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Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Mask, Anti-whatever you are about this Government; PLEASE don’t judge those who don’t ‘get it’ yet. Remember that most people went along with the Lockdown when this all began…

August 16, 2020 Leave a comment

I’m what you might call an arms-length supporter of #KBF, the anti-mask, anti-lockdown and Lockdown sceptic movements rather than getting directly involved. I have spent a lot of time in politics and government and can see that whilst the aims these activists are working for are just and right, the effort that they are making to take the Government and the Establishment to task is sadly considering only a fraction of the real problem.

Generally speaking, I have always advocated appreciating the gains that you can make from each and every step taken in a campaign. But there is an exception to every rule.

In the situation that we now face together, the outcome that we all so desperately need will only be achieved by taking an all-or-nothing approach.

This will require a leap of faith on the part of many of a kind which has never been possible before. Yet it will be a significant challenge because of the way that the establishment has been operating and what happens when political ideologies and party tribalism have been involved for so long, as it has been for decades and right through the Brexit debacle too.

Many will not realise that the seedbed of public opinion is already fertile and increasingly receptive for the right people with the right message to reach out. Because the lines between the political parties have become so blurred on all sides that Labour is no longer ‘labour’, the Lib Dems no longer have any credible place in todays politics and we have a Conservative Government that operates with knee-jerk responses to the mainstream media vogue – all without anything remotely conservative being involved.

Real and meaningful change is now possible. A level and type of change for us all that would be so massively good. Change that can only come now as a result of the disturbance that Coronavirus has caused and the coming reset that the Government has precipitated with its response will allow.

Yet this fundamental change will only be possible if we all work together, overcome the large perceptual barriers that are in the way and we begin to work collectively against the Government and the Establishment, together as one.

The change is at risk because of the way that the people who are now awake to what the Government is doing and has done are treating the many who have not with contempt, mocking all the Social Distancing things that they continue and are legally required to do.

Those few who have watched this whole crisis unfold and have been aware right from the start of what the implications would be as this whole unnecessary catastrophe evolved have been lonely all along. They have watched step by step, stage by stage, government decision by government decision as more and more people have been directly affected and awoken to the unfolding disaster.

Yet these same few have not sought to judge or ridicule those who are doing as they are told or eulogise the government position right now. Just as they have not done so to anyone before they changed their mind as the Lockdown and Social Distancing measures progressed from the start.

Everyone is doing what they believe to be right at this precise moment in time, at whatever level of awareness they have reached. Even if doing what right looks to others like they are simply playing along.

The worst thing that any of us can do when someone is doing what they believe is right is tell them, ‘out them’ or do anything to them – including calling them names – and suggest that what they are doing is wrong. Nothing is wrong in the mind of anyone if they are doing what they believe to be right, no matter what you think about that position or view.

The magnitude of what the Johnson government has done is so great, the consequences are so profound, that everyone will have their lives touched by what they have done in the months and years to come.

Few will be able to overlook the errors and the chaos that Johnson, Sunak & Co have caused as we have done so previously with so many of the problems already created by this rotten political culture and the politicians who over decades have been in the same position as these people before.

The inherent risk of ridiculing those who appear to be acting like sheep when they are only doing what’s right as they currently see it, is that they will become polarised against anyone or any movement for change that has the genuine capability of doing what needs to be done and doing what it will take to genuinely get things done.

We’ve been here before. The damage that the debate between Leave and Remain has done to the way that people interact, look at other people and even the way that single people date has become polarised just because the whole process questioned our personal beliefs. It set up a critical level of emotional entrenchment that for a topic relatively few still really understand – including the politicians themselves – has basically made people behave like they are mad.

Yet that debate still rolls on. Brexit was and is an opportunity for everyone in ways that some will always refuse to recognise because of this polarisation. But the coming reset is such a big opportunity to get things right in a way that would have taken decades to achieve before, we must be mindful of the risk to achieving all that can be achieved if pisstaking and ridicule is all the anti-activists are really now minded to do.

The complexities of this whole situation dictate that many reading this Blog simply will not agree. Yet the circumstances we face are multi-layered to say the very least and it is a massive challenge for anyone to see the sum of all the parts.

The way to encourage others to wake up is not to focus effort on making them wrong. It is to get on with doing what we need to do and show that we are confident in our ability to collaborate, to follow and to make the best of the alternative pathway that could so easily become clear amongst this political haze.

People will see and understand the truth only when they are ready to do so. It is our job to keep sprinkling breadcrumbs on the path through the forest until they find it or began to ask the questions that will allow to them to see the arrows on the trees that are not currently discernible to their view.

We must begin a conversation and discussion that is inclusive for all. One that leads to the creation and growth of a movement for change and quickly turns talk into positive steps that materialise in decisive action that lead those who are uncertain to have faith that it is the British People and not this political class or anyone like them that know what we should now do.

We already possess the answers amongst us that we need. We just need to remove the politicians and the obstructions they have created that are in the way of them coming into full view.

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