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Surviving The Great Reset | Shortages | Hoarding will help none of us

We all saw the Lockdown videos of very silly, selfish people stacking up toilet rolls to block their toilet windows. Or making an assault course for their jack Russell dogs or their cats.

But we also saw the pictures of very elderly, frail and vulnerable people. Stooped, looking despairingly at empty shelves and wondering what the hell they were going to do.

When shortages bite us in the way that we can expect they will do, many of the goods and foods that disappear from the shelves, will not quickly find their way back.

In fact, many of the foods and goods we take for granted today, will in time, be replaced by alternatives that are foods and goods that we actually need.

From the moment that things we need become short, people will react irrationally.

It is vital that those of us who can do so, remain calm when shortages really get going. That we keep see the bigger picture of what is happening in view at all times. That we remain mindful of the forces that are at work.

A big part of the necessary transition that we face, is the process of changing the way we think about life. The change will be about everyone caring for and considering ALL others, rather than facing every interaction and every situation and thinking about it in terms of how its outcome will affect us, alone.

Taking only what we need – for as long as we still have the choice – will mean that others return that favour or that they show the same kind of care – when we are all short, and we no longer have the choice of what we can eat, or what we have to help us survive.

Once rationing of the goods that are still available through existing supply chains gets underway, it is reasonable to expect that like social distancing measures, the supermarkets that remain open will quickly put rationing management systems in place.

Until time slots to shop, pick up or take delivery are in place, we will all help ourselves greatly by thinking about the times that we go to a shop, or what we can reasonably expect when we get there.

For instance, if everyone goes to the shops at the most obvious time, we will all end up queueing, and beginning to worry about how many others are waiting in the queues around us – in front and behind us in the lines.

With proper rationing in place, we will only be able to buy or collect the supplies that we have been allocated anyway. So why not box clever. Manage your visit so you can reduce the amount of stress?

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Surviving The Great Reset | Rationing

If you have been paying attention to the news, you will know that rationing has already been discussed with some things like Petrol and Diesel Fuel.

But as shortages of everything that everyone needs to live and survive each day begin to really bite, the reality that we face is that rationing is likely to become a legal requirement with allowances for certain foods and goods that are available being imposed.

We are not talking about a kind of rationing that is just the choice of a supermarket that knows how much of anything it has and can put on the shelves for its normal customer base, every day of the week.

That will be a sign that things are still pretty good.

We are talking about rationing of all the basic goods and foods that are necessary for each and every one of us to survive.

If you would like a good example of the kind of rationing that I am referring to, you need look no further than the period around the Second World War. When everyone had a ration book and was allocated a certain amount of each kind of food and the essential items that everyone needed to live.

Rationing ensured that of the very limited supply of foods and goods that we had available from being grown or produced in the Country, or that we could get from overseas using ships that were regularly being sunk by German U-Boats, was being divided up fairly.

Wartime Rationing existed so that the shortages that we did have were being shared as a burden by everyone. But that above all, everyone had just about enough to live.

We may not have a world war going on that means Europe is a closed door to us today. But in terms of a Global Supply Chain collapse that is now underway, the result is likely to be experienced in vey much the same way.

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Surviving The Great Reset | Shortages of Food & Goods

In the coming weeks, months and years too, we are going to experience shortages of everything that we are used to being able to buy.

The shortages will not only affect the things that come from outside of this Country. And many of us will be surprised by just how many of these there really are.

The shortages will also affect the things that are still made and produced in this Country – such as very basic foods that are produced and grown even very close to our homes.

The reason for these shortages is that the system that we have become used to and that we take for granted, is now beginning to break.

Once we have accepted that the collapse of the system is not a problem that will be fixed – which will take us all a period of time, there will be a further period of time where necessary changes have to be made to everything and a new system of supply is developed that can be relied upon and that is balanced, fair and works in the best interests of everyone.

Some of the shortages will be temporary.

In some cases, the shortages will be perhaps as short as just a few days.

But in terms of many of the things that we believe we need, but actually want, the shortages will be permanent.

Production resources that we have available here will be re-tasked to growing and producing the foods and the things that we all actually need, as opposed to the things that some of us think we need, but only want.

Think of the first weeks of Lockdown, when ‘panic buying’ left people unable to bake things or wipe their bum.

Roll that idea out across everything you really need to eat, drink and take care of yourself each day, and that is a reflection of the experience we will all have, that is to come.

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The terminal weakness of a greed-based supply chain has always been present, hiding in plain sight

An entire generation of business and industry managers have been trained and qualified on systems that are all about reducing costs.

