The inescapable truth is the only way this political class can rescue the UK now, is for them to turn on big business, banking and every bit of corrupted legislation they helped create, then flip it all completely on its head

You may have seen or heard that Rishi Sunak’s latest ruse to rescue his leadership ambitions in the race against Liz Truss, is to promise a £10 fine for those who miss NHS and Doctors’ Appointments.

Whilst some of those more likely to blame all this on a conspiracy amongst us have immediately blamed this as the sign of the first steps to widespread charging for health services, I’m afraid that the reality is far more prosaic. It instead tells us more about just how desperate these self-styled leaders have now really become.

I have not encountered one person and amongst them even teenagers, who have not been scratching their heads when discussing the promises that are being dished out by these two wannabe Prims Ministers, and the blaringly obvious absence of any solutions to the problems that we are experiencing now, or indeed any of those that a growing number of us recognise that will soon come.

The Tory beauty contest, or what we should really recognise as a race to the bottom, is not built on any policy ideas or even suggestions that are either tangible or have real meaning in any way. Simply because all of the tools they have are the very same tools that created the problems, and it was the same thinking that they are now offering us wrapped up differently that has created the pathway to chaos that we are now on.

That ALL of our MPs treat the electorate with complete contempt should now be a given. However, for many of us, there remains the childlike willingness to believe that what appears to be new is always guaranteed to bring change. The problem is that in this top-down system, the more we are told things change, the more they stay the same.

The reality that are MPs and this entire political culture refuses to face, is that all the problems and difficulties that we are now facing, have been facilitated by them in their ignorance and willingness to play up with every action and breath to their paymasters. Business leaders, bankers, elites and even union leaders who have never had to explain the consequences for real people when they have been passing out the metaphorical brown envelopes and stroking the palms of 650 useful fools.

Everything we have is broken and now beginning to wreak havoc and inflict pain upon us, because greed and selfishness are the basic foundations upon which everything has been focused, redirected and changed.

Cash handouts will certainly help those at the white-hot edge of the coming inferno. But that help will only repel the growing flames for a very short time.

The only way that people – and that means all of us – can now be genuinely helped, will be for the whole system to be overturned, broken and then rebuilt. Not in any way top-down as before with the focus on money and wealth. But putting people first, alongside localities and communities – recognising the real value of every relationship, of being happy to simply be and what it means to do right by everyone and everything, instead of this broken idea of living, that values everything in terms of what its price, cost or return will ultimately be or mean.

To the people who want to run this Country, real pain and hardship caused by the consequences of biased and unfair regulation is not something they have the capacity to understand. Indeed, they represent and give meaning to everything that is wrong with the world that we live in, and the only way they could change any of it would be to think, act and speak in a way which is completely at odds with the people and the thinking that makes them who they genuinely believe they are.


Things will get worse and worse until they can get no worse. Only then can the change we all so desperately need begin

If you are following the Conservative Leadership ‘race’, even from a distance, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that things really will change for the better. Just as soon as the new incumbent (aka Prime Minister), has been appointed by Tory Members, the world-famous door to No.10 has opened, and they have very publicly walked in.

SPOILER: It won’t.

In fact, if you have been listening, hearing, and really thinking about all that the two wannabes and ALL of the politicians across Parliament are telling us – that is, if you feel genuinely able to keep engaged – you will quickly realise that there is nothing new in anything that we are being told.

In fact, all of the bullshit we are having pumped at us from every direction only confirms that what we can expect is just the same and nothing more.

ALL of the politicians, the parties and the people who have held their seats and roles before them have been doing exactly the same things as today’s politicians are.

Our politicians are motivated by ambition, by wealth, by celebrity and basically by anything and everything that they can secure for themselves. It doesn’t matter the party or tribe to which they belong.

The divorce from reality and the real world that you and I live in, which even the most well-intended of these politicians inevitably suffer – because they are so committed to doing what they are told – has meant that those behind the scenes, at the top of business and across the establishment, the people who have agendas, have been able to influence the legislation that controls just about every part of life and the way that public policy works.

The elites have literally been aided and abetted to create a system that filled their pockets. Whilst the helpful idiots that have infested our political system, keep peddling the myths that everything is being done in our best interests and that we should accept it all as being right.

The slavish way that our MPs are motivated and behave, means that whoever is in  power, forms a government or is sat in No.10, there will be no meaningful deviation or change in policy that moves us away from the very same narrative that overrides and feeds into the way that the UK has been disasterously  for decades.

Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat and other politicians have managed and made each and every choice, decision, action and event which has led to the problems that many of us are already experiencing now, along with the even bigger issues that we now inevitably face.

It really is already ‘baked in’.

This whole narrative has regrettably played continuously to the darker side, desires and wants of human nature. Sadly, we have all, at some level, bought into the money focused world.

Even now, we all continue to bear responsibility for the damage that is being done by selfishness and greed at every level of society. Even when increasing numbers of us recognise that the process of an horrific crash of our system and everything that we know is already underway.

Good, responsible politicians, who are genuine leaders and public representatives, would have anticipated and stopped the fall that humanity is now going through, long before now.

Instead, we have people running the Country who quite literally think leadership is as simple as being the one who has the title and the job. That everything else just falls into place. That everything will work better and as it always should have done, simply because they as individuals are better than everyone else. And now it’s their turn.

After all, how could anything fail when everything in the whole world is just about them?

If you can stop and find a moment to reflect on what some of the people you may have already passed in the street today are already going through in terms of going hungry, not having enough money and looking at unnecessary price rises that are weeks away that are going to destroy lives. If you can start to visualise how events and the challenges we face are going to get worse and worse for a rapidly growing number of people from all areas, all social groups and all colours. If you can see that this is the greed of corporate monsters filtering through, whilst our MPs do nothing more than create more money for them, whilst continuously devaluing everything that we have. You will soon realise that the frustrations and anger that is brewing will very soon go beyond a problem that can be reconciled by the establishment politely suggesting that everyone outside Westminster should do no more than bite their tongues and count to ten.

The politicians that we have today will not change their path, nor their direction. Not until the situation and circumstances for us all are seen and accepted by everyone to be outside of their control.

It doesn’t matter that many of the problems manifesting around our lives now tell us clearly that this has already happened. That this political class are already well and truly out of their depth.

Whilst the narrative tells us this is normal. Whilst everything continues to look like its working. Whilst we continue to believe that this system is still working for us. The downward trajectory and process of destruction that our politicians started to facilitate decades ago will continue. The only change being that it will pick up more and more speed.

When you have no money that anyone wants. When you cannot buy the food that you need just to eat and survive. When you understand what the real value of caring for and about each other and the world around us, rather than how people see us, or what we have is what life is really all about. Perhaps then you will be ready for the change that we not only need, but which these people who have run the Country (and the world) into the ground have now made inevitable.

For as long as these very stupid and selfish people or anyone like them remains in control, it is only after everything has crashed and the system has completely collapsed that we can begin to look at anything getting better, of us all taking back our control and of building our new world from the grassroots up.

The legitimacy of strikes is born of a highly subjective truth. Greed has created every problem we have, but union barons are now falling over themselves to make workers just as bad

Over recent weeks, Secretary General of the RMT Mick Lynch has solicited a paradoxical feeling of respect towards a union baron, simply because in interviews he has appeared to take the Government position on wage rises clinically apart.

Whilst many commentators and journalists have been fawning over the eloquence of his speaking skills, the reality that few accept is that Mr Lynch’s greatest asset is his comparative ability to speak truth to power. Especially when the powers we have today do little more than obfuscate with invented truths, diversions and lies.

Like any good sales pitch, the union patter on the need to strike in order to force ‘reasonable’ wage rises has indeed contained some certain truths. Truths that many of us can relate to, as we watch prices rising exponentially almost by the day.

However, just as the politicians we have running the Country, who fail to consider the law of consequence and the bigger picture – rather than just responding to headlines or whatever is on the table today, fail to look beyond themselves, this union push to secure explosive wage rises can only fuel the speed of the race towards a complete financial and systemic collapse. Indeed, it is likely to cause the very people it is supposed to be helping the most pain.

Yes, the simple and most obvious answer to the cost of living crisis would be to give everyone a pay rise that matches the rate of inflation. A wild rate that is currently heading for ten and may even go as far as twenty percent.

Yet just as would-be Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s massive and unnecessary spending spree in response to the Covid Pandemic put inflation and the price rises of essentials on crack, raising wages continuously to meet what will likely now become constant price rises, will just make an existing problem and the pain it causes the people who didn’t create that problem even worse.

