Online Anonymity and protection for those who genuinely need it, whilst ending the damaging free-for-all for trolls is not only possible, it should have been done before

We are regrettably navigating our way through times where emotions and the fear that drives them are having a disproportionate level of influence on what government and society collectively does.

Knee jerk reactions and decision making are the order of the day. Rather than reasoned, well thought out and methodical thinking that brings its rewards. Not through the extinguishing of immediate baseless worries, but by achieving the results that are right but unlikely to be clear at that precise moment in time.

There is no way to describe the murder of an MP in the middle of his local constituency clinic held in a church in any way other than being absolutely horrific. But there is also a significant danger that the emotional and fear driven responses to this dreadful event we are now witnessing may push immediate changes to public policy that could prove to be highly damaging to our society.

Those with a public voice within the discussion and debate taking place haven’t paused to consider just how raw emotions now are – including their own.

Taking a deep breath and counting to ten before thinking through the wider dynamics and consequences of the decisions they are now pushing would be a much better and more productive approach for us all.

Of the issues remerging between tackling Islamic extremism and the security of public representatives, both physically and online, it is the topic of online anonymity which seems to be shining through as the one where the crowd has focused its finger of blame.

As yet, and as may never be proven to be the case, there is no clear or overwhelming evidence yet that online anonymity even played a part in radicalising the individual who allegedly committed this crime, if as suggested, extremism was the motivating cause.

To hear or read the way the issue is being addressed by the public court of opinion, you could easily conclude that this is not the case. That the series of events and the way they unfolded are already unequivocally known by all, and that it is as such fair to conclude that online anonymity must be ended for all.

However, as with most situations, the question of whether having to identify yourself and who you are must be a requirement to have any kind of voice on an online public platform is a long way from being black or white or cut and dried.

The Trolls

There is a real problem with online trolling, abuse, woke activism and ‘piling-in’ from social media accounts that do nothing to identify the source or who is involved.

As things stand, setting up one or multiple anonymous social media accounts is very easy. There are no real systems or procedures in place to stop anyone who knows how the online platform sign-up processes work from using a range of user identities. They can do so simply to attack or criticise others, to publicise fake news or propaganda, or to build up very successful campaigns that could radicalise, promote conspiracies or built upon nothing but a tissue of lies.

Whilst the Police or Security Services can of course trace sources using IP addresses and other methods too, the reliance upon this system of reverse-engineering the process to find people who have broken existing laws or need to be warned puts an unnecessary burden on already stretched resources. That is of course if the alleged offence is considered troubling enough to be pursued.

Social Media account holders effectively have a free-for-all if they so desire.

So, if you are angry, frustrated and have it all underpinned by idealistic views and a sense of entitlement that the way social media account anonymity does nothing to counteract, you really can go to work on social media causing problems for others and saying whatever you want, pretty much without fear of consequence, unless you choose to use language that very few would see as a risk-free choice.

Whistle-blowers and Truth-tellers

Many of the comments ripping their way around the social media channels at the moment focus on a demand to legislate to end online anonymity. What they don’t do is address the argument that supports the need for anonymity for those with legitimate reasons, whilst excluding only those who have a malevolent purpose or simply get a kick out of being a troll.

With cancel culture and the explosion of woke or idealistic thinking based on lack of life experience and experience of others and a lack of tolerance for the views of others too, there exists a significant number of people who have knowledge and understanding that we all need to experience. These are people who can help everyone, but who are too afraid to speak out and put their name to what they say for fear of the consequences. Attacks and abuse that most people would agree are built upon nothing more than unreasoned and unacceptable hate.

The truth is only painful to those who need to hear it or wont accept it.  And in an age like the one we are now in, we have never needed the truth to be shared about everything with everyone in the way that we do right now.

With the protectionist and self-serving cultures that exist across high-level business and the public sector, we also need to protect those who want to bring light to the realities that underpin all the ills that society currently faces, without fear of professional repercussion or unnecessary overt risk.

Beyond those with a legitimate need for the protection of online anonymity, there are those of us who have simply not yet found the confidence to put a name to their voice. And if these individuals want to speak and do so without any intent to cause others any kind or any level of harm, why should they be discouraged from doing so?

Afterall, the very step of removing that online anonymity may be the one factor that halts their journey from one kind of life to another. Just another barrier to social mobility where lack of consideration of others could easily take away yet another individuals choice.

Social Media Platforms as online policeman

In an ideal world, we should be able to expect the owners and operators of the social media channels to already be dealing with these problems by tackling them before they even begin.

But the social media platforms aren’t doing anywhere near enough to tackle the problems that exist within the social media sphere.

Controversy, bad news and negative information are the catnip for posts going viral and as such the source of massive revenue generating clicks, they have little incentive to deal with or implement an effective way to police this behaviour when their master is profit and commercialism, rather than the wellbeing of the public that they tell us they are there to serve.

Online Anonymity for those who need it and a paper trail for all

Online anonymity is a privilege. Not a right.

Simply ending online anonymity will be a massive attack on freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Yet there must be a system that removes the voice and influence of those who wish harm upon others, simply because they disagree with them or want to impose an alternative view or truth.

