Money or currencies MUST have a fixed value and ONLY be used as a medium of exchange | Principles | A Community Route

Money isn’t real. Yet we have been conditioned to believe that it is.

Money is a unit of exchange. Yet we have been conditioned to believe that money is a thing, that it holds value of its own, and that the value that money holds is variable in its own right – well beyond the basic principles necessary for currency exchange.

Money has become the benchmark which dictates the value of life and the value of every individuals existence.

For as long as this money-based order, reality or culture continues to exist, the values that underpin humanity and human existence will matter less and less.

Money and currencies of any kind are useful to us, as long as they are only used as the medium of exchange that they are, rather than being believed to be or considered to be an accumulation of material wealth in itself – as it is today.

For as long as we continue to allow the value of anything and everything to be determined by the value of money, which itself can then vary from day to day, the power of any individual, business or community to regulate, manage and sustain healthy lives will be compromised.

Until 1971 when neoliberalism fully took over, the value of the money that existed was always pinned or anchored to the value of gold. ‘The Gold Standard’ was far from being a perfect system or system that was balanced, fair and just in itself – as any good study of economic history will demonstrate. But what its existence did demonstrate was the benefit of having the value of money restricted which meant that there was considerably less opportunity for the system to be ‘played’ – as it has been, to our considerable cost, ever since.

A fair, balanced and just economic system that puts People First, must rest its economic base upon the people that exist within that system, along with the fundamental value we can associate with what those people then put in or take out of it.

That value may indeed be translated into money or a form of currency or digital currency of some kind. But there is no requirement or need for that value to ever be variable in a system that puts People First and doesn’t believe that non-essential or basic goods that it cannot itself produce must be secured no matter the price.

The value of existence and the value of the work or effort that any individual puts into the system must be the benchmark which everything to do with monetary exchange and value must be pinned.

For life to be valued and for that value of life to be maintained as it should always be, money or currencies of any kind must always be a unit of exchange that hold no value of their own that can be bought, sold or exchanged.


Starting anew: The economic phoenix without any need for ashes being involved

So, lets imagine we have reached the point where the financial system as we know it has collapsed.

Money simply doesn’t work. What happens next?

Well, people need to eat. People need to be able to buy essential food. People then need to be able to secure the basic essentials that they need too.

With no money in circulation, or no money that has value in circulation, people will begin to exchange or swap what they have and have accepted they don’t need, or can do without, for the things that they do need and that they cannot do without.

No law, regulation or threat from any authority will stop this.

When people are going hungry or need to provide, they will do whatever they can to secure whatever it is they need, and swapping, exchanging or bartering is a lot more civilized than what will happen if theft or violence becomes the next step by default.

The good news for us all, is that whilst the system may have collapsed around us, the technology and infrastructure are unlikely to have disappeared. The issue we face is that the technology and infrastructure isn’t currently set up to work in a very localised or microeconomic way, when this is how we need technology, infrastructure and the governance that oversees it, to help all of us.

Surviving The Great Reset | The New Economy | Where we are right now | The Money system we have is going to collapse

Perhaps the biggest change that we face in the coming years and months, is that which will accompany the collapse of the money or currencies that we are used to, along with the system or rules that underpin every part of it, the way it functions and the way it can be manipulated by those ‘in the know’.

‘What would we do without money’ is a valid question. But it also reflects the situation and circumstances that we have been in for a long time. One where money has become the reference tool for just about everything – and regrettably for some, the way that we have started to value life itself.

There is no part of the monetary system that we have and use today, that hasn’t been broken and redefined to serve the self-interest and greed of people who have had the power, influence and ability to manipulate the monetary system in some way.

There is a natural order to everything. So even though it may take decades to happen, any system that is willfully created and manipulated to serve the interests of a few at the cost of the many will always meet its end.

Every ecosystem has a point of balance and when that point of balance is out, the balance must be restored – either by the inhabitants doing the right and respectful thing, or when they refuse to do so, by the system itself breaking and coming to its end through collapse.

This is where we are now.

Levelling Level | Digital Currency, Crypto, DeFi

Digital or crypto currencies will not survive in their current form.

Like the system that cryptocurrencies were created with the best intentions to try and override, it is simply the belief that people have, or the way that people think about cryptocurrencies today that appear to make them work.

The cryptocurrencies that you can buy or trade today may be worth a lot of money. But like the money they might replace, they have absolutely no value at all.

In reality, digital currencies that exist today are as flawed as the FIAT money system itself. They are based on no real value or tangible holding.

It is literally the belief of those who invest in or use the existing blockchain currencies that make them work.

The moment anything happens to shatter the belief in today’s versions of digital currency – as you can be certain that it will – these cryptocurrencies will return to their intrinsic value. That value is zero or nil.

The new ‘local’ way of living will allow the creation of new digital currencies based on real value that is defined by the community that runs it.

That value will be pinned or anchored to the value of input and output (labour, skills, experience) and the true value of the locally produced goods that people genuinely need to live.

We cannot and must not even try to return to a pyramid or hierarchical system that is skewed to allow prices at the foundation of our society to be dictated by actions at the top.

We could very easily and very quickly come to experience a fully functioning system of digital currencies that are locally linked. Currencies that become interchangeable and exchangeable with others, because of how the basic value of input and essential goods are defined.

Levelling Level | Local Markets and Online Bartering Exchanges

Fortunately, we have moved into an age where it will be incredibly easy to develop easy to use exchange or system of exchanges that can operate or be restricted to geographically defined areas.

Every member of a community will be able to exchange the goods they have, or the labour, skills and experience they can offer whoever needs them directly for goods, or a common online unit of exchange that can be added if there is a shortfall or received as change if what provided or offered into the exchange is agreed as being worth more than what the other party has to exchange in return.

Yes, I can hear you thinking ‘well that’s why we need the pound we’ve already got!’ – and I agree that on the face of it, that’s what most people would think too.

The problem is that the Pound IS ONLY A UNIT OF EXCHANGE – no matter what anyone tells us or what anyone thinks.

The only reason the Pound works as it has done until now is because of the belief that people like you and I have placed in it. Our currency and financial system is basically a money system built on trust.

That trust has already been broken. But the break and the lie is only now being fully revealed so that all of us can see.

To make any currency work again when there is change of the kind we are facing, its foundations must be based within a system of a size and type where people can actually trust what money is, and what it actually does.