No Politician can control the rebalancing process now underway. There is pain ahead and a decision for us all to make before we will get through this to where the UK needs to be

If you are looking for the reasons behind all the things that are now going wrong, whether it is staff shortages, petrol and diesel running out, empty supermarket shelves, escalating gas and electricity prices, the rapid rise of the cost of living or ‘real’ inflation that we will soon recognise as hyperinflation, or the motives behind vaccine passports, the first and most important thing you need to know and understand is that everything is linked.

No. Not by Brexit. In fact, Brexit was just another symptom of a much deeper set of problems that all began in the very same place.

Yes. Crazy as it might sound, all of the problems we know about and are yet to come don’t have logical explanations that some economist, financier or academic can explain – although they will almost certainly try. But the events we are talking about do all have a lot of common ground.

Before I go any further, I’d like to ask you if you think the world as you experience it is really fair? It doesn’t matter whether it’s the cost of the things you buy and the services you pay for, access to the opportunities that you or the people close to you are looking for, perhaps the provision of public services or local public policies and how that affects you. I’d like to bet that you have questions about one or more of these, and probably many more.

The question is important as we are all perhaps a little bit guilty of taking things that don’t seem all that important at face value. Regrettably, this means that when things happen that hurt us or our life experience in some way, we have a habit of behaving as if we are experiencing this event or difficulty alone, rather than taking the time to think about what might really be happening or how the same thing might be affecting other people who could also be involved.

The way that the media operates makes this rather strange situation even worse. They have a habit of channelling stories that make events that have a very low risk of ever happening to us seem very real to everyone. Meanwhile, the real tragedies that are unfolding in our own lives and around all of us are downplayed or not mentioned at all so that we continue with our lives thinking that we are perhaps being over dramatic or even reaching the conclusion that these real problems that people are facing simply don’t exist.

We aren’t doing anything wrong by not seeing what is happening but is being either innocently (on our part) or deliberately (on the part of media, government and the establishment) hidden in plain sight. But we do owe it to ourselves to ask the questions that need to be asked now that we are heading into a period of what is likely become prolonged crisis, so that we can do our part to ensure that the right people are in place to run the Country and put all of the problems right.

I’m drawing your attention to the question of who will run the Country, because it is the people who have been running the Country and those who are running the Country now who are at the root of the common part of all the problems that we are experiencing now and will soon face.

It is the greed, obsession with material wealth and culture of self interest that fuels this political culture and all the people and businesses that either support or influence them which has led them to making all of the destructive and damaging decisions that they have.

In many cases they are so absorbed with the furtherance of their own goals and the methods that they will use to achieve them, that they genuinely see their own cause as being ours.

They do not look at the policy decisions they are making through the eyes of people who have understanding, empathy for others, or who genuinely care. And the result is that one by one policies that affect the public have been created or changed to help the interests of the few, with an inevitable cost to the many, with follow up decisions to cover the problems they then create being made in exactly the same ways.

It is a vicious, negative spiral that has increasingly left a minefield of life-changing obstacles across the pathway of normal life, where the poorest members of society should be those who can choose to do and are able to do a basic job, because that’s all they need to support themselves without debt, and anything else they might choose to do is met with encouragement and open doors, rather than the barriers to entry that outright selfishness and stupidity in leadership has led to create.

The politicians and would-be ‘leaders’ that we have, really are stupid in the most self-orientated and collectively destructive sense. The only strategy they have is to make every decision based upon what is best for them and as such there really is no genuine public centric strategies in place. They have not brought us here by any means of genuine control, despite being under the illusion that what they do means that they are ‘in charge’, and as the public policy play book has less and less historical case history available to guide them in these unchartered waters that we now face, it will become increasingly and more rapidly clear that they are less and less in control of events until everything finally breaks.

Those ‘leading’ this Country today and sitting in the Parliament behind them are the politicians that we need to replace with real public representatives who have the wherewithal, motivation and experience that will be necessary to deal with all of the problems that having a broken political culture has helped to create.

Worse before better

So ingrained within the system of government and the public sector are these root causes of the problems we now have ahead of us, that the challenges we now face were already developing and progressing before the Covid Pandemic began. The Government handling of the Pandemic and its response to it only serving to worsen the problems and supercharging an already deteriorating situation by adding to the list and magnitude of the issues that we no longer have a choice to face.

Regrettably, this means that things are going to get significantly worse for us All before there is any chance that they can begin to get better. And to add to the pain that many of us will experiencing ahead, we are where we are because we have already run out of luck with the politicians that we have, and we will not be looked after properly at any point until they are removed from power and this rancid political culture is no longer involved.

As we awaken to the trouble that we are really in, it is important that we recognise that the role this political culture and all the Political Parties have played in the creation of the mess means that none of them can be trusted to steer us through what might be years of crisis. They are certainly not the people who we can expect to deliver solutions that will solve all the problems that all of them together have contributed to and made.

Never has there been a truism or quote more accurate than the words of Albert Einstein when he said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Difficult times require stability. In the past, we have been able to rely upon the stability of political leaders who knew how to lead and delegate to the right people, who understood the lives of others, were prepared to take considered risks and were able to put something much bigger than them before anything else – even at the most difficult and trying moments they had. The politicians we have today are simply not the same and to stick with them when all they want to do is defer to self interest and fear would be doing the same thing over again and would as such be completely insane.

A period of ‘natural’ Rebalancing

We do of course exist in a period of human history where everyone with power and influence really thinks that they are in control of the things that they do and that they can control just about everything that comes under the scope of their responsibility. Regrettably for them – and therefore for us, this simply isn’t true.

Whilst it might sound a little bit ‘Earth Mother’, the bigger picture to any situation where there is practical reality at work will be part of some kind of ecosystem. Ecosystems of all kinds develop around a point of natural balance and when something interferes with that balance, there will either come a point where the elasticity of the system is stretched too far and everything is pushed back, or the system itself will actually break. Yes, the system will adapt to and absorb very small changes. But there are laws at work which are ‘natural’ to any system, and simply ignoring them either through ignorance or by deliberate act will ultimately blow the whole thing apart.

