Wouldn’t it be better for our politicians to concentrate on what is and isn’t a crime before getting the dog whistle out and calling for the death penalty to be brought back?

If there is one thing that can be trusted from this political class, it’s that whatever the reasons may appear to be for anything they do, the real reasons won’t be the ones we actually see.

Whilst the media carries on reporting everything from Westminster as if all is normal, the issues the country is facing are normal, and all of our MPs are in touch and dealing with anything that the media deems to be important as if that’s normal – the truth is that there is a hell of a lot more going on. And it is being obscured from view by the focus only ever being on the narrative that the establishment wants us all to see.

Horrifying as it may sound to anyone who has a basic moral compass and an understanding between the difference of right and wrong, we only have laws and punishments for breaking them because someone somewhere has already gone through a process of deciding whatever the ‘crime’ might be, needs a rule, and have then gone through whatever process necessary to put them there.

The cold hard reality is that even murder, that most serious of crimes, is only legislated for and punishments applied, because whoever was in charge at the time decided that it should be so. Not because there was a set of rules that existed for mankind to follow at the beginning of time.

It’s important to understand this, as everything we are experiencing now in terms of behaviours being outlawed, frowned upon or made politically incorrect – that in reality are just based on a different opinion and what is deemed incorrect for the times – could very soon become legislated against as a punishable crime.

When you can accept that one opinion or thought is no more wrong than any other, you can soon see the problem with outlawing or rather attempting to outlaw the way people think, just because it’s not the same way that someone else thinks, and that other person then decides that thinking contrary to their own should be a crime.

Outlawing thought is an attempt to exert full control over the person whose thoughts are being outlawed.

People are thinking all manner of things, all of the time. Some of those things IF enacted, would certainly constitute a crime. But thought is not action and action can only become a crime when the right of another to exist freely and without harm or restriction has itself been denied. The key to the whole equation is to always remain conscious that in a free world, this process is and always will be a two-way street.

Careers ruined, social rejection and ‘cancellation’ could soon be considered amongst the lightest punishments possible, if our politicians genuinely now believe that we should return to capital punishment and the death sentence. All when crime isn’t crime, and knee jerk responses that bend to publicised opinion are the only motive that weak, rudderless and morally deficient politicians actually have.


Freedom of anonymity is not freedom of speech, yet it serves all the wrong purposes for it to be seen as the same thing

A few days ago, I watched Emily Atack’s BBC Documentary about online abuse. Through all of the inappropriate, to unpalatable, to offensive, to harmful, to absolutely wrong stories and anecdotes that Emily and those she spoke to revealed, it was the words of one of the male respondents in a discussion group that spoke loudest. When asked why men do it, he replied; because they can.

Whilst the behaviour of anyone who causes the kind of mental distress and fear that so many clearly are, needs to be punished appropriately, my real concern is that punishment or focusing upon it as the effect that it is, rather than the real gate opener or cause to this problem, means that the focus is being pushed further and further away from the real issue – which is being avoided, because our politicians don’t want to upset their friends, or attempt to deal with any issue they believe likely will show them in a negative light.

The inability of our entire political class to be the public representatives that they regularly insist they are and that we should all be able to expect them to be, is mind blowing.

Throw a virus they know nothing about into the mix and they can bring life to a standstill in moments. Ask them to take the necessary steps to legislate the removal of the biggest cause of online threats to individuals, and its more than their ‘job’ is worth.

With things as they are today, the failure of the issue of online anonymity and the role it plays in online abuse to gain any real traction, probably means that there are a significant number of online abusers already on a pathway to carrying out much more serious crimes against others.

They will also arguably do massive but avoidable damage to themselves – all because the will and respect for the responsibility to the public they represent isn’t there on the part of legislators (MPs) who could solve this all very quickly.

Indeed, all they would need do would be to make it law for everyone using any kind of social media platform to be registered with an independent body – even if they then continue to publish and communicate under some kind of assumed name.

Yes, that independent body would need to be independent of a system of government that is increasingly displaying dystopian overtures. But it would also need to be independent of the Tech companies, who through their collaboration with the establishment and silent banning of dissenting voices, have already shown that they cannot act with integrity in any matter where they would be self-policed.

Freedom of speech is about the content of words, not who spoke them. Yet in this current climate, the terms freedom of speech and freedom of anonymity have become alarmingly interchangeable when they don’t in any way relate to the same thing.

