Today’s Political Parties and Speakers ALWAYS have an Agenda

Established Political Parties follow ideologies or philosophies that are idealistic, or formed around the thinking of the People who lead them.

By their very nature, Political Parties do not take account of the needs of everyone.

Political Parties will always be aligned with or have biases towards a specific group. Usually, one or more that serves its own purposes, or is aligned or identified with its own key demographic groups.

The way that Politicians would usually account for the way that Political Parties and groups work is to say that they are focusing on the important issues of the day.

There is always an inherent undertone that silently speaks ‘we represent the true majority’. The statement is presented without any evidence. But it is treated by many as credible, just because of the platform that the media or social media platforms have given them.

The problem is, existing Politicians and Political Parties aren’t credible. None of them can be relied upon. Because once anyone is motivated only by ‘what is important to them’, they can soon be led and influenced by anything else that is presented in such a way that is equally important to them.

Whilst this thinking is already the cause of great public harm, the reality is that it is human nature.

It’s what very stupid People do when they find themselves with power and responsibility that they are not equipped to handle appropriately.



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