It’s not the British People who are unable to use common sense, Boris

Boris Demolition

The joke that is a British Government lurching from pillar to post over what to do next would be funny if their actions and decisions were not already causing such distress and pain. Boris & Co really are on the way to making the UK we knew before March little more than a nostalgic moment as we all begin to wake up and long for what we then had.

Whilst observers have been watching the descent of British Politics since long before the Covid-19 Pandemic even put a toe across the horizon, the horrid pill that we have all found ourselves having to swallow has been that the demise of Government, the Public Sector and the Establishment has been accelerated tenfold as we have observed the Johnson Government push measure after Lockdown measure forward since this horrid chapter in our lives began.

As I said to a 63 year old stranger I met on my morning walk today who opened up by telling me that he was on furlough and expected that he would never work again, the genie was let out of the bottle the very moment that Johnson and Co shut the Country down.

No matter how much the Government protest and how much of our money the Chancellor throws at their hair-brained ‘investment’ schemes, the UK and the World Economy is never going to return to the place that it had once been.

Shops and businesses will not reopen. Jobs that were never at risk before 23rd March will never exists again. The merger between the parallel universes of real life and the internet have been supercharged as never before.

Yet the stupidity of this political class continues. And where the lessons should have been learned much sooner than now, we are instead living and breathing the coerced regimentation of our lives. Not in a way that genuinely helps any of us. But in ways that are creating increasing distance between all of us and dehumanising the relationships that we have with each other like never before.

As I write, we have seen new ‘localised’ Lockdowns being imposed on our fellow Brits in the North in the past 24 hours. We have found ourselves having to wear muzzles in shops to pick up everyday goods for the past week. And meanwhile, the latest threat from our would-be Churchillian Prime Minister is that the measures we were supposedly on our way out of are now likely to be returning. Many are already wondering if they will end up being even worse and more draconian than before.

This whole charade is no longer about the safety of you or I, as we might ruefully dare to hope was the genuine case at least momentarily at some point before.

No. This whole process is now about political control. About continuing to frame the agenda. About making sure that none of the catalogue of mistakes and errors that this Government has made will ever be exposed.

What should be happening is the Government and the Public Sector should be focusing on doing its thing and dealing with cases as it is their responsibility to do so, whilst we should all be treated as adults and allowed to go about doing ours which is to live, work and go about life as usual (or as best we can), so that everything we collectively value doesn’t collapse into a heap or fall.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now known to us all, as are the steps that are thought likely to protect us from a new virus or rather another form of an already existing virus that may have been around for a very long time.

People can and should be treated as the adults that they are. They should be trusted to make their own choices about whether to wear masks, to isolate or do anything else on the basis that they can do as they like as long as they respect another individual’s choice.

It’s the same for businesses too. They already operate in probably the most regulated environment ever as health and safety and all other issues go. And with a customer-centric culture at the heart of every business, it is the owners and the managers who run them who or best placed to make a judgment about the measures they can take which are reasonable and strike a fair balance between the interests of the customer and ensuring that the coronavirus overkill doesn’t condemn them  to permanently close.

Between people and business, common sense is all that we need to prevail and keep the wheels moving. It’s the common sense approach that the politicians don’t dare risking to let us have.

Boris and his cronies are too insecure and self-interested to see and understand the damage that they have done and the legacy they are still creating, the responsibility for the damage done to this Country by the Lockdown is completely in their hands.

If these politicians were the leaders that believe they are or perhaps genuinely set out to be, they would understand and live the virtue that books, history and the advisors who can quote them are only there to inform and to guide. They are not there to take the responsibility and the decisions out of any elected representative’s hands.

It is not the People who lack the common sense that it will take to live with Coronavirus and to embrace the reasoned steps that it will take.

It is the politicians themselves that have become the victims of their own fear and are inflicting chaos and unseen consequences on the masses as they flounder around, desperate to control the uncontrollable whilst trashing the lives of People that if they were any good they would surely already understand.