The social media platforms could create a forward process of verification that would amount to the same thing as an application to gain a username, which could allow users to post anonymously, simply because their verified details are stored and therefore known.

However, you can bet that if the media platforms thought that there was a profitable or beneficial reason for them doing so, they would have already implemented such a system voluntarily by choice.

Such a lack of attention to this need and the existence of verification systems like that on Twitter which are seen by users as a badge to impress followers with rather than one which should give confidence in the legitimacy of their voice, realistically mean that these commercially-driven enterprises cannot be relied upon to develop and administrate a system that basically puts the needs of the public good first.

It necessarily follows that the best way to administer such a system would be to place it within impartial, third-party hands, where personal data is reliability kept safe, but where the level of legitimacy exists that will give confidence to all the parties involved.

The way to do this would be to do something like expand the scope of the services provided by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), and require all users of public online (social media) platforms to register with them for a small fee, where their details will be logged and in return they can be given a unique identification number that the user can then register with online platforms to gain (or renew) their username, with the platform then continuing to allow them to exercise anonymity if it is the users choice.

Being given what is in effect a license to participate in public forums where privacy or protection cannot be assured as there is an absence of other appropriate regulations or rules would mean that all users immediately have skin in the game, as this method of access is something that could itself be withdrawn.

Yes, the system would be reliant upon having a robust system of governance in place which meant that it could not itself be abused or used to restrict access for anyone just because of who they are.

But at a time when the social media platforms are themselves restricting the publication of political material and the content of posts from people they don’t approve of or like, the fact is that an impartial qualification for users of this kind, might well have hidden benefits that could bring balance back to a heavily skewed system and help us to get things right.


Real or not, the story of the Chinese Hypersonic Missile may have just made another significant war inevitable

There are plenty of attention-grabbing headlines out there at the moment. Yet beyond the ones that are creating the most noise, there is one working its way quietly through the different channels which really should be provoking a lot more thought than it might be.

Over the weekend, news has begun to surface that the Chinese Government successfully tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August, which flew around the World in low-level space before then descending to hit its target.

On its own, you might respond to this story by thinking ‘So what?!’. But in the context of everything that China is now doing and how they are imposing their presence in different ways around the World, we really should be considering the message that this aggressively ambitious and tyrannical State is sending in respect of its future plans.

In an age of conspiracies and at a time when China is known for the forceful approach it uses to impose the news it decides should be the accepted truth, there is now an inevitability to a new arms race that will extend far beyond the sabre rattling and build-up of conventional military capability in the region of the South China Sea we have recently seen.

Whether the stories of this apparent quantum leap in military technology are true or not, it is the response from Western leadership to the perceived threat and the resultant perceptions of our politicians to this news that will constitute both a real and troubling risk to us all.

Whilst everything the Chinese Government is doing, whether economically, politically or militarily is now a genuine threat, the result of the action or the pathway to what we may now anticipate to be future action will only be inevitable if Government behaves as if it is and our politicians respond in a way that suggests that that the Chinese must be feared on the basis that the ‘if’ has already been ‘done’.

Some will fall into the trap of believing that our politicians can take a measured and sensible response to anything they are afraid of, but nonetheless don’t completely understand.

Yet the handling of the whole Covid Pandemic has demonstrated that this is not the case. Some 20 months on, the UK is on the brink of an economic if not complete cross-societal crash. But the Johnson Government is still insisting on rolling out freedom-zapping polices based not on what has actually happened, but on the picture they have created around what could be within the Covid ‘myth’.

Taiwan, activity and rhetoric around the South China Sea, their behaviour towards Hong Kong and then our close partners like Australia, their treatment of the Muslim Uighurs, the increasingly questionable role they played in the arrival of covid-19 and the economic crack down they are now pursuing on companies in China itself, all point to a very clear plan for World dominance. And that was before a nuclear capable missile system that could render even the US defence systems useless came into view.

To the Chinese Government, people of any race are expendable – including their own. And it is with this in mind that whilst the Chinese Government may not find the idea of worldwide Armageddon desirable in terms of the outcome that they are working towards and now so clearly want, we should not fall into the trap of thinking that they will never use such weapons, IF they have them to use.

The Chinese Government arguably understands the weaknesses of contemporary Western Political thinking, better than Western politicians do themselves. So, they may well conclude that their measured use of such a weapon will force what they clearly recognise as being weak-minded leadership in the West to capitulate, because our political class do not understand the realities of choice.

The leaders that we have are not leaders. And the role they are playing with China today and those closer to home who behave like them carries worrying echoes of the whole sorry episode through the 1930s when challenged with an ambitious tyrant in Europe who had none of the capabilities that the Chinese do, the political class and the establishment around them insisted that appeasement was the one and only way.

In the Chinese Government, we are not dealing with an entity that plays fairly or conducts itself primarily in open view or in plain sight.

The Chinese Government has worked tirelessly and ruthlessly to embed its people across Western society. And with the financial influence it has wielded – which has been snapped up and given a warm welcome by greed-driven Western Politicians and businesses – they already have significant levers of influence and infiltration that they are clearly now using as part of a greater strategy to undertake and achieve their nefarious aims.