The greed and self interest that this political culture has perpetuated and upheld for so long has reached the point where the wider ecosystem has stretched its elasticity to the point of no return.

The system will now break completely – if the political class and self-interest that feeds it is allowed to continue. The alternative is that things must return to a point of balance which is fair to all and to the environment – and that means having new leadership that is not obsessed with control, but with making each decision on its own merits, without relying on long term plans or strategies that in very uncertain times like we are now in – just like being in a war – are not going to work.

A New Party For All

We can no longer exist as we have been, in a situation where benefits to the few have come at significant and growing cost to us all.

The cost cannot be measured just in terms of the financial – although many will still think of it all being only in material terms that the world works.

The cost is also in terms of things like the really meaning, reach and existence of community and how that impacts upon every life, and most importantly, the way that relationships have been progressively dehumanised, and we are being culturally conditioned not to care about others, whilst never looking at ourselves when we have received a life lesson – instead always looking outwards and others for a target upon which to apportion blame.

People are increasingly talking about alternatives to the politicians that we have already got. But what many of them don’t realise is that although they might not be members of the same political parties, they are thinking in the same ways and in relative terms are doing just the same things. In fact, its pretty important to understand that if any of the Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat Parties were not already in Parliament and in the public eye and were started from scratch right now and faced a closed, monopolistic political system as we do, the way they operate and the policies they further as a cause would mean that they would not have a hope of gaining power – without embracing what for all of them would be very significant philosophical change.

We all must think differently about politics now and accept that we can no longer continue the way that we previously have.

We need a movement for change or A New Party For All that reaches out to, engages and works on behalf of and in the best interests of everyone. So that no matter how bad things get for us in the months and years ahead, we can be sure that the public representatives we have are always working on our behalf and will never fail to do the very best for us that they can.


Small business cannot afford the escalating wage growth that the Government has fuelled. As we face a financial crisis, the greed funnelling money out of everything without putting value back must finally be stopped

We are constantly hearing about staff shortages and wage rises. Yet very little is being said by anyone about the real reasons underpinning what is happening.

There is no discussion about what we are seeing now being just the beginning or thin end of what will be a very thick wedge. There is no mention of how dealing with the problems we are now facing will require a lot more leadership and creativity on the part of our politicians rather than barking commands at businesses and demanding that they just put wages up.

Our Politicians, the media and a lot of other people too are taking for granted that everything will just keep rolling on ‘like normal’, certain that after a few temporary changes to deal with Covid here and there, things will carry on as they always have and that in no time at all, everything will be back to where it all was before.

In many respects, it certainly feels like business as usual. The problems that are being talked about are being blamed on Brexit, just as they have been at every opportunity for the past 5 years. And has always been the case without us paying all that much attention, the journalists, commentators and pundits are seeing everything through the lens of their own view of everything. The difference this time being that there is so much starting to happen that even the myopic nature of their supposedly broad thinking dialogue is quickly being exposed for being anything other than joined-up.

Yet we are now on the first steps of an accelerating downward spiral. A negative trend created by politicians and the banks cooking the books and getting away with it for such a long time, they genuinely believe that they could continue without risk of ever reaching a place called stop.

To be fair to them, the political class is so detached from the realities that face people outside of Westminster, it would be futile to imagine that this political class can suddenly develop empathy and understanding as another crisis looms. They certainly didn’t do so for the Covid Pandemic, and there is some irony that it is because of the choices that they have made in response to that, what comes next is set to be considerably worse.

In the coming months and possibly years ahead, we are set to experience a financial crisis of a kind that the world has never seen before. We are in the early stages of the descent towards it right now, and that thin end of the wedge – the employee shortages, empty shelves and the price escalation that we are now starting to see is just a small taste of what is set to come.

Our political class looks at every problem as being one that can be solved with money or a financial solution. But this is the same approach that politicians have been applying now for decades and all it does is make things progressively worse.

As our political class look at every problem through this ‘money solves all problems’ lens that many of they forebears have got away with – not because it works, but because there has been an awful lot of luck involved – they now see the staffing shortages as one that can simply be solved by telling business to put wages up.

Large supermarkets and hauliers have responded to the growing crisis by putting drivers wages up. Problems in other industries have resulted in large high street names like Costa throwing pay rises at staff ostensibly for their effort during the Pandemic. But this is the first sign of a panic materialising too.

There is no shortage of people to do jobs and to go to work in this Country. But no amount of money will solve what is now an out of control problem when employees are treated so badly and there are no controls placed upon what it costs and how much it costs the average person in this Country to live.

The rapidly expanding gap between what people earn and what it costs to live is an immediate problem for sure. But price inflation is now so firmly fixed in the hands of private interests who have seen the amount of money that Governments have created over the past eighteen months, that they will continue pushing prices up until the point that the system breaks. That is, if some other event hasn’t led to this already and proven to be one of the many straws that could so easily now break the camels back.

Perhaps the most useful example to illustrate the point is the cost of transporting a shipping container with goods to the UK from the Far East. Shipping costs have risen 1500% in the past 18 months, not because the costs of moving these items have become markedly different, but because world events have given the shipping conglomerate an excuse; together they have a stranglehold and ultimately, they know that they just can.

This change has in no small part led to goods shortages and price rises. And if you have already seen the presents that you want to buy for your children or family this Christmas, you might be very sensible to grab them now, whilst you still can.

What the shipping companies have and are doing is representative of how commercial supply chains now work. But what makes the situation even worse is the number of agents, speculators and handlers who have built ‘high performing’ business models, simply by handling goods – perhaps just buying and then selling them on at a profit – without adding any kind of value to the transaction. The end result being the unfathomable and unexplainable rise in the cost of living – with the end users and even the businesses one step removed from the end of the supply chain – struggling to keep going because all of the fat has been taken many times over and the prices of goods are too unrealistically high for anyone to afford or absorb.

Big name companies, that have a stake in how our broken economic model now works, can easily afford to pay their staff better than the living wage. They could easily absorb the rises with little impact on their bottom line. Yet the greed that drives them means that they would see the imposition of raising pay as one that gives them the excuse to raise their prices too.