Coronavirus is not a Government conspiracy: We just have politicians making stupid decisions

Definition of StupidityBack in April, I wrote about the 5G conspiracies that were bouncing around and why links had been drawn by many normal people who were looking for a way to explain what feel like unexplainable events, then joining up a few of the wrong dots as they did so.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Some three or four months on, it is the Government’s handling of the whole Coronavirus Pandemic, the Lockdown and the Social Distancing measures they have implemented that is focusing the minds of many sensible people in exactly the same troubling way.

It is a regrettable that the Government has already and continues to make decisions or mistakes that are piling up a list of catastrophic consequences for us all.

Individuals and families, owners of small and medium sized businesses and a raft of others were immediately left behind when the economy and our business operations were literally brought to a halt in March, whilst little or no consideration was given to the consequences that the shutdown of everything would have upon so many.

The situation the Government created led to the creation of a range of pop-up organisations and activists focusing their ire on the decisions that the Government has taken. Sadly, in a genuine disconnect between the idea of representative government should be and what it actually now is, these very frustrated people do not understand that the concept of politicians listening to anyone who has a story to tell rarely happens or makes any difference when it does. despite the narrative that the business of government to represent others and get things done.

The activists and leaders of these organisations are good, genuine people who know that the ‘new normal’ that is being forced upon us by an out of touch political class simply isn’t right. But as time passes and more and more of the injustices that have occurred come into focus, it really does seem to many more that the decisions taken must have been planned and that there is some bigger secret strategy or conspiracy at work.

But there isn’t. There is no bigger strategy in play. Even though it looks like Dominic Cummings has one and is completely in control.

There is no conspiracy. The politicians that we have elected are just making very stupid decisions for reasons so simple as not having the experience of dealing with a real crisis and continuing to get things done.

Too many of the politicians we have are in elected roles for completely the wrong, self-serving reasons. They have no idea what it really is to lead. This is why things have gone so very wrong with the handling of Coronavirus and have began ending up the way that they have .

There is no big brother watch list for those venting their spleens about what the Government is doing wrong on Twitter. At least not yet. That will be a problem for us all if we don’t fulfil our own roles collectively in making sure that politics in the UK is done right.

The Politicians we have are insulated by the disconnected reality that is their belief system. They don’t have the skills and experience to lead. They are too self centred to listen. They don’t have the motivation to understand what life is like beyond their own bubbles of experience and the gilded cages they live in. They do not see anyone other than their own kind as a tangible threat to their position and all that they do.

It is basic human nature at its worst and is the constituent problem with all that the Government and the public sector do. Yet most of us find it impossible to believe that people who are as out of touch as the majority of our MPs are, could have been elevated to such positions of power, doing the things that they do, without there being some grand plan guiding them.

Sadly, we elected them and put them where they are too.

The best thing that all of the groups that have formed and the individuals and activists who are supporting them could now do is start focusing on what comes next.

Creating a political movement that will either step into the breach if the Government should fall, or win against the Conservatives and all of the current Political Parties that mirror their behaviour when the time for the next General Election comes is the best and will be the most effective thing that everyone could now collectively do.

It feels like the Government is in charge of events. But the truth is that they are not.

The processes that exist in Government and the Public Sector are the only things that are keeping the show on the road. But they have given us all the impression that the politicians remain ‘in charge’.

The only difference has been that when Politicians have had to make decisions that break new ground that existing process and history doesn’t cover, that has been when the overriding lack of understanding has shone through and everything we have taken for granted has began to be broken by the stupid decisions that have been made.

Out of a population of more than 60 Million People in the UK, the task of finding 650 politicians who have the skills, life experience, motivation and wherewithal to make decisions and create public policy that will really be in the best interests of everyone really shouldn’t be all that hard for us to do.

The problem is that it is because the system has been taken over by politicians who make stupid decisions who then recruit politicians to replace them who in the same situations would do exactly the same, the whole system is now well and truly broke.

Don’t get angry. Get prepared instead.

We must change the way we see politics today so we can experience better politicians tomorrow


One of the most frustrating things about reading my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook feeds is the number of you who are suffering because of the inadequacy of government and the poor decisions politicians are making.

The work of those involved with campaigns such as ForgottenLtd, Excluded UK and Keep Britain Free is inspiring for many for us, but unlikely to yield the fruit that such passion and motivation should deliver, just like any public campaign should do so when the reasoning behind it is justified and fundamentally right.