For as long as we have politicians in power who do not recognise the difference between right and wrong where self-interest is concerned and doing the right thing, even when the outcome of doing so remains completely incalculable or unknown, we have now entered a time when we are at risk from Chinese influence and plans.

The UK should now be working proactively and with purpose to disentangle ourselves from everything that touches Chinese Government reach. Meanwhile, the UK should also be rebuilding and developing both our defensive and offensive military capabilities, whether they be cyber, in the air, at sea or on land.

At this moment in time, the Chinese have made no land grabs other than to create Islands in the South China Sea as part of its claim to a broad territory where in every respect other than its accepted name, there are a number of other Countries and sovereign powers that have a much clearer and fair territorial claim over this rather large area of sea.

But if they should invade and take Taiwan by force – which now looks like it will be their first overtly expansionist step, there will be good reason to believe that we will have entered the first stages of an inevitable war. Inevitable, because once the Chinese have taken Taiwan and seen that the Western powers will not fight them over what is an independent Country that is aligned with Western values, they will be emboldened to begin projecting their power elsewhere either by taking further territory or by making massive regressive demands on the way that the rest of the world operates and works.

Whilst Marxism and any form of socialism is completely flawed, recent history is littered with the corpses of the innocent people who are disappeared as this twisted ideology that has been painted as being in the interests of the community are imposed.

But that doesn’t mean a Country like China and its ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) won’t continue to try. And it is because of this and what is happening right now that the UK and the whole World beyond is facing a period of massive risk and what may well now be an inevitable period of significant war.

Brexit: One day of democratic justice followed by five and a half years of political tomfoolery

Ask the question “Who is responsible for Brexit still being an issue today” and whoever you talk to, you’ll probably elicit the same response as the whole debate did nearly six years ago.

In fact, for some people the debate, question and whole issue simply isn’t settled. And after the comments made by Dominic Cummings in recent days that have inflamed the passions of unsatisfied Remainers, you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if it ever will be.

Had you been able to get odds on the specifics of what Boris and his shotgun Cummings were actually up to in their dealings with the EU in the run up to the 2019 General Election, chances are that a punt on them agreeing to anything on a buy-now, pay-or-send-it-back-later footing just to ‘get Brexit done’, would always yield a great return. Naturally, like most things that happen behind the veil of government in this Country, you wouldn’t have got those odds, because there never would have been any certainty that anyone would ever know the truth.

Now that Cummings has blown apart any myth that still existed over the integrity of those particular negotiations, you might easily understand why the EU might now accuse the UK of acting in bad faith. It has certainly given good excuse to those still emotionally entrenched to the idealistic concept of EU Membership to argue that the UK should immediately be pushed straight back into EU hands.

Reality is made up not of just one, but at least three different truths. It is often constructed of many more. As a minimum, there’s the one side or perspective, the other, potentially many more, and then there’s the objective truth.

In the case of Brexit and where we are right now, there are at least four perspectives that should be considered before anyone gets too excited about who is actually right.

There are the Leavers, the Remainers, the EU, the key Influencers (politicians) – oh and last, but by no means least, there are the majority of voters too. And it is this last part of the Brexit equation that should always have been the one to really count when it came to the motivations and interpretations of the key influencers and any more besides.

Brexit was a great, democratically-made decision, taken by the British People. But it has been executed dreadfully by British Politicians on both the Remain and Leave sides.

This is where the real problem with Brexit and any practical fallout that may influencing or in some way contributing to the different shortages and growing list of crises we are experiencing today now lie.

Over a period of three years, this political class used every tool and bent every rule that they could to obfuscate and destroy any chance of the UK immediately developing a forward looking independent relationship between the UK and the EU. One that would really work and benefit us both in the way that continued Membership of the EU never would.

Subsequently, with the deck already stacked ridiculously in favour of the EU retaining powers over a fully independent UK that no foreign power should ever have, by dishonest Remain-obsessed MPs, the Johnson Administration took over with an overriding belief that similar acts of dishonesty and a lack of transparency were the only way to achieve what they wanted. It would appear to be the case that Cummings has effectively confirmed this week that they openly lied.

The whole thing is a real mess. One that right now could still have massive consequences for Northern Ireland as well as the wider UK.

It wasn’t the decision of the British People to reject Membership of the EU that was flawed. It has been the self-interest, stupidity and outright tomfoolery of our political classes from the moment that the Referendum Votes were counted and the result was announced, that have made a challenging situation look like it could be impossible to resolve.

There always were and still are very practical ways to resolve the issues over the Northern Ireland Border and how goods travel via the UK to the Irish Republic without invoking the need for all traffic to go by Sea, direct.

The proposals that have been tabled by Lord Frost this week and what it remains possible to do at a very practical level will hopefully mean that a genuinely workable Border and Customs arrangement can be put in place relatively quickly. One with a working operational model that is potentially so straightforward, future questions will be more along the lines of ‘why wasn’t this put on the table before.

The problem, as always when it comes to anything to do with Brexit, will be the obstacles and blind alleys created by those still committed to UK Membership of the EU.

Of these, not least of all will be those created by the autocratic EU itself, which is likely to continue to take every dishonest step that it can to bolster the cause of those who are still obsessive about Remain – or what we should perhaps now call ‘Return’.