Few can and even fewer want to see or understand the real causes and the history of the problems that the UK now faces. It is just too easy to blame someone they don’t agree with or don’t like at a very shallow level, whilst making the fundamental depth and breadth of the corrosive issues and practices that are institutionally still at work, significantly worse.

Greed, or rather the drive to make money, accumulate wealth, ambition and attaining power, are the seedbed and growth accelerator of each and every problem that the UK – and much of the World – is now experiencing.

So long has this addictive malaise been at work, our whole system of governance and the systems, procedures, regulations and laws that relate to everything, now support the funneling of wealth towards those who already have more. Just so that they can obtain even more.

Politicians have always had the ability to stop this and to rebalance the system so that it works fairly and equitably towards everyone.

However, to todays weak-minded and glory seeking politicians, public representation is not what getting themselves elected is about.

If our politicians were to use the power and responsibility that they have – as they proved that they can do, when they took the massively damaging steps to shut everything down during Lockdown – they could stop the escalation of prices that do not need to rise in just one day.

They won’t. Because they are all in it up to their bloody necks.

Our politicians believe that their future depends on maintaining the status quo and continuing to do things the same way that they always have been.

With inept and incompetent politicians who lack even the basic ability to lead, and union barons who have been gifted circumstances that those who can change things now refuse to control, we find ourselves within a rich mix of events and circumstances that together with all the very different problems that we individually face are now adding up to a very dark, but nonetheless perfect storm.

The failure of those to act whose responsibility it is to act, coupled with the failure of others to show restraint whilst neglecting the responsibility that we all have to consider each other, does indeed foretell that the only destination we can reach will be an unmitigated crash or complete system collapse.

It is sad indeed, that none of these people who have the power and influence to do things that will help us, can see, value or appreciate what we all truly share in common. And that instead, the only thing that defines and unifies them is the commonality of their selfishness and greed.

Learn to see or hear the news and understand how much of it is opinion or distanced from facts

Fake news is a term that we have heard an awful lot of. But is it really all ‘fake’? Can we really trust journalists because they appear to be credible or represent a media outlet that appears legitimate from the outside? Are influencers and public personalities credible just because they have a platform with a ridiculous number of ‘likes’ or ‘follows’?

Speakers & ‘Influencers’ who need to invent credibility because their arguments have none:

Like most subjects being knocked around in the forums of public debate today, fake news is just another ridiculous umbrella term that has been coined by someone who wants to dismiss the arguments or facts being given by someone they disagree with, and they felt the need to be able to hide the inadequacy of their own views or ability to engage in a sensible debate by hiding it behind terms that people go along with – because the term sounds credible and they are afraid of what will happen if they don’t.

In this specific sense, throwing around terms like fake news just to dismiss someone else’s point of view is not only lazy; it is pretty much the same resorting to being nasty or calling people names when you are desperate to hide the truth in what they have to say.

Alternative Truths or Perceptions of the same experience or things:

OK, so fake news is a broader church. But that broader church is most often the difference that exists between one person’s truth, and the truth or true perspective on the same situation or topic as observed or experienced by someone else.

It doesn’t matter how persuasive an argument from one side can be. From the perspective of the individual, none of us experiences the same thing in exactly the same way. Indeed, even in an accident where only you are involved, there are always at least two truths: what actually happened, and then there’s how you experienced it yourself – ie your own.

Opinion presented as News:

Finally, there’s news which is actually opinion. And no, opinion is certainly not news in itself. Unless that is you were quite literally reporting something very subjective such as a story about a celebrity making a public statement about which political party they are going to support.

Regrettably, journalism within the mainstream has either become so poor or so corrupted by the wishes and aims of media platform owners, that very few of the so-called professionals that we access through supposedly credible channels every day, either don’t have the self-awareness to discern between what is the news and their own opinion, or they are deliberately pushing their opinions and abusing their position to influence the public in any number of different ways.

Learning to be a Critical Thinker:

Any one or all of the above may be at work within the news sources that you watch, read or listen to. It is therefore very healthy for us all to watch, read and listen with care.

Pick out the facts. Acknowledge and respect the content and presence of the opinion. But above all, do not let the opinion you have heard then influence how you feel about or how you have interpreted the news.

The easiest way to learn critical thinking – if you have not been taught and you don’t have the time to study the skill by reading a book or studying a course – is to follow and where possible read as many different sources on the same topics as you can.