Regrettably, Government of all levels – whether it be Westminster, your local Borough, District or County – simply doesn’t work in the way that it should. Politicians and the Officers under their ‘control’ are rarely attuned to what their responsibilities to you and I and voters like us really are and the only reason that the plates keep spinning isn’t because there is leadership, but because there are well established processes that remain in place. (It’s when a politician has to decide to do something that isn’t covered by history or a textbook that things inevitably go wrong!)

The hardest thing to accept is that much of the damage from the Lockdown and social distancing to normal lives, incomes, businesses and the way that people feel and think has already been done, even if the damage is not yet there for everyone to see and experience as it soon will be in plain sight.

The politicians will not back date the help and the remedies they should have provided from the start, even if they could. They will not change, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t.

We may well be stuck with the Johnson Government until at least 2024, that is if events that they cannot control do not get there and catch up with them first.

As it stands, the only way to change things for the better is to play the democratic process and the broken British Political System at its own game and provide political options for voters in future elections that will actually deliver during their time in office as they actually should.

Yes, it’s a very hard pillow to swallow, to have to accept that the people that we elected in 2019 are out of touch and that they don’t want to hear anything real that you and I have to say. The reality is that they have lives that insulate them against real-world experience and so they have no currency invested in making life better for anyone other than those that they readily identify with.

Politicians are misusing and abusing the power and responsibility that they have been entrusted with. They are storing up a list of devastating unforeseen consequences for us all as they do so, whilst focusing only on their electability and personal gain.

It is only by creating a completely new political movement, driven by people who are not influenced by myopic issues, the tunnelled vision of political philosophies or the influence of others with money or power that we can establish a new way of doing government that works for everyone and everything just the same.

It will happen one way or another, once enough of us have had our lives touched directly by the stupidity of the current political class and the majority of us accept that we cannot go forward as a Country or as individuals or as businesses whilst the leadership and the pool of politicians that it comes from continues to be the same.


If you want a change in Government approach and policy, you will have to change the Government and the politicians we elect first

img_7811It is because the politicians that were elected to our Parliament last December are so out of touch with real life that so many people are facing catastrophe at home, in their business or are having the most bizarre and de-humanising restrictions placed upon daily life.

Yet it is the very same reasons that make our politicians so out of touch that they will not respond to the needs of real people, do not have the forward vision to see the catastrophic impacts of what they do, or possess the awareness or maturity to change and adapt so that they do.

Social Media feeds are alive with new organisations, groups and activists that have come into being since the beginning of the Lockdown and have a focus on the people whose existence has at best been forgotten, overlooked or literally ignored by the Government and its policies. Others increasingly centre on the injustice and random imposition of unnecessary social distancing measures that are being used for political purposes right now but pay little heed to the social impact and damage to British life that will inevitably follow.

This is not how a democratic government is supposed to work. But because we have such anger and frustration with the lack of response and the injustices of a system that we have only noticed when we find that we are the ones getting burned, there is a massive disconnect between where we are all now and what steps and what time it will take for us all to turn it all around and get to a place where UK government and the public sector will work for us all as it really should.

Politicians generally become caricatures of their own idea of what a politician should be, no matter the level or tier of government to which they have become elected. The injustices that are now coming to light nationally have been occurring the same, just in different forms right across all forms of government for a significant period of time.

Attempts to change decisions by lobbying, by petition, by legal action will never change the mind of any government that has been constructed in the way that this one has. Any campaign that looks successful will only have succeeded in convincing this political class that change will improve the chances of their re-election from those they already had.

To achieve the change that is right and experience the change that we want, we must play the politicians at their own game. The politicians that we have will not change so we have to change the politicians first.

Yes, you are probably now thinking ‘what about my business!’, ‘what about my job!’. ‘what about my income!’. ‘what about having to wear a face mask!’. These are the problems that we didn’t knowingly ask for and didn’t knowingly invite into our lives. But they are already here and whilst we may not like to admit it, they are here because of the way we have previously voted.