Apparently having shot itself in the foot by taking steps to create the panic that led to the Fuel Shortages in recent weeks, the exclusion of influential Industry Groups with agendas like the Road Haulage Association from any discussions over what will practically work and what steps need to be taken to get the job done can only help the Governnment in the goal of finally getting Brexit done properly.

However, many obstacles to that most desirable outcome remain endemic within the public sector and our whole system of government.

The reality is that there will continue to be a requirement for a very serious level of single-mindedness and leadership if the best solution is to be found and implemented as quickly as possible, and there then to be a mutually shared recognition that the best way of working together for everyone has finally been found.

A new ‘nationalisation’ of essential Public Services is necessary to help head off the Cost-of-Living Crisis. But Public Sector reform, removal of union influence and practical reality is essential too

Any service necessary for each every one of us to function in our daily activities and continue to be an active member of society should be shielded from the constraints and bias of private interests and maintained under impartial public or community control.

Yet this is not where we are in the UK today. The problems that having so many public facing services under the direct control or heavy influence of private, profit-making interests is now impacting our lives like never before.

First things first. My reason for writing about ‘Nationalisation’ today is of course related to the energy crisis being caused by escalating prices of natural gas supplies which are being brought in from Europe and beyond.

It is important to be clear here that the price of these supplies before they reach the UK wouldn’t matter whoever is in control of utility companies across the UK.

But the fact that we are in the situation that we now are says more about the way that Government has dealt with the energy question for a long time, and how successive governments have failed us strategically over and over again.

This is where I will refocus onto the rather pressing question of who controls public energy provision in the UK and therefore the ongoing cost.

The pathway to today’s mess

Privatisation was probably the most damaging legacy of the Thatcher years. Not because the many Public Companies that were sold off didn’t need to be run better or placed in more capable hands as they most certainly did.

Privatisation was inherently damaging because that ‘Conservative’ Government failed to recognise that any shareholder-led business will always put the value of their business and what they earn from it before anything else. When handed a virtual monopoly, the owners of private ‘industries’ will ultimately dictate the prices of everything so that their margins rise and are maintained first.

Yes, a public sell-off sold to us all under the premise that we could all become owners of the services that worked for us sounded like a great plan. And it might have been, if all those shares that started off in small tranches sat in the back pockets of welders, builders and secretaries hadn’t been sold off when the promise of a quick return quickly passed them all into large corporate and deep-pocketed hands.

On the face of it, it seems extraordinary that the so-called Party of Business could not have foreseen that with the wider changes that they were facilitating and contributing at the time, this is how things would soon be.

But as we are learning to our continuing and significant cost, foresight and thought for the impact of decisions and what will then happen when the chain of subsequent decisions are six or seven times

removed are in short supply when our current crop of politicians are involved.

The reality today is that the energy sector doesn’t exist to provide us all with light, heat, electricity with the purpose of serving the public in the best ways that it can.

The UK energy sector today exists to provide dividends and profit to shareholders with a level of power and influence that our politicians gave it, which guarantees that it can.

The fact that private interests can command profit levels which leave parents, families and people both old and young who live on their own, rationing their power and heat, is an absolute travesty.

With all the related personal harms that follow, such as anxiety, social issues, food poverty (where heat and power is prioritised), it is incredible that any government – Conservative, Labour or anything else – wouldn’t see and prioritise addressing this matter as a No.1 cause.

Re-Nationalisation & Cultural Reform of the Public Sector

But here we are.

We have to consider the other questions around returning to public ownership and the provision of energy in the UK today and tomorrow first.

The Labour Party is talking about Nationalisation again. And in terms of the principle of returning public services to public or community-focused ownership, I would certainly have to agree.

However, what would be as bad, if not worse than what we have and what people are experiencing today, would be for all of these companies, industries and sectors just to be returned to a situation where civil servants and union barons have control.

With the public sector in desperate need from the sclerotic, protectionist environment and culture that it now is, the last thing the UK public would need is for energy to be under the control of people who hide behind their job titles to excuse their ineptitude by being ‘public servants’. It is an entire sector living in fear of wokeism and everything that could lose them their comfortable salaries and pensions.

As such you can be certain that these re-nationalised services handed back to the Public Sector as it is would immediately capitulate to union control.

Let’s be quite fair about Unions. There was a time when they provided a great service to the low paid and to mistreated employees. The Union Movement certainly precipitated and even facilitated great and positive change.

But that was a Century ago, and with even a fraction of the rules and regulations around employment that now exist, Unions have long since become an archaic device that does nothing more than further the self interest of a few by pushing damaging industrial action. And just like with the banks and big company fat cats, it is the general public that ends up paying the inevitable price.

So whatever model of Nationalisation that were undertaken, it would be essential that public sector reform and the removal of union influence be right at the top of the policy change list, and that is where some of the biggest political controversies lie. Or at least they do at the current time.

The model would most certainly not work if it was anything near to being like the publicly owned model of service companies from the 1970’s and before. But there are ways that a good operational model that priorities service to the public first can be achieved and run on very commercial lines. Just as long as the governance and the people who are able to influence those systems of government are the right people with the right values to do that job.

Energy Provision must be practical today with idealism helping us do things better for tomorrow

Going around in what feels like a bit of a circle, we now come back to the issue at hand today.

