The United States of Europe: Supranational Aims and Lost Identities for us all

One of the biggest lies we have and are being told, most tellingly because of a veil of silence around it, it where the EU is actually going. What Remaining a Member of it would actually mean and how the UK staying within the Bloc is more likely to help this hidden grand plan unfold.

The people who designed what we today or at this stage know to be the European Union were very clever about concealing their aims.
They knew how to play not only people, but also politicians who lacked wherewithal and vision, so they could all become manipulated by certain truths whilst facilitating the development of something much greater which was always the underlying aim.
The history of this idea is not post Second World War as many would now like to claim. It’s inception was around 100 years ago – its just the case that some of the ‘values’ that were used as a way to sell it had not by that time changed.
As any plan that we have has unfolded, for the architects of the EU the process was very similar, if not just the same.
It began with finding a way to solve a problem, then the solution opened the door to other possibilities and options and that was how a grand plan towards a United States of Europe was actually made.
The whole thing as we know it started off with controlling and harmonizing the European Market in steel as a way to prevent Countries from having the resources as their disposal to contemplate or actually go about starting Europe-sized wars.
This progressed to harmonization of trade and the creation of the so-called Common Market which was the sweetie that was used as an incentive to suck the UK in.
It has since progressed much further beyond that to the point where any law or regulation that can influence or be influenced by trade across the EU is it has not already been, will within time be included within.
The process of Europisation has been sold under the highly attractive proposition of bringing down barriers to trade, opening up markets, furthering progressive ideals and being much better for everyone within.
But the process has been one of harmonizing whole peoples, which are culturally, geographically, linguistically and in just about every way different on the false pretence that we can be forced to be the same.
It means that those who make the rules or are able to influence their creation are the ones that will always win.
Key to the successful creation of the United States of Europe, is the loss of identity within Nations or what they want to rename States within.
Many people today question why we are no longer comfortable with our British Culture and confident about our place in the world.
But this is not about guilt or an Imperial past which we still have many reasons to be proud of.
Its because we have allowed a Foreign State to take over the way we function by bringing in rules and regulations that supposedly make life better – all unseen and by the back door.
Brexit is and definitely will continue to be a challenge. But it is a real doorway to massive opportunity just the same.
We just have to get our Politicians to accept that the UK – not the EU – is the only real cause.

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