If we want things to be fair for us for the future, it is now that we have to make what feels like a very untimely choice. The choice to replace the politicians and the political parties that we currently have and that it will be no good waiting until 2024 to think about making a start.

All of the arguments and points that groups like Keep Britain Free, Forgotten Ltd and Excluded UK are making are valid and would never have been needed if we had different politicians in power, it was a different world and a different day.

These voices will not be heard by nor change the approach or the wider policies of an incompetent government that was unwittingly put in place to take charge at a time of national crisis. But that energy and the pain that is being experienced by so many now can be used positively to create change for the future if it is redirected, re-channelled and re-distributed right now.


The SNPs progress on Scottish Independence is the EUs only UK success story. It was just a bit too late to seal a whole Nation’s fate:

img_7806Never has the curse of a short term memory been more prevalent than it is within today’s political class and those who choose to emulate them.

Reading articles in what are now some of the more respected online journals and magazines, it is easy to become overwhelmed by an almost universal narrative that all of the political situations that exist are isolated events in themselves.

This is exactly the way that the Politicians would like us to see what they do. It’s certainly what they are aiming for and the short term memory of those of us whose futures are being written by all that they do is a great help to the politicians cause.

One of the most interesting developments of late is the switch of the Opinion Polls in Scotland towards supporting Independence from the UK, riding on the back of the SNPs non-stop efforts to gain and win a second Indyref in the shortest available time.

Commentators and the SNP fall over themselves to relate the current situation in Scotland and the prospect of Scottish independence as a direct and isolated consequence of Brexit.

It is anything but.

Devolution and the Regionalisation of the UK was always part of the EU’s or European Project Plan. When Tony Blair and New Labour rode in to power on their 1997 landslide victory, the new Prime Minister did all he could to ingratiate himself with the would-be European Super state, and underscored his commitment to the Devolution Strategy by portraying it as being a plan that was completely his own.

As Strategies go, the aim of Devolved Regional Government, sold as localisation but created as a tool to disable the function and power of National Government is a textbook example of how a foreign power can overcome a nation by breaking it up from within by using its own tools of government to do so.

Devolution was always a long game. What we have been witnessing in Scotland and to a lesser degree Wales too, is a successful outcome from the EU strategy to break up the UK and subjugate the 4 separate parts under permanent membership and political leadership from the Bureaucracy of the EU.  

The strategy went drastically awry when the UK technically left the EU before the dastardly deed was done. But before even that, the plan that would have seen England broken up into devolved Regions suffered a failure to launch through the EU’s oversight that the English collectively see themselves generally as one, just as the Scots and the Welsh more obviously do.

Sturgeon and the SNPs contradictory obsession with leaving the British Union so that they can then ‘re-sign’ Scotland to the EU is ironic. The EU’s failure to keep the UK as a Member, effectively means the level of devolution that the Scottish Parliament has reached is likely to already be providing the greatest level of autonomy it could ever realistically have.

We don’t know what even the immediate future holds. The EU may not even survive the financial crisis that is following and building momentum behind the Covid-19 pandemic. But there is a good chance that the SNP will find themselves able to justify another Scottish Independence Referendum to the Westminster Government and that this time, it will be one that they will win.

What Sturgeon and the SNP will not be so wiling to recognise in their battle for glory is that Scotland will not be able to function as an isolated nation-state for very long. So even if the EU is there for the SNP to have talks with when the SNP’s battle for ‘independence‘ has been won, they may not like the answers that come back.

When that time comes, being part of the British Union is likely to be a very attractive option then that will never be available to them then as it is to them right now and then as it was before.




Process is the only thing holding government and the public sector together

You’re probably wondering why things don’t seem to be working as they should. Looking back at the Lockdown it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the government are in control of everything that’s been happening and that everything that has happened has been the result of reasoned decision making at the highest levels.

Look more closely and you begin to see the mistakes. The errors in judgement. The key milestones when decisions were taken that have resulted in things for us all taking a turn for the worse.

Without fail, these are the points where decisions have been made where there is no history to reference, where no precedent has been set, where none of the members of the Government have ever had reason to tread or cast a view before.