Beyond the immediacy of the impending ‘energy crisis’ itself, the issue is UK energy self-sufficiency; How we maintain that self-sufficiency and how we meet the fluctuations of domestic and business demands night and day, seven days a week and 365 days of the year.

Right now, the UK isn’t achieving this. That is why small energy companies are going bust as they cannot supply energy to customers at the prices they have committed themselves to.

It’s why the monopolistic members of this exclusive utility club are piling pressure on Ofgem and the Government to be unleashed from the restraints of price caps that will allow them to charge whatever it costs them to buy wholesale energy – whilst maintaining or continuing to grow profits and dividend payments that will just extend the unnecessary and avoidable pain that is steadily affecting the lives of us all.

Whilst we have to wake up to the risk to us all that climate change has created, and accept that the ideas, habits and thinking behind them now have to change, we cannot allow impractical idealism rule over the process if we want to achieve aimed for result, without causing a lot more harm and pain.

Green Energy is expensive to the public, because it isn’t as efficient, reliable and doesn’t offer providers the same kind of returns as traditional sources of energy with technology and management in its current form.

Making Public Policy commitments and setting timelines to phase out technology that works now, is proven and is reliable on the basis of alternatives that are unproven, not evolved to a workable degree or haven’t even been developed yet is government and political foolishness in the extreme.

It is incredible that power stations have already been decommissioned that could have now still been in use. And before anyone one starts to argue about the need to stop using fossil fuels for this purpose – which most will readily agree must happen as soon as we can provide alternatives consistently that make sense to do so – please take a good look at what China and other Countries with significantly higher carbon footprints are doing right now.

One of those alternatives, at least for a realistic and continuing period of time, has to be a greater reliance on our own UK Nuclear Power production and the development of smaller reactors that may be easier to commission and put into service, making energy production localised as quickly as possible once more.

We are not safe from foreign or malign interest of any kind for as long as these services that are essential to our lives remain out of public hands.

It should now be the priority of government run by whoever in power it might be, to return the UK to full self sufficiency of energy production in whatever form necessary to achieve this in the shortest time.

Once we our energy self-sufficient and only when we are, the priority must then be to promote the development of the greenest alternatives possible, ensuring that they are always available, are reliable and that they make being green a voluntary and easy choice, rather than one which is imposed by law or default.

If you think there is any logic behind the problems now unfolding across the World, think again. There certainly wasn’t any in the way that it was all caused

I spent the evening with a friend after happily watching a Rugby match on Saturday. As we had a pint or two at the Village Pub afterwards and his wife joined us for a while, he listened on incredulously as we talked about the growing number of empty shelves in the local supermarkets, and we then began to talk about the global supply chain issues that are blocking up ports around the World.

As you may well imagine, the topic of conversation didn’t end there and we were soon covering fuel prices, farm production issues and plenty more.

The conversation that the three of us had was just a reflection of a much wider debate that is underway daily on social media and to a lesser degree the mainstream media. It had plenty in common with that wider conversation or debate in terms of what is causing the problems and what will happen next.

Some people really don’t care – yet. Others are just looking for ways to make whatever they hate like Brexit take the responsibility. And those who are laying all of this at the door of the Covid Pandemic really are just doing exactly the same.

If you take the time to read the different comments and do so by looking at what is being said by pundits and commentators that include the ones you don’t really like, you might begin to see the emergence of a theme.

Everyone with a public voice, audience and echo chamber is banging on about the issues for sure. But they are doing so through the lens of their own experience, whatever they are passionate about or whatever they believe to be their cause.

For a long time, this way of doing news and latterly social media hasn’t really seemed to matter. But what’s most interesting about this commonality, which is based upon different views, is the myopic thinking involved means that very few of them are even attempting to begin joining up all the dots.

It is rather like a default setting of the human condition, coupled with the way that we are culturally conditioned to think now, that someone, somewhere is always to blame for everything and that everything we experience in the world has some kind of reasoned or logical cause.

The events that we are now experiencing look easy to blame on whatever seems to be most convenient or most obvious – depending on your experience or world view. But if you start to look further and think about the way events are unfolding, you might see that there is no longer any pattern to any of the things that are happening. They really are very random, and this means that these crises that are unfolding as a perfect storm around us really do have no logic at their centre or as a direct cause.

Brexit isn’t to blame. Covid isn’t to blame. But both have played their part.

Brexit was a symptom. Covid initiated a response that has just made all that was already bad, significantly worse.

We are here because of those same default settings of the human condition that I mentioned above. Another of which is the lack of self-awareness in people with power and influence that encourages and propagates self-interest and greed.

It is an obsession with self and profit that has led to all of this. We have been taught to value monetary and material wealth above all things. But those things are equal to the few in a very different kind of way. And when you are one of that few and so absorbed and so obsessed with the accumulation of profit, wealth and advancement in the way that they all are, your decisions are all made within the confines of that very self-absorbed bubble, where your decisions continually benefit you but have horrifically dire consequences for us all.

Such thinking is dangerously myopic, short sighted and made without thought for the impact upon the next person, let along those who are 6, 7 or 8 times removed.

This is decision making which is made only with the logic of self interest and so in terms of the impact on the world itself there is no logic to any of it, it is random, and the consequences are random endings for us all.