Smaller businesses – and by this I mean the bedrock of our real economy and the ones that make everything work – don’t have the means or the economic scale to raise wages and then either absorb the difference or then pass on the costs to their customers and other without there being a significant cost the businesses that they own or run.

In fact, the demands that hapless Ministers have made last week for businesses to start paying more could easily result in people losing their jobs and making what were otherwise great small businesses no longer viable because the staff they need just to fulfil their normal order book has become a luxury they cannot reasonably afford.

In a prefect world, those small businesses or the trade organisations that represent them would sit down with the people running this country and be listened to in a way that counts.

Sadly, because we have the political culture that we have, that scenario is not one that is likely to ever play out. The system is literally going to have to break before those who should have been aware of the impact of what they have been doing will be ready to take note. And when then they do, then problem will be that we have the same people in power and pretending to lead us who got us into this mess in the first place.

Like everything Government in this Country touches or legislates for, the financial and economic system needs massive and comprehensive reform.

Money does not solve problems in the way that politicians would like and the process of the fat getting ever fatter by inflicting pain on everyone else without being forced to face up to what they have been doing is now over.

Things will not return to how they were before the Covid Pandemic began.

Energy & Utility Companies should never have been put in private hands. If they now demand public money to keep the greed train afloat, it’s time to hand them back

Over the coming days, weeks, months and possibly years too, the impact of a twisted and flawed political system being prevalent in this country – not just for the past eighteen months, or even eighteen years, but for much longer than that – is going to become ever more apparent as all the ridiculous and self-serving decisions that generations of politicians from all sides have taken finally and potentially catastrophically unwind before our eyes.

Decisions on Public Policy aren’t and haven’t been made for any of the reasons that they should be. Decisions have been based on the irresponsible and impractical view of what could be rather than having any relationship with what is and today, we face the horrific situation where people who have already been squeezed for years by a system that is stacked in the favour of perpetuating greed may be on the verge of being left without even the basic necessities which are essential to everyday life. All because the people who have been masquerading as public representatives aren’t capable of letting priorities like considering the long-term consequences of what they do for others get in the way of what serves them and the Political Parties they represent best.

The last thing that families on very tight incomes across the UK will be wanting to see on the news channels on a Monday morning are stories that suggest that prices of electricity and gas are about to escalate so dramatically, that they really could go out sight.

The last thing that we all need is the prospect of our gutless politicians looking to take the easy way out of what might be about to become a very serious energy crisis by using yet more created public money bailing out what are private and profit-hungry companies that should never have been able to dictate the cost of services for public consumption that everyone needs, and which are essential to life.

But we are where we are. And we are currently stuck with the same politicians, with the same ideas and the same lack of vision that continually hurts us, being in charge of dealing with this crisis too.

The obsession with control and the endless focus on trying to deal with the ‘what ifs’ that this political culture has is causing us endless problems.

The question over energy companies today is just one of many that are about to come to light where we will need leadership with the vision and commitment to where solutions need to take us, that steps away from the flawed idea that using money for everything can forever prevent there being any pain to the public – and therefore never any electoral pain to the politicians who are involved.

The BIG way to deal with all the problems that are now coming to the surface will be to use the opportunities that these problems create, to review everything on the table, fix the problems and then rebalance the whole system so that it serves everyone and the public interest in the best way possible – the way that is fundamentally right.

The siren call to our shameful Government will be the what if of what happens if power and heat is lost this winter, and many people then go without. That will probably be all it will take for Johnson and Co to get the cheque book out.

The energy companies will tell the Government that without a cash injection, they are likely to go bust. But these are the same companies that have been making record profits when energy prices have been low. But the reality is that just because they collectively have a monopoly and therefore a strangle hold on what is actually public service provision, it doesn’t therefore follow that they are entitled to always make a profit – even when the weather for them is bad, and the sun really will not shine.

Services that exist for the public good, which provide those things essential to the provision of the fundamentals of what it takes to live happily, healthily and safely with the basic essentials of life, should never be placed in private, profit-making hands. Man can only have one master and when any company is privately owned, it is clear that profit – not public service – is the one and only overriding choice – no matter what stories they tell.

Perhaps the greatest threat to finding solutions to widespread social and economic problems is the obsession that politicians and commentators have with political ideologies and ridiculous arguments against taking certain courses of action, simply because of who made the suggestion and whether it has electoral implications.

All they should be doing is asking the simple question is it right and will it do all that it is supposed to do.

If the energy companies want to go bust, the Government must let them. Then they must take those companies and the public services that they provide back into public hands.

This is not a matter of left vs right or socialist vs capitalist politics. It’s a question of doing what’s fundamentally right.

We must use the very bad situation that we are all about to experience to rebalance a system that will otherwise continue to be unjust, hindering normal people when it should only ever exist to help them. What we have today is completely mad.

Neoliberalism, Free Markets and the thinking behind them created the economic problems we now face. Socialism offers no better answers, but there may be room for improvement in between

If you are reading this blog, the chances are that you are looking beyond the popular narrative or sanctioned news that finds its way into the lives of everyone in a way where there’s no accident to the way it makes us all think.

It has long been known that controlling the behaviour of the wider population is key to the success of the small minded and selfish politician. Generally speaking, those that control the narrative control everything else that goes on.

Scoff as we might at the idea that news can be shaped, rewrapped or adjusted to pander to or adjust how we think – or rather how someone else in power wants us to think, this is the way that the world works and how things really get done. It works because nobody really has any interest in anything going on beyond their own bubble or outside the field of vision which usually sits right in front of their face.

Historically using narratives to shape our lives has worked, because the people at the top – or rather those who for whatever reason are in control – have respected the laws of this ecosystem or the rules of this game. They have never gone as far as to believe that there are no limits to what they can get away with and parade around in front of us all like it doesn’t matter – before the whole thing blows up in their face.

But something has fundamentally changed. And it did so a lot longer ago than anyone might easily believe. In fact, it has taken not a few months, years or even decades to work its way through. It has taken 50 years of this to reach the place where it is no longer a secret that the behaviour of politicians and those who influence them has simply gone too far.