Where everything else that has taken place has been concerned, the decisions have seemed easy, because there has been a guidebook, a framework, a way of doing things, or what is known as a procedure to address events of these kinds when they take place.

Events that fall outside the scope of procedure or where procedure is outdated or doesn’t cater for the needs of our 21st Century World require leadership skills that our Politicians and the people that advise them simply do not have. That is where everything to do with Coronavirus and the Lockdown has began to go very wrong.

People who are or have always been insulated from the ways of the world and the life experiences of the governed should never be given the responsibility to govern. Yet that is how the broken British Political system works.

published on Twitter at 6.44 on 20/07/2020

Earlier this week, one of the more in-tune MPs at Westminster, Tory Steve Baker wrote in a Tweet that ‘All our imaginations were unequal to the task of foreseeing the consequences of closing down a large proportion of our economy and society.’

Outside of Parliament and outside of the establishment, at least some were not so blinkered or deficient of the understanding and foresight necessary to know what the Government was about to unleash and how inadequate and destructive the financial remedies would be that like the Lockdown, the Johnson Government imposed by choice.

The reality is that if there had been a procedure in place to address a national crisis of this kind, the provision that was made may well have been better than what elected Politicians have put together when making choices that have illustrated that they are well and truly out of their depth.

As with the off-the-shelf test and trace strategy that they failed to implement, there would have been a risk that they would think better of using it in the heat of the moment. But one can certainly live in hope that that’s what they might have otherwise done.

Instead, the rise of movements of those disenfranchised by the Lockdown and inadequacy of the financial remedies such as #ForgottenLtd and #ExcludedUK illustrate only the tip of the iceberg that exists in relation to the lack of provision and support for people and businesses that were stopped in their tracks and the disparity that exists between what the politicians believe and what is actually going on for people in the world outside Westminster.

When politicians of the level and ability of Steve Baker are putting their hands up and opening admitting that they are not capable of living up to the responsibilities of the jobs which many of them long coveted, it is quite clear that whilst this political class continues to run the Country, as a people, we will continue to be well and truly damned.





No Rishi, Money WILL NOT solve the problems that you and Boris created


In August, you can get 50% of your restaurant bill paid by the Government. Do you still think this Government is conservative?

If you are a business that is trading and you bring back any employee from Furlough and keep them employed until January, you can claim £1000 per head. Do these idiots not realise this is just subsiding jobs that were going to continue to exist?

The fiscal incompetence of the Johnson Government is only outshone by its handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the implementation of measures that are still strangling the UK from within.

The only real question that is burning for anyone who is not tied into this farcical project in some way is how these lunatics ever got their hands on the levers of control.

Every day, the people we entrusted to look after our interests are actively destroying this Country in some new way.

The Conservatives are following an economic theory that simply does not fit the financial terrain that we are now facing. Keeping money flowing by burning public cash and stacking up the national debt is not the way to create a recovery or build for the future in any way. It just keeps the money flowing into the same old pockets, benefiting the same old interests in the same old ways.

The travesty that we collectively face is that without a revolution, these complete prats cannot be replaced. Labour and the Liberal Democrats can offer nothing better. Collectively, these political parties have the British Political System tied up like a monopoly, and if you don’t subscribe to the very same ideals of self interest and furthering your own cause at any cost, there simply isn’t room for you to become involved.

We have not even gone off the cliff that Boris and his cronies are racing the UK towards. But when we are over that edge and everyone has woken up to the reality of what will be a massive fall, we will all begin to wake up to the damage that has been done.

The danger is that once the void of leadership in this Country has been recognised, it will be filled by people who will ride roughshod over the population just the same, but in a different and potentially even darker way.

The crisis that we are now experiencing presents opportunities for this Country and for the people in the UK that we have never had before. But realising those opportunities and achieving a new way of doing things that works in the best interests of all and not just the few will never be possible whilst we have stupidity or anything in the same image left at the controls.

Chancellor to burn more Public Money subsidising Big Business whilst SMEs go to the wall

img_7005Many people are waiting for announcements to be made by the Chancellor today that will answer the questions about jobs, young people and what the Government will do to put things right now that the Country is waking up to the economic disaster that is beginning to unfold.

