Surviving The Great Reset | Grow Your Own | Using an Allotment

If you don’t have a garden that you can change to grow your vegetables and fruits, it might be worth thinking about renting an allotment, so that you can grow and manage your basic foods for the longer term.

An allotment is basically a piece of open ground, often part of a large field or area that has been divided up into equally sized spaces or ‘allotments’ by the owner – which more often than not will be a local parish or town council.

Allotments are already reasonably popular. So if you check with your local council, you may already find that there is a waiting list for those that might become available.

In the challenging times that lie ahead, it may be the case that ground which is already owned and managed on behalf of the community will be repurposed for allotment use, other ground is secured by the community for this purpose, or that farmers and landowners set aside and rent out land they manage as allotments for others to use.


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