There is such a thing as The Law of Consequence. The Rule of Cause and Effect. It is a way of restoring balance to any system that is skewed and working unfairly. No matter how long it takes, a system running on and being led by greed in the way that it has been, will find its way back to a point of dynamic balance, or the whole thing will end up being destroyed.

Put simply, you can’t keep rising prices, lowering wages and taking good jobs and the ability to be self-sustaining for the many, to the point where what is left can be bought or accumulated by some other nefarious means by the few, without the whole thing coming unstuck. That is the point we have reached now.

Some will call what’s happening an act of God. Others already view it as part of a worldwide conspiracy. It’s not.

The reality is that we are now in the age of consequence. Decades of greed and selfishness and the pain it has caused on the part of decision makers and those with undue influence will soon be over.

A series of unforeseen events that went against the script have led decision makers to go too far and over the top by continuing to stick like glue to a tried and tested formula and the approaches they have been taking.

Random decision making is literally about to lead the system that has been enriching the few to implode under the cloud of a vast succession of crises and seemingly random events.

The opportunity for great change and a very different way of being about to present itself for us all.

Insulate Britain are fronting up to a weak and stupid Government that will probably award itself draconian measures to stop them, then use those measures on all of us

Perhaps the biggest irony in the recent spate of road closures instigated by members of ‘Insulate Britain’, is that they share an impractically idealistic approach to changing environmental policy with the very same Government that they ultimately intend to antagonise.

Both the Government and the Protestors believe that by forcing change or imposing green policies unilaterally on the UK they can change the whole world without there being any consequences or impact for any of the population involved.

There is of course a regrettable element of truth to the group’s suggestion that the only way they can force government change is by causing us all pain. As a Country, we are now in the early stages of a massive crisis which will touch everything and everyone – yet none of us will accept that reality until the real impact of it literally hits our lives direct.

Unfortunately for Insulate Britain and for us all as we peer over a very steep cliff, the kind of pain that will change the way a whole Country and culture thinks will need to reach way beyond just a couple of issues and the inconvenience that closing a few roads or airports will bring. We are talking pain that touches numerous areas of our lives.

However, if you are one of those who believes there’s no such thing as climate change or has some agenda that flourishes by pushing that way of thinking upon others, it’s definitely time for you to start thinking again.

Climate change is real. Private, profit-making interests have been pushing a low-cost retail pricing myth for decades which is very lucrative for them but has imposed significant costs for the environment and for our planet. And that’s before we even get onto the subject of the damage this has all done to the way we think.

We are now a consumer led, retail obsessed, it-must-come-at-the-touch-of-a-button, increasingly entitled society.

On one hand, we will not give up those things we take for granted easily. Yet on the flipside, the way the system operates means that very few of us could actually afford to embrace change for the better, even if we were in a place where our thoughts had caught up with reality and made it clear that we should try.

We need to change the way we think, and we need to change our thinking quickly. But we also have to work with where thinking in the UK is now and the practicalities of a situation where the way our world works right now is anything but green.

But the world is already changing. Opportunities to do things a much better way will come. But not until we have lived through and dealt with a lot of pain.

Shortages are going to become more and more commonplace. Those shortages are set to increase across all parts of the supply chain as the months go by. Rationing of goods that reach far beyond diesel and petrol may not be very far away.

We are in the early stages of a massive period of crisis and change where a rebalancing of everything is underway. But no politician, activist or high-powered influencer can control any of it now in any way.

As things become increasingly difficult for us and each and every one of us experience our lives being touched by the challenges that lie ahead, we will become more and more open to new ways of thinking. We will see new ways of working together. New ways of living our lives are set to come.

It is when the challenges really start to hurt us and affect our own lives directly that the opportunities to change policy across government, the public sector and business sectors will present themselves in a very different and future-changing manner. They will allow us to move forward in a very different, thoughtful and considered way.

The timeline to all of this may well be incredibly short or may be years long. We really are at the thin end of a very thick wedge with empty shelves and driver shortages right now. And this compilation of different but equally serious crises is going to have major widespread impacts for sure.

Unfortunately, we have a Government, political class and establishment obsessed with maintaining a level of control that it doesn’t actually have.

The politicians involved have a track record of creating policy without thought and consideration for the wider consequences, and they do so as a knee jerk reaction to whatever is going on in the media.

On the face of it, there will be some who admire the way that ‘road closure’ protestors have applied themselves, not only with glue, but in the way but they are maintaining their protests, sometimes on a daily basis.

What Insulate Britain don’t realise is they’re running a risk of instigating a change which could have serious consequences for us all. Especially as everything else around us begins to deteriorate.

As the road-blocking protests go on and get more severe, the Government is increasingly likely to turn to legislation to help them deal with it in ways that will enable the police or perhaps even the military to stop protests like these.

Once the current problem is dealt with, this new legislation won’t be parked and put on a shelf. It is likely to be picked up applied and used on the people who are becoming increasingly frustrated, angry and upset about the way the Government is treating us all over their handling of Covid and the not so new, continually self-serving world that they are now trying to impose.

Never has the time existed when we have needed reasoned and considered dialogue between people on different sides of all the debates as we do right now.