Just by following different journalists and media platforms from right across the spectrum, you can quickly begin to appreciate the common themes – which on a universal basis will probably be the real news – and then begin to see the opinions, biases and yes – the propaganda at work.

Whatever you do, don’t let tribal thinking stop you from watching, reading or listening to media sources that are outside your ‘bubble’ or sit outside the mainstream. This is how echo chambers are created. It’s how we easily fall into group think. It’s how the destructive processes of relying on confirmation bias to legitimise views and perspectives is born.

It would be fair to say that even the most objective of writers will present their stories with a little bias – even if it really is the lightest touch. Simply because we communicate outwardly with the world based upon our past experiences and what information and interpretations of everything we have experienced we have then taken within.

However, once you can break down the structure of a news report, an interview or even a Facebook Post or a Tweet, you will soon realise that all forms of news and information about current affairs can be a much safer place that we are being told or than it would immediately seem.

Wake up! Politicians cannot and will not change. They will not stop the unfolding disaster that they have created!

Uncomfortable as it may be to accept, the whole of the UK is on a downward trajectory and has a date with destiny that is going to touch everyone’s lives and will be very painful for most.

Many of us look at everything happening as if the problems that we are facing are only the result of or are related to other things that are happening right now, today.

In fact, that’s what politicians and the establishment want and like us to think. Because it distances them from any of the responsibilities from everything that has happened, is happening today, and what will happen in the days, months and the years to come.

Yes, there are a lot of very greedy and self-centred people out there who are making the race into not only a cost of living crisis but a complete systemic collapse that will accompany it a lot worse than it should be, by deliberately exploiting watered  down rules and the incompetence of our politicians to stop them for doing all that they are doing.

It doesn’t matter whether its fuel prices, the obscene profits that energy companies are making when they complain that prices need to go up to cover wholesale costs, of the prices of food and essential goods in supermarkets that are jumping up purely, because the people responsible have nothing to stop them doing any of this, and they sleep at night with the idea that the government will simply fire more cash at us all to keep covering the incendiary cost.

They wouldn’t be able to do any of this, if we had politicians who held the responsibility of being our public representatives who were actually up to the job.

Instead, we actually have the complete opposite. So inept, incompetent and absorbed in their own race to obtain public glory by obtaining jobs that hold a level of responsibility, that our politicians do not understand and certainly do not want, the 650 people who ‘lead’ us don’t have the wherewithal to understand the consequences of anything they do.

Our politicians do not know how the systems of business and government really work. Worst of all, as they are not even leaders. Politicians do not have the ability to get all of the information and the wise heads together that they need to make decisions on our behalf in one room. And so, management of crisis after crisis by specialists from the most obvious sector, industry or area was born.

It is because we have had such levels of ineptitude running the UK (and in Countries across the World) for so very long, that we are in the mess that we are today. It’s why life for us all is now set to go very, VERY wrong.

Don’t be lazy and try to blame this on Brexit, on Covid or even Ukraine. Because by doing so, you are simply playing into these ridiculous people’s hands.

All of this mess was created by the people who are pretending to lead us today and by the people just like them who have been masquerading as our leaders from across all of the political parties for decades.

What is more, we really do have only ourselves to blame.

We have elected these people and every politician just like them. And if we want politicians to change, it is us and the approach that we all have to politics that cannot possibly remain the same.

Change starts with the way that we think about politics. The top-down hierarchy, the destruction it causes and the lives it is wrecking just so that the few can be happy has to stop.

Power must come back to our communities and reflect the lives of real people. Its time for grassroots up!

No Energy Company has the right to Guaranteed Profits #costoflivingcrisis

The story that we are repeatedly being told is that the price of wholesale energy is shooting up because of supply issues, not least of all our relationship with Russia over Ukraine.

We are told that we have to do our bit. That Ofgem has no choice but to raise the ceiling of the prices that energy companies can charge. Even though government cash handouts aren’t going to help within the much wider price rises within cost-of-living crisis context. And a ridiculous number of us are already borrowing, or going to foodbanks in the middle of summer, just so that we can have access to food.

And then we are told that the energy companies are enjoying profits that aren’t just wafer thin, but are actually obscene when put in the context that the government regulator Ofgem, is facilitating nothing less than a system that is clearly not only covering any genuine supply-side cost rises that might exist, but is also ensuring that the profits and dividends paid to the private interests that own what should be public services are being continually guaranteed.