They will be disappointed.

Instead of taking a proper look and at least trying to understand what is really going on at the cutting edge of the current UK economy, the Chancellor and the Johnson Government are yet again digging into the public purse with their fallacious strategy that money cures all ills.

In the forlorn hope that they can keep the plates spinning for another 6 months, they are now offering a splurge of cash for employers to take on young people at no cost to the businesses. All under the pretence that the employers will offer training and hopefully keep the employees on once this further giveaway is done.

That big companies like BT and Sainsburys are already ‘signed up’ should tell us all that we need to know.

Sainsburys rely on a flow of cheap low-paid and low-skilled labour to literally keep the tills running and the shelves filled. No company of their size and profile could exist today without an induction and instruction on processes that can be sold as ‘training’ in any form.

Meanwhile BT by their very nature will continue to run an ongoing training or apprenticeship programme for young people which will continue every year, come what may.

The reality of this latest scheme that the Government and its advisors have cooked up is that the only people it will ultimately help will be its own.

This is yet again free money being pumped as subsidies towards big business and those who are already rich, whilst the people who need genuine help will either be failed by not receiving the support and real vocational training that they need or will receive what they would have got from the company anyway whilst we the taxpayer instead pick up the bill.

Few of the small and medium sized enterprises that have been condemned by the Lockdown that the Government wilfully imposed on us have the resources or the facilities to indulge the existence of either training or low-skilled roles that outside big business genuinely exist.

Where the opportunities within SMEs to exploit this scheme in places like independent coffee shops and pubs, the upshot is likely to be that older and established employees will be displaced, made redundant or lose hours so that this cash giveaway can be indulged.

It seems that the madness of this Government knows no end. There is no basis of logic nor understanding of the real world at the basis of any of the decisions that are being made.

Boris, Sunak, Cummings and the advisors and politicians behind them are responsible for the mess that has been created. Yet instead of trying to take even baby steps to at least begin putting some of the destruction to lives they have created right, they are instead taking giant leaps to make the whole thing worse.

If Coronavirus has only killed 1,366 people, WHY did we have the Lockdown and WHY does the massive injustice of Social Distancing continue?


The mainstream media portrays the accepted establishment narratives, even when the Government is itself being looked at critically through the lens.

At no time has this been more obvious than the many weeks that have now passed since the Coronavirus Pandemic arrived and the 23rd of March 2020, when the Lockdown, Social Distancing and what is now becoming the new normal effectively began.

Some of us knew from the start that the Lockdown was a disproportionate response to the spread of a virus that the Government and their Scientists did not then and still do not fully understand.

We blogged and we tweeted as much as we could to try and raise the questions that the media and politicians should have been asking.

But apart from the same old lone voices, pigeonholed by the ‘clique’ as having nothing useful to say, the realities of shutting down the whole country when there was simply no data available to justify doing so was simply overlooked by anyone with any influence over what the Government does.

That was before Chancellor Rishi Sunak got to his feet and began fire hosing cash at causes with the loudest voices. He left many like the Limited Company Directors championed by ForgottenLtd, businesses like the Events and Meetings Sector and organisations such as Theatre Trusts with very uncertain futures that even now, after many other struggling businesses have been able to reopen, find themselves unable to trade and much nearer than anyone else to simply going bang.

If the Lockdown has genuinely already prevented around 250,000 deaths as current commentary suggests, there would be a strong argument for the Lockdown to have been implemented.

This would remain the case, even if it could be argued that the Lockdown could have been implemented in much better and even more effective ways, such as the Test & Trace service being put into full action and being the hinge that the whole thing was hung on right from the start.

What we are being told by the Government via the mainstream media, is that to date, there have been around 44,000 deaths from Covid 19.

In terms of a quarter of a million deaths being prevented and forty four thousand still dying after all of the change we have been compelled to embrace, there are few who would argue with what the Government has done – even if their own experiences tell them that something doesn’t really feel right about it all.

Yet the figures that we are being spoon fed, are not all they are hyped up to be by the media and the Government.

They represent the TOTAL number of deaths of people who TESTED POSITIVE for Covid-19.

