to write their own destiny is not going to disappear or flow away anytime soon.

We might have to wait until this joke of a Parliament has been replaced by true representatives of the people and democracy has been restored at last. But once we have the right leadership and motivation at the helm of our Country, there is no doubt that we will fully and completely Leave the EU and everyone will soon remember or discover what benefits come from having unhindered, independent a sovereign government leading the good ship UK (or Britannia) and we will once again appreciate and value being one as a people together instead of having our future carved up by the unscrupulous who are today continually attempting to exploit the divisions created by the perceived dichotomy of Leave or Remain.

Brexit will soon be the winning argument behind electoral failure if Brexiteers don’t accept that the collective result is far more important than individual glory


The world has changed since Brexit. Things have moved on politically in more ways than one. And all the key players – whoever we might agree or disagree they then were, are now in very different roles or are facing circumstances which are very different indeed.

Whilst it would be vastly unfair to others and genuinely incorrect to portray Nigel Farage as the man who won Brexit, we must not fall in to the same trap that May did of either ignoring or deliberately overlooking his role.

However, whilst events in Westminster this past week have finally precipitated Mr Farages return to the fray, the talking up of his new Brexit Party having the same or even increased support from the pre-Referendum UKIP of old might prove to be generous, misleading and potentially very bold indeed.

Whilst the considerable Remain element within the Westminster bubble continue to do everything possible to argue that support for or departure from the European Union is no longer of the level that it once was, a trip out to the Shires, Towns and Leave Constituencies, and a discussion with one or two real people out here soon brings you to the real understanding of where things really are – despite all that we are publicly being told.

One step further and an hour or two following a wide range of journalists and political commentators online, on TV or even reading the Papers and you will soon begin to see how that support for Brexit is manifesting. It is very different to the time when it was just about the question of Leave or Remain.

The support that Farage et al simply expect to transfer to the new Brexit Party shows signs of not moving en bloc as their understandably angry Leader might have perceived.

UKIP, despite its leap towards Islamophobia and Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka ‘Tommy Robinson’ has not withered away and died. This much we know from the increased margin they gained in the Newport West By Election.

Yet the most interesting smoke signal wafting up from the other side of the Severn Estuary is the presence of a growing number of independent and smaller party candidates. A phenomenon being played out in the campaigns of local government elections across the country which are underway now.

A list of local, independent and protest driven candidates in a by election is nothing new. But it is worthwhile looking at how many are now coalescing around support for Brexit, and understanding from this that the Brexit Party might have a fight on its hands that it wasn’t expecting.

The Brexit Party and UKIP have a fight developing with other pro-Brexit parties. When they offer small one-off candidatures, they might only make minimal difference. But as the sum of all parts, they could actually undercut what should now be the vote winning topic of the Century where one party unifying all the people in favour of Brexit and British Democracy could very easily gain the electoral influence to be in government, at very least in influential part if not in actual working majority form.

Today there is any number of Leave focused organisations coming into view. All of them talking up fielding candidates using language suggesting that each and every one of them has the unique formula to win and beat the Brexit-betraying main Political Parties, when what they are doing is little more than mimicking the attitudes and approaches of the very same Politicians they want to and we all know deep down that must be replaced.

The upshot is that what should be a sizeable and potentially election-winning majority at any election could now be split 3, 4 or perhaps many more ways.

It doesn’t take much more consideration to understand that such a result could easily see any of the candidates that need to be ousted potentially coming back up though the middle, once again gifted a majority they should never have been trusted with, and as such returned.

Working together, representatives of the leave majority in the UK have the ability to overturn everything wrong that this parliament and theresa May has done.

But if the desire of individuals to get elected, become MPs and get on TV or Radio is not superceded by the need to work collectively and as one, things could get dramatically worse for us all, not just in terms of being stitched up in our relationship with the EU, but in respect of all the injustices that need to be fixed beyond.

For a new and decisive way forward to be guaranteed, Brexiteers will have no option but to gather together candidates and support in one destination. They have to build and develop a Party that is electable not only because it has the numbers, BUT is also palatable to a wider audience than just those who have always been predisposed to Leaving the European Union.

Doing so will be no easy task as those whom ever had dealings with the pre-Referendum UKIP found out.

No matter what political party or movement people join up to to become actively involved, the default setting of doing something worthy for those putting themselves forward as speakers, activists and candidates are all-too-often overshadowed by the intoxication of perceived glory of their role.

With it goes any chance of accepting that contributing as much or as little as it would take from each and everyone of us to get the job done is often as much as it will take, and not everyone can or even should want to be an MP or PM if we are really minded that we want to get the job done.

