The lies can only continue to hurt us for as long as we continue to believe them

Amongst everything that is wrong, there is good news ahead.

Things are bad now and yes, they will get worse. But the money lie and everything that is unsustainable about life today (Because its beneficial for the few for it to be that way) is coming to its end.

A key aim of Levelling Level is to discuss what happens next. The good that we will all have the power to do both for ourselves and for others, once the lie has been fully revealed and this damning chapter of human history comes to its end.

The bad news – or at least the temporary bad news – is that we all have to wake up from the drug-like addiction that we all have to wealth and money. Regrettably, this will not happen without ‘doing cold turkey’- or what will feel like a lot of pain

Our politicians and leaders have made the coming process of change inevitable. However, the change that is coming is precisely the change that we need.

Events that are happening and unfolding around us are dictating the exact nature and the pace of that change.

It is our experience of the events that we recognise as contributing to this change and the events that are yet to come that will inevitably shine the light on how politicians, decision makers and those with power and influence really behave and how they have been behaving.

It will expose the corrupt system that we have to thought-changing truth.

This Blog was originally published as a part of the book ‘Levelling Level’, which was published in April 2022 and as a series of web pages and blogs soon afterwards. It has been edited and updated by The Author.


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