This includes those who had – in most cases – profoundly serious underlying health conditions. Illnesses that made them individually very vulnerable to ANY infection, further disease, or complication even before Coronavirus came along.

Buried within the Government’s own publicised reports, figures exist that confirm the number of deaths of people with Covid 19 being the only cause at an astonishing 1,366 to date.


That is a mere 4.99% of the people who we are being told have died from the Virus and less than 1 in 20 of the people who have died.

The number of people in the UK whose death can be directly and honestly attributed to Coronavirus is 0.00002 % from a population of around 66 Million People across the UK.

Meanwhile, of the 65 Million + who have not been touched, they will have ALL had their lives affected in some way. Some gave had their lives stopped and been confined like prisoners to their homes. Businesses have been wrecked. Jobs have been lost. Innocent adults and children have been subjected to increased or otherwise avoidable abuse. Many have been forced into debt. Others have been forced into food poverty. Some have felt they have had no option but to commit suicide.

This is to highlight just a few of the ways that people have been affected by what the Government has done.

The figures that the establishment narrative wilfully neglects to use give the lie not only to the way the Government has handled Covid 19, the lockdown and the financial measures it has taken. It also exposes the sham reasoning that underpins all of the steps that the Government is now taking to address the unfolding financial crisis that they created, whilst they behave as if they are saving us from a chaos that came from outside their own hands.

Over 95% of the people who have died from Coronavirus were already ill.

Covid 19 is undeniably a disease of the weak.

The ridiculously small, almost negligible number of people who have died literally from catching Covid 19 could easily have died from anything else.

The question must be asked, was all that Boris and Sunak have done to save a handful of lives really worth all the pain, misery and suffering that they have inflicted upon everyone else already and within the financial crisis that is yet to come?




Boris condemned business with the lockdown, now he’s going to crucify them with a clawback too


The ignorance, lack of foresight and fear that drove the Johnson Government to implement the Lockdown was only surpassed by the stupidity that underpinned the financial measures that the Chancellor implemented, leaving holes for many to fall through and creating anomalies at every turn.

The owners and managers of businesses knew exactly what the implications of the Lockdown were going to be as soon as it was called.

Business people didn’t need advisors, astronomy or the gift of second sight. They had the experience of running businesses to understand what damage would be caused to an economy when everything is simply shut down.

Sadly, the politicians did not.

After months of stories that any half-decent representative of the people would be paying attention to, the Government should have known only too well that their clever giveaway devices like the Job Retention Scheme were only going to retain jobs for as long as they continued.

Instead, the Government is now planning to claw back money from employers who paid staff using these schemes, if they will not continue to pay employees for jobs that no longer exist.

It should be of critical concern to us all that the people who run this country really thought that after imposing the Lockdown, handouts and loans were all that it would take to stop the UK economy from going bang.

Unfortunately, because of the way that media-led group thinking now works, instead of looking at the reality that we need immediate change, we will instead be drawn to look at the apparently unscrupulous behaviour of company owners and big businesses who have paid out public money to pay for non existent jobs instead of making everyone immediately redundant – as they would have done in March, if Boris and Sunak’s great ‘free money handout’ hadn’t begun

By creating an after-the-fact clawback as it is understood to be the case that the Chancellor now is, the Government will effectively crucify many of the remaining businesses left of those that the Lockdown had already condemned.

It used to be only a Labour and union-driven fallacy that businesses only exist to provide jobs. But by adopting the so-called economic thinking that this Conservative Government already has and now seems set on continuing to do so, it has become clear that none of our politicians are equipped with the basic understanding of what drives enterprise and what it takes to makes business work.

Businesses pay people to do and make the things that earn them money and it is only when those services and products are being paid for by customers that there is any need to employ people who take a cut of it in what they earn.

The Johnson Government has created the economic crisis that is now unfolding and instead of trying to turn things around, seize the opportunities that the crisis has created to effect positive change and make the best of a difficult situation as they should, they are instead digging in, looking to consolidate and setting themselves up to make things even worse for us all.

Boris and his Government have not been short of lessons after all they have done. They just keep refusing to learn.