In the established parties, embedded structures have been successful in ensuring that candidates in the majority would speak publicly with pretty much one attitude and voice.

Problems quickly come when that structure and experience is absent. This was the case with UKIP. And even though it had existed for two decades at the time of the EU Referendum, it never possessed the inherent experience and knowledge of a frontline presence in government required to train and contain those involved. As a result, it simply suffered from the damage and disruption caused by lone, overexcited and unbridled voices that suddenly in possession of a public platform fell into the trap of believing that everyone around them fighting to Leave the EU had ideas that echoed exactly the same thoughts as their own.

With Brexit itself having become the story through no fault of its own, the many causes and contributing factors of the will to Leave the European Union – themselves being far from being black and white and constitutionally constructed of many shades – have not and are not being considered or addressed by any of the political organisations currently elected or otherwise. There is simply no sign that they are going to be either, by anyone who is involved.

Any Political Party or Movement seeking to get a full, proper Brexit delivered and British Democracy back on track, has to have a manifesto and raison d’etre that reaches across all of this and beyond. One that is fundamentally constructed on foundations which are much mush deeper than the question of simply whether the UK should Leave the EU or Remain.

Although the current political landscape not only changes daily, but seemingly by the hour, it would be foolish to say that there are not other possibilities that we cannot right now foresee as being able to deliver the solutions that we should now all be talking about.

Yet if we were to look at the options as they stand before us today, they are likely to be limited to a completely new Movement borne of all the Brexit factions which have sprung up and exist. Or as an offshoot or reboot of the Conservative Party, which if it were to suddenly grow up and start functioning properly, would always have the advantage of an existing party machine.

For a new Party to come out of the Brexiteer factions and be successful to the level needed, all of the established groups and yes, Parties and their candidates and leaders too will have no option but to leave those identities and whatever kudos they currently perceive themselves to have, behind.

The movement which will right all the wrongs not only brought to the surface by the Brexit Betrayal, but reaches way back into years and perhaps decades of our political history beyond, will not be created, developed and led by politicians who treat it as their own form a vanity project – the very same reasons that everything we see in politics today has gone so utterly and completely wrong.

I don’t honestly know where the best place would be to start or to begin when it comes to the Westminster picture, as emotions are now so entrenched, it will not be easy to get so very many fired-up activists and people to stand back and accept that not pushing for a frontline role might be the best way for them to contribute to ensure that we all work as one, together and collectively get along.

But if you are a Brexiteer and your immediate thought, emotion or feeling is that you alone have the best ideas and everyone else should be using your ideas and falling in behind, you need to stop, look, listen to all the muppets we already have in Westminster and accept the reality that you are attempting to sing the same old song.

May: The PM who tried to prove that she has been right all along and that everyone else will agree given enough time

The political anoraks amongst us usually have a good choice of words to read from the commentariat and the opnionati which reflects a reasoned view of where things are going in Westminster. Not any more.

The debacle of the great Brexit Betrayal continually unfolding as I write, has removed the ability of even the most clues-up and intuitive analysis of where things will now go. And this is to the point where it would be stupid to risk the stake on betting where they will.

Of course, in an age where news content is little more the condiment spread upon a main stream and social media discourse of 95% opinion or more, this won’t stop any of them trying.

The habit of changing the words without care for the content is certainly a sign of the times. But is it any wonder, when our Prime Minister is the epitome of words without action and an over reliance on the assumed trust that goes with her position. Trust, which is itself fundamentally gone.

If there were a difference between the opinionati and Theresa May, we might like to think that the PM does st least have a strategy or plan, rather than just being all about being s public figure dvd remaining fully in the frame.

But if she does, what exactly is it and how does it fit with the whole concept of democracy and the Westminster Parliament which today?

after the latest waste of several days and big words about working with MPs to break the Brexit impasse, May is entrenched just as deeply as ever, working under the unspoken pretence that it will only ever be her deal or the highway.

What can be certain, whether this was always part of a grand strategy cooked up and driven by the EU masters of a Trojan Horse Prime Minister, or simply the misguided cause of an over ambitious politician who only ever saw No.10 as an opportunity to create a legacy and the kudos that comes with such a role, May is certainly taking every attempt possible to prove that her cause is the only right one and that everyone else will come to agree – if they can only be given enough time.

With so many opportunities missed by the Tories around her to take control and set Brexit on an altogether different course, people around the UK will already be asking themselves whether the real responsibility lies with those who could have now repeatedly intervened but chose not to, or the Prime Minister herself and what drives her, whether that be borne of ignorance, ineptitude or malevolence on behalf of a Foreign cause.

Either way, the come what may that she is coercively and irresponsibly hellbent on inflicting upon us will come at what cost.

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