Regrettably, as yet, people haven’t been affected seriously enough as yet to take part. They are not yet ready to talk to each other, communicate with each other and respect each other in the way that we all need to.

It is going to take the impact of the changes that are coming and the challenges that we face to touch all of our lives before we are collectively ready to embrace dialogue and change in a much more positive and forward looking way.

No matter what you’re passionate about or what motivates you in terms of the things that must change, the biggest risk to change is the fact that we are not even trying to come together today to overcome the very small number of things which divide us. We must focus on the things that we share in common that will allow us to deal with the problems we face tomorrow together and in a very different way.

If you are convinced this is all a conspiracy, why aren’t you doing anything to stop it. Is being able to say you were right going to help when it all goes wrong?

‘You will have nothing, and you will be happy about it’ is a line that is sending a chill down the spine of many who believe that there is a conspiracy behind all the Government is doing to the UK today.

The source is the infamous Klaus Schwab who founded and leads the World Economic Forum (WEF). He has been given what seems to be a meaningful voice by the elite status that the WEF appears to command, purely because the World’s ‘elites make a regular visit to this rather elaborate members club to get chummy. Understandably, it’s giving some of us the impression that this is the seat of power that rules the entire world.

Whether or not you believe that the WEF is where World power lies; whether of not you believe that Covid is all part of the creation of a New World Order, or whether or not you believe something completely different about all the things that are happening in the UK and across the World today, the one thing we have in common right now, is that unless we are a member of that protected and gilded elite, we are ALL going to be well-and-truly in the shite when everything that can go wrong and is going to go wrong, has finally done so.

Yet today, as we watch more and more problems across the UK unfold, like shortages and rising energy prices that everyone seems to have a different reason to explain, NOBODY is doing anything or taking any of the steps that are necessary for us to take back control of our Country. Absolutely no effort is being made to make the start on what is going to be a long and very challenging process to put everything right.

Instead, everyone with a voice, everyone with passion, everyone who could be contributing to the creation and development of an alternative to what we are experiencing and the politicians who are in charge of it are obsessed either with being right or with their own interpretation of the injustices behind what’s happening. Instead, we should all be focusing on what needs to be done so that at the end of this, it is the majority and not the few are the ones who win.

If we were to agree that this all is a conspiracy and that what we are experiencing is the way that a New World Order begins, the choice that we are collectively making, either to obsess over whose voice is heard, being right or making everyone who disagrees with us wrong, means that through the resulting inaction, we are actually voting for or directly giving our consent to whatever this political class – and anyone they suck up to – has in store.

‘And you will be happy about it’ is actually political doublespeak for just this – because by not voting for change, you voted for this all to continue. You didn’t do anything to create, develop and support the alternative. So, you are saying you are happy with it, and you therefore consented to all of it – simply because you didn’t select the alternative choice.

That alternative choice is real. It’s the alternative choice that we must have in place and on ballot papers for everyone to support at the next General Election.

But to have that choice, its you and I that have to create it and develop it now. Or when the time comes, we really will experience all the things that these elite idealists want to steward into existence using a chain of national and world crisis to do so.

They will then use all of the propaganda options they have to isolate us and the way we think so that we question ourselves (again) and really do believe that the world of bondage they have created is for our benefit rather than theirs and for us all it was a personal or private choice.

The aims of this Government, their friends and this whole rancid political class can only be inevitable if we fail to exercise the right and freedom we have to choose.

But to bring into being the situation and circumstances that will enable us to make that choice, we have to do the work to get there first.

That work begins by changing the way we think and changing the way we are looking at all the things that are going on around us. By changing the way we think about the people we see as disagreeing with us. We have to be open to embracing a very different way of thinking and of looking at the world by our own voluntary choice.

Whilst the media tells us many different stories, none of the journalists or commentators behind or within the stories are joining up any of the dots.

Beyond those stories are many more besides, and what all the different stories have in common is that everything happening now us affecting one or more of us in some way, but we are falling into the trap of believing that the only story that is important is the one that has directly come into our own experience and therefore is affecting our lives.

Yet it’s the same for everyone. And everyone has a different take on Covid, on shortages, on education, on the cost-of-living crisis, on the cost of transport, on food poverty, on house building which means that all the things going on across all of our lives that could be changed for the better with public policy should be a priority for all of us as part of that conscious choice.

We have so much more in common with each other than that which is being used to divide us. But its up to us to be big enough to accept that we have to deal and be prepared to work with all those priorities so that we can get to the nest General Election and not only know that we have a voice, but also be able to choose to support that credible alternative choice.

For me there is no value in making anyone else wrong, especially when to do so is getting trapped by detail, when in reality we have all been aiming for the same result or outcome all along.

We have the opportunity to change our future for the better and to make sure that we have capable and caring politicians in power who are actually capable of leading us through a crisis and all of the problems that are regrettably yet to come.

We have the power to begin that process of change right now, by coming together and recognising that what we have in common is a result, aim or outcome that we will all experience differently in the way it affects our lives, but in terms of the mechanics of getting there and getting the right people into power, the process is very much the same.

Please visit A New Party For All and let’s take the first steps towards the end of injustice for everyone, towards ending the influence of the self-interested few and towards creating the different world that works in the best way that it can for us all.