Words cannot explain just how wrong and unjust this system and the processes that our politicians have allowed to be created and that are now punishing us all, really is.

Our politicians could stop this madness now and have the power to do so. But they won’t, because they don’t even understand how the system they are responsible for actually works.

What horrific. What terrible. What unnecessarily unjust times we are living in. Just so idiots can look good in public, create a place for themselves in Wikipedia and shout to everyone ‘don’t I look great in my elected job!’.

The best thing for everyone would be if every MP and Party we have stood down and agreed to never stand again. The problem is, big money would just replace them

There is a twisted hilarity to hearing the words come from your own mouth and almost watching them solidify as they cross the air, forming the sentence ‘Out of the two candidates running to be PM, Boris is by far the better choice’.

The problem for us all, is that when the choices you have from an entire Parliament and political system are so desperately bad, you at some point have to recognise that without a genuine alternative – rather than just another politician who looks and sounds different, and may well wear a different colored badge – we have actually reached the point in the downward spiral of this bolted-shut ecosystem where every change is just going to compound the problems and make everything worse.

Yes, the reality is that stark!

Whilst we cannot vote for a real Polternative, Boris and the entire muppet show or wannabes and out-of-touchies that surround him on all sides of the so-called political divide, are all that we can choose from. And this grim pool of self-servants will continue to block every seat to our Parliament until the disasters they are collectively responsible for have fully unfolded, and all of us outside of the Westminster bubble have woken up to reality and accepted that they no longer are the de facto choice.

We must wait, because they will not do the decent thing and walk away, as they ALL really now should. To do so would require them all to be very big and to have a level of self-awareness that is clearly absent, as the reality is that the UK would otherwise be nowhere near the situation that we now are in. Knocking on the door of a catastrophic downturn that may well signify the UKs role in the end of an entire world epoch, as we now arguably are.

However, this imaginary moment or lapse from their usual reason would be wasted if it were to happen today, as the big money that influences and controls everything that all of our standing politicians already do, would simply fill the void with other stooges who would do exactly whatever the money wanted them to do.

Sooner or later, we are all going to realise that the only way to break this seemingly perpetual cycle, where life is always dictated by how those in power, with influence or with great wealth believe it should be, will be to turn the entire top-down system on its head. To restore and rebuild our democracy with a focus on localism in its truest sense, from the grassroots up, and create a system of governance that puts human beings, life, the way we live, balance and fairness at the forefront of all public policy. You know; the way it should have always been!

It’s just the way it works, is no excuse

What makes you do the same things every day? What makes you behave with other people the same way that you do – even with someone new? What makes you accept things happening in the world that you know are wrong and are probably hurting somebody? What makes you believe that changing the world doesn’t have anything to do with you?

Even now, you will at some level have a twinge or even a thought that suggests these few words have hit a nerve, even if your inner voice is shouting something like ‘what a load of crap’!

Nobody wants to hear or read anything that speaks a deeper truth. Especially when we have convinced ourselves that the truths that we have been conditioned to accept by others are in fact ours, and that each and every one of us who is ‘normal’, does exactly the same.

That ‘normal’ is of course what we might otherwise call ‘the narrative.’ The narrative is all about what someone else wants us to think, how someone else wants us to behave, and most importantly, what someone else wants us to do.

The problem with all of this is that we are so convinced that we have to follow, submit to and in many cases promote that narrative, that we have completely lost touch with who we really are.

Never mind the talk of new world orders and WEF agendas. We are already behaving subserviently to the will, whims and choices of others, each and every time that we blindly accept that anything we do, say or think must be or correlate with what the narrative and the system around us tells us it should be, look or sound like.

You surrender your power every time you take instruction from someone or something else

Life is so busy around us that we rarely – if ever, give any thought to the part that we are playing and the contribution that we are making to everything that is now going wrong.

Harsh words I know. But we have all, at some point, fallen into the trap of thinking everything that happens, good or bad, is because of someone else.

Yes, you can make what seems to be the logically sound argument that this is the way that the world works. That everything outside of us is the reference point that tells us how our lives should be.

But this isn’t the case. We have all either forgotten, or rather been encouraged to forget, that we all have an inner compass that you might call gut feelings, your instincts or something else. And that when it comes down to having happy and rewarding lives, it is the messages coming from these real but nonetheless crowded out messages speak a certain truth about where every decision and therefore where our whole lives should be.

Think of it like this. If you were to think of yourself being blindfolded and being guided through the maze of life by a trusted friend, these messages or feelings represent the only source of guidance that you can really ever trust. The other voices and noise come from others who will benefit from each and every step that takes you the alternative way.

Of course, pictures are as noisy and as convincing as voices and sounds, as are unfounded emotions. And each time we listen to those words or follow the pictures and signs that appear to be outside of us – without even thinking about it and making it a fully conscious choice – we are surrendering our power to the will of others. We are taking a step away from who we should really be.

DIY Politics UK | The British Electoral System isn’t broken. But the people and parties who fill and block the British Political System certainly are

If we had a General Election tomorrow, you would be able to make a choice between different candidates and even different political parties. But you would not have the option of choosing an alternative or ‘polternative’ to the way of doing politics to what we have already got.

Yes, the people, the names, the brands, the political parties may all be different. But they are all motivated by beliefs, perceptions and by a very insular way of looking at the world and the people they are supposed to be elected to represent, that mean the words will usually be very different, but the end result for you and I will inevitably work out being the same.

The people who want your support for their parties and their ideas, but are at the same time not prepared to listen to you or involve you in the process that informs decision making are only interested in their own view of the world and what’s in it for them. They are all the same.

Weak leaders surround themselves with people who are even weaker than they are. Otherwise the darkness from their weaknesses will be exposed by other effective leaders light. This is why the quality of our politicians on all sides has increasingly deteriorated and why the door to allowing anyone into the system who has the ability to do anything other than what they are told to, has been very firmly closed and then bolted shut.

DIY Politics UK | The future of this Country depends upon you

Hard as this pill might be to swallow, we all bear at least a little of the responsibility for the mess that the Country is now in – even if your immediate thought is that you didn’t vote for any of the people who are in power today.

By going along with the way things work and operate, we are all giving it our consent. That means we are – without thinking about it – approving all the things that our politicians are doing and all the things that are politicians have done.

After all, it is public policy that has been made not just this year, last year, during the Covid Pandemic, in response to Brexit or even in response to the invasion of Ukraine that has created the problems we now have right across the UK.

No, the problems are not just about inflation, the covid underspend, or the clogged up borders many people are trying to blame on Brexit. It’s just lazy to think that way!

The problems that we have today, whether it’s the cost of living crisis, inflation, supply chain delays, housing shortages, the failing court system, the collapsing NHS, student debt and just about everything that is hurting people like you and I, is about public policy decisions that have been made over decades and yes, whole lifetimes and generations, spanned by politicians who have become further and further out of touch.

The politicians are now so far out of touch, that they really do believe that if they say the same things over and over again to enough people, their lies will actually become true.

We cannot reason with people who are only in it for themselves in this way, and we are being prevented from changing them for people who could lead properly and do the right things for all of us with the system as it is, because the system now exists just to keep itself propped up and closed to anyone who could destroy it by forcing it to change.

This means the change – that’s a better future for us all – must now come from the decision to act and then the willingness to do whatever is necessary from people like me and you – to see it all through!

We must reject the system we have, and start all over again.

Change cannot come before we all think differently. Change begins with the way that we think. Change begins with you!

DIY Politics UK | Can you really make a difference in UK politics?

Right now, you are probably feeling that you have zero influence on what happens in British Politics and that the rare opportunity you have to go and vote is worth little more than a joke.

You have good reason to feel this way and you are certainly not alone.

Most of us avoid talking about politics with people we don’t know, especially since events like the Brexit Vote that seemed to polarize everyone one way or another, and since political correctness, wokeness and cancel culture appeared to mean that not agreeing with the narrative has become some kind of capital crime.

However, if you were to discuss politics openly and with respect for the differences in the opinions of others, you would probably be alarmed at just how much the people who feel forced to be silent agree on, and how many things we have in common that cross current political divides and basically make us all the same.

Sadly, the British Political System – that’s the political parties and the people in politics – are so broken, and so out of touch with the realities of the people they are supposed to represent (rather than the people who they actually do), the chance that any form of public policy that might change something for you happening is really down to coincidence or pot luck.

Those in the system itself without power today, think change is all about changing the voting system itself. But what they don’t realise is that the reason nobody different is getting elected is because at a deeper level, they are all behaving and thinking exactly the same, and that by using systems like Proportional Representation, the lack of connection with our realities from politicians and decision makers would become even worse!!!

Democracy is only truly democratic when every part of it works in a completely democratic way. And the only way that we can refresh, renew and restore democracy in this Country is to reject the current top-down hierarchical system, turn the whole thing on its head and then rebuild democracy from the grassroots up – and that means people like you taking part within and as part of the communities you live in – IF we really want politics, government, all forms of legislation and the world that surrounds us, to work in a fair, balanced and fully in-touch kind of way!

Could Boris already be on his way back?

Yes, the Tories are slugging it out in one of their now notoriously snail-paced and party member focused beauty contests and the talk is already about Boris either being a name on the ballot paper or even returning next year – or in just a few months’ time.

But could it really be the case that we haven’t seen the last of Prime Minister Boris Johnson – after all the gaffs and the list of allegations of cover ups and lies that he’s told?

Well put it like this. Do you really believe that either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be an improvement on any part of the governance that we’ve already got?

The rather hard and unpalatable truth is that Boris really was the best that we had available to be our PM when the Tory Members elected him in 2019, and despite all of the recklessness, incompetence and sheer lack of leadership throughout the period since he first walked into No.10, it remains the case that Boris Johnson is in all probability the very best option, out of all the options that we have actually got.

The reason for this paucity of choice, is a) based on the poor quality of the politicians in parliament and b) the realities of the current political system that mean the three known political parties and parties that would behave just like them when elected have a monopoly on taking the seats in parliament that we have got.

This whole sorry political class is just the same. The party, the colours, the words and the faces may be different. But they are all out for themselves. They are all only interested in getting to the top. They have no understanding of what real life problems for everyone beyond their bubble are really like. They have no understanding of people, of business, or what todays collapsing economy and supply chains are really all about.

When you have very weak leaders, they surround themselves with people who are weaker than themselves as that is the way that they believe they will make themselves look good. The same process has worked over and over again, with each generation of politicians becoming weaker, less able, less responsible and less in touch with the lives of the people they represent than before.

Things are as bad as they are now, as the result of a process that has taken years and decades to come about, and out of the MPs we have, or that we could have in No.10, the chances really are that Boris Johnson is and will no remain the best of the options that the UK has got – until we have an alternative option at a General Election that doesn’t include Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats or any of the other options that you may believe that we have currently got.

So, in answer to the question ‘Could Boris already be on his way back?’, the answer is almost certainly a very big yes. Because if you think things are bad now, just wait and see how bad they will soon become. What you can be sure of is that the race to the bottom that all of the idiots we currently have representing us are engaged in, will not end until they have destroyed everything that they have touched, and in a few months from now, the chances are that people way beyond the Conservative Party will be looking back nostalgically at Boris’ term in office, as if it was a golden age.

Expect the unexpected in so far as the coming collapse is concerned

If there is one elephant in the room that nobody wants to see or experience in the coming months and possibly the years beyond, it will be the depth and nature of the crisis which the collapse that is now underway involves.

To say that this is a willful blindness on the part of pretty much everyone would be wrong. It is instead much more to do with the reality that each and every one of us sees the world around us and everything that goes on within it in terms of what is important or relevant to us.

This view of the world that we all have is sometimes talked about as being a lens. Not only does a lens point at a very specific scene or picture, it can have filters added and be manipulated in all manner of other ways too.

It is from this perspective that without looking any further, all of us will already or will soon see the unfolding challenges that we all face coming into view. And that means that there is a very good chance that we are already missing, without realising avoiding, or simply bypassing real issues that don’t appear relevant to us because they do not feature within our current world view.

This Money and Greed obsessed world wasn’t the only option. The alternative has always been with us, hiding in plain sight

Perhaps the most deceptive part of the reality we live in is the idea that the money and greed obsessed world and the way that it functions and has taken over everything around us is and has only ever been the only available choice.

To be fair to many, the intoxicating way in which a world that perpetrates self-interest at every turn works, leaves the option to see the mechanics of the deceptive lie and the myths upon which our whole way of being sits, very difficult to see, and even harder to believe for those who genuinely can.

In fact, the level of self-awareness that it takes not only to understand but also accept the role that each and every one of us is guilty of playing in this very unfair and imbalanced form of life is indeed the antithesis of everything this whole system has been constructed to be and how it governs and influences every part of our lives.

However, just because we cannot see the alternative, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to all this isn’t available to us right now.

It doesn’t mean that the alternative to this world hasn’t been a genuine option for us, all the way along.