As with many things since the end of the Second World War – when the last real reordering of international dominance in the world too place – it was the United States of America which took a critical decision that in turn then dictated everyone else’s pace.

In August 1971, President Richard Nixon divorced the relationship between the US Dollar and the Gold Standard. The age of Neoliberalism, Free Market thinking, and FIAT Money had begun.

Like any well managed form of political and economic mission creep, the changes that followed came piecemeal rather than at once.

This is how a very unfair and unequitable way of managing money and perverse version of the real economy around us was installed around us as we slept. We accepted massive change bit-by-very-small-bit without ever knowing that the deck of cards was being completely stacked against us in the process, leading up until a point where the whole system has been played and tinkered with so that it functions to benefit just a few.

We are cynically led to believe that the people who benefit from all this have just been very lucky, when they haven’t just played the game differently, they actually got the help of the political classes and rewrote the rules so that it was always going to go their way.

Yet the change that Nixon and the USA instigated has always had a fundamental flaw. The whole thing was based and built upon the creation and leverage of funny money, or money that simply doesn’t exist. As soon as the taps were turned on, the greedy at the top have just wanted more and more.

There is a deliberately misleading lie that is perpetrated to cover up the dark motives that drive this system. We are forever told that left to its own devices, a ‘free market’ will always look after the public without the need of any significant form of government intervention, simply because its in the best interests of the system to do so.

In fact, all free market thinking and the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) that underpins it has proven to do is exploit everyone and everything that sits outside of the magic circle where the people within benefit outrageously from the way the it all works.

Those benefiting counter the criticism against it using the excuse that the only reason people at the bottom aren’t benefiting as much as they can is because of existing government regulation – with the inference that the government has a choice.

Yet it is the lack of regulation or the self-serving imposition of freedom within the markets that led to the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) around 2008 itself.

It was within the Government responses to the GFC that we witnessed just how much power the financial sector has to demand that government bail them out for their unscrupulous mistakes.

What should have been a condemned banking sector took £Billions in public money to refloat themselves whilst blatantly giving bonuses to bankers, rewarding what in any other situatio would be called criminal behaviour.

Meanwhile, our unworldly, sucked-in politicians imposed years of austerity on the tax-paying classes.

The politicians have paid lip-service to the regulations and ethics that should have always been present as the minimum safety net, but which they and their kind have wilfully removed. They have done so, not as a way to help the people who elected them, but as a way to make life even easier for their paymasters. Not because its fair or right – but because it keeps them in their jobs and promises them big money beyond when their time in ‘public service’ comes to an end. It is nothing but a self-serving choice.

A system built upon nothing but thin air was never going to last very long. The 50-year survival of this Bullshit system has been based upon pure luck, rather than evidence that it has real longevity in any meaningful form. The absence of serious national or world events affecting the West has simply meant that it has survived and kept feeding the greed of those who have benefitted from it up until the Brexit Vote and then the Covid Pandemic arrived.

The establishment response to Covid Pandemic has shown their entire hand

Just as red lining continuously is guaranteed to blow an engine with the only question being when it will explode, the point of critical mass of the coming financial collapse is no longer a question of if. The question is simply ‘When?’

Whilst this neoliberal based era would not have been able to continue indefinitely, it was the decision of Government to respond to the arrival of the Covid Pandemic with Lockdowns and all the related measures that it has which have supercharged the final stages or end game of this economic system, as it is propelled to a place called stop.

So much money has been created in the past eighteen months that it has made a complete mockery of the system and given the lie to the whole thing.

Everyday people are waking up to the reality that banks do not lend us other people’s savings when we borrow. We can now see that all the money washing around in the system has been created out of thin air by people who think they can keep doing this over and over again without the people who will have to deal with the fall out from such stupidity – the public – ever having any kind of choice.

The establishment solution: Take things to the extreme(s)

Even this week, as we watched wholesale electricity prices go through the roof, we had a Minister from the Johnson Government telling us that the level of National Debt that they have created will simply be paid off when the UK Economy grows.

What George Freeman failed to mention is the slight of hand and manipulation of figures and statistics this approach relies on to succeed and that it only works if they continue to print money in order to devalue that which is already owed.

This is neoliberal economics and MMT taken to its extreme and this thinking is more likely to resemble the impact of fiscal policy of the Weimar Republic in the 1920’s than anything else we have previously seen.

Flip to the other side of this two-edged sword and you have the subtle, but increasingly socialist if indeed not Marxist ideologies that paradoxically seem to be also gaining fervour within the wider establishment.

Socialist idealism has been increasingly evident in the totalitarian approach to Lockdowns that this Conservative Government has imposed. Ironically it is being championed ideologically by the World Economic Forum – a talking shop for the world’s elite that is even more out of touch with the realities of life for the masses than our elected MPs are. It certainly has no concept of the consequences of the changes that it wants to use the changing situation to encourage governments across the world to impose.

To observe the complexity of all the different things going on, it would be very easy to suggest that political ideology and its responding practical forms have been ripped up, mixed up and have somehow merged together and remerged in a very blurred and messy middle. It would certainly offer another explanation of why there is no difference between any of the Political Parties that we have, and why all MPs and politicians now sound exactly the same.

However, such assumptions are also a little lazy. So, if you instead visualise the whole system as being like a circle rather than sitting laterally along a left-to-right line, you can see that the political classes and their approach have completely missed the real middle ground where policies that work for all would be located and have instead headed to the opposite pole where the real extremes of their thinking lie and somewhat bizarrely have now begun to significantly overlap.

Popular as it has become for the so-called ‘mainstream’ politicians and activists to belittle single issue political groups and parties by branding them ‘extreme’, it is the mainstream politicians and the political parties that enable them that have moved their ideologies and therefore the position of Government to the extreme, whilst leaving the electorate and smaller business sectors that don’t have the ear of politicians behind.

The true middle ground (or current political no-man’s land)

What the political classes have missed time and time again and over this period of decades, is the point that good politics and the decision making that comes with it is based upon care and consideration for the needs and requirements of all of our fellow men.

Looking after non-domestic personal and community need is of course what government and public services were created to provide for, and they work incredibly well when decisions are made fairly, equitably, considerately and minded of the best interests of the community and all.