There is no alternative to the Government we’ve got: Yet.

There’s a lot of frustration and a lot of disquiet about the mess we are in. But nobody is joining up the dots where it comes to what needs to happen next…

A New Party For All is a work in progress. But it is a starting point too.

We’ve just launched this Website and published a growing number of policies so that we can help to create and build a conversation, discussion and debate about what the British Political landscape will need to resemble, and the kind of policies that it will be required to champion and implement, IF We are to collectively experience the kind of change and future that will genuinely work during this very challenging time that we are now in and as we meet the issues that lie ahead.

A New Party For All isn’t here to compete against anyone or any other group or organisation that is already flagging, discussing or even challenging issues that people now face. A New Party For All is here, because none of the people or groups who are discussing or challenging those issues are joining up the dots, dealing with the realities of this situation that are hiding in plain sight, or even paying lip service to the very different and for some counterintuitive approach that turning all of this on its head and winning against the establishment will now take.

If you are one of those people who has had enough of the Johnson Government and everything the political culture that feeds it has allowed them to do and inflict upon us all over the past 19 months since the Covid Pandemic began, it could well be very clear to you that the way to solve the problems we face – like vaccine passports or threats of further lockdowns – can be solved by simply overturning the decisions that Politicians have already made.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. And as you then look at things like fuel shortages, the growing number of empty shelves, the threat of energy prices going up hundreds of pounds, driver shortages and many other problems that are starting to emerge, you might begin to see that the one element or theme that is common to them all is that it is the politicians we have today or people in recent decades who have been just like them who are linked to all of it, in the middle of it and always somehow involved.

These problems are only going to get worse. And the challenges that we face as a Country and as Communities don’t stop there.

In fact, people like you and I are experiencing problems each and every day that are being glossed over, ignored and in the majority of cases actually made worse by the incompetent nature and stupidity of the political class that runs everything from the top to bottom of government. Only made worse by the way our media works tirelessly to push and further the accepted establishment narrative and ignores the realities of the many different lives that we experience, whilst prioritising the stories and agendas that will inevitably end up rewarding the same few.

This ‘machine’ is so powerful, that we have long since passed the point when people outside the sphere of political influence at Westminster and even in local Councils could speak up and make any of these people change direction or reconsider what they do or even say.

It is because of this that getting real change to happen means that we cannot continue to keep believing that the UKs political system will do anything to serve us effectively if we continue to behave as it wants us to – in exactly the same way.

What you feel, what you think and what you have to say about the decisions other people make that have an effect on your life and the way that you experience it are very important. Your voice should never be taken for granted. Your voice should never be ignored.

People who work in, run and are closely aligned in their thinking with the establishment and everything that this political culture does have nothing to gain by doing anything or allowing anything to happen which could disrupt or remove their own influence upon what is a gravy train for many, and a very lucrative way of being for more than a few.

So making your voice heard again and ensuring that decisions on public policy will be made that will address the questions you have and make sense of the problems that you have in a way that will make a difference to you, means that we all have to think differently about how we go forward, so that it is our collective voice that starts to do the talking across the country, rather than us continuing to feel and assume that we are all divided, in a way that perpetrates the myth that we are being represented well by the self-serving few.

Nobody else is going to do all the work that needs to be done for us. We all have to play a part if real change and not just more propaganda and bullshit is what we really now want.

And NOW is when we need to begin making the difference and then commit to doing all that is necessary to achieve it too.

To have an alternative at the next General Election, that is credible and connects with enough of us so that it wins majority support, WE have to begin working to create and build that alternative RIGHT NOW.

When the next General Election is called, it will simply be too late.

The Conservative Party doesn’t even represent conservatism anymore. In fact, the only ‘ism’ that any of the existing political parties including Labour and the Liberal Democrats now represent is ‘Anythingism’. It literally means that they will do anything to make sure that they secure your vote. They will literally tell you anything they have to, because to them power is everything and to keep it, anything goes.

WE have to change today, if we want our experiences to change tomorrow. And this means focusing on the many things that we have in common, rather than continually remaining divided by what is only a few.

WE can only do this if we look beyond the disagreements that we seem to have in public, made worse by the behaviour of politicians, the media and the narratives that they are pushing, which in many cases are convincing people we would normally love to share a pint with or share a walk with that we are a threat to them and that anyone who doesn’t agree with us must be punished because a different view means that they can only be wrong.

WE now need to talk about and share our experiences of all the issues that we now face. Different issues are priorities for different people. And it is by recognising that the different issues that are important to different people are just as important and need to addressed as if they were just as important to each of us, that we will become the effective voice as the many and remove the monopoly of the few.

A New Party For All is here to be the start of that process. It is a hand reaching out to invite all of us to come together and tackle the issues and to agree on OUR plans for the future – ALL IN ONE PLACE.

The focus of A NEW PARTY FOR ALL isn’t about the method, who’s in charge or what philosophies we are going to follow. It’s about identifying the aims and our destination, giving us the opportunity to recognise all the great things that we have in common, so that we are then led only by doing everything by first identify not what is easy or works just for us, but what works best for everyone and no matter how hard it is to do, that we do it because it is what is right.

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