The Top-Down, Hierarchical World Deception

We are surrounded by illusions that only become real for us based on what we believe them to be.

Some, in fact many of these illusions are ridiculously convincing to the point where there seems to be little value in questioning them and our immediate response is automatically to believe.

Perhaps the most destructive of these on the level of our reality, is the concept, suggestion and the accompanying belief that the way the world works and can only work is with a hierarchical structure that you might otherwise know as ‘Top-Down’.

We live a life that tells us that someone always has to be at  the top or at a higher level. That for anyone to win, someone else will always have to lose.

By doing this, we completely miss the point that by accepting and by playing an active part in this system and way of thinking at any level or in any wat, we have instantaneously bought into the myth that a world that values everything based on money, greed and that values that we attribute to every form of material wealth is normal and right.

In fact, this whole way of being, thinking and doing is representative of a world that is completely upside down.

Money is the lifeblood of this upside-down world and that lifeblood floods our heads when we are hanging from our feet

What we fail to realise and understand, is that in an upside down world where all things money and material have become the benchmarks upon  which we qualify each and every aspect of life, it simply doesn’t matter what your tribe, your group or your politics are, because we are all operating upside down.

In this upside-down world, where we unconsciously perceive benefits from the differences that we believe to exist materially between us, every value we have is completely upside down or belly up. So the failure of one is the failure of all and failure for any one of us is exactly the same thing.

Selfishness and self-interest are borne of exactly the same value set, whether they are politically left, politically right or sat in the so-called political centre ground that sits in between.

It is only the forms in which that selfishness and self-interest is manifested, interpreted and perceived that is different, whilst the outcome for individuals, communities and the country alike, are exactly the same things.

This is a world where nobody wins – not even the elites who think they control everything. Because when any part of a world that operates on a values system that is upside down continues to exist, it is inevitable that it will always pull everything and everyone back to earth in a journey that will always end with a crash or a bang.

The people-centric, fair, balanced and values-based world that is ready and waiting, hidden in plain sight

Few may see it or even understand what it would mean for us all, but the alternative to this destructive and inhuman money and wealth-obsessed world exists and has always existed hidden in plain sight from us today.

The difference between the two worlds is surprisingly simple, but on its own would be perhaps the most challenging voluntary choice to make.

The choice for us is literally to reject the money and material wealth-based order, and to live a people-centric and values-based lifestyle in its place.

The change to a people-first order, isn’t about the rejection of money itself or even the latest forms of technology and advancements that we have; everything in a balanced and fair world still has its place.

The choice is about refocusing, returning and reforming our basic values set, so that we place value on only the ways of being and the experiences that should be valued, instead of placing value only on external ‘things’.

The Basic Living Standard is the practical living formula for a people centric, vales-based world that is balanced and fair to everyone in each and every part of life

Success and results are always related to the use of formulas, whether it be in the form of an algorithm or what we learn through our experiences in life.

Creating and maintaining a people-centric and values-based world is no different, and the Basic Living Standard is the formula that once adopted universally will lead to a fair, balanced and values-centric life.

The Basic Living Standard can be defined as:

Adults, working a full working week in any job at any level, must be able to feed, house, clothe and provide adequately for their own transport needs, whilst providing basic necessities such as communication themselves, without the need for credit, loans, benefits or third-party support of any kind.

The Basic Living Standard | A Direction

Everyone is looking for answers to the growing number of problems that we are all experiencing. But what many of us don’t realise is that the difficulties that we now face all boil down to the way that the world – or the system around us works, and has been doing so without real scrutiny, for a very long time.

Today, the world operates in a Top-Down and hierarchy-heavy way. It does this, because everything has become money or wealth centric, and completely focused on what people have, what they earn, what they are or what they can be. The whole undercurrent is little more than greed.

To put everything right, we have no choice but to change and put people first.

The Basic Living Standard is the benchmark and foundation of how we can create a very different world where everyone has the same framework of support from which to step off into life from the start.

Yes, it’s a very different way of looking at life, at people and at the world. But at its heart is the reality that if we want life to work fairly and in a balanced way for everyone and not least of all ourselves, we have to make every decision about life and living not with money, the accumulation of wealth and what everything costs us personally; but with people, with relationships and with what’s really important in life, in mind instead.

The Basic Living Standard is “The winning line where everyone crosses or nobody crosses at all”