The failure of the establishment to recognise and regulate to reduce unrecorded anonymity to its absolute minimum literally means that the parallel universe which is the internet and world of apps is a place where behaviour that would already be punishable in the ‘real world’ is being exploited by people online, who believe they have impunity against punishment for doing the same things.

With a disintegrating public sector, court system and police service, surely making it clear that everyone is simple to identify, and potentially has to abide by a code of conduct, even if they are overtly anonymous, would mean that abuse would almost disappear overnight. Meanwhile, those who genuinely need anonymity, would still be able to speak freely – as in any free speaking society, it is only right and fair that they should?

If you don’t want LTNs, ULEZs and 15 Minute Cities, STOP voting for the same politicians and the same parties that will keep on putting them everywhere!

Question: Do you understand that there is a direct relationship between how you vote in EVERY election, and what happens between then and when the next one is called?

No. I’m not talking about the policy you were told about during the election campaign. I’m certainly not referring to the national policies of the party your local council candidate may be affiliated to.

They have NOTHING to do with each other. They are not in any way the same.

I am asking this question, because no matter what the candidates you might have voted for or may now even be considering voting for, perhaps as early as this coming May are telling you, what the Tories, Lib Dems, Labour and Reform candidates will do once elected or reelected, will be based only on what they and their parties want then. Now what they think you want to hear when they are selling you a story at the door.

As everything disintegrates around us – not because of Brexit, Covid or Ukraine and the responses that our national Tory Government has made to them – but because of decades of politicians from all of the parties failing all of us whilst doing everything for themselves, the thin but nonetheless convincing veneer of respectability and consideration for democratic principle is being shown to be the lie that it is. Not least of all because of the implementation of Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTN), Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and now the 15 Minute Cities that Councils such as that in Oxford are attempting to impose on entire populations without ever having gone out to local people and given them the opportunity to engage in a meaningful democratic referendum or vote.

The System is now rotten everywhere, through all areas of government and the public sector. And that rot certainly began infecting everything from the top-down.

Hard to believe as it may seem, the processes that have been in place for so long, such as public consultations – so that you and other members of the public can have your say – are one of the cleverest lies. They were created and perpetrated to divide opinion and make real people with valid arguments believe that they have been heard, when the truth is that they haven’t. They were never supposed to, in any way.

In this specific instance, I am referring to decisions that are overtly being made primarily at County Council or Unitary Council levels – as they have responsibility for Highways. But this also includes the actions of District or Borough Councils and even some Parish or Town Councils too.

What isn’t so clear, is that whilst the Councillors sitting on these ‘local authorities’ are voting these ridiculous schemes through, they may be doing so because of the promise of money or something else from Central Government (That’s Westminster and Parliament), tabled to council officers and politicians in a way that is in effect little more than a bribe.

Central Government does this, so that they don’t end up being seen to be the ones with ‘blood on their hands’. But the effect is pretty much the same. Whoever we are voting for, whether it is for a Parish, a Town, a Borough, a District, a County, a Unity, and Assembly, a Parliament or some other, NONE of the politicians we have, supposedly representing the British Public today, are playing with a straight bat. They are only interested in what works best for them – rather than what is in the best interests of you or I.

The uncomfortable truth that the politicians, civil servants and government officers won’t speak out loud, is that there is absolutely an agenda to reduce the number of cars on the roads, get people on bikes, walking to the shops and to work, and to make it impossible to travel anywhere using anything other than a sustainable mode of transport, IF we really have no choice when it comes to travel that they, not you or I, will proscribe.

Regrettably, whichever side of the green debate  you may be on today, the reality is that in the long term, there really is no choice.

However, there really never was any need for the 4-car households, holidays in every part of the world and rejection of local public transport either.

The so-called need for these was also completely engineered by the people who have been behind globalisation and the ‘money is everything’ way of living all along.

We only believe that we cannot live without these things, because it has been in their financial interests for us to believe that there is no other way for us to live.

The problem they have, is that by encouraging us all to engage in unnecessary practices, ways of living and ways of being that have been damaging the world, our environment and our own personal health for so very long, they let the genie out of the bottle. They have used manipulation through advertising and clever placements to make it feel like a personal choice.

Now, faced with having to implement change, those right at the top of all this know that to keep the plates spinning and for them to maintain control in the best way that works for them – and that means to keep the money flowing where they want it to – they now have to impose change upon us all, but use every trick in their play book, so that it all looks and feels like it was a choice, all along.

The chances are that if you are reading this, you know and value just how wrong all of this really is.