Their ‘qualifications’ play up to the belief that very elaborate supply chains that take or harvest raw materials to be refined, and then to be made in to small parts, and then to be made into bigger parts, and then those parts to be made into perhaps cars or machines, and then those cars or machines appear at a dealership where we buy them – with all of the transportation, sorting and storage in between – going back and forth around the world – can be maintained ‘just in time’ and with the minimum of anything being stockpiled ‘on a shelf’ at any location along that supply line.

The system that has developed around this idea has not only affected the apparently low price of the products we buy at the end of the chain. It has also relied on pushing every part of every possible chain involved to the limit where minimising the cost of raw materials and production of any kind to the absolute minimum is concerned.

Profit has been the only driver. But even the drive for profit against the steps that are necessary in any supply chain have been further complicated and exploited by the reality that people and interests that are completely unnecessary to each supply chain have become involved.

So-called ‘agents’ step in to the middle of supply chains and buy goods and then sell them on at a profit – sometimes even years before they have even been grown or produced, making a profit and adding to the end costs – without adding any value to the end product. This often happens many times.

People or self-serving interests could not keep taking from and exploiting others in the way that this Globalised System has allowed them to do so without the cost to others becoming to high. In financial terms, that point has now been reached.

But the real price hasn’t just been the fact that the poorest and most vulnerable are no longer able to afford to live.

Neither is it the reality that poverty and hunger is an issue that more and more of us are about to face.

The real cost is that all of the ways of living and the localised systems that meant we always had access to the things that we genuinely need to survive each day have been removed or have been replaced, and this monstrosity of a system that works for no god other than profit, has been choking us all without us even realising, as it has aggressively been put in its place.

Today, we have literally reached a point where our farmers are not being paid what it costs them to produce foods at the fist stage of a supply chain. They are now choosing to stop producing, because it costs them too much to do so. Right at the very moment when worldwide food shortages are coming into view.

Today, we are perhaps weeks or months away from the point when trouble for us all will really begin.

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The absence of real values are the terminal flaw of our greed-driven Global Supply Chain

What is missing from the Global Economy. What has always been missing from this Globalised Economy are the real values that underpin stories of real, genuine human success. Experiences that are built on our care and consideration for others.

Where the Global Economy and the Global Supply Chain is concerned, their only values have been profit, advancement and greed. The Global Economy has only functioned because we have forgotten and actively been encouraged to forget who we really are.

There has been nothing about the creation of this ‘Global Economy’ in terms of care, consideration or love for our fellow man, that exists in the system we have today.

It has worked for as long as it has done, because it has played to the same self-interest that distracts everyone of us for as long as we believe we are benefitting, whist completely blinding those at the top for the care and responsibility that is required from privilege towards everyone.

Like the money that the Global Supply Chain and Economy has always been about, the whole thing is a house of cards, waiting to be blown down. The whole thing is a lie that only works for as long as enough people believe that the benefits to them of it existing and being used in the way that it is continue to outweigh the disadvantages – which have been for too long not talked about, or deliberately hidden from our view.

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The reasons for the Global Supply Chain breakdown are as complicated as the Global Supply Chain itself

May 16, 2022 1 comment

On the face of it, the problems with the Global Supply Chain could appear to be the way the goods are transported. It could be just a temporary shortage of the goods we want supplied.

But Worldwide logistics systems are in freefall. Not only because of the impact of covid or other recent events on the world stage that have left ships queued up to be unloaded outside of ports for weeks. Not just because thousands of shipping containers stacked up and unmoved. It’s because of a very complicated web of issues.

Problems that we are aware of like the spiralling costs of fuel and energy, and shipping companies inflating prices exponentially, just because they can, are only the tip of the iceberg of the massive problems associated with the way we have been living, that we now face.

Amongst many other reasons that exists, you can be certain that less and less people are prepared to work very hard and unsociable jobs, for money that buys them less and less and is leaving them living lives that they can no longer afford. When other people to do less, but appear to get more than everything they could ever possibly want.

In terms of the practical, technical or operational aspects of the collapsing global supply chain, there’s very little that can be questioned about the efficiency, planning or the sheer brilliance of how each and every part of a supply chain that can get a plug made in China to your door for a couple of £Pounds, all fit together like millions of pieces of a very large jigsaw.

The Global Supply Chain appeared to be truly brilliant whilst it was working. But the greedy and ambitious people behind all of it have been blind to its biggest flaw.

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The Global Supply Chain only works because of lies. It’s breaking now, because the truth is catching up with it

If you read the papers, listen to or watch the news, or follow news on social media, you will be aware of a narrative that is increasingly anchoring supply chain issues and shortages of all sorts of things on the fallout from the Covid Pandemic, the Invasion of Ukraine and even Brexit.

It is because supply chain disruption has been involved with all of these events of what has followed them, that this very specific truth is being rolled out as the excuse for the systemic crash or ‘The Great Reset’ that is now underway.

After all. The greatest lies or marketing plans inevitably hinge on the tiniest of truths.

Sadly, We are all destined to wake up from the unreality of a world where everything has just appeared in our lives after a click or a short trip.

The Global Supply Chain has been built on greed and a convenient lie.

We have just accepted that it is cheaper to make and grow the things that we need on the other side of the world and then transport them to our front doors more cheaply than it would be for them to be made or grown and then sold to us at the end of our street. We believe that it has benefitted us to do so.

We have never though to ask the question, ‘Do we really need these things if they are coming to us from this far away?’

We have never asked the question, ‘How can it be possible for these things from far away to be cheaper than they would be home-made or home-grown?’

We have never asked the question. ‘What is the real cost to all of us?’

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The Supply Chain Break-Down that’s beginning to happen right now

You might have already noticed that different things that you usually or often buy when you visit the local supermarket or shop online are unavailable for some reason.

You might not have worried too much, simply because at the time you usually shop – let’s say late on a Saturday afternoon – you have become used to some of the shelves seeming to be a bit bare. It’s been a busy day, after all, right?

For most people, the experience has been a little different. In fact, no matter when people have been shopping, certain items have increasingly been absent from the shopping list. Perhaps temporarily – with them returning. But then they have been disappearing all over again.

The reason for this is that the supply chain for some foods and some goods is already at breaking point. Like a broken car, the supply chain keeps stopping and needs to be restarted or fixed, before it will work for whoever is running it again.

The problem for governments and big business, is that both the Global and National supply chain break down is not symptomatic or just a direct result of recent global events. And it is not just about the way that they have responded – although this has actually made things much worse.

The problems with the Global Supply Chain are all about the system now crashing.

Whilst we might see it as being possible to go without an expensive bag, a new smartphone or even a brand-new car for a short time whilst someone else solves the problem – as they always do, things are going to feel very different when the shortages start affecting all the basic essentials we need to live each day, and specifically food.

No, you may not believe this is going to happen. We are all, after all, used to and we take for granted that things can continue to go as well as they have been doing. That just like the shortages that happened during the Covid Lockdowns, after a few days, the problems will just go away.

They won’t.

The problems that we are only beginning to experience with shortages aren’t going to go away.

The only similarity to the experience we had during the unnecessary Lockdowns was what happens when certain things like toilet rolls and foods like flour and eggs suddenly disappear from the shelves and other people begin to hoard more of them than they could ever need or use, because they are terrified of going without.

Welcome to a drawn-out Global Supply Chain Crash. Welcome to The Great Reset. This is just part of what all the problems we now face are going to be about.

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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using Hydroponics

If the space you have available is limited, you don’t have a garden, window ledge or anywhere else you would immediately recognise as somewhere you could repurpose to grow your own food, Hydroponics could be the answer for you.

Hydroponics is basically growing things in a tray, trough or tank with flowing water, that contains all the nutrients that the plants, fruits and vegetables in them need to grow.

It is an amazingly efficient way to grow food, because of the limited space, energy and input that is required – once you are set up. And the great thing is that you can set up a Hydroponics system anywhere – often with only a very minimal requirement for energy or light.

In some ways Hydroponics is the most practical and most efficient way to grow your own food. Its just that the food that is actually the easiest to produce will not look as appetising as we might like it to be.

The important thing is that you and the people you care for can eat and get nutrition for however long the system and food supply chain change and related shortages might be.

When it comes down to the absolute nuts and bolts of not going hungry for any period of time, having a Hydroponics system working away in your home, might by the best bet you can make on yourself right now, today.

Please do a web search on ‘Hydroponics’, ‘Buy Hydroponics’, ‘Foods you can grow with Hydroponics’. There is plenty to see, read, learn from and buy online.

Once again, the time to be setting yourself up with a Hydroponics system at home is right now. When food is short, it might be short because the system of distribution has stopped or broken down. As most of the equipment you will need will be online, it won’t be any good to you, if you cant get to it or it can’t get to you!

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Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using an Allotment

If you don’t have a garden that you can change to grow your vegetables and fruits, it might be worth thinking about renting an allotment, so that you can grow and manage your basic foods for the longer term.

An allotment is basically a piece of open ground, often part of a large field or area that has been divided up into equally sized spaces or ‘allotments’ by the owner – which more often than not will be a local parish or town council.

Allotments are already reasonably popular. So if you check with your local council, you may already find that there is a waiting list for those that might become available.

In the challenging times that lie ahead, it may be the case that ground which is already owned and managed on behalf of the community will be repurposed for allotment use, other ground is secured by the community for this purpose, or that farmers and landowners set aside and rent out land they manage as allotments for others to use.

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