It is a long time since UK Government was really driven in a politically altruistic way – indeed if it ever really has been properly done so before.

What we have had instead has been grades or various shades of self-interest taking the lead, where the perceived need to guarantee the result of the next election and to service the needs of either the organisations that fund the political parties or alternatively the ones who have the power that make weak minded politicians afraid have taken over all practical priorities. It is on this basis that decades of legislation governing life and the running of the UK have been made.

At a time when there really is so much discontent amongst the populous and even within our social media streams too, you would be forgiven for thinking that this fertile seedbed of currently disenfranchised political support would be seen for the potential to facilitate political change that it is. Yet the only answers that anyone has are as polarised as the politicians and the political parties that they would like to see removed.

It is within the real middle ground of British Politics – if you can even call it that – where the answers to all our political and economic problems lie. And all we need to do is harness the information, life stories and real-world thinking that exists there with limitless potential, to overturn this political situation and take the future of this Country and the influence we can have for the benefit of the world in a very different way.

There is no contemporary form of political thinking present within the public sphere today – whether it be political parties, movements, organisations or individuals with a public platform – who are talking about or even alluding to doing things like this or in a joined-up way that brings people together, rather than polarising or alienating others they disagree with or openly hate in some way.

A New Party For All

Yes, of course there is room for many of the people already within the political sphere to think differently, just like the majority of the electorate will do so, if there are treated differently, like the thinking and responsible adults that they are, and are reached out to and engaged in a very different way to that which they are used to.

The trouble is that of the many people – some of them very well-known public names – who could be coming together to make the start necessary for what we now need – there are simply too many competing ideas. Too many ‘my experience is more real than theirs’. Too many people who believe the system works and operates in the same way that they see it. There are too many egos, and they are all competing in the same room.

All of the experiences that people have had are relevant. Their experiences are important. Their voices deserve to be heard.

Leadership is about bringing together and making sense of those voices. Yet what we have in Government and amongst all those who could so something about the problems we are facing, they believe that only their voice is important and as such, is reflective of the one that we should all have.

It is no longer enough to tell people that they are important. You have to show them how.

Outside of Government where the ability already lies to legislate and make life better for everyone in so many different ways, the only way to show that difference, the ability to engage and demonstrate just how important each and everyone is, is to reach out to people and make their voices real in a way that the political class of today is simply not equipped for and never will.

A New Party For All that is built from the grassroots up, making local voices and concerns matter, is the only way that the alternative to what we have and the new movement for political and governmental change across the UK can begin.

There has to be a central hub as there must be a national voice or point of reference, so that A New Party For All is taken seriously from the start. But the power to influence the wide range of policy areas that must ALL be considered key, must be passed to people right down at community level in a way that they will know that even if they do not get their perfect outcome, the views and experience that they shared contributed to and were considered in whatever becomes the final, balanced and fair-to-all choice.

No. This is not impossible, and it is easier than it may sound. But it takes the will of enough people to turn the way politics is being done on its head, so that our collective destiny and the future of this Country and the generations to come can be turned right around.

Openness is essential, as the cultural zeitgeist is pushing us all in a very different way. Hiding ourselves and our dialogue behind secure walls where we cannot be reached just tells others that we are not prepared to engage and that rather than consider their views and discuss what works for us all, we want to be just like the political culture we have already and present what we want as the only option that everyone else must choose.

The middle ground that politicians have spent so much time avoiding us, is where we must go to establish the genesis of change. We only need a basic organisational structure to go there and by doing so, we will quickly be rewarded with the support of people who will have come from right across the existing political spectrum, who are ready and waiting for someone or something to present them with a real alternative choice.

Single issue Parties or Movements (Covid Related) don’t win General Elections (All-issue), especially in a climate when there are so many other issues that people face

What’s the number one issue of our time?

Covid? Education? Lockdowns? Social Care? Vaccine Passports? Black Lives Matter? The Driver Shortage? Afghanistan & The West’s Relationship with Islam? Labour failing as the Opposition? Brexit? Freedom of Speech? The ‘Great Reset’? Cross-Channel Immigration? Social Mobility? Cancel Culture? The Cost-of-Living Crisis? The Housing Crisis? Inflation? China? Knife Crime? A Conservative Government?

The chances are that for you the answer could be any one of the above, or none of them at all. And of those, the way that you see that issue could itself be different than any number of other people, who could again think differently about the same issue as everyone else.

Yet the most difficult and challenging thing to get your head around when you think about issues affecting the public in this way, is that nobody is wrong. Different people just see the same things in different ways because their experiences of them and of life up to that point have been different. And it is important to recognise and accept that in this broadest sense, no matter how many different views of the same situation exist, none of them are wrong.

With all that is going on in the world around us, it may seem like a strange time to be discussing the mechanics of how different people think. But with Government and therefore the Public Sector which it runs effectively out of control, a moment in time like this one may never have previously existed where the importance of recognising the mechanics of the differences between us has been so important for us all to absorb.

My motivation for writing this blog – like a number of them before, is the situation that we collectively face going forward, where a so-called Conservative Government has been making and implementing decision after decision both in response to Covid and also before, based not on what’s best for the Public, but based on what’s good for the politicians and what’s best for all of ‘them’.

Regrettably, we are walking through an age or chapter of our history where experience doesn’t matter, but the platform and profile you have most certainly counts. So, irrespective of how the voice or speaker got there, if that voice has something to say about the issues that we relate to in the way that we relate to them too, they become the voice of reason and the one that we choose to follow – no matter what the real nuts and bolts of these or the wider issues might well involve.

You may listen to one or more of those voices yourself. People who speak passionately and knowingly about one, or perhaps several of the different issues that I listed above. Yet the problem that we all face, often without even knowing it, is that the outcomes that we want in respect of the issues that we want addressed can only be achieved if we apply the same approach to all the different issues that are important to everyone.

People want change. Yet at the same time that they see so many people saying the same things that they think, feel and believe, nothing seems to be changing. Instead, it all just seems to be getting worse and worse.

The things that you feel are the ones that need to be changed, can be changed. But those things important to you will only be changed if you can see, feel and embrace the importance of all the other issues that everyone else is facing too.

Those lined up or lining up against the Johnson Government today appear to be great in number. But when the next General Election comes, which is planned for 2024 but is likely to be a lot sooner, there will no alternative available on the ballot papers right across the Country for anyone or anything political that is doing the work necessary to connect all of us and all of our issues – no matter how different – with policies and an approach that is as effective as it needs to be, whilst doing all that is necessary to reach across.

There will be The Reclaims, The Reforms, and many others who are selling change and a difference to what we already have in the way that they see it. Yet the elephant in the room for all of them is and will continue to be that they are behaving as if the problems we collectively face are just one issue, overlooking the reality that the only reason UKIP, The Brexit Party and Vote Leave won EU Elections and the EU Referendum was that people saw those votes as being purely about just one issue or thing.

I have no interest in doing any of the voices who speak on behalf of these or many other organisations down. In fact, I would like all those who oppose this tyrannical and self-serving form of government come together and do all the things necessary so that we can collectively succeed as one.

But coming ‘together’ in the way that it will need to happen in order for us to succeed will simply not happen whilst all of them look at our political system and continue to think that this situation or any of the problems we face can be solved by rattling on about only one thing.

Furthermore, it is not enough simply to pay lip service to all the other issues and think that by publishing manifestos or any other kind of marketing-based ‘promise’ that enough people will suddenly see and share the same point of view, and then propel you into government as the political option of choice.

To succeed now, you must connect. We must ALL connect.

People want to be treated and respected as adults again. Yet this is something that the political parties in parliament and our councils have long since forgotten to do. In fact, they are so drunk on the perception they have that voters have no choice but to vote for them, they no longer believe that connecting with the people is something they need to do.

They will not change whilst they retain or have any hope of obtaining power. And once they have been removed and have lost that, these are not the people we will want to give the same chances to hurt us all as they have been doing all over again.

Covid and everything related to it IS a single issue in electoral terms and so it is necessary for those who want freedom to return and embrace the conversation, debate and need to address all of the issues that are facing our society today, so that the electorate no longer believe that the only way the issue important to them have a chance of being solved is to see the existing mainstream Political Parties as the only option or choice.

Politics is a game and there is no way to escape this reality if you genuinely want to see us all embrace and facilitate change.

Single issue politics in a multi-issue political world will not solve any problem and it is only by becoming a multi-issue political movement that the single political issues for us all will ultimately be solved.

Its time to take the politics out of government so that we can have legislative parity and like-for-like public service provision made available to all

It is difficult to convey just how much trouble Government and the provision of Public Services at all levels is now in, right across the UK.

The Covid Pandemic, or to be more accurate, the response of Government and the Public Sector to the Covid Pandemic, has only proven to make an already degenerating situation much worse. And the problems that can be seen in areas such as public transport, social care and the NHS, as well as those that are not talked about such as how the culture within all of it works are now bad enough that services are at growing risk of failing, irrespective of what changes the post-Covid world will now inevitably bring.

What is important to realise is that none of this was at any time inevitable. There has always been a very different way.

The problems that we are and now will experience were avoidable and would have been avoided if we had been led by different Governments made up of politicians who weren’t actually doing politics. But leaders who were focusing only on what was in the best interests of everyone rather than doing the things that would appeal to those they continually look to for their electoral support.

Political Parties did at one time have a very practical function. They brought together majorities of like-minded politicians who were pragmatic enough to realise that by working together within a democracy, it is much easier and much more expedient by working as a group to get things done.

Sadly, like most things that have been created to make a system run more smoothly or more efficiently in some way, the existence of what has become dominant political parties in the UK has been massively abused.

Where once a political group came together as a majority simply to deliver outcomes based upon good aims and intention that were considerate of all, the Political Parties that we see represented across our Westminster Parliament today focus only on decisions which are beneficial to the people that lead those parties or are considered likely to be most beneficial to their supporters and themselves in whatever way.

This is not and never has been an inevitable situation. Politics in its current form is not beneficial to the public at large. Even worse is the reality that the behaviour of these Political Parties has made our so-called system of representative government a closed shop, pretty much from District Level Authorities upwards (That’s the first tier of government where councillor allowances and/or ‘wages’ are paid).

Decisions are made for just about every reason other than those that they should be. What’s right for everyone has become interchangeable and overtaken by what’s right for the decision maker, then people they work with or the people that support them, and everything is being spun or portrayed in the media as if it has been thought through and that the consequences for everyone have been thought through when the truth is that it has all been about anything but.

Decisions are made in isolation. There is no appreciation or understanding that nothing exists with the government ecosystem that doesn’t impact on at least some, if not all of the other things that are going on at every moment in time. Everything being done by government now has the feel of being like a sticking plaster being used to fix a broken leg or even worse. There’s nothing joined up about any of it, and because there isn’t, more and more problems – and mistakes – are being made.

Decisions are not made in the best interests of everyone. Politicians are completely out of touch with the people who elect them. They have no understanding of real life and therefore no capability to even see what the impacts of their decisions upon others will be. There is a complete absence of reality in having a system of representative government which is made up of politicians who cannot, will not and do not want to represent anyone other than themselves – even though they will swear that they are doing everything absolutely right.

We have the wrong people in politics because the wrong people control who gets into politics.

The three main Political Parties have become little more than gatekeepers, keeping out anyone who will not ‘fit in’. Yet their idea of what ‘fits’ is based on their own ideas or philosophies that inspire them and their own experiences of the world. What ‘fits’ to these Political Parties, is a long way from what ‘fits’ in terms of proper public representation for us all.

Politics in the UK is broken. Not because of First Past The Post or the way that we Vote.

Politics in the UK is broken because of the people – and the political parties that we have within it.

Politics in the UK is broken because of the people and parties within it, and that is why our system of Government and Governance is broken too.

We can only fix the problems that this Country is facing by removing the political blocks and therefore the politics that has overtaken every part of government and the public sector across the UK where there are real opportunities to change things for the better and to get things done.

Regrettably, this means that we can no longer go on with the politicians or the political class that we have too.

With the best will in the world, these are generally people who are never going to change. Many of them have never had real jobs. They treat being elected to government as nothing more than a career and are obsessed with career advancement within it too.

They can only be removed democratically at a General Election and by a new form of political movement that speaks to everyone and communicates across boundaries in a way that nothing political has tried or been able to achieve before.

Yes, the next General Election may well become forced by circumstances that this political class can no longer control. Or they could remain in power until at least December 2024.

The challenge that we as voters face, is that we must all think differently, IF we want politicians to behave differently.

Today, the social media platforms are alive with suggestions of existing and new alternative political movements and parties to the ones that we have already got.

But they all share in common one critical thing. They cannot, will not and do not accept that anyone else’s view of all the things we are experiencing might actually be right, and that those other people may be looking at them and thinking and feeling exactly the same things.

It is through the act of seeking to understand and to address all of the issues facing society today that people with different or even opposing views will learn and begin to understand that all of us outside of the political class have far more in common with each other than the very few issues that might appear to divide us.

By tackling the issues that are important and are the priorities for all of us – no matter what they might be – and finding solutions and alternatives that are fair and that are properly and considerately thought through, the people who today see the world differently to us will really start to see that all of us outside this political culture really are in this together, and that together we can take on this political culture, be the alternative that everyone wants and then win.

Change will begin to come sooner than you might think, once that leap of faith has been taken and you become receptive to letting a new way of thinking about politics in.

The Parties that we have today are only safe in the way that they believe that they are, because we collectively believe that they are the only choices that we have.

Yet they are no different to each other. Yes, they may sound different, look different and even come up with different solutions to the problems they tell us we have got. But what we are getting from all of them is exactly the same thing.

Do not place your faith in parties or public leaders who speak strongly and convincingly about one or perhaps just a few things. We have been here too many times before and people and parties like these only win when the decision that voters are making reflects the same topics and the very same things.

The UK public wants change. The British People are desperate for something new. We all need the politics taken out of Government, so that life and everything in the public sphere which supports it can be focused in the ways that it really should be.

The only way to achieve this will be through the creation of a new grassroots-up political party that genuinely represents the interests of All.

Taxing us to pay for Social Care after the Government has created so much money to save their own necks is a sick joke indeed

The Public Sector and everything within it is as broken as our system of Government. But we are way past the point where politically expedient ‘fixes’ will deliver even a fraction of the meaningful change now required and fire hosing more and more money at the problems will only galvanise the reality that in the hands of the politicians we have today, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’

The reform of social care across the UK has been a political hot potato for a long time already. Not because it cannot be reformed and have its problems solved. But because the political classes really cannot stomach the reality of the decisions and choices that they would have to make, all the time looking electoral risk in the eye – when it was they who have created all the problems that social care and the wider national Health Service itself faces – by meddling here and there to gain votes – pretty much all of the time.

Given the history of recent decades where all of the main political parties have been in Government, responsible and therefore fully involved, Johnson’s move towards problem solving with the default use of the public cheque book should come as little surprise.

Spending money has, after all become the go-to response for a political class that is incapable of leadership and doing anything other than making decisions based upon how the anticipated headlines and projected outcome will look in terms of days left until the next election.

It’s certainly no way to run a government. But what is different this time is the reality that Johnson is looking to go on another spending spree, funding it this time by raising taxes from a population which is already under attack from significant rises in silent inflation.

The Country is facing an avoidable cost of living crisis that itself has been jet propelled by the way this same Government and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have weaponised financial creationism to solve the problems they created by locking down the whole country.

They have indulged unnecessary money printing on financial remedies that wouldn’t have been necessary without them pursuing lockdowns and social distancing in the hope that they could take the easy path through a National Crisis, then present the story as fact in the way they told it and then go on to the next General Election in 2024 (or before) and win.

The scale of spending, based on the creation of money and money printing, is breath-taking in the extreme. The media and the array of political and financial pundits may not be talking about it in anything like the same way, but the damage that this Conservative Government has done is in the process of contributing to a worldwide crisis that is at some point very soon going to lead to a crash with fallout for us all on a level that the world may never have seen.

People are going to struggle in ways that it is even now difficult to even imagine, and by inflicting a 2% uplift is tax collection upon the very same people who are being punished by the impact of all that they have already done, they are wilfully committing to speed up and increase the level of misery across normal life that they themselves seem to have been so insulated from in thought, word and deed for so very long.

As I wrote on this site only back in the middle of May, the problems that exist within the whole system of healthcare require a very different approach to governance and responsibility to the public in this Country, if all the problems that feed off each other from the top to the bottom of the public sector and government and back again, are to ever be remedied and fixed.

The truth is that by seeking to inflict tax rises now, the Johnson Government is simply being cruel and in a way that demonstrates that none of those leading us have any conscious understanding of the implications of what they are doing and certainly not what they have already done.

Money is not the solution to all problems. But the saying that the love of money is the route of all evil is certainly true. And it is because the wheels of society are now fuelled by that same form of love, that leadership in Government simply no longer exists and the costs of everything are now spiralling out of control without there being any genuine explanation for why they really are.

Full and comprehensive reform of anything related to the public sector and the provision of services in the public good, along with the provision of monetary and fiscal products and services that can influence or alter the quality of life for anyone, but which is in private hands is now inevitable and therefore unavoidable. It is merely a question of when.

Everything in Public Policy is connected or interdependent and we can no longer exist and function as either a Nation State or the many communities within, if we continue to be led by people who can neither see this or are motivated to work with respect for it, instead being obsessed with easy decisions and the resultant ‘quick fix’.

Out of the chaos that is coming, an amazing opportunity for us all will exist.

The pain that these people will have inflicted upon the majority for no good reason other than their own cause, will take minds to the place where they are receptive and encouraged by what is really necessary for us all in order that we can have meaningful change that will be beneficial for us all.

When that opportunity comes, it is vital that we are led by people who respect, understand and can translate the system as it now is, but have the leadership skills, compassion for others and vision to take us through and out the other side of that chaos, rebuilding and reforming comprehensively as we go, to make the UK a Country that really is a happy place to live, where everything runs fairly and equally and government only extends its reach to the places where it really needs to be.

When the Financial & Economic System collapses, the only real option will be to rebuild the whole thing from the ground up

The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long. That is, until they all fall off and the bus goes over the cliff.

The bus in question is the UK economic and financial system, and with decades of neoliberal idealists being asleep at the wheel and 18 months propelling this fractured chassis forward with the Saturn 5 rocket boost that Rishi Sunak’s unqualified money printing and spending spree has given it, we are on the verge of experiencing and having no option but to live through what might be the worst economic crisis that the World has ever seen.

The risk to us all as we face this situation, is that the architects of the problem will hang on to power and continue to do everything that they can in the forlorn hope that they can find some magical way to get things back to how they were. All so that the system as it is today remains fundamentally the same.

By failing to recognise that any system that allows any Government to create money in the way that they have been doing with the value that they have attributed to it is fundamentally flawed. The system is mechanically broken, and politicians have driven our economy and financial system to a polar extreme where the deck and all the cards within it are stacked in favour of and continuing accumulation of ‘wealth’ for ‘the haves’, whilst either taking directly away from or devaluing everything for everyone else.

The system that we have, built upon the sands of neoliberalism and the myth that free markets look after everyone and not just those within, has existed on nothing more than a lie for 50 years.

Whether deliberate or through stupidity or ignorance alone, successive UK Governments on all sides of the existing political divide have behaved no better than confidence tricksters. Charlatans who have manipulated the reverence that we are brought up to have for those in positions of power, to benefit themselves and the people who are their paymasters. Meanwhile doing nothing but creating or storing up pain for everyone else.

Every part of the financial system and public sector has been tinkered with time and time again, just to benefit those with influence who have been looking for an easy ride.

With that whole system now set to break, it is imperative that we use the opportunity not to allow the same people to dream up any more self-serving quick fixes. We must reform, reshape and rejuvenate the entire system so that it works for people at the grassroots level first. Everything else that it does must be no more than an afterthought – which is the way that it should always have been.

The reality is that things are now so broken, there isn’t actually an alternative way.

Everyone has and is about to have their lives touched by the coming chaos. Everyone will rightly want to experience solutions that they believe will result for them in what will feel like a win.

That won’t happen if the way out of the mess continues to be only about those who have selfishly found their way into positions of power and influence at the top.

We must return politics to the foundations of care, consideration and compassion for others and the grounding of fairness and foresight in public representation – as it should always be

People are becoming increasingly obsessed with decisions the Johnson Government is making that they don’t agree with. The Westminster response to the Covid Pandemic has seen an increasing number of very poor, freedom-grabbing policies that have become the focus of various anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine passport, anti-government groups that last week culminated in the launch of the #Together campaign.

Sadly, the #Together idea is one that falls into the trap of believing that it is possible to bring everyone together, just by coming up with the right name or most appealing form of words. Unfortunately, it is not.

Regrettably, it seems that the majority of the people who have lined up against the Government and are putting their public platforms to what they believe to be good use, don’t realise that they have a lot in common with the politicians they are admonishing, simply because they look at the issues as they see them in fundamentally the very same way.

Politically on all sides, issues are today being viewed myopically through the lens of the speaker or writers own experience.

There is no allowance for, consideration of or attempt to work with any of the wider issues that feed into everything that is happening. Thought for cause, rather than effect, and any kind of respect for the laws of consequence are barely wafer thin if they ever exist. Everyone is overlooking the very cold, hard reality that even in respect of Covid and the past 18 months, there is a much bigger picture to all of this that must be part of the discussion if any of the solutions that we now need are to be found and are then going to work.

Right now, people on all sides of the debate – if you can call it that – only care about their own ‘world’ view, which more often than not, isn’t worldly in any real way.

Culturally we really have began to inhabit bubbles – and in some cases very insular ones – that are illustrated metaphorically rather well by the ones that exist on social media platforms – that we all like to tell ourselves we sit outside of, whilst we typically don’t even realise, we are firmly placed within them or something very alike.

The Internet age and the rise of smartphone technology has sped up the dehumanisation of relationships with anyone one other than those who are intricately involved in our lives and whose faces we see on a regular basis.

We are quite literally being conditioned not to care about or consider anyone else. Compassion is fast becoming an emotion triggered only by the stories sanctioned for that purpose by the media, rather than being a natural human experience – as it should be whenever events dictate, for those who are directly involved.

Our politicians reflect this cultural malaise only too well. They are undeserving of the reverence that we pay them by default. They are no longer the big beasts or the titans of statesmanship that politicians once were, but this current crop would like us to believe them to be. And as normal people, just like you or I, it is only their dedicated subservience to a broken political system that makes them different, and that difference is that they are happy to be led but are certainly not in any way fit to lead.

We are in the trouble that we are in because as a society we have lost our way. We no longer value all the things in life that really are most important.

So, when it came to the National Crisis that we now know to be the Covid Pandemic, we have an incompetent and inept political class running the Country, without any idea of what they should really do. But because we do revere people in positions of public authority, we have collectively fallen into the trap of believing whatever they do is part of a strategy – because that’s what people in those kinds of positions of power do.

Actually, they don’t.

There is nothing good or well-reasoned about anything this Government does. But if you are one of those who think that all the problems we are facing will end if there are no more lockdowns or if vaccine passports are banned, I’m afraid you really are out of touch with what is really going on and what needs to happen next if we are to ever see any of this put right.

It will take a lot more from us all if the UK is to be returned to being a Country where things work fairly and equitably for everyone in every situation, simply because the public representatives we have are motivated not by careers, self-advancement or self-interest, but by simply doing that which is right.

We will be dammed for as long as we fail to care about and be compassionate about the lives of others and it is only by becoming open to the much wider number of issues facing the public today, that those who disagree with us will begin to understand that we have more in common than we have that divides us, and that we are all fundamentally sat on the same page.

Those in Government and in Parliament will never do this, because their own priorities will always to be gaining power and always keeping their Constituency Seat.

But for those on the outside looking into all of this, the opportunity to become opened to a new way of thinking isn’t just possible, it is in fact the only way that we will remove this rancid political culture from our lives and move this Country forward to being a place where everyone can win.