However, you are also just as likely to believe that all this can be changed by voting Labour, Liberal Democrat of even Reform at the coming General Election, or in the next May Elections you are called to vote in within your local area.

Yet the reality is that ALL of these Political Parties are made up of politicians who don’t represent anyone other than themselves – and whilst they may sound and even look different, by electing any of them again, we are just condemning ourselves and our future to nothing better than worse or at best, a whole lot more of exactly the same all over again.

It also doesn’t matter how loud anyone else voice might be, the number of followers or likes that they have, or how much time they are getting to speak on YouTube, TikTok or even mainstream TV.

The only solutions that are going to keep coming from the top of this top-down system are solutions that arrive without warning, as they all seem to be doing so now.

Solutions that work for those at the top of this ridiculous pyramid system we are being abused by. Not for anyone who is part of the majority being manipulated and mistreated below.

Regrettably, far too few of us really appreciate just how much of an impact that we could make, by running independent grassroots-focused candidates in all our local authority elections.

These are the elections currently held somewhere every year, where real effort and commitment mean that ANY candidate has a genuine opportunity to win.

We may not all see it yet, but it is at local level, and by taking over government at local level – whether through the electoral and government structure as it is now, or through a better grassroots-up system that really engages everyone – that the real change that we all need for a better life, will come.

If any of your local authorities have elections this May and you want to champion and demonstrate the message and way of change, why not run in your area and recruit others to help you or even do the same.

I’ve written a book to help called How to get Elected, which is FREE to read at www.howtogetelected.wordpress.com or you can download for Kindle from Amazon for only 99p.

Alternatively, ask me a question on social media or e-mail me at diypoliticsuk@gmail.com

Is conformist diversity and everything related to political correctness borne of the death throes of a patriarchy desperate to maintain power through control?

The Diversity Agenda is dividing Humanity. TUG’S GUIDE LINES.

Blissfully unaware as we are of the world beyond the information flow that we are continually being bathed in, far too many of us are failing to question the narratives we hear, the headlines that we see, and most tellingly the experiences that we are all having. Messages screaming at us that something is going very very wrong.

Sadly, as any car driver will know, its very easy to overlook the presence of a seemingly innocuous rattle. We rarely join up the dots in any proactive sense until the car itself breaks down and whatever journey we were on reaches its sudden and premature end.

Yes, there may well be an analogy that will make sense to non-car drivers too. But the chances are that whoever you are, you will understand or know exactly what I mean.

This is how it really works quietly for the majority of us all when it comes to what we read, hear and experience about woke agendas, cancellations, trans women’s rights surpassing those of women born female, and just about every form of social policing that is underway when it comes to anything deemed politically incorrect.

The process isn’t new. Although it certainly feels like the non-stop presence of these stories in the media and even in the mouths of our politicians arrived overnight.

So prevalent are the stories that are making very normal, intelligent and sensible people with a lot of common sense question who they are, that it certainly feels likely to anyone unable to communicate with the many other like minds, that there is a genuine assault by someone or something upon the very foundations of who we really are.

Conspiracy Theory! Is probably the voice that you will hear. But any true conspiracy theory is a very human way for those without knowledge or understanding to account for anything that they cannot logically explain – with logic itself only being as reliable as what is either accepted or known at that moment in time.

Conspiracy Theories like 911, JFK being murdered and David Icke’s Reptiles easily get themselves awarded the tin foil hat, simply because they are ideas that whether true or not, sit outside the mainstream. More importantly, they don’t appear to have an affect upon or contradict anything we accept as normal in daily life.

But when seemingly inexplicable change breaks into the mainstream and starts pushing into our lives, we are no longer in the realms of any theory or of anything theoretical. The result is there and can be proved. And the most chilling fact about it is that whatever started it off or continues to drive it stopped being a conspiracy, and became hard-nosed reality the very moment that it began to effect our lives and bring into question who we really are.

It’s important to be able to look objectively on what is going on around us.

Thanks to the government and parliamentary responses to the Covid Pandemic over the past three years, we don’t need to look very far.

During the different phases of Lockdowns and Social Distancing, our fear-driven leaders used a system of neurolinguistic programming and nudges to subvert and control the adult population. Those trusted to lead us deliberately manufactured fear about the outcomes of catching a virus that they themselves had no way to understand.

Not only did they set in motion this unnecessary and avoidable agenda that is now manifesting such dreadful financial and in all likelihood health-related consequences for many if not all of us, right now, they also used the apparatus of government to spy on and obstruct the questions and alternative narratives that could and should have brought light upon what they were doing and given normal people the opportunity to act and think like adults. All at a time when the innocent majority had been purposefully pushed into being mistakenly in fear not only for their lives, but also living and functioning normally too.

There was always a very different way, even if restrictions upon movement had been necessary at any level at the time. And it is clear to see that many of the politicians who are speaking out against the actions and policies of what was at the time for many of them their own government, are now giving the whole sorry episode the lie by living the adage that hindsight is a wonderful thing.

There is simply no excuse for any one of the 650 MPs that we have and had in March 2020 for not speaking out and providing a voice for the alternative.

That none did at the time – even if they came to it just a few months behind – demonstrates that our MPs are either not competent within the roles that they have taken on public trust, or that they are motivated by interests and influences that run contrary to the public interest.

Incompetency as a public representative or self interest in public office adds up to the same thing: None of them should have been in post then. None of them should be in post now.

The silence of MPs and all the political parties they represent during the previous critical phases of the Covid Crisis strongly suggests that when faced with any issue or challenge that could be a threat to their seat, or indeed to the anticipated result of the next election, all of our MPs will simply sweep doing what is right for the public and even the economy that they claim to champion, to one side.

This is where we are right now when it comes to tackling the conformist diversity charade.

Like the story of the car above, the problem for us all, as the driver of that car, is that we – and very specifically our MPs (or the people who we elected to deal with things like this for us so we don’t have to) – are ignoring the rattles, whines and increasingly shaky bearings that are making clear that a major breakdown of the vehicle we share is well on the way.

Sadly, there isn’t an AA, Green Flag or RAC that we can call in to fix this when it all breaks down.

The reality is that because the majority of us are still trusting the same politicians who created all the problems like the cost of living crisis that we are now beginning to experience, along with a media that is as heavily invested in the survival of the same system that they are, we are not even looking ahead to where this direction of travel and the journey that we are on really goes.

Indeed, many of us do not even realise that we have been on the road to 1984 for a very long time. And that it is we, through our own ignorance, selfishness and desire for everything to be easy, who have not only opened the door to everything that is happening, but have also enthusiastically bowed and paid homage to the magnificence of our enslavers, as we have welcomed all their clever technologies and health giving remedies that are actually very unhealthy for us, as all of it comes through the same open front door.

Those who cannot think for themselves cannot lead and cannot take control. That is what the whole assent of the way of living we now embrace has been and is about.

Destroying our history, our values set and even the right of a biological woman to be, to celebrate and to be happy being exactly who she really is, may well be the final assault on the willingness and perhaps even the ability of those who are left outside the influence of the establishment, to stand up and be counted by any of those who can still see the disaster that is unfolding in front of us for what it is.

An endgame has been created and planned for that is being driven by the few who are intoxicated by the drug which is their money, influence and power. They are determined to preserve it – no matter the human cost.

The travesty of all this, is that amongst the people who do openly speak out and know that there is something very wrong going on in all this that is being hidden in plain view, there is an obsession at work that is playing right into our would-be captors hands. It’s all about being heard and being seen to be heard by others, rather than getting around the table not only with the likeminded, but with everyone else outside of this sick establishment and forming a movement with aims and motives that work in the best interests of everyone.

Such inaction is itself massively neglectful of the responsibility we all have to act, as we approach what may be a critical juncture, meanwhile allowing the whole narrative to continue to be framed by politicians and a media that works only in the interests of the few.

Every day that we do not begin the great dialogue and conversation that builds on the commonalities rather than the differences between us, is a day longer that those in power have the ability to cause more harm and make the task we have ahead of us that bit harder. We don’t even know that we keep resisting what will ultimately be an inevitable choice.

You may have noticed that the harm and the ideas that push it, all come at you and at all of us from out there, somewhere. From somewhere else. From some other people, that none of us has actually ever seen or met. It’s from people we don’t actually know.

With this in mind it is therefore essential that it is from within, and in collaboration with our neighbours and with the people in our localities and our communities, that our response and our pathway to real change must begin.

Welcome to democracy from the grassroots-up. Its ready and waiting for you and for all of us, from the moment that we decide that we are ready to begin.

The quote and image above is a part of my book TUG’S GUIDE LINES FOR POLITICS. All of the 99 Quotes about Politics, Economics and our broken system of Democracy today, can be bought and downloaded from Amazon